Gemini's horoscope for October 2023

Written by Daisy

Gemini: Astral Climate for October 2023

If the Sun tends to exalt your radiance and exalt your talents, your power of seduction, do not abuse your assets in October. You are expected to manage your daily life with wisdom, measure and circumspection and not to ignore any limits, at the risk of triggering uncontrolled emotions and elements from others. It's up to you to play it safe.

Gemini: Mood for October 2023

In October, you are evolving in an atmosphere that has everything to please you. The future smiles on you, your loved ones share your enthusiasm and nothing short-circuits your happiness, except a tendency to go too fast (28th, 29th). Do not alienate the support of your fans.

Gemini: Love for October 2023

Jupiter favors the elaboration of a family project that delights you. You trust the future and make exciting plans together (the 22nd). But don't rush into anything, at the risk of sabotaging your plans (the 28th), which would be a shame.

In couple: you evolve in a harmonious atmosphere. You are nurturing joyful perspectives with your family, which are taking shape and will be realized next year. Do not try (on the 28th and 29th) to accelerate the movement.

Single: you aspire to found a home, to move to a place that suits you, in a beautiful adventure. Everything that is currently being prepared must mature.

Gemini: Money for October 2023

If your plans require financing, appeal to your creditors by presenting your plans in the best light. Not by pressuring them or making them feel that you are not serious.

Gemini: Work for October 2023

You are at the dawn of a new cycle and you are beginning to lay the groundwork. If it involves a change in your life, it will eventually allow you to blossom. But do not be overzealous or impatient at the end of the month.

Gemini: Leisure for October 2023

You never feel more joyful, accomplished and relaxed than when you're remaking the world in October surrounded by your loved ones, followers and friends. It's time to throw a little party. Celebrate life and the future that's just around the corner.

Gemini: Key dates for October 2023

-The 9th: you do not lack charisma, use your powers to evolve without triggering violent reactions in return. Give up any pressure on the community.
-On the 13th: it is by developing your initiatives slowly but surely, by mastering the situation well that you will best score points with the powers that be. Not by trying to force your way through.
-The 22nd: a project concerning your family, your personal and private life is being prepared in the shadows. You are happy to make the situation evolve.
-The 28th: do not try to speed up the movement, to impose your rhythm on others. It is by biding your time that you will achieve your goals. Don't get angry for nothing, at the risk of alienating everyone.
-The 31st: thanks to your benevolence, what was short-circuiting your family projects will dissipate. You will break down the blocks that were holding back your progress and delaying your fulfillment.

Gemini: Advice for October 2023

In October, you are full of projects (to be realized next year) and enthusiasm. Delightful perspectives to maintain while avoiding stress at the end of the month because things are not moving fast enough for your taste.

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