Aquarius's horoscope for August 2021

Written by Daisy

Aquarius: Astral Climate for August 2021

The atmosphere improves as the weeks go by in August. At the beginning of the month, tensions are possible. Your exchanges sometimes turn into an altercation because you are a little nervous, and "the others" annoy you. You are torn between the stabilizing influences of Saturn and the expanding effect of Jupiter, all under the pressure of Uranus, which pushes you to claim excessive freedom. Unpleasant incidents are likely if you do not moderate your words and demands. In the second half of the year, the sky becomes brighter with the entry of Venus into the friendly and benevolent sign of Libra. Your popularity improves, and your love life flourishes.

Aquarius: Mood for August 2021

The sky is strengthening your convictions, and you are now following your chosen path. You're definitely turning over a new leaf, and you're having open discussions with others. Venus exalts your ambitions, you are looking to build on a solid foundation, but your tendency to go it alone can divide and even offend people. Channel the desires that lead you to overestimate your means and beware of excess (gluttony, sensuality). You have the correct arguments to transmit your desires for cooperative relationships. The sky is relatively favorable to your love affairs, and that is the main thing.

Aquarius: Love for August 2021

Venus reinforces your greed during the first fortnight. You are looking for sensual gratifications, and you use your increasing magnetism to attract whoever you please. From the 16th on, you're more interested in strengthening your bonds or cleaning up your relationship so that you can experience a love that lives up to your expectations. Whether it's an ongoing relationship or a romance in the making, you're no longer content with mundane or lukewarm feelings. You yearn to unearth the gem and want to give meaning to the relationship. Your circle of friends can be an essential vehicle for promising new encounters, whether in love or friendship.

Aquarius: Money for August 2021

You are eager to collaborate or invest. You want to develop your assets, launch a new expansion, and fully possess your means. You can quickly mobilize sure allies to defend your interests, but do not think that everything is allowed as far as your finances are concerned. If your assets benefit from your influence, you cannot demand more from others than they are willing to give you (whether it be a bonus, a raise, or an investment). This is not the time to throw money away either.

Aquarius: Work for August 2021

Until the 14th, you have a robust determination to change situations that may serve your ambitions. Your ideas and your elegant eloquence will impress your interlocutors. Your high opinion and your maturity will make you a precious partner. Rely on your confidence to broaden your horizons, propose your projects and end the month on an upward path. Sometimes think of adopting a less rigid attitude to unblock a situation, rely on strategy, diplomacy to raise the debates. You are supported by unstoppable energy and a genuine desire to free yourself from blockages to regain beautiful freedom of movement and spirit.

Aquarius: Leisure for August 2021

Your exchanges with others are mixed, and it would be a good idea to give yourself some time alone to relax, read or think about your future. Physical exercise, alone or in good company, will help you keep fit and in good spirits, but do not sink into laziness. You will build up nervous tension. If you practice a sport or a demanding activity, don't forget your protection. Don't exaggerate your efforts at the risk of hurting yourself. This may be an opportunity to take up an artistic activity that could enhance all your concerns.

Aquarius: Key dates for August 2021

- On the 3rd, you use your charm and smoothly conducted strategies to change the family situation.

- On the 8th, the New Moon invites you to favor dialogue and exchanges to get things moving.

- On the 11th, your infectious enthusiasm helps you to open a creative dialogue. You are experiencing delightful and intense moments as a couple, inviting those who defend your interests to act discreetly but to make your situation evolve.

- On the 20th, you take advantage of your undeniable charisma to make an impression on people. Still, your offensive energy sometimes gets in the way.

- On the 25th, your speculations are a bit risky. You lose the sense of reality. You overestimate your means and possibilities.

Aquarius: Advice for August 2021

Relying on your ability to make situations evolve to transform what must be changed does not maintain a painful and potentially destructive status quo. If you feel like imposing yourself, also take a step towards the other. Your energy used wisely will keep you in good shape.

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