Taurus's horoscope for November 2021

Written by Daisy

Taurus: Astral Climate for November 2021

Mercury is in opposition to your sign between the 5th, and the 24th can cause a lot of discussions and sometimes controversy. Especially since the Sun is also in opposition until the 22nd. Fortunately, Venus is harmoniously in place from the 5th onwards. It wraps your daily life in softness and sensuality. However, November remains a tense month under the combined effect of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Saturn imposes an exhausting introspection. Jupiter makes you overconfident and induces excessive reactions, and Mars causes disagreements and tensions. Fortunately, Neptune and Pluto allow you to take a step back.

Taurus: Mood for November 2021

You have difficulty keeping a serene mood because you have the painful feeling that nothing is moving forward. You feel like everything is getting stuck, and you are not getting what you want. The sky is full of traps and obstacles that make you feel down and aggressive, making situations worse. You are in dire need of calm, restraint, and distance to get through this tiring month. Confide in your loved ones and emotional relationships. Your relatives and friends can support you in these difficult moments, and your power of seduction is stronger than ever. You must take advantage of it!

Taurus: Love for November 2021

This is not a month that is really conducive to commitments or promises. You are faced with different problems that take a lot of your energy for disappointing results. Your mood is not really one of romance. Fortunately, Venus will help you maintain courteous exchanges and a real power of seduction that can compensate a little for the influence of other discordant planets. Avoid as much as possible the tensions that arise and will persist if you do not take a step towards the other. You have a strong desire to put an end to the past, to emancipate yourself, but do not raise your voice. You risk losing much more than you expected. Be patient: feelings will once again play an essential role in your daily life at the end of the month.

Taurus: Money for November 2021

Tensions, conflicts, hindrances, and frustrations mark this problematic month. You are very sensual, so you console yourself with expensive purchases or spoil your loved ones excessively to make up for your outbursts. The skies are not conducive to big-spending or risky investments. In November, you need to tighten your purse strings and be reasonable to not set up long-term financial problems.

Taurus: Work for November 2021

Saturn continues to place heavy responsibilities on your shoulders and your morale. You are tempted to rebel, and turmoil and even conflict are possible at work. It is only at the end of the month that your professional sky will find more sympathetic colors. In the meantime, you want to preserve your freedom of action. The tone rises between you and your hierarchy, at your peril. Do not provoke those in power excessively. Try to be more diplomatic if you really want to evolve in your professional situation. The lightning arrives at the very end of the month!

Taurus: Leisure for November 2021

You need to get your nerves out of your system, so instead of breaking dishes or engaging in endless recriminations, get out, whatever the weather, and get some fresh air. A little strenuous physical activity will do you a world of good and improve your mood. A long walk in nature, alone or in excellent company, will also allow you to oxygenate your ideas. To be avoided absolutely: laziness, at the bottom of the sofa in front of a screen, you risk feeling the tension rise then explode in the household, which is really not necessary at this moment!

Taurus: Key dates for November 2021

- On the 1st, you put goodwill at the service of your ascension. It is a winning method.

- On the 4th, the New Moon invites you to cooperate, to take a step towards the other. Not to argue.

- On the 13th, arguments will arise if you claim your difference without any tact.

- On the 19th, you can raise the debate to make yourself understood and appreciated. The Full Moon puts you in the spotlight.

- On the 29th, strategy helps you change things positively. Put your energy at the service of an ideal.

Taurus: Advice for November 2021

You are ready to do anything to succeed. Still, you must channel your energies and ambitions to achieve your dreams without losing too much. You are determined to assert your freedom which is the subject of debate in November. It is in your interest to qualify your words, and you will then prevail.

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