Sagittarius, your love horoscope for Spring 2023

Written by Daisy

Be careful (at least for some) not to pollute the atmosphere by sending messages to others that are not necessarily very clear and that could be misinterpreted (around May 18). Prefer to manage your exchanges (with your family) as consciously as possible if you wish to avoid any faux pas. Otherwise? All of you will probably be mobilized on the sentimental front this spring and inclined to express your emotions openly. Don't be afraid to take a step towards each other. This seems to be the best way to make the relationship and your exchanges in general evolve...in the right direction.

Sagittarius First decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(23rd November to 2nd December)

Love: Proceed by order.

A disturbance which settles (even if its origins do not date from yesterday) in your exchanges. Especially with those close to you, who may have a little difficulty in understanding what you are getting at. Will you really know yourself? Be careful (around May 18) not to interfere too much with the frequency of your exchanges by not necessarily addressing very delicately sensitive subjects that will tend to create uneasiness between you and the others. Wait until you are more aware of what you really want to get across before you are able to re-establish constructive communication. Saturn should help you to do so and allow you to start discussions on solid bases in June (19th).

In Relationship

You feel the need to understand the deep nature of your links with your siblings, but could communicate with your loved ones in a way that sows trouble more than it serves the cause around May 18. You may prefer to take a step back and analyze what is currently (and has been for a long time) going on between you and your siblings before intervening in a way that is not necessarily appropriate. You should be better able to manage your emotions and your words in June (the 19th) where the current will flow more easily.


Pluto could, from March 23 onwards, whet your appetite for a better understanding of what binds you to your family and the nature of the ties you have with your loved ones. To hope to communicate in a really conscious way and to be able to really move the lines, take the time to settle down and to consider in the most dispassionate way possible your links. The best way to maintain (re-establish) the balance in your daily life in June (19th).

Social Life: Opportunities?

Count on Jupiter (from May 16) to offer you some opportunities to expand the field of possibilities in your daily life. You will have the feeling of gaining power and confidence. It would be a pity to spoil your chances of being acclaimed, promoted, pushed upwards by communicating in an awkward way around May 18. Beware of intervening before you have thought through the implications of what you are saying. If not? An active, offensive Mars will push you to assert yourself, to do everything possible to make your situation evolve (between March 25 and April 14) while the warrior planet will undoubtedly increase your ambitions (between May 20 and June 6).

Well-being: Effective support.

Jupiter should (from May 16) contribute to boost your energy and morale. If you do not abuse these benefits to try to force others to listen to you and believe you (May 18),you will be able to count on the firepower provided by the giant of the zodiac to get back on track, to go back to the front line in full possession of your means and to help you refuel in anticipation of future times.

Sagittarius First decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

To make the most of the cosmic flows of spring, start by channeling your (obsessive?) need to analyze everything and push your loved ones to their limits (mid-May). You will then be able to take advantage of great cosmic support to move forward.

Sagittarius Second decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(3rd December to 12th December)

Love: Less external pressure.

Uranus should stop sprinkling your daily life with unforeseen events that are not always easy to manage (incidents or even accidents) from May 28. You should then be able to regain some (at least relative) peace and quiet this spring and take advantage of this gradual return to calm to fully enjoy the present moment. Venus will reinforce your need to look after the well-being of those around you (between March 25 and April 2). You will listen to your partner (between April 19 and 28),you will be able to count on a torrid magnetism to spice up your love life (between May 16 and 26) and you will be eager to develop your relationships or to find the rare pearl (between June 16 and 29).

In Relationship

Less shaken up by a situation that has been pulling at your heartstrings (for some since 2020)? You will be more attentive to maintain (restore) harmony between you and those around you on a daily basis (between March 25 and April 2) and you will not hesitate to take a step towards the other (between April 19 and 28) and your sensual appetites will soar between May 16 and 26. Use the end of the season to raise your standards in the relationship (between June 16 and 29).


Less stress to bear on a daily basis this spring? You will have more time and ease to connect harmoniously with those around you who will appreciate your benevolence and your willingness to serve the common cause (between March 25 and April 2). Nice encounters are to be expected or at least the current is flowing wonderfully well between you and the other (between April 19 and 28)? You can count on your increased sex appeal (May 16-26) to hit the bull\'s eye. However, there is no question of you being satisfied with a banal story (between June 16 and 29).

Social Life: More freedom of movement?

If for some time you have had the feeling that you could not rest on anything, that your daily life was constantly punctuated by destabilizing events, if on the other hand you aspired to escape from a system that imprisoned you, let\'s bet that this spring the tendency should gradually fade and then disappear (from May 28). Until the beginning of April, Jupiter stimulates your creativity and your thirst to be noticed. Count on a great combative energy (between April 14 and May 2) to move the lines to your advantage. You will be thirsty to broaden your horizons and to assert yourself in the eyes of all (between June 6 and 23).

Well-being: Less stress.

If Uranus has certainly been shaking your feathers more often than not, you should start this spring to get back in touch with a less tormented daily life. You will gradually regain a forgotten serenity and take the time to recharge your batteries, to find your bearings or to find new ones. From the beginning of July, Jupiter will also contribute to recharge your batteries.

Sagittarius Second decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

Take advantage of a less hectic daily routine this spring to relax and gradually take back control. You will be able to rely on your talents and potential to shine, but also to charm whoever you want.

Sagittarius Third decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(13th December to 21st December)

Love: Promising and promising flows.

Jupiter favors your sentimental blossoming between April 4 and May 16. A happy event, an important meeting? Count on an intense radiation to mark the spirits and the hearts. There is no risk that you will go unnoticed this spring. Also count on Venus to boost your love and popularity rating with a charmed entourage (between April 2 and 11). The opportunity (between April 19 and 28) to strengthen your complicity with your partner or to establish a promising link with someone you like. Your magnetism should not leave anyone indifferent between May 26 and June 5.

In Relationship

You can expect a return of the flame between April 4 and May 16, when the one you love will want nothing more than to take off in your delightful company. The desire to conceive a child? Unless he or she is born during this period? Whatever happens, you can hope to touch happiness with your fingertips and heart this spring. Venus will be your ally throughout the season and especially around April 7, May 5 and 18, June 2 and 9.


Jupiter will exalt your power of seduction between April 4 and May 16. This is an opportunity for you to exercise your power of seduction without too many reservations and with every chance of hitting the bull\'s eye. Take advantage of this irresistible radiance to find that special someone. Venus will delightfully reinforce this happy trend throughout a season that promises to be promising for your love affairs. Keep your eyes and heart open around April 7, May 5 and 18, June 2 and 9 when everything (especially the best) can happen.

Social Life: You have a lot on your plate.

Count on an exalted creativity, an undeniable radiance and a probable will to impress the gallery (between April 4 and May 16) to make you effectively noticed and transform a priori your interlocutors into fervent admirers. From May 28 onwards, if you feel the need to free yourself from certain rules and constraints that are weighing down your daily life, use your popularity to find new paths, to open up new ways. At the very beginning of the season (until March 25),you will not be afraid to defend your interests. Mars (the planet) should help you to move the lines and thus evolve your situation between May 2 and 20.

Well-being: Make reservations.

Jupiter should help boost your radiance and firepower between April 4 and May 16. This will be the time to refuel your batteries with enthusiasm, love and fans. This will enable you to go the distance and to face the unexpected on a daily basis, without suffering any loss of energy or morale.

Sagittarius Third decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

Spring promises to be dynamic, exciting and full of opportunities to love, to be, to create and to shine. Take advantage of this promising situation to score points and of course...hearts.


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