Taurus's horoscope for November 2025

Written by Daisy

This month invites you to take care of your relationship, whether it is intimate or not. The energies in Scorpio are numerous. The Sun until the 22nd, March from the 1st to the 4th, Mercury from the 19th and Venus from the 6th: you will not go unnoticed! In beautiful support, Saturn and Neptune in Pisces breathe a lot of energy into your social life and a desire to build stable bonds. You could also have a project in progress. Uranus comes back to your home on the 8th and could trigger an unexpected event or meeting but with irreversible repercussions. Keep your eyes open! Pluto is still enthroned in your career-related sector. There may be a few challenges to take up, a few people to get out of your way. Be magnanimous and see the big picture. On the 23rd, the Sun and Mars in Sagittarius strengthen your aura!

Taurus: Love in General para November 2025

Taurus: Mars boosts your legendary sensuality while Venus, until the 6th, enhances your daily life and your life as a couple. Your feelings will be powerful, possessive, and not easy to silence. Put them in perspective throughout the month. Otherwise, you could be shunned, and it would be a shame. You have so much love to give!

Taurus: In a relationship para November 2025

Taurus: Focus on your relationship all month long. Your other half should not let go of anything, and you? Communication will be on the back burner until the 19th. Talk openly and address sensitive issues to resolve them. Your feelings will be strong, almost too intense.

Single para November 2025

Taurus: Jupiter promotes your relationships. Take this opportunity to go out more and meet new people. From the 6th, you will be more entrepreneurial than usual and more unpredictable too. Dare! The social sector is promising. Could a friendship slip into romance?

Taurus: Career / Finance para November 2025

Taurus: The first week, Mercury brings news or a document favouring your budget. Did you apply for a loan in the past? Mars supports your desire to save or grow your investments. You'll be on the hook to manage your money or the money you covet.

Taurus: Advice from FREE Horoscope para November 2025

Taurus: Apart from a few tricky moments to deal with, especially at work (especially Nov. 1). This fall promises to be sensual and focused on relationships. So take this opportunity to tell those you're close to how much you love them!

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