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Tuesday, October the 22nd
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Taurus, your horoscope 2019 month by month!

  Written by Daisy

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1st decan:
Ambitious and determined to progress and achieve your aspirations and negotiate to your advantage, however, be careful not to hurt anyone in the process. You are indeed not immune to criticism and attacks of adversity that will work in the shadows (the 8th) and may try to destabilize you. From the 20th, the sun puts you in the spotlight and you intend to stay there as long as possible!

2nd decan:
Do you have an inspiring project in mind that you do everything to make happen at the beginning of the month? Be wary of an overestimation of your possibilities that could lead you into a dead end or bring those who hold the power and the money to doubt you and the merits of your business on the 13th. Fortunately, Saturn pushes you to straighten the bar by reducing the wind in your sails at the end of the month! The best way to achieve your goals without losing feathers and some illusions in passing!

3rd decan:
Well inspired, you will know at the beginning of the month (the 4th) how to connect with a flawless intuition to negotiate to your advantage. You are entering a phase of intense change where your evolution (be it social, spiritual, or human) counts more than anything and can sometimes be a problem for you. Do not skip any questions on the merits (the 11th and 18th) and be sure to identify what could short-circuit your conscious intentions around the 19th and 23rd. You will not be safe from self sabotaging your plans or (unconsciously) provoking tensions that will interfere with your progress.

1st decan:
An inspiring first half of the month where you will prioritize the evolution of your love or the quest for an ideal? A second fortnight where you will be moved by a good authority and will not really want to interfere with your decisions or discuss your orders. Be sure to be polite. Enough, at the end of the month, to impose your projects without too much of a risk that they will be challenged on the 28th where you lead your affairs masterfully!

2nd decan:
Entrepreneurial and very effective in February, you will have no trouble convincing your social and professional entourage to believe you and follow you. Bet on your striking force and an unwavering desire to reach your goals (the 3rd and 8th) to move forward. You will be visibly inspired and connected to a dream (the 17th) but will have to take good care to anchor it on a solid foundation (on the 18th and 20th) to keep all these promises!

3rd decan:
Be careful not to provoke hostility from third parties that could somehow slow down your progress. Beware of mood swings or unconscious emotions that could work against your interests and push others to block you, or even trap you (the 2nd)! Bet on your charm to defuse the threats that hover and turn the tide to your advantage (the 8th and 18th). Your understandings and flashes of lucidity will allow you to thwart the plans of your potential enemies, if however, you take care not to take your desires for reality (the 22nd) and agree to open constructive debates on the 23rd!

1st decan:
Bet on your indisputable charm until the 10th to seduce your interlocutors, shine in society, and influence your career plan favorably! From March 6th, Uranus invests in your decan! Expect to be a little (a lot) shaken at the seams in the coming times. The challenge? To learn lessons and understandings, to redefine your place in the world and change completely to feel more in tune with yourself and more authentic. From the 20th, the sun lurking in the shadow of your decan invites you to withdraw a moment from the game to integrate a new mode of operation! As for Venus, at the very end of the month, she could help you win the vote on projects that are important to you!

2nd decan:
Connected to your intuition and your inner world you will know what to do to advance your pawns and surely score points on the 7th, 9th and 10th! Neptune inspires you, Mars strengthens your desire to succeed and Saturn gives you a lucidity that is foolproof. A cosmic climate favorable to your decisive and solid advances (the 14th and 20th). Bet on your charisma to move the lines but do not overdo it (the 21st)! At the very end of the month, if negotiations dragged on since the 5th, they should resume again from the 28th.

3rd decan:
Try not to confuse the frequency (especially in love) by transmitting ambiguous messages to your partner. If you have something to say, say it gently and legibly (the 1st). Some ongoing negotiations about your future could drag on or be blocked from the 5th. They will not resume before the end of the month and until the end of April. No need to annoy yourself for nothing (the 14th and 15th). Prefer to think about the direction you want to give to your future and think deeply about the principles you want to follow (the 13th, 16th, 18th and 22nd). The best way to act and be really effective in March!

1st decan:
A first fortnight devoted to the defense of your interests. You will not hesitate to claim the reward of your merits and develop new talents that can help you progress. From the 20th, take a step back on your emotional life. Now is the time to go back to the past and take stock and then position yourself knowingly. Today, the sun also invests in your sign and decan, updating with force (on the 22nd) the need to change, to define the new methods that will allow you to trace your path more in adequacy with who you have become and who, henceforth, seeks their legitimate place within their entourage, society and the world!

2nd decan:
You are guided by your feelings that should lead you to good port by the 7th and allow you to close the debates in the right direction (yours)! Between the 4th and the 12th, do not hesitate to solicit your friends to support your projects and build tender, inspirational castles in the sky (a baby or sentimental commitment) around the 10th! You'll take a stand between the 15th and the 30th to get more (promotion, a raise) if you do not make requests that are too unrealistic on the 27th!

3rd decan:
Saturn will flirt with your decan between April 4th and May 25th, requiring you to give precise outlines to the ambitions you want to achieve. So, from the 7th, you will have to think about how to present your future projects so that you can win the vote and get support. Moreover, if discussions about your future were trampled, they should be concluded by the 17th. If you want to succeed, argue daringly but do not go overboard, at the risk of worrying the authorities and waking up an adversity that is not decided to let you (the 10th, 12th, and 13th) win the game. However, rely on a secret support that works in the shadows to defend your interests and (positive) elements that could untie a situation that is a little bogged down (the 14th)!

1st decan:
A month where on the mental plane you'll have ideas (the 8th) and emotions on the 18th. You will most certainly be a little shaken up by the presence of Uranus in your sign which, in one way or another, requires you to see (do) things differently! You will be particularly alert and active, reactive around the 22nd, endowed with a foolproof determination to influence the world around you (and your loved ones), you will not lack any opportunity to create a buzz or to show how much you aspire to get out of the ranks, habits, and attitudes that are no longer appropriate for you!

2nd decan:
Enjoy the passage of the Sun in your decan (between April 30th and May 11th) to connect with your creativity and your inspiration and carry out projects that are important to you and could take advantage of your current influence to develop (the 9th and 16th). If you are not too greedy (the 30th), you will also enjoy a popularity rating and a charm that will allow you to seduce whoever you want today and especially those who could help you realize your plans. Bet on the 31st to anchor your progress on solid ground!

3rd decan:
Think carefully before acting at the beginning of the month, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the generosity of Jupiter which tends to increase opportunities to evolve (socially, emotionally, spiritually) from the moment you do not jostle too much the order that is established (the 1st and 2nd). You may, indeed, be a little tugged in May between opportunities for expansion that are now at your fingertips (and heart) and an obligation to respect the rules and down time! From the 11th, the sun present in your decan gives you a lucidity and a constructive energy (on the 11th and 14th) which should allow you to act knowingly and to direct your initiatives in the right direction (the 16th and 18th)!

1st decan:
Clear ideas and the desire to propose something else. You will not lack creativity or daring and even less arguments to convince whoever you want to believe and follow you around the 7th and 27th when your mind captures information that can help you greatly expand your horizons, open your perspectives, and enrich you mentally and socially. You will probably feel that your inner world is opening and invites you to overcome your previous limitations!

2nd decan:
Try to stay realistic and make reasonable requests in June if you want access. You will certainly tend to be too demanding on the 9th and 10th and especially the 16th when you risk irritating those who are ready to support your ambitious and projects and your inspirational plans but not at any price. Fortunately, Saturn helps you back down (willingly or forcibly) to Earth from the 18th but leaves you to endure some small frustrations in passing!

3rd decan:
Venus increases and strengthens your influence and your power? Take the opportunity to advocate your cause in high places but also to find that special someone or embark with your partner for the land of love! However, caution is recommended at the end of the month (the 19th and 22nd), your words are a little lively and your authority is not necessarily well controlled and it might displease. Prefer to put your messages across smoothly, by being polite, if you want us to listen ... and understand you!

1st decan:
Until the 17th, you will act under the influence of offensive energies that are not necessarily good counselors and could push you to attack your entourage on the 8th and 11th but also on the 29th. You could, thus, provoke clashes, especially within the family. It may be a little difficult to accept your desire for independence or your new way of apprehending the world, the events and the processing of information. Try to use a little pedagogy at home if you want to avoid fights. Do not put everyone at odds, at risk of leading the debates into a deadlock from the 7th!

2nd decan:
The new moon on the 2nd invites you to communicate, teach, and transmit? Try to get your messages across so that you do not mess up the rules or hit the principles of those who may hold the reins (the 9th)! Prefer to highlight your exciting projects and make those who aspire to support you dream (the 11th and 18th) while avoiding crossing certain limits that could push some to desert the ranks! Enough, at the end of the month, to mobilize your loved ones who could (25th) encourage your initiatives and encourage you to embark on the adventure!

3rd decan:
Exchanges that are a little tense: discussions started last month will return to the table from the 19th! If you have trouble communicating about your current desire to evolve, broaden your horizons, or even change, then rely on patience and time to make yourself understood. Debates should resume more fluidly in early August. In the meantime, play the card of gentleness, listening and loving to avoid tensions and possible dead ends!

1st decan:
A new moon (the 1st) invites you to give your full attention to your family and/or the management of stewardship? Make sure you try to convince others that your change of attitude is not necessarily synonymous with rebellion or a fracture. You will have an unsurpassed talent to love, pass on the good messages, and avoid clashes! Static on the line is possible on the 2nd and 16th, but if you manage to control impulsivity that is harmful to the exchanges, you should, at the end of the month, manage to restore the communication between you and those who you like. Special dates are the 26th, 28th, and 30th, where you should even be able to reignite the flame or have an exhilarating encounter!

2nd decan:
You may well, in early August, be able to greatly improve your living conditions with your family. Stay on top of all the opportunities to jump on the bandwagon, strengthen your career plan and your income, especially on the 7th and 8th where luck (which you will not have stolen or no doubt provoked one way or another) could smile at you and allow you to realize an important project or an investment! The same good frequency around the 21st where you might have to sign a contract (real estate?)!

3rd decan:
From the 1st, the current should be better between you, your partner, and the others. Count on the presence of Venus in the field of your theme dedicated to the family (between the 13th and 21st) to make peace and get your messages across smoothly (14?)!

1st decan:
A beginning of the month where your loves will undoubtedly be at the heart of your concerns! Especially on the 1st, you will try to make your partner understand that you have changed and explain to them what animates you and pushes you, perhaps, to claim more autonomy and freedom, even fantasy in your exchanges. On the 2nd, be sure to keep in mind that your wishes are not necessarily orders and prefer to convince smoothly rather than bet on an authority that would not necessarily be well received! From the 23rd, stewardship and daily life will require all your attention and will ask you to put yourself at the service of the collective!

2nd decan:
Prefer to secure your bases in love (and business) on the 1st rather than take risks (the 2nd) if you do not want to be disappointed and/or expose yourself to reverses of fortune (the 8th and 12th)! You are, indeed, not immune to trouble if you play with fire, whether on the sentimental or financial front, or both! Beware of disappointments, frustrations, and possible bankruptcy of your projects around the 21st! Indeed, if you play too big and see too big, you are likely to be brought back down to earth a little brutally! Fortunately, you benefit, on the 24th and 28th, from the active support of those who appreciate your dedication and readiness to serve an ideal and the common cause!

3rd decan:
You aspire to live loves that meet your expectations or develop talents that allow you to progress on all levels and to expand your wings more widely (the 7th, 9th, and 13th). Count on your charisma, your potential, and a great determination to surpass yourself and push the boundaries of the possible in all areas (the 19th)!

1st decan:
You would be well inspired, throughout the month, to listen and stay listening to each other. Certainly, your thirst to be yourself, to free yourself from the guardianship of the past becomes too heavy. It is legitimate but it is not a reason to pay no attention to the needs of your partner and the others! The new moon on the 28th confirms this invitation to worry about your partner's state of mind as much as your own!

2nd decan:
You feel a little constrained by responsibility that weighs on you and duties that accumulate (the 7th)? Do not hesitate to talk about it (on the 14th) in order to clear some time and continue to pursue projects that are important to you (15th). It is well by exchanging with your entourage (your social or private partners) that you will find the means to answer their needs (the 20th) as well as your own (the 21st). Avoid at all costs getting upset and rebelling (on the 27th) if you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities that you will sooner or later have to assume!

3rd decan:
You will probably have a hard time coping with daily life that seems to move you away from a quest that haunts you and pushes you to surpass yourself (the 1st) but you should have opportunities to get out of the routine and the possibility of jumping on the bandwagon on the 13th! If you feel a little restrained in your impulses and forced to consider the collective more than your personal interests on the 14th, throw a little weight behind it and open the dialogue on the 19th and the 20th. Listening and charming, you will have many assets to convince the other to believe you and follow you. But count on some delays to bear from the 27th!

1st decan:
From the 19th, beware of getting too wrapped up and other untimely reactions that could only get you into trouble. You will be keen to assert yourself vis-à-vis the other but don't forget to be polite and take kid gloves around the 24th, the exchanges could turn into a confrontation! The new moon on the 26th invites you to negotiate skillfully and change the situation by focusing on your strategy and your flair. You will end the month, driven by the desire to evolve your relationships in the right direction, to blossom by pushing your limits and giving your partner and the others the desire to adhere to your new personality born of an imperious desire to free yourself from the shackles of the past!

2nd decan:
Creative and constructive exchanges that lead to agreements on the 8th and insurance on the 9th to build on solid ground? Expect to be put in the spotlight (thanks to the full moon on the 12th) and that your projects are accepted (the 13th, 28th, and 30th). From the 20th on, negotiations that started last month and have dragged on since the end of October resume again and should give you full satisfaction in November!

3rd decan:
A little too offensive (aggressive?) At the beginning of the month (the 5th), if you abuse your authority, you may get into trouble. In particular the wrath of your hierarchy! Prefer to bet on the dialogue that begins (the 10th) after a few brakes and blockages to sniff out the good opportunities to seize and surf on the winds that could well blow in your direction and make you take off on the 12th, giving you the opportunity to evolve professionally, financially, and emotionally on the 24th!

1st decan:
From the 2nd, Jupiter will serve your ambitions and offer you some great opportunities to evolve taking into account your willingness to change your method, job, or even orientation. Thus, around the 15th, you would be well inspired to stay tuned and looking for openings that will come and good news that could be given to you! The end of the month is particularly promising and should offer you (on the 24th, 27th and 30th) opportunities, on a silver platter, to take off and the recognition you have been waiting for and undoubtedly ... deserve!

2nd decan:
Stay as lucid as possible about your possibilities to carry out your ambitious projects on the 8th, you will tend to overestimate your means. Bet on your charm to influence the hierarchy and try to put them in your pocket! It is by keeping your feet on the ground and a sense of reality that you will best mark minds and score points (the 11th and 13th). Offensive, you can count on your determination to complete reassuring your entourage (the 19th) but please avoid hovering over them on the 20th!

3rd decan:
Your strong arguments and your ability to negotiate could bring you some success around the 3rd! Ditto at the end of the month (the 22nd), when you will know how to combine your strength and respect for your partner and should convince those who waited for you to slip up to believe in you. The opportunity to steer your destiny in the right direction, that of a transformation, or, in the longer or shorter term, a metamorphosis!

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