Sagittarius, your love horoscope for Summer 2021

Written by Daisy

Love: the future in focus!

You use your seductive power in late June to make changes in your private and family life. Starting June 27, you evolve your relationships or contract one that lives up to your expectations. Count on Venus (between July 22 and mid-August) to exalt your charm and give you the opportunity to be appreciated. Between August 16 and September 10, you are nurturing a project that you aspire to realize as soon as possible. Take time (from September 10) to analyze the emotions that guide your choices, amigo Sagittarius, so you can launch a new cycle of your emotional life with full knowledge of the facts.

1st decan (November 23-December 2): build on solid ground!

In late June and mid-July, you change things favorably in the family and play your charm to get the means to nurture your projects. You express your ambitions and expectations (August 1),but from the 4th, Saturn confronts you again with less enthusiastic exchanges, your sense of responsibility is called upon. You must base your plans on serious communication with those around you (August 23, September 5). At the end of the season, don't let your emotions take precedence over reason or Saturn will put you back in line with frustrations at the end.

2nd decan (Dec. 3-Dec. 12): feeling oppressed?

You approach the summer with the feeling that you are not free to live the way you want. You feel blocked by demands that prevent you from freely managing your daily life. From the first half of July, you are confronted with relational tensions and electric communication with those around you. Use strategy (5th, 20th) to relax a straitjacket that oppresses you, even if early August exposes you to the same climate. Fortunately, from the 4th onwards, Saturn loses interest in your decan. Take advantage of this break to take back the reins of your destiny (August 19, 20, 22 and September 7),you can escape the responsibilities and burdens that have been blocking you for a long time.

3rd decan (Dec. 13-Dec. 21): don't abuse your assets!

You transform what needs to be transformed to establish a harmonious climate in the family in late June. Don't abuse your charm to solicit excessive financial help that worries some. Don't set up grey areas likely to generate a dialogue of the deaf at the beginning of July, use your charm, but don't ask for too much (the 17th, the 25th). From July 28, Jupiter favors your communication with those around you, you get the means you need (August 11, 26, September 6) to improve your living conditions and maintain exciting plans (September 6, 20).

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

To avoid frustration this summer, step back from events and calm your inner fire to adapt. Don't try to control the course of things and others.


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