Cancer's horoscope for May 2026

Written by Daisy

Optimistic as you wish and very much surrounded by people, you will go through this month with some professional concerns but with a beautiful relationship to support you. Indeed, until the 21st, the Sun and Mercury in Taurus will favour any project or connection from the 4th to 17th. At the same time, after the 18th, Mars, also in Taurus, will concretize what you thought at the beginning of the month. Jupiter will boost your self-confidence, and luck will accompany your steps. The cluster in Aries (Mars until the 18th, Saturn, and Neptune) will bring some challenges to your professional sector in a severe and aggressive climate: stay on your guard and do not get carried away. After the 19th, Venus joins Jupiter and brings you golden charisma and insolent luck. The end of the month is all about restraint.

Cancer: Love in General para May 2026

Cancer: Until the 19th, your feelings will be difficult to express, but your libido will be demanding. Find the balance! Then Venus will enter your home on the 19th. Your marked sensitivity will find its colours, especially since Mars in Taurus from the 18th will give your body a beautiful language: a very loving end of the month!

Cancer: In a relationship para May 2026

Cancer: At the beginning of the month, do not let a sudden or provoked estrangement or shadowy areas set in. Your other half could be worried about it or yourself. Things will be back to normal by the 19th: your collaboration of heart and soul is total.

Single para May 2026

Cancer: A non-free or past person could arrive or return to your life: what do you want to experience in love? After the 19th, your social circle favours romance, but you aspire to true love. Dilemma ahead.

Cancer: Career / Finance para May 2026

Cancer: This sector should cause you some concern, but you will have the punch and intellectual resources, especially from the 4th to the 17th, to find timely solutions. Pluto should help you with your savings through a long-awaited cash inflow, if necessary. Smell the air of change!

Cancer: Advice from FREE Horoscope para May 2026

Cancer: A few professional jolts could cause a bit of concern, but don't force the issue. Let go of what needs to be let go and prove your authenticity through open and responsible behaviour.

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