Aquarius's horoscope for November 2025

Written by Daisy

A month of professional challenges! The cluster in Scorpio in the square of your sign (the Sun until the 22nd, Mars until the 6th, Mercury from the 19th, and Venus from the 6th) boosts your fighting spirit because there will be resistance on your path. Especially since Pluto in your home, 1st decan amplifies your will to live and your will to win! Take it easy on the balance of power, favour dialogue. Mercury will help you until the 19th. Mars makes your projects easier from the 5th. Focus your dynamism on what works. Jupiter brings a beautiful evolution to your daily life while Uranus, until the 6th, breathes new life into your creativity. After the 8th, some venial worries could emerge in your home from unfinished work? From the 23rd, the energies in Sagittarius boost your optimism!

Aquarius: Love in General para November 2025

Aquarius: Love could be your lifeline during this eventful month. You will be tender and inspired until the 6th, and your desires will be joyful after the 5th. Use your passionate libido to make you forget feelings that are too full, which from the 6th will necessarily impact your freedom-loving spirit.

Aquarius: In a relationship para November 2025

Aquarius: Don't bring home any stress and rely on a robust carnal dynamism to keep the collaboration with your partner. Your emotional expression could make you feel a little bit of unusual romanticism with a palpable intensity from the 6th.

Single para November 2025

Aquarius: Open your eyes to your work. An encounter with a very sensual connotation could awaken your heart! The social sector can make it easier for you to start a romance. Nothing says that it will last, but whoever doesn't try anything has nothing.

Aquarius: Career / Finance para November 2025

Aquarius: Your primary source of income promises to expand, Jupiter distils its benefits in a sector related to your job. An evolution is underway. Pluto pushes you to seek to assert yourself sincerely, so be aware of what you want. You could get it!

Aquarius: Advice from FREE Horoscope para November 2025

Aquarius: Take care of your stress! Your ability to adapt will be crucial this month so you can live with maximum efficiency and minimum inconvenience. The 1st decan will be particularly powerful, so take your time.

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