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Tuesday, November the 24th
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Cancer, your horoscope 2021 month by month!

  Written by Daisy

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1st decan
Rather than grumbling to get more than you are willing to give for your projects, choose dialogue and collaboration (the 9th). This will save you a lot of setbacks and blockages in the debate (the 10th)! If you perish, you will raise controversies about your plans that are not unanimous. You are considered too greedy and demanding, even aggressive (the 20th, 23rd, and 26th).

2nd decan
You have the ambition to surpass yourself, serve a cause, present your ideal, and make people dream (the 1st and 8th). You have no difficulty in convincing your interlocutors and private and social partners to follow you (the 23rd).

3rd decan
Dialogue to continue (on the 5th, 14th and 28th) to make your relationships evolve, whether emotional, professional or other. It's time to change things according to your personal evolution. Communicate with the outside world more authentically.

1st decan
A demanding duty invites you to sift through your feelings. There is no question of cheating, even if this restraint frustrates your desire to do as you please. Try to channel all signs of impatience and demands so that you are not stopped in your tracks.

2nd decan
Don't be vindictive at the beginning of the month. Your projects seem legitimate, and you defend them fiercely. But put them in the right form so that we can help you promote them, or even finance them! If you ask for too much, it will break, and your aspirations will be undermined. Swing between the pitfalls with charm and grace and place your pawns on the chessboard.

3rd decan
You're thinking about the best way to play your pawns. The New Moon on the 11th advises you on strategy. By thinking about the scope of your actions, you will avoid any overzealousness or abusive demands and mark minds. On the 25th, your projects could take off!

1st decan
Carried by love, an evolving bond, or a beautiful encounter, you are making plans. On the 3rd, your enthusiasm is at its peak, and on the 21st, you win the vote and strengthen your projects successfully at the end of the month.

2nd decan
You don't run out of arguments to get the funds you need to carry out your projects, and you maneuver to overcome possible resistance. Attention on the 24th: don't impose your ambitions. Plead your case gently and charmingly.

3rd decan
You are inspired by a mission and an ideal that guides you. Whether it's love or business, you're not satisfied with just a little. You want to reach the top. The New Moon on the 13th confirms this path.

1st decan
Venus helps tender projects blossom and assures you your loved ones from the 14th to the 22nd. Then, Mars reinforces the energies you need to channel to remain effective. The Full Moon on the 27th illuminates your love to express openly.

2nd decan
Energetic and determined, you nourish projects that you like, and you use your charm to convince. You persuade those in power and the underdogs that your plans are based on solid ground. You can count on your audacity, but don't overdo it so as not to scare your debtors, who would prefer to see you be more reasonable in your requests.

3rd decan
You put your eloquence at the service of your ambitions, and your charm does the rest. But don't think you're invested in a sacred cause. Your warrior side might scare you. The New Moon on the 12th invites you to be on the front line but channel your offensive energy. Don't pressure your partners for power and use your strategy to guide the debate.

1st decan
Starting on the 13th, Jupiter offers the opportunity to broaden your horizons and carry your ambitions, whatever they may be. Don't take advantage of this opportunity to think you can do whatever you want. Take a step back from the events rather than just jumping through the hoops. The Full Moon on the 26th advises you to roll up your sleeves.

2nd decan
Your exciting projects make you lose your sense of proportion, but Saturn brings you back down to Earth. Mars boosts your entrepreneurial spirit and your desire to win. On the 12th, your audacity pays off, but you keep your head on your shoulders. An indisputable charm convinces the authority in place.

3rd decan
There are inspiring projects that are universally accepted but are of concern to those who fund them. The New Moon on the 11th propels your plans into the limelight. What if you take advantage of it to convince your partners (social or private) to believe you and follow you? Filter your intentions on the 23rd and 27th to not lead to confusion and regrettable misunderstandings. Fortunately, at the end of the month, you can conquer everything!

1st decan
Charismatic, you mark minds on the 3rd. Everything succeeds you! A beautiful period to be exploited to make your emotional bonds evolve. Your radiance does not pass unnoticed, and you widen your horizons. The Full Moon on the 24th encourages exchanges and invites you to take a step towards each other.

2nd decan
Take a step back at the beginning of the month. Get around the obstacles that are holding back your impulses. The New Moon on the 10th advises you to lower your voice and move away from the world to think and not rush anything. If your charm allows you to rally the votes around a daring project on the 13th, stay on your guard because people are waiting for you to slip up on the 14th. A frustrating economic situation is holding you back. Not sure you'll like it!

3rd decan
You do not have a clear direction. You have difficulty perceiving the contours. Rather than rushing into the fog at the risk of offending your partners, think before you act. This way, you will avoid making mistakes or generating misunderstandings about your laudable but difficult to pin down plans. Use your charm to put forward an ideal that is important to you, but be gentle to get closer to your interlocutors.

1st decan
Jupiter supports your ambitions until the 28th. Rely on its benevolence to push the limits and assert yourself. On the 12th, you'll show your merits. At the end of the month, Venus makes it easier to communicate with those around you and gives you a charm that can influence whoever you want. Do not abuse it so that you are not considered pretentious!

2nd decan
You claim without nuance what is yours. Beware of Saturn, which limits your financial expansion and invites you to be prudent in managing your income. If you demand support for your daring projects, you risk rejection. Express the originality
of your plans (the 5th and 20th) before you take a stand.

3rd decan
Confused in your intentions and ambitions (on the 6th)? Wait until the 15th to express yourself wisely on the subject. You make an impression on the other (the 17th and 25th), but don't abuse your influence without listening carefully to what you are told!

1st decan
You put forward arguments to assert your rights, and you can count on Mars to express your opinions and perhaps impose them. At the end of the month, you manage your relationship with your family in a caring way and seek to improve your living conditions by managing stewardship.

2nd decan
You talk about money at the beginning of the month, and you are frustrated by budget limitations. Use your charm to promote your projects and praise them, even if you run into financial obstacles. The New Moon on the 8th highlights your talents and your income. You impose your vision of things with success.

3rd decan
When it comes to your dreams and ambitions, you see life through rose coloured glasses. Take advantage of your exalted sense of communication to claim the necessary funds to implement your aspirations. You will be found greedy, but your
arguments will convince.

1st decan
You act wisely and establish a constructive family dialogue (on the 5th). On the other hand, you would like to forget the limitations of the economic situation on you. Use your fighting energy and time to improve your living conditions on the 25th and 29th: your proposals should reassure your loved ones!

2nd decan
You have the right arguments to boast about your audacious projects on the 4th: the New Moon encourages exchanges. In love, you spice up relationships or make new encounters that take you out of your comfort zone, but don't give in to passing fads!

3rd decan
You defend a cause or an ideal on the 2nd, 14th, and 17th. However, if your intentions are good towards your loved ones, make sure you clarify them with your partner, who could think you're too lenient. On the other hand, you find the right arguments to relax the atmosphere on the 20th, and funds could be released to help you carry out a project. Starting on the 27th, some family discussions may drag on.

1st decan
Between the 7th and 16th, you redouble your zeal to manage stewardship and serve the company. On the 13th, your goodwill overcomes obstacles. But at the end of the month, if you are eager to express your feelings openly, you still have to deal with a rigour that could cool your ardour.

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 6th invites you to focus on family life, but then you raise your voice. If you have things to say, why do you shout at everyone to make yourself heard? Fortunately, from the 13th, you smooth things over. On the 17th, the dialogue calms down, and goodwill dominates.

3rd decan
Misunderstandings are possible in the family or with your partner. But love and good feelings regain control on the 2nd, and creative exchanges put everyone in agreement. On the 15th, you act in the community's best interests but do not seek to dominate anyone at the risk of sowing discord.

1st decan
There is love in the air but water in the gas. Calm your irritation to end the day in peace. At the end of the month, rely on your goodwill to move forward constructively and unblock certain situations that restrict your freedom and your room for manoeuvre.

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 4th illuminates your love and boosts your creativity. It's time to spread your wings, but don't get out of line. If you assert yourself too ostentatiously, you risk irritating those around you who don't appreciate that you think you can do anything. But if you take a step towards the other person and consider their wishes, you will have every chance.

3rd decan
You protect your family, but you forget to consult your partner, which they don't appreciate. Connect to an ideal that inspires you to rally your partner around your vision of things without overestimating your means (the 12th and 20th).

1st decan
Between the 13th and the 27th, you roll up your sleeves to achieve what is important to you. Whether it's managing stewardship or showing your superior what you're capable of, try not to overshadow anyone.

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 4th invites you to work hard. On the 20th, you highlight your daring projects, but on the 24th, you'll find them too expensive and even unrealistic! Yet you will not give up, certain that in 2022 it will finally be your turn.

3rd decan
Entrepreneurial and convincing, avoid over-communicating when you are not thinking clearly or when you are tempted to demand too much. On the other hand, if you listen to the other person, you will have a better chance of being heard.

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