Scorpio's horoscope for May 2026

Written by Daisy

You will be eager to exchange with others, whether they are intimate or not. The Sun in Taurus until the 21st and Mercury from the 4th to the 17th can provoke many essential conversations. It could affect a contract or an established relationship. Financial opportunities, which you do not expect, are a possibility, 1st decan. At the same time, your home demands your attention, especially from the 6th: do not let a hassle get out of hand. Act with tact and coolness. Jupiter pampers your vision of life, you aspire to an evolution of your level of education, or you feel the call of exoticism? From the 22nd, your charisma will be magnetic and your thoughts profound.

Scorpio: Love in General para May 2026

Scorpio: From the 1st to the 19th, your sensuality will express itself with a penchant for sentimentality boosted by well-placed words at the right moment. Your very active lovemaking behaviour until the 18th calms down afterwards to give way to your legendary hedonism. You should not make promises to yourself or keep them!

Scorpio: In a relationship para May 2026

Scorpio: From the 1st to the 19th, you will be quick to get annoyed, and your partner could suffer. From the 19th onwards, a change of scenery: your heart opens up and softens for the pleasure of your duo. Watch out for an overflowing libido.

Single para May 2026

Scorpio: Your work could be a ground for seduction until the 18th with the icing on the cake: a sensual and mutinous sentimental expression. After the 19th, a stranger could appeal to you, and a commitment is still possible if you feel like it.

Scorpio: Career / Finance para May 2026

Scorpio: Venus and Uranus, until the 19th in your financial sector, could announce a good surprise through a loan that your banker finally grants you or through a donation that replenishes your savings. Then it will be the turn of the Sun in conjunction with Mercury from the 22nd to bring about financial development.

Scorpio: Advice from FREE Horoscope para May 2026

Scorpio: Apart from the home sector, which could bring you a hair of inner tension, this month promises to be full of promise and lovely moments to seize without delay. Cheer up!

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