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Written by Daisy

In 2024, the number 8 takes the helm, bringing with it a wave of financial and political energy. It's as if our past choices (in the year 7) are finally put to the test. For those who have wisely charted their path, rewards, promotions, and successes await around the corner. But for those who have strayed, setbacks and challenges may arise...

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On a global scale, the economy is picking up speed, transactions are multiplying and accelerating, surplus stocks are rapidly diminishing, and governments are taking significant steps for the well-being of the population. Scientific or medical advancements are expected, as well as the possible signing of international economic treaties, the distribution of subsidies, and efforts to harmonize finances on a global level.

The year 2024 will also be marked by trials, administrative procedures, debt recoveries, and crucial decisions in the professional sphere. It's an opportune time to seek a promotion, climb the corporate ladder, start one's own business, or become self-employed.

In the realm of romantic relationships, it's time to settle old quarrels and pave the way for strong, lasting bonds. The atmosphere will be rather sober and focused on resolving past issues. Couples will strengthen their ties: it's time to settle old quarrels and pave the way for solid connections. Singles will focus on building their social status before concentrating on their emotional needs. All bets are off in this incredibly opportunity-rich year!

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