Capricorn's horoscope for June 2021

Written by Daisy

Capricorn: Astral Climate for June 2021

To get through this month without a hitch, rely on dialogue and stay connected to others. There will sometimes be misunderstandings in the air because your communication method leaves a little to be desired. Your interventions do not always convince and could induce a certain distrust. If, in addition, you try to put pressure on people to accept your initiatives or proposals, you risk running into a wall or triggering the hostility of those around you who do not take you at your word. Instead, rely on attentive and empathetic listening so that people will agree with your ideas without being controversial.

Capricorn: Mood for June 2021

For you, there is no question in June of staying in your corner. Venus invites you to go towards others. Rely on your undeniable charm and your ability to listen to others to launch creative dialogues with all your professional or private partners. You can make a beautiful statement to express your feelings and emotions clearly and positively. This conjuncture favours the most tender impulses to be exploited to close ranks or not to go it alone. It's up to you...

Capricorn: Love for June 2021

You are probably the champion of love declarations in June. Venus inspires you and, from the 21st, the Sun brilliantly takes over. Take advantage of this favourable atmosphere to warm up the mood, finish the spring with a soft touch and start the summer with a bang. Venus will move you. You will use your charm and your eloquence to spice up your love life and get off the beaten track. Uranus gives you crazy ideas (and desires). It pushes you to transgress the usual codes. Still, some breaks could cool your enthusiasm by placing you in front of a material reality that could dampen your spirits and restrict your possibilities.

Capricorn: Money for June 2021

Your money is on the right track as you meet new people, invest wisely, and, above all, have first-rate partners. But some slowness and delays are unavoidable. You should have no difficulty in making an impression. Your speeches are irresistible, and your talents undeniable. You will seduce your investors, who could turn into patrons. Take advantage of this cosmic opening to showcase yourself, show what you can, and strengthen your financial security. Rely on your natural elegance to get your message across without overdoing it...

Capricorn: Work for June 2021

Your daily work expands from the 11th onwards, and your enhanced organizational skills earn you some popularity. Changes are favourable to you. You work with application, rigour, and seriousness to manage your resources and deploy your talents so that they serve the community best. Rely on your sense of dialogue to have your work valued and recognized, express your originality and thirst to create in a freer, more autonomous way. However, budgetary restrictions could complicate matters and force you to scale back your ambitions. Wait for your time, and don't let your inner turmoil spill over into your activities, don't do just anything. The most effective approach is to go with the flow or even listen to what you are told...

Capricorn: Leisure for June 2021

Outings with friends, activities, everything is an excuse to meet new people. You understand that it is high time to come out of your shell. Show yourself as you are, without a filter. If some of the people around you find it difficult to express this, they love you despite everything. Whether they be sports, walks, meals, or board games, joint activities will do you a world of good and strengthen your ties.

Capricorn: Key dates for June 2021

- On the 3rd, you manage your resources and potential discreetly, serving the common cause. Rely on dialogue and your undeniable charm to make everyone love you.

- On the 11th, if, since the end of May, you feel that your initiatives are not bearing fruit, continue to argue, your efforts will eventually pay off.

- On the 13th, you will plead your case by opening a creative dialogue, whether in love or at work. But don't speak out of turn, or people may doubt your sincerity.

- On the 21st, through dialogue and attentive listening, you will clarify the debates and restore confidence to interlocutors on the defensive.

- On the 23rd, the air is filled with the scent of happiness. Now is the opportunity to love, commit, or declare your feelings. But do not abuse your charm to influence the other.

Capricorn: Advice for June 2021

Dialogue is recommended to go from spring to summer without any false notes or mistakes. It is necessary to exchange, team up, break with solitude, or close ranks without jamming the frequency.

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