Capricorn's horoscope for July 2021

Written by Daisy

Capricorn: Astral Climate for July 2021

Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune support you. They strengthen your will significantly to change certain things, but gently. You are adorned with a fantastic romanticism to start the vacations. Your sensuality could show in your behaviour, which is not always the case. Some tensions until the 22nd with some partners, but the end of the month is cloudless. By this time, you will have the opportunity to build or strengthen a love story. You can also consolidate your finances.

Capricorn: Mood for July 2021

Your physical well-being influences your mood, and you are more optimistic, more enterprising than usual. You are ready, if need be, to open yourself to a new life. You are in a position to reap some success that will only reinforce this beautiful self-confidence. It makes you particularly kind and benevolent to your loved ones and your interlocutors in general. As is often the case with you, your good humour is the best barometer of your psychological shape.

Capricorn: Love for July 2021

July is the perfect month to spice up your relationship or put yourself searching for true love. The heavens support your seduction and sensuality, and you will wreak havoc until the 22nd. The planetary game is calmer at the end of the month. It will allow you to consolidate what you have just acquired and leave or start again in a relationship solidly based on authentic feelings—true and lasting love.

Capricorn: Money for July 2021

Saturn is holding you back a little in your spending and restricting your power of action over your finances. This is not the time to throw money out the window, but rather earn it, save it, and eventually invest it. Real estate is still an excellent investment, and your flair, combined with your realism, could make you a fantastic deal. You won't become a millionaire in July, but that won't stop you from having a comfortable life.

Capricorn: Work for July 2021

Your contacts and dealings are very fruitful, whether it's finding a job, getting a promotion, or going freelance. You are lucky, ready to change your path if necessary, and your determination and courage are the best resumes. However, you must be careful that this beautiful conquering energy does not trample on other people's turf. Otherwise, you risk igniting conflicts and perhaps losing a little popularity. Your independent spirit also pushes you to claim methods out of the ordinary and do not please everyone. Be diplomatic about your ideas and always give your partners a chance to discuss them.

Capricorn: Leisure for July 2021

You are in great shape and willing to climb mountains... Well, do it! Now is an excellent time to go on long hikes, climb, discover an endurance sport, or take up soccer. You're in great shape, and you just need to keep it going without exhausting it. When you have time to rest, turn to board games that will bring back memories of your childhood, all in pleasant company.

Capricorn: Key dates for July 2021

- On the 4th july, conflicts of interest could divide your entourage.

- On the 8th july, emotional tensions, financial struggles: avoid breaking codes, remain measured and consensual.

- On the 12th july, your unusual enthusiasm rallies the votes in business, in love, in the family: you are the champion of communication.

- On the 15th july, inspired and creative, you captivate those around you and bewitch your partner.

- On the 22nd july, your emotional ambitions are high, and you demand love and stories that meet your expectations. But don't ask too much of your partner, who may not be in the same mood.

Capricorn: Advice for July 2021

To make your mark, use your energy and transform what needs to be changed. But don't force your way or pressure on your loved ones to preserve your good reputation. If Venus exalts your appetites and reinforces your sensuality in July, use these assets to seduce, not to impose, your desires.

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