Sagittarius, your love horoscope for Winter 2023

Written by Daisy

You start the winter rather hungry. The desire to live life to the fullest, to express and fulfill all your desires? Attentive to your loved ones, you will also count on a crazy charm (between February 20 and 28) to have a good time with your partner or to make pleasant encounters! A season that should offer you the opportunity to blossom, provided you do not abuse your assets to reign over everyone.

Sagittarius First decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2023

(23rd November to 2nd December)

Love: Irresistible magnetism

Are you too greedy at the end of December (the 22nd)? You will know what to say to embark with the other in your universe and transmit your desires that they could well share in January (the 4th, the 9th, the 25th). These jubilant impulses could sometimes (on the 15th) be the answer to a thirst for a break from the daily routine. If you take care of your loved ones between January 27 and February 4, count on an irresistible magnetism in February to light or maintain the flame between you and the one you love between the 20th and 28th! From March 7 onwards, Saturn could darken the picture by forcing you to deal with some urgent or recurring problems in the family.

In Relationship

A winter that could well please you, filling your thirst for pleasure and harmony in family and love. You will have the art and the way of communicating creatively with your loved ones. You know how to attract your partner in your world. You renew with an emotional intensity that will fill you both in January (the 4th, 9th, and 25th) and February (between the 20th and the 28th). At the end of the season (from March 7),Saturn could turn on the red light on the family side, forcing you to come down to earth with regret!


The beginning of the season promises to meet your expectations. You were hoping to find that special someone? You could have the opportunity to do so as early as January (4th, 9th, and 25th). Your irresistible charm will be at work, and you will have no trouble hitting the bull\'s eye! The same goes for February when your radiance will leave no one indifferent (between the 20th and the 28th)! On the other hand, from March 7, Saturn will force you to pay great attention to your family universe, which could require you to be present and care for a loved one.

Social Life: Give more time !

Don\'t be too demanding at the end of December. If your talents deserve to be rewarded, you might be slightly disappointed with the result (on the 22nd)! On the other hand, you will probably exult in January when you can fully praise your talents and turn your interlocutors into fervent admirers (the 4th, the 9th, the 25th)! Your rating will probably continue to rise in February (18th) thanks to fluid communication and your arguments that will hit the bull\'s eye! Count on goodwill to hold the bar in March (the 17th) to welcome the arrival of Saturn, which could force you to give more time and attention to your private sphere!

Well-being: Responsibilities To Assume At The End Of The Season!

You will probably be well surrounded and on top of your game, both physically and mentally, during the winter. The only shadow in the picture will loom on the horizon in March. From the 7th onwards, Saturn will ask you to deal with specific family problems that require your presence and commitment!

Sagittarius First decan: your advice for for Winter 2023

Winter in the sun? At least in your heart, which will often boom and will attract the good graces of those around you, both professionally and emotionally! Good waves to surf without waiting to fill up with positivity before Saturn (from March 7) comes to darken the picture!

Sagittarius Second decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2023

(3rd December to 12th December)

Love: Thirst For Something Else?

You have the desire and the opportunity to spice up your daily life at the end of December (22nd) and in January (5th, 8th, 30th). Be careful not to let yourself go too much, to control your demands which could worry some people who will find you demanding (the 15th)! The same goes for February when you will have some difficulty (4th, 5th, 21st) in reconciling your thirst for novelty with a daily routine that keeps you in line. However, you will assert your right to happiness with your family (8th, 22nd). In March, you can hope to enjoy beautiful harmony with your family (6th, 11th) and unclouded happiness in love (2nd)!

In Relationship

A winter that starts with a bang! You are under the auspices of a sky that is relatively supportive of your desires. More freedom of movement, more fantasy in your daily life. These bonuses could be granted to you at the end of December and January, provided you do not pull too hard on the rope (on the 15th). Continue to tighten your belt a little in February (4th, 5th, 21st) if you want to blossom with your family (8th, 22nd, March 6) and in love (March 2)!


Sensual and greedy at the end of December (22nd). You have decided to embellish daily life and get out of the daily routine in January (5th, 8th, 30th). You will have all the latitude to act as you wish if you do not exceed the limits (15th)! In February, you will have a tendency to get impatient with codes of conduct that are resisting. Fortunately, you will be able to make your loved ones understand the need for you to escape from the rules a little (8th, 22nd). In March, love, at first, sight, could change the deal (on the 2nd)!

Social Life: Stay Within The Norm!

There is no doubt that your obvious talents will contribute to moving the lines. You will arouse the interest (and admiration) of your peers and bosses at the end of December (the 22nd) and January (the 5th, the 8th, and the 30th). However, do not take advantage of a rising rating to transgress the established codes a little too much (the 15th)! The same precautions should be taken in February. Your originality and quest for more autonomy in your activities could not be unanimously accepted (the 4th, the 5th, the 21st). However, count on your irresistible charisma and undeniable potential (February 8) and March (March 2) to make a buzz!

Well-being: Use Your Energies Wisely!

You will undoubtedly lack neither determination nor energy to plead your cause. You defend your interests and claim the possibility to manage all aspects of your life more freely. A crazy desire to break away from a routine that bores you? Winter could offer you some openings in this direction. On condition that you use your vital forces more to build than to play the agent provocateur all the time.

Sagittarius Second decan: your advice for for Winter 2023

Bold, ambitious, and eager to manage your pleasures, desires, loves, and activities as you please? Why not, if you consider the desires of others (the needs of your collaborators) as much as your own...or almost!

Sagittarius Third decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2023

(13th December to 21st December)

Love: Buoyant Winds!

You do not hesitate to invest and speculate to reach perfect happiness in your family on December 25, 28, and 29. You take great pleasure in satisfying your desires in January (December 1, 2, 13, 18). However, you should not neglect to put your goodwill at the service of deepening communication and your bond with your friends (on the 22nd)! Ditto in February when you are close to your goal (the 6th, the 10th, the 15th, the 19th). Serious and constructive exchanges are carried out (on the 16th) and in March (on the 2nd). Everything to concretize your objectives! But you must avoid scrambling the frequency in mid-March (the 15th, 16th, and 17th). Don\'t impose your vision of things on your loved ones!

In Relationship

You have probably been aspiring for a long time to settle down in an environment that corresponds more to your tastes. Even an ideal that you have in your head and heart. Nothing should really stand in the way of the success of your initiatives in this direction this winter. You will have the opportunity to free up the funds to find the necessary resources to realize your dream. The only pitfall to avoid to achieve your goals? Avoid exceeding your budget mid-March and pressure others to follow you without flinching!


An ideal of life could well take shape this winter where a complicit conjuncture of your wishes seems to accompany your course and relay your hopes. If you aspire to invest in a property, find a home, or expatriate yourself, you can count on inspiring flows to put you on the right track. It facilitates the implementation of your projects which concern mainly your family and the private universe. If those around you seem willing to support your plans throughout the season, don\'t take advantage of this mid-March to decide everything for everyone else!

Social Life: Dig Into Your Potential!

You seem more concerned with moving the lines on the family, sentimental, and living environment fronts this winter. In that case, you will have the opportunity to explore and express all your potential and talents at the end of December (29th) and January (1st, 18th). Specific resources that have not yet been exploited (or insufficiently exploited) could earn you deserved recognition and bring you a lot of money! Take advantage of a Saturnian sky to communicate in the right way, consolidate your links with those around you and anchor your exchanges on a solid basis. On the other hand, avoid carefully mid-March to abuse your credit to force someone\'s hand! You risk triggering unnecessary and counterproductive conflicts.

Well-being: Take a breath !

Carried by a dream and a priori, a cosmic conjuncture somewhat complicit with your aspirations, you should hardly lack enthusiasm or breath this winter! Just think about communicating well with your loved ones if you don\'t want issues left under the carpet to resurface at the end of the season (mid-March). It could become a source of conflict and expose you to a drop in morale or (and) speed!

Sagittarius Third decan: your advice for for Winter 2023

You are evolving in the grip of an ideal life. It implies that you break in one way or another with your past, with habits, with a familiar environment. Why not this winter? Just avoid triggering conflicts in mid-March by deciding everything alone!


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