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Daisy | 10/04/2012 - Last modified: 18/12/2020

The Sun in Scorpio accentuates the deep sensitivity that we all carry within us. Mercury, in this sign, reinforces introspection, the desire to draw answers from within ourselves to concrete questions in our lives, often existential. We will focus less on the mind but much more on powerful feelings. Until the 19th, Mars, God of action, in Libra, will have difficulty bringing us clean-cut choices. Hesitation could grip us and the desire for conciliation surpassing a just measure. Then, passing in Scorpio, will strengthen a marked intensity. Saturn and Pluto, in Capricorn, invite us to reconstruct what could have been destroyed in the past. Cosmic energies work hand in hand so that we can reach the best of ourselves. The flamboyant Venus, in Sagittarius, supported by Jupiter, induces passionate, idealistic influences! Love will be lived in a fiery fashion! Be inspired, be creative!

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