Capricorn's horoscope for October 2023

Written by Daisy

Capricorn: Astral Climate for October 2023

To surf on the good waves rather than to feed stormy debates, take good time in excellent company rather than to seek quarrel with everyone, bet on an open communication and not of the passages in force which turn against you. Surprise, seduce, but don't put pressure.

Capricorn: Mood for October 2023

You are in an excellent mood all month long. Jupiter galvanizes you, supports your potential, increases your radiance, allows you to attract attention and endows you with an indisputable creativity. Take advantage of this promising conjuncture to enlarge your circles of followers, without going overboard (the 28th, the 29th).

Capricorn: Love for October 2023

Your sentimental aspirations are fulfilled around the 22nd. You are touching a form of ideal, you can rejoice and believe in your story. Avoid (on the 28th and 29th) putting pressure on the other person to share your vision of the future.

In couple: the situation favors the return of the flame and makes you want to make your story grow with the one you love. You will do this successfully on the 22nd, but you will have to let him/her have his/her say (28th, 29th).

Single: by the 22nd you have all the assets in hand to start a perfect romance, but do not impose your personal version of the future you envision together on the other (28th, 29th).

Capricorn: Money for October 2023

People will rush to support you if you don't put the pressure on (the 28th, the 29th).

Capricorn: Work for October 2023

You use your exalted creativity to good effect around the 22nd, your radiance allows you to realize your ambitions. You are appreciated, you open the way if you do not take advantage of it to impose your vision of things (the 28th, the 29th).

Capricorn: Leisure for October 2023

Anything that contributes to your excellent reputation will win your approval (on the 22nd). Whether it is to shine in a sporting or artistic discipline, you are looking to be noticed.

Capricorn: Key dates for October 2023

-On the 9th: your ambiguous attitude irritates some people and makes them want to quarrel with you, or even put you up against the wall. So don't be stubborn.
-On the 13th: you will defend with great determination a project that you wish to launch. Count on your sober and reasoned presentation of things so that people will want to believe you and follow you.
-On the 22nd: you'll want to get on board with your partner, to make inspiring encounters that may tick all the right boxes. Count on an undeniable radiance to heat up the atmosphere and hit the bull's eye.
-28th: if your charm is working, don't take advantage of it to impose your vision of things on the other person without discussion.
-The 31st: your fantasy allows you to surprise and seduce whoever you want and your desires are expressed. Count on your creativity to attract attention.

Capricorn: Advice for October 2023

October meets your criteria of excellence. Around the 22nd, you are one of the chosen ones of the zodiac if you do not take advantage of it to abuse your powers (28th, 29th).

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