Capricorn's horoscope for October 2023

Written by Daisy

The dissonances that emanate from the planets in Libra impose their conditions on you. You are negotiating and you find compromises. You do your best to make yourself more available. Alas, your fans will be disappointed because this blessed time will not last. On the 13th, the passage from Mars to Scorpio urges you to take over the direction of operations. It makes you live according to your personal values. This position, a bit radical, may hurt sensitive hearts. So, if you want to avoid being overwhelmed by criticism, put a little flexibility in the way you deal with others, your entourage, your fans or your spouse. From the 23rd, Mercury in Scorpio pushes you to lay your cards on the table but above all, do it smoothly.

Capricorn: Love in General para October 2023

Capricorn: It is likely that you have gone astray. Fortunately, thanks to Venus in Virgo, you find your values. In spite of the tensions and the criticism, you resume your loves in hand so that they are in adequacy with your ideal. At the end of the month, the mission is accomplished brilliantly.

Capricorn: In a relationship para October 2023

Capricorn: Achieving your ambitions and projects is your priority. So, you are not available for your other half. Alas, this way of life triggers criticism that you can appease by making some concessions.

Single para October 2023

Capricorn: You have the potential to meet the ideal person. To create a lasting bond, make the effort to make yourself available. Offer outings and do not postpone them because you have something else to do.

Capricorn: Career / Finance para October 2023

Capricorn: The dissonances that emanate from Libra continue to encourage you to be more nuanced in your approach. Sometimes you have to work with people who are susceptible or have no business acumen. From the 13th, the horizon clears. You can make more radical decisions. However, take care to warn those concerned instead of putting them before the facts. If this does not suit you, wait until the 23rd. On the financial side, you become more reasonable from the 9th. You manage your assets with extraordinary precision. At the end of the month, if you expect a favorable response, you get it.

Capricorn: Advice from FREE Horoscope para October 2023

Capricorn: You take back your life and that's good. On the other hand, do it with tact and diplomacy because the use of firmness will not do you a service, on the contrary.

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