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Introduction: An iron will!

Scorpio ascendant Aries: You have quite a character! Difficulties motivate you, obstacles excite you, you are a warrior at heart. You live through intense passions, everything is fine as long as they are fulfilling and evolving, otherwise you can become destructive. You should channel your immense creative power into a concrete objective, it is the most bearable solution for your relational life and the most profitable professionally.

Strengths of the for Scorpio ascendant Aries: Deep and faithful
Weaknesses of the for Scorpio ascendant Aries: Suspicious and agitated

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Personality: Full and authoritative!

Spontaneous, fiery, you have quite a temperament and you are full of energy. You are a real warrior, driven by strong convictions. You are stimulated by fights, challenges and trials, and you are not afraid of great efforts or even violence. You never admit defeat and you always get what you want. Your outspoken personality is combined with an equally intense need to interact and socialize with others. You know how to make amends, even if you tend to provoke controversy.

Vitality / Temperament: Passionate, but difficult to live with!

Whether it is in love, in friendship or in your work, your commitment is total, without limits or concessions. Demanding, even intransigent, with others as well as with yourself, you are nevertheless very understanding and can be counted on in case of problems. Moreover, you know how to question yourself. But you are jealous, possessive, idealistic and egocentric. Even if you give yourself entirely to your loved one, you need a particularly accommodating partner to hope to build a stable relationship.

Love and emotional relationships: The fire under the ashes!

Passionate and thirsty for the absolute, you seek strong emotions and do not do things in half measures. In couple, you are accommodating, benevolent and attentive, but unable to take into account all the necessities of life. You sail with the flow of events, tasting as much as possible the sweetness of life and avoiding any bitterness. Your love affairs are often tortuous, marked by jealousy. Subject to mood swings, you can be very destructive. You need a patient, gentle and very peaceful partner.

In the family: Home sweet home!

You have a great sensitivity, a taste for a home a little closed, sheltered from all the vicissitudes of the outside world, a place to rest and dream. You seek above all to recharge your batteries, sometimes to regress into the warmth, security and peace of your family. You are adept at good food, intimate gatherings in a gourmet and friendly atmosphere. You aspire to have children or, in any case, to found an attractive and durable home in a rather traditional vision of happiness.

Relationship with money / material goods: hyperactive!

Ambitious, you invest yourself without counting the cost in your profession. Quick and efficient in your actions, you are very productive. You have an intense need for action, for a direct grip on life, which brings a lot of clarity to your expression. It is without ambiguity that you proclaim your truths, even if they are not always very adapted to your interlocutors or to certain situations. You develop throughout your life your sense of nuance. Your life path shows that you need to assert yourself while finding yourself in agreement with others.

Socio-professional life: In search of a balanced budget!

You seek to manage your assets as fairly as possible, to find the perfect balance between your needs and those of others. You cannot live without a goal to pursue, you need to conquer, including financially. Your life experience pushes you to develop your courage and your field of understanding to evolve according to your own conceptions and to invest wisely.

Sphere of friendship: Well-secured friends!

You are passionate and tenacious, but you often go overboard. You are very active, you like to meet new people and you only feel good after a constructive day filled with interesting encounters. When you are satisfied with your friendships, you are warm, loyal and positive, but if not, you become manipulative and selfish. You lack a lot of self-deprecation.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in a fire sign

You must make efforts to share a fulfilling daily life through many existential crises. You are often full of doubts and uncertainties, sometimes lacking patience and listening skills. Deep resentments can arise if someone close to you feels misunderstood, neglected or rejected.

Your sun and ascendant are in quincunx

With an intense emotional nature, your desires are very strong, you need passion in your life, no matter what the field. You direct your energy into personal success, self-knowledge and emotional security. You are very intuitive when it comes to evaluating potential partners or financial opportunities.

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