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Thursday, January the 17th
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Sagittarius, your love horoscope for Winter 2019

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Know What You Want!
Throughout the fall, Venus has invited you to look back on the past and learn valuable lessons needed to embark on the adventure? You take advantage of this sensitive passage to sort between the essential and the superfluous, as well as to identify what you really wanted from love, even if you have to make some dark cuts to the picture? After these few months dedicated to reflection, you probably feel more lucid and determined to lead the life that suits you and to live your story according to your codes! Until January 7th, Venus completes her scouting mission and then invites herself into your sign between January 7th and the beginning of February. Now is the opportunity to regain a second wind and take your emotional life in your hands! In February, you will aspire to fulfill some of your most cherished wishes and desires and make the most of your (huge) potential to be happy and live how you like. In March, you will have the art and the way of conveying your messages and the desire to get closer to those you love! Note that since November 8th, Jupiter (master of your sign) gives you, friend Sagittarius, an energy that can help you win the moon!

1st decan (November 23rd - December 2nd): A New Wind?
Jupiter did his work this fall (between November and December) and probably opened a field of possibilities that you began to explore. You will continue, this winter, to deploy your other potentials and express your thirst to blossom more fully and freely! So, between January 7th and 16th, count on Venus to sublimate your beauty and put you in "seduction" mode! Do you want everything? Why not, if you take care not to impose your choices and desires on your partner who will not necessarily oblige them on the 8th! In February, (between the 3rd and the 13th), Venus sharpens your gluttony and you will undoubtedly seek to satisfy it. You should end the season smoothly. Between the 1st and the 10th, Venus invites you to communicate harmoniously with an entourage who is sensitive to your delicacy and your attentions. The opportunity to narrow the ranks and then approach the spring on a small cloud, even if at the same time you feel that it will be necessary, one day or another (especially from March 6th), to move the lines at home to restore breath and color to your daily routine!

In a Relationship autumn has allowed you to mature and free yourself from certain illusions, and perhaps, it has also favored a sometimes painful retreat on yourself? From the 7th of January, you definitely exit this withdrawal and smell the fresh air. No more ruminating but instead you will take advantage of a return of force and you will be center stage: the result of Jupiter since November 8th! Between January 7th and 16th, you will not let yourself go unaccounted for and you will want to seize life head (and heart) on. However, be careful not to impose your wishes on your partner too authoritatively (the 8th)! In February, you will be eager to express your desires and do everything to satisfy them. In March (between the 1st and 10th), there is room for tender exchanges that should contribute to a good understanding between you and your loved ones!

Single you have understood things and made a drastic selection in your emotional priorities. Did you give up love stories that no longer held out, pondered the past, or learned from it? We bet that between November and December Jupiter has opened a new page in your personal story. In January, endowed with an irresistible charm you will not actually resist anything but would be well inspired (around the 8th) to calm down the game of love. Your crush has (as much as you) the right to exist and to express their desires! In February, your exacerbated sensuality will make you want to experience other things and fully enjoy the present moment. While in March, you will aspire to evolve in a tender environment, surrounded by people who understand you and with whom you can open your heart!

2nd decan (December 3rd - December 12th): Your Dreams Take Shape!
Jupiter galvanized you until mid-February? You see everything in big and sometimes a little too big! Notably around January 13th and 22nd when you lose a sense of proportion and measure and you build castles in the sky that are a little too extravagant. Fortunately, you will be caught by Saturn at the end of the month, who will be responsible for reducing the wind in your sails but especially anchoring your family aspirations (among others) on solid ground (the 31st)! However, plan some nice moments to share with your partner around the 18th! In February, everything should be done according to your wishes or almost! Well aware then of your limits, you will be able to deploy all your assets and pass your messages, which will be received five out of five! The opportunity then to do what you like without exceeding your means and rallying the votes of an entourage who appreciates your enthusiasm and praises your wisdom! Ditto in March where a family ideal seems at hand (the 7th). You will not be afraid to roll up your sleeves and invest on the 9th, 10th, 14th, and 20th to soon make your dream into a ... reality!

In a Relationship with Jupiter fueling you since Christmas, you intend to turn a corner in your life and initiate, without further delay, a new cycle of positive evolution! Count on the reinforcement of Venus which, in January, reinforces your power of seduction to intensely relight the flame around the 18th! On the other hand, try to define your possibilities well and not go into a tailspin or to embark on the adventure without a belt around the 13th and 21st! Bet on a more rational apprehension of the climate in which you evolve (the 31st) to actually build without exceeding your means and then find yourself in trouble! In February, you can hope to take off and invest with happiness in projects (family) that delight you. And in March, why not realize a dream?

Single Jupiter gives you wings since Christmas? Enjoy this sizeable celestial reinforcement to open a new page of your personal story and, why not, fall in love in January (the 18th?)! Caution, however, is strongly recommended around the 13th and 21st where the least we can say is that you will often be tempted to jump without a net! Certainly, you are currently supported in your initiatives but not at any price! Thus, if you are tempted to abuse favors from the sky, you risk falling from high places. However, if you agree to frame your desires and projects, everything is possible and allowed (the 31st)! In February, when you've come back down to earth, you should be able to reach your goals and let your infectious enthusiasm run free! We will actually want to help you (to love you) and you could then end the season on a small cloud. Whether it's a matter of starting a home, moving to a place that appeals to you, or harmonizing your exchanges with your loved ones, you will benefit from a flow of support that will allow you to be effective and popular!

3rd decan (December 13th - December 21st): All or Nothing?
Until the 7th, Venus lurking in the shadow of your decan, pushes you to think! You think about the strategies to put in place to make your existence evolve and to realize your desires both emotionally and materially at the end of December (the 28th) and in January (the 4th, 11th, and 18th)! If, between January 26th and February 3rd, Venus gives you charm, it will not prevent some predictable turmoil (February 2nd) if you impose your vision and your version of love on your partner, a little too much! So avoid provoking them and be polite if you want them to understand your point of view without feeling too jostled by your desire for independence! You will be better inspired on the 8th, 9th, and 18th, but it will be in your interest to qualify your remarks on the 13th and the 21st if you do not want the tone to go up within your family! At the beginning of March (the 1st) calm things down and channel your urgent desires! Between March 18th and 26th, Venus encourages communication? The opportunity for you to finally get your messages across smoothly and bring your loved ones around a dialogue that was, a priori, a little difficult (the 14th and 15th)!

In a Relationship if at the beginning of the season you end a period of intense reflection on the validity of your loves, it is not sure that this deep thinking favors your return to the ranks! Especially since Jupiter (from Christmas) turns the wheel and makes you want to fully express who you are! No question then to make concessions but to launch the necessary debates to try and clear the road and pursue your idea! Until March 6th, Uranus puts pressure on your loves and invites you to dust off the codes by which you live! So, this winter, there's a lot to worry about, but also the possibility of renewing yourself in depth and reviving your relationship in a good way and making it reborn from the ashes. If not? Then dread some frictions and problems with your children. They grow up, and escape you?

Single under the thumb of Jupiter since the beginning of winter, you aspire to restart with a bang. Especially from January 7th when a steamy Venus boosts your desires and your power of seduction. However, throughout the season, you will have to try to properly define the setting (sentimental, family) in which you wish to evolve otherwise you risk sending it all flying. So take your essential needs seriously if you do not want, in desperation, to be tempted to break the moorings!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

If autumn has favored an interior evolution and allowed you to take stock of your loves, then this winter you enjoyed a great determination to turn a corner, which should undoubtedly allow you to make important decisions and open a new cycle of expansion. Do not be tempted to preserve what does not work anymore but on the contrary to inaugurate a new approach to love and to see a new facet of yourself!

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