Libra's horoscope for November 2025

Written by Daisy

This month brings some professional turbulence and also some lovely emotional moments! The Scorpio cluster (Sun from the 1st to the 22nd, Mercury from the 19th onwards, Mars until the 4th, and Venus from the 6th) fuels your desire to improve your financial situation or nurture an original aspect within yourself, dare to do it! Venus in your sign for the first week adds to your already powerful charm, then Venus infuses you with a sultry, passionate emotional demeanor! Jupiter shakes up your destiny, bold opportunities could take you far and a favorable aspect with Uranus starting from the 8th could bring a lucrative financial surprise! Your energy will be unwavering, as will your determination to excel at work. The end of the month is highly communicative.

Libra: Love in General

The emotional sphere carries you with tenderness and passion, you are consumed with love for a recognized being and you are devoted to them body and soul! This month is therefore looking beautifully amorous. Communication is not lacking, giving you the opportunity to cook up a tempting sentimental meal like a chef.

Libra: In a relationship

Enjoy promising energies to the fullest! The sky is pampering you, showering you with its loving blessings! If you were at odds with your partner, now is the time for reunions under the duvet and in your hearts that only had eyes for each other.


Pluto is pushing you towards an emotional commitment, especially for those born in the first decan. Love is on your mind with a hint of obsession, rely on your crazy charisma and on an active and generous behavior to attract the person who will make your heart sing.

Libra: Career / Finance

Jupiter promises you a great professional development, so don't slack off now, it will pay off soon. Uranus could trigger a nice financial surprise as early as the 8th or help out unexpectedly to bring about an important change. Also, starting from the 6th, your main income could increase, which is a nice prospect.

Libra: Advice from FREE Horoscope

A pleasant month ahead, don't get upset if some people disappoint you, that's just human nature, be philosophical! Immerse yourself in affectionate energies that are powerful this month!

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