Virgo's horoscope for July 2021

Written by Daisy

Virgo: Astral Climate for July 2021

Until the 22nd, you are rather discreet about your feelings and activities. You work in the shadows, and perhaps you love in secret. On the 22nd, Venus in your sign allows you to express your emotions, assert your tastes, and slowly come out of your cave. Jupiter will enable you to make beautiful associations, perhaps signing a contract or ideas for marriage. Don't speak too quickly: your thoughts get a little confused, and your communication, a little feverish, does not serve your interests. The Sun in Cancer until the 22nd encourages you to see your friends and share pleasant activities with them. This is a relatively quiet month overall, but also full of promise for the near future.

Virgo: Mood for July 2021

Your moods are relatively low-key this month, except for those times when you feel misunderstood and get a little annoyed. You are taking stock in July, whether it be of your love affairs or your occupations. You are drawing lessons from the recent past to reorganize yourself efficiently for the end of the month. Venus arrives in your sign on the 22nd and then opens the doors to seduction, greed and sensuality. While waiting for this beautiful program to come true, you will refine your strategies and closely examine all your relationships.

Virgo: Love for July 2021

You're thinking carefully about your emotional relationships to decide what needs to change and what you could improve to get closer to truly fulfilling relationships. You are thinking alone, as you find it challenging to put your emotions into words. You often feel that you are not understood, which leads to a heavy feeling of frustration. However, the heavens are preparing a reasonable period for you in all matters of legal relationships, marriage or commitment. From the 11th onwards, you will begin to perceive the best way forward in this area, and you will find it easier to discuss this with your partner.

Virgo: Money for July 2021

Your money is sleeping this month: no significant expenses, no essential investments, you are waiting for better conditions to relaunch your projects, you are a bit on standby. But this does not prevent you from meeting potential investors or associates, even if you have a little difficulty in developing your arguments. You are thinking about your future. This time of pause will be beneficial for you to position yourself in the best possible way and make profits for sure. In the meantime, don't become too stingy and allow yourself the pleasures you deserve. This will help maintain good morale.

Virgo: Work for July 2021

This is a somewhat disappointing month on the work front unless you are happily on vacation. You feel a little isolated and mostly misunderstood. Even if your agreements and contracts are not questioned, you still lack support and recognition, which spoils your summer a bit. Remain honest and sincere because distorting reality will not help you. The best thing to do is wait and see your potential and work out strategies that you can put in place around the time you return to school.

Virgo: Leisure for July 2021

Your best time will be spent in good company, even if you tend to take a back seat this month. Gentle activities such as swimming and walking will do you a world of good. If your loved ones accompany you, it will allow you to communicate in pleasant conditions. If you prefer solitude, don't let that stop you from airing out your body and mind because you need to decompress.

Virgo: Key dates for July 2021

- On the 1st, everything goes wrong. You're ruminating on a daily routine that's holding you back. Avoid being stubborn and wasting your time.

- On the 8th, you feel that your thirst to escape is dependent on a situation that is not in your favour.

- On the 12th, your ideas and projects are attractive. Those close to you or your associates tend to follow you.

- On the 20th, obstacles and hindrances are less present. Take advantage of this truce to regain your morale.

- On the 25th, if you have a project in mind, don't be too obsessive. Let others express themselves too.

Virgo: Advice for July 2021

Take time to think about the future you want to set up. In July, forget about work for a while and relax in good company.

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