Libra's horoscope for May 2026

Written by Daisy

A dazzling intuition and a strong desire for change imposed upon you? The planets in Taurus (especially the Sun from the 1st to the 21st) boost your charisma and sex appeal. Your thoughts will be deep between the 4th and 17th. At the same time, your behaviour from the 1st to the 18th is centred on human, intimate, or contractual relationships. After the 18th, Mars boosts your sensual or financial life. You will not be afraid of attention! The professional sector receives Jupiter and Venus from the 19th: resistance will be possible, but you will know how to act with tact and finesse if the atmosphere or certain colleagues irritate you. Your ideal of life opens to the unknown. Uranus, 1st decan, will facilitate any novelty turned towards the future. After the 22nd, the Sun will join Mercury: good news for your legal affairs or studies?

Libra: Love in General para May 2026

Libra: Your love life could be a bit confusing this spring! From the 1st to the 18th, the planets in Aries will shake up a settled marital life. Caution, calm and active listening will be good ways to calm things down. After the 19th, the emotional and carnal aspects of your relationship will take over: take it easy!

Libra: In a relationship para May 2026

Libra: Your partner will have his ideas and desires, and he will be determined to take his place in front of you. Opt for dialogue which will be easier from the 18th. Your feelings from the 1st to the 19th will be warm and true.

Single para May 2026

Libra: Keep your eyes open because Pluto is watching over your emotional sector: an intense encounter is possible from the 6th, passionate, radical. Mars from the 1st to the 18th exacerbates your desire for union and your impulsiveness. Since when do you catch flies with vinegar?

Libra: Career / Finance para May 2026

Libra: Venus and Jupiter in a duet from the 19th to the 31st infuse you with enough charm and diplomacy to see some things work themselves out if your professional sector is causing you a hassle. Before that, manage your desire for transformation or evolution: time will put in place what needs to be done.

Libra: Advice from FREE Horoscope para May 2026

Libra: You could be chomping at the bit because you dream of speeding up time: nay, let time have its way. Some things will stabilize, so don't be afraid to tread water!

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