Leo's horoscope for May 2026

Written by Daisy

It could sting! The planets in Taurus, the Sun until the 21st, Mercury from the 4th to the 17th, and Mars from the 18th in disharmonious aspect to your sign, impose some challenges on you. Not to mention certain challenges! The professional sector is particularly impacted. Take advantage of a harmonious Mars until the 18th to take appropriate and beneficial actions for yourself. Still, you will have the support of Saturn and Neptune all month long to boost your ideal of life and your pugnacity. Your friends will be present and supportive, primarily until the 19th. At the same time, from the 18th you could receive good news concerning a project. Pluto in front of you imposes the choice of partner or associate and a change of contract. Don't run away from your responsibilities and adapt yourself no matter what.

Leo: Love in General para May 2026

Leo: Until the 19th, your heart is beating fast, you feel ready for all the wonders, whether they are permanent or not, the period is rich in twists and turns! From the 19th onwards, love will flee from you or your sensuality will play tricks on you, but your way of communicating will help you to ease your tensions.

Leo: In a relationship para May 2026

Leo: A bit of floating between you remains possible after the 19th with difficulty remaining serene in front of your other. Nothing insurmountable. Take this time as a conjugal break. From the 1st to the 19th, on the other hand, your couple will be fine, together or under the covers.

Single para May 2026

Leo: From the 1st to the 19th, love at first sight, perhaps within your friend circle, could light your way. Throughout the month, a passionate encounter comes your way, especially 1st decan: are you ready?

Leo: Career / Finance para May 2026

Leo: A contract should be revised, 1st decan for now, drastically, but not necessarily to your disadvantage. Important events could happen under the effects of the planets in Taurus. Be absolutely careful with your dialogue, and don't get angry under any circumstances; it would be counterproductive. After the 18th: you are supported!

Leo: Advice from FREE Horoscope para May 2026

Leo: There will be ups and downs this month, but your fiery and regal nature should come through with flying colours! Don't use untimely roars, use loyalty and nobility.

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