Gemini's horoscope for November 2021

Written by Daisy

Gemini: Astral Climate for November 2021

The sky in November is mixed. Until the 5th, the current is still quite good, but the emotional life is disappointing. After the 5th, it's a bit the opposite: you find it challenging to communicate, but feelings become intense again. In the background, Jupiter and Saturn open doors for you. They set clear limits and actively prepare the ground for your personal development. But there's also Neptune, which for some, muddies the waters and induces mistakes or deception. It's a bit of a slalom between these conflicting influences, but you should come through it with skill, as usual!

Gemini: Mood for November 2021

You are a bit rigid in your daily life, you would like to improve your situation and that of your loved ones, but you are not necessarily doing it well. Venus can help you by giving you charm and seduction. Still, you must also put some goodwill into it and stop imposing your points of view, methods, and ideas (even if they are good) on everyone. You need to rediscover your diplomatic skills and show yourself to be more skillful than authoritarian. The results will be much more gratifying.

Gemini: Love for November 2021

You start the month of November relatively smoothly, but soon you begin to raise your voice and give orders to everyone. You should wait until the end of the month to open a constructive dialogue with your loved ones. You have the chance to benefit from a charming charm and a great power of seduction. Take advantage of this to pass on your messages gently and smooth out the terrain of your emotional life, for your unconscious impulses are not good advisors. Do not overestimate yourself and trust your intuition to make the right decisions. You have all the necessary assets to seduce or win back anyone you want if you want to.

Gemini: Money for November 2021

You are likely to be impulsive in your spending this month, so don't plan any big projects or pharaohs before the end of the month. Dissatisfaction and frustration can lead you to splurge on trivialities. When put together, it can throw your finances off balance. However, Jupiter will help you protect your income, and Saturn, if you follow its law, will set limits that you must not cross.

Gemini: Work for November 2021

You are determined in your activities, but you do not always have a clear idea of your powers or means. You need to find the right balance between your enthusiasm and confidence and the harsh reality of the field. You can use your potential to broaden your horizons and finally to succeed, but only if you remain reasonable and above all logical, which is your strong point. Try not to transfer your personal tensions onto your colleagues or associates, which would lower your popularity rating. Any rudeness in your manners or in what you say may turn against your interests. At the end of the month, you have a better chance of convincing more open to dialogue.

Gemini: Leisure for November 2021

You need to air your head and lungs! Opt for outdoor activities and, if the weather does not allow it, sign up for a sport in a gym. Don't stay in front of the TV: your nervous tension will quickly reach new heights. This is an excellent month to spend pleasant moments with family or friends in creative activities such as cooking, crafts, painting. Why not discover a new board game that will bind your relationships with those around you? Avoid leisure activities that keep you sitting too long, such as restaurants or movies.

Gemini: Key dates for November 2021

- On the 2nd, don't abuse your power of seduction to manipulate those around you who might not appreciate it.

- On the 6th, combine efficiency and strategy to get your messages across smoothly and improve daily life.

- On the 12th, you aspire to fulfill a mission, to reach an ideal that inspires you.

- On the 17th, you may be too offensive and act on impulses that are not necessarily good advice. Keep your ambitions under control.

- On the 30th, your words carry, and your magnetism attracts attention. The month ends better than it began.

Gemini: Advice for November 2021

You must channel your energies and use them wisely and gently rather than forcefully. Uranus is stirring up emotions that you are unaware of but incites you to attack those around you. It is necessary to balance between too little and too much.

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