Sagittarius: your horoscope for tomorrow

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

You will have the feeling that things are going too fast, but dealings with others will enable you to keep pace. You are entirely happy with yourself and you are establishing a life-balance. Doing sport would be a good idea all the same.



You can see clearly behind the games of some individuals. Your judgement is entirely sound this time, so say what you think.

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You'll have an unusual amount of luck today. Your magnetism will be devastating, and if you're single, an encounter could turn everything upside-down. Stop being shy, and take your place in the light!

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Getting your points of view across will be your only way to close financial or business deals.

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You're going to be able to help your creativity to blossom. It's time to show your ability to the full.

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The moon is in Aquarius, in position 07 degree(s),52 minute(s): Humanitarian atmosphere, fraternal, controlled emotions, sudden and brilliant ideas but obstinacy.

First decan

23rd November to 2nd December

The sky gives a lot of ideas, inspiration and inventiveness to those who remain attentive to their impressions and it promises beautiful stories of love, full of unforeseen and spontaneous decisions. The affections are gaining momentum.

Second decan

3rd December to 12th December

Forward! The tempo accelerates and gives you the scale to show what you are capable of. It's up to you to make the right decisions and be effective in achieving your goals!

Third decan

13th December to 21st December

The current vibrations give you all the cards to make you accelerate on all levels and welcome news. But to get the best results, try not to go headlong. Take the time to think!

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