Aquarius's horoscope for July 2021

Written by Daisy

Aquarius: Astral Climate for July 2021

Mercury and Saturn make you eloquent and convincing. It's an excellent time to express your ideas and desires. Venus and Mars add much spice to your relationships and energy to your activities. Charm and courage colour this month of July, with just the right amount of tension or minor conflicts to keep you from getting bored. There is still Uranus, who sometimes upsets your plans or forces you to take a confusing direction. You may resist, but if changes are necessary, they will happen, so you may also go along with them as you undergo them.

Aquarius: Mood for July 2021

July strongly encourages you to collaborate. Whether it's dealing with your relationship, finding partners, getting along with colleagues or signing a contract, it's an excellent time. You are full of energy and charm, enough to seduce anyone you want. Still, when a difficulty arises, you tend to resist or fight rather than find a compromise, and that's your weakness. You need to tone down your individualism, which is sometimes unbridled, and prefer to make concessions to consolidate your activities and approaches. Don't forget: alone you can go faster, but together you can go further!

Aquarius: Love for July 2021

You are perfectly free to charm whomever you please in July. The emphasis is on associations and, on the love side, this is an excellent opportunity to get married or enter into a civil partnership or promise your partner. Venus and Mars are working together to enhance your seduction power and sensuality, which promises a torrid, even unforgettable July. Only your resistance to change could be an obstacle to your emotional fulfillment, so it's worth the effort to talk and agree with your partner. Mercury will help you to express yourself clearly, logically and convincingly.

Aquarius: Money for July 2021

Money is not a problem, but your sometimes distorted view is. Beware of Jupiter, who could fill your wallet as well as empty it for a whim, an impulse purchase. You are not always thinking clearly about financial matters. Are you considering an investment or a significant buy? It is essential to take advice to be sure you are choosing the right option. You spend as much on others as you do on yourself this month, as you want to please everyone.

Aquarius: Work for July 2021

Jupiter is helping you considerably to tie up your professional and financial affairs this month. Your tendency to get along with others, work as a team, and care about collective interests increases your popularity. Your successes put you in a good mood in a virtuous circle, and your enthusiasm rallies everyone. You also have excellent faculties to express yourself clearly, claim diplomatically what is due to you, and expose your methods and ambitions. Are you determined to change your path when necessary? In that case, you have all the assets in hand to obtain an excellent promotion afterwards.

Aquarius: Leisure for July 2021

If you are on vacation, take part in group activities. Whether it's a hike or a petanque tournament, you'll have the best time sharing and getting together. If you work, plan physical activities after work with a few colleagues and on weekends with a few friends. At the end of the month, you'll be particularly efficient. You could even take part in a competition. Don't be too greedy, don't collect cholesterol, and everything will be fine.

Aquarius: Key dates for July 2021

- On the 1st, lower your voice because frustration and anger are bad advisors and push you to excesses detrimental to you.

- On the 7th, you can use your charm, but you must admit that your priority is yourself.

- On the 12th, your goodwill helps you to obtain what you covet: money, love or recognition, you make an impression.

- On the 17th, some hidden desires cast a shadow on your popularity. Ask yourself about your intentions before you speak or act.

- On the 25th, clarify the shadowy areas that could alter your speeches. People will not follow you without understanding you.

Aquarius: Advice for July 2021

In July, the Sun is shining for some. Others have to deal with persistent clouds. Some conflicts will allow you to know from now on what you want to live and with whom.

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