Jupiter Transits

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Jupiter, planet of growth, stirs up everything it touches. Its effects range from fulfillment to excess, kindness to pure madness, courage to recklessness. Find out about the meaning of Jupiter's transits with other slow-moving planets.

Jupiter Saturn (expansion/control)

These aspects unite every 20 years.
Note: Historically, Saturn has represented Power, Authority, Administration, and the very structures of our civilization.

Conjunction (1981, 2000, 2020...)
When Jupiter, the planet of growth, meets Saturn, the planet of restriction, expect to be torn between two sides and a fair share of unhappiness. Nevertheless, Jupiter's influence will be a positive one and can help you adjust to the struggle between desire, growth, and limitations, to set things right while using determination and common sense. This conjunction instills in all of us the desire to really assert ourselves more seriously, patiently, and with more realistic expectations. This aspect bolsters ambition, strengthens social power, and promotes a more pragmatic approach to life.

Sextile (1997, 2017)
Jupiter entering into a sextile with Saturn will create harmony and peace between growth, on the one hand, and discipline, power, and the masses, on the other. This stabilizing aspect will allow us to look for new ways of expressing ourselves, of seriously thinking about the real important questions of life, and getting enthusiastically involved while staying realistic and careful. This will be a favorable and energizing influence for anything related to journalism, law, politics, or education... This transit favors kind attitudes and a deep sense of justice. Under this aspect, positive efforts will be made ecologically, socially, and environmentally.

Trigon (1993, 2013, 2033)
The trigon between Jupiter and Saturn brings balance and agreement between growth and limitations. This aspect evokes responsibility, discipline, seriousness, discernment. This transit allows us to make sense of things, to improve, to make fair decisions, and to make more realistic plans. As such, we can expect those in charge to take initiatives that will lead us towards progress. Under this aspect, determination and willpower in resolving problems and creating change will be emphasized.

Square (1995, 2015)
When there is a square between Jupiter and Saturn, roadblocks, setbacks, frustration, and conflicts between ambition, growth, and goals are to be expected. Expect, too, to feel a lack of insight, clarity, and patience when it comes to satisfying the demands made of you or getting yourself organized. This atmosphere is unstable and can lead to hasty reactions. Though this influence may appear rather oppressive at the moment, with a bit of hindsight, all of us will be able to realize that this was a necessary phase to go through.

Opposition (1991, 2011, 2031)
When Jupiter enters into opposition with Saturn, there will be conflict between enthusiasm, growth, and pessimism and dissatisfaction. This aspect amplifies things for better or for worse depending on our ambitions, demands, and behavior in reaction to the setbacks, obstalces, and mishaps we run into, which exist solely to make us think. This transit welcomes us to mature our plans and be more profound and in-depth. The egotistical have something to learn from this configuration about succeeding in what they do.

Jupiter Uranus (growth/change)

These aspects unite every 14 years.
Note: Uranus in the right aspect means open-mindedness, brotherhood, and ambitious goals. Under a difficult aspect, Uranus brings disagreements, fanatic individualism, excess, and, often times, violence, too.

Conjunction (1997, 2010, 2024...)
When Jupiter, the planet of growth, enters into conjunction with Uranus, the planet of rapid change, expect a sudden burst of discovery, a rise in new technology, and great scientific leaps forward. Expect to be met, too, with a change of mind, rebellion or revolution, and big, forward-looking goals. This aspect generates highly positive mental and intellectual energy and sudden developments that will lead to new possibilities. This transit will bring about unforgettable and passionate events, urging us to adopt a wiser attitude towards existence.

This sextile between Jupiter and Uranus urges us to develop our communication skills with others, to push technology, and information, forward, encouraging intellectual seeking, exploration, discovery. With this aspect, original ideas will have every chance of leading to great success and of contributing to real positive change. It will be eaiser to open up our minds, have our opinions heard and appreciated, broaden our horizons, make the changes needed to satisfy our ambitions at work, and to take action that is more open to the future, to the World.

With this trigon between Jupiter and Uranus, events will take a new turn, decisions will be more constructive, positive change will take place, and inventiveness and bold ideas will emerge and be favorably received, to boot. Under this aspect, the will to open up to others and create beneficial change will be strongly felt. This transit will have a positive impact on the world of communication and business, and brings with it growth, as much for the well-being of the whole as for the individual. With this aspect, it will be even easier to improve our quality of life, little by little, and in keeping with our needs and aspirations.

When there is a square between Jupiter and Uranus, radical change, tension, and conflicts and hasty action are to be expected. This transit will provoke excess, rebellion, impulsivity, and increased individualism. Anything not built on solid foundations is destined to fall apart. Dissatisfaction will predominate, as ambitions are quite often too high to be realistic. The atmosphere will be oppressive, leading everyone to act rather rashly. If you don't want to suffer the consequences, you will have to agree to make certain changes.

Opposition (2004 2017)
When Jupiter enters into opposition with Uranus, the climate in general alternates between compassion and a self-centered quest for comfort. Action will be taken, and decisions made, but prematurely, obstinately, in haste, and with a certain lack of proper judgment. All of us will be tempted to change what no longer works, but unrealistic idealism will still predominate, and speculations will be rather risky. This unstable climate will bring about dissatisfaction, conflict, and risk-taking. If you don't want to incur the costs of such an atmosphere, it would be good to give up any individualism, but to take pragmatic action.

Jupiter Neptune (growth/spirituality)

These aspects unite every 13 years.
Note: On the positive side, Neptune will favor spirituality, nourish our collective mind, and take care of matters dealing with humanity. On the negative side, it will also cloud matters, transform spirituality into mysticism or radical religiosity. Under the wrong aspect, Neptune can even cause flooding and epidemics.

Conjunction (1996, 2010, 2024...)
When Jupiter, the planet of growth, enters into conjunction with Neptune, planet of spirituality, expect charismatic personalities to emerge, NGOs to develop, mysticism to spread, and creativity to spike. This is an aspect that is favorable for developping your humanistic qualities, showing your altruistic side, treating the people around us with magnanimity, and standing strong with our fellow man. This transit, too, is highly favorable for developing our artistic potential, accomplishing great feats, putting forth our singular ideas, and starting up group projects.

Jupiter entering into a sextile with Neptune will bring loads of creativity and offer better conditions for our own personal development in general. This conjunction induces the desire to get involved in society, our spiritual lives, or art in any form. Noble causes will be defended, the destitute will receive the precious help they need, and a general spirit of empathy and humanity will reign. Action will be taken, and decisions made, wisely and with insight. With this transit, it will be even easier to get lives in order and in line with our true desires and needs.

With this trigon between Jupiter and Neptune, generosity and compassion will be favored. The mood will calm down, and we will all reach out more to others and want to build a new, better World. This aspects invites us to stand up more for, and with, each other, to remember our humane values and to keep fighting for social justice. Decisions made in favor of charitable works will find support and greatly expand. Action will be taken wisely, with conviction, and creativity and spirituality will not be left by the wayside. Quite the contrary: anything having to do with developing one's mind will be strengthened. This is a period for maturing and improving, for positive changes and personal enrichment.

With the square between Jupiter and Neptune, expect public health concerns, religious radicalization, discord, and a plunge into delusion. Our ideas will be whimsical, fantastical, lacking any and all reasonability, and can lead to dangerous action. Though they may have a generous outlook when it comes to the common good, higher-ups could, however, end up putting into place reforms that are simply a pipe dream. During this destabilizing period, you will need to be careful to stay realistic and not make a mistake based on unsound judgment.

When Jupiter enters into opposition with Neptune, the general mood will lack any and all clarity. Globally speaking, this will bring about religious conflict, an atmosphere of confusion and misdirection, general disorder, ill-adapted decisions, and a sense of insecurity. Under this aspect, many of us could feel this influence and rally around unrealistic goals or plans, take drastic action, or head down the wrong path. During this nebulous period, it is strongly recommended so that you don't wind up at a dead end.

Jupiter Pluto (growth/recklessness)

These aspects unite every 12-13 years
Note: Under the right aspect, Pluto can deepen knowledge, bring about the change one needs, or even help you give up things that are holding you back. Under a negative aspect, Pluto is the destroyer, brutal and radical, of anything that has become useless or obsolete. Under really bad aspect, this planet can even cause war.

Conjunction (2007, 2020)
When Jupiter, the planet of growth, enters into conjunction with Pluto, planet of recklessness, expect profound transformations, societal upheaval, and important metamorphoses, especially in the global economy. With this transit, the climate can be stressful or destabilizing, but this is still a positive aspect as it lays the emphasis on destroying what needs to be destroyed in order to build it back up again. This is a good time to be open-minded, have common sense, and make beneficial decisions that will move things forward.

The sextile between Jupiter and Pluto will bring us much-needed awareness, a better understanding of our own thoughtlessness and of the world around us. This aspect leaves the field open for brand new experiences and allows us to make the changes we need to in order to make necessary, but positive, changes in our personal lives and as a whole. For these transformations and changes to take place, we will have to set things right, accept that is obsolete must disappear, find our balance, and remain flexible and open-minded.

With this trigon between Jupiter and Pluto, events will take a new turn, our values will be readjusted, and we will begin to progress in the right direction, towards our own evolution, abandoning our past ways of thinking. This transit welcomes us to regain our common sense, make the right decisions, push forward, improve ourselves, and take action in the interest of others' well-being, to build a better future. This is a time of mutation, transformation, for becoming more aware and changing and renewing our personalities.

With the square between Jupiter and Pluto, expect overzealous action, fanatical opinions, and domination. This transit will bring about a nerve-racking, tense climate, worsen mental conditions, and lead to contradiction and rebellion. Under this aspect, many of us will lack perspective and put ourselves at risk by rallying around questionable projects, getting ourselves into delicate situations or going down the totally wrong path. During this destabilizing period, you will have to learn to get over your worry or doubt and remain vigilant.

When Jupiter enters into opposition with Neptune, the general mood will lack any and all common sense or tranquility. On a global scale, this can mean violent conflict, the rise of despots, a resurgence in fanaticism, and completely inappropriate decisions. This transit is like a tsunami, destroying anything that has become obsolete. This uncomfortable phase will create great anxiety, making it hard for each us to really assert ourselves. Throughout this troubled period, prudence is strongly recommended so that you are not negatively affected by this influence and so that you don't find yourself in a perilous situation.


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