Cancer's horoscope for November 2025

Written by Daisy

A lot of romantic feelings await you until the 22nd. The considerable energies in Scorpio (the Sun from the 1st to the 22nd, Mars until the 4th, Mercury from the 19th, and Venus from the 6th) breathe the wind of love or creation into you! In your home, Jupiter, especially in the last decan, boosts your self-confidence, which is often in deficit and helps you assert yourself. Your family life promises to be joyful until the 6th. At the same time, Mars, from the 5th in beautiful aspect to Mercury, favours your daily life or your work. You will be eye-catching, dynamic, and very communicative. Saturn and Neptune in Pisces facilitate your vision of life (always the last decan). You could revise an ideal or consolidate a project of the past left in suspense. Pluto could cause an essential financial reward (1st decan), whereas the Sun in Sagittarius as of the 23rd favours your professional sphere.

Cancer: Love in General para November 2025

Cancer: This month promises to be pleasantly tender, between romantic or passionate feelings and sometimes intense and sometimes pragmatic desires. The conditions are there to make your heart sing! Of course, some adjustments will be necessary when it comes to communication. From the 9th onwards, plan to repeat or clarify your thoughts.

Cancer: In a relationship para November 2025

Cancer: The cosmic influxes favour your conjugal love life. In turn, you will be attentive and sensual at will. Your conversations help you find a joint agreement on a daily project or about the children if you are a parent.

Single para November 2025

Cancer: Under the energies of Jupiter, you approach your love life with ardour and optimism. This open behaviour could help you attract a loving and passionate person. Focus on your social circle or your daily life. Keep an eye out.

Cancer: Career / Finance para November 2025

Cancer: An income could importantly refill your bank account, especially the 1st decan. Your energy will be powerful, and you could defend your work if a hint of competition was pointing the tip of its nose! Relationships between colleagues will be inevitable until the 19th, so keep it simple and explain yourself if necessary.

Cancer: Advice from FREE Horoscope para November 2025

Cancer: Love and feelings, in general, should delight your very emotional nature. Live the end of the year with the moment's intensity and appreciate what is reaching out to you.

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