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Know when to say stop!

Written by Olivia

Things aren't working out anymore! For many, many reasons, your relationship has lost all of its vigor and your feelings have faded. You're not on the same wavelength anymore and feel like you no longer have anything in common. Your life together is turning sour, and you're ready to get off this ride. It's looking like it's time to break up and you're wondering how to go about it. Breaking up is never easy. Are you looking for advice to take this step gently without hurting anyone too much? Sign by sign, we're going to try to give you the tips you need to confront this delicate situation while keeping in mind what your partner's personality is like.


Aries doesn't appreciate compromise or ambiguous situations. So, like they do, don't do things in half-measures, be direct. But still, the fact that you are just out of his grasp will motivate them to run after you even more. If this is the case, you will have to be shrewd and clever put plan B into action: switch from action to complete and total monotony. Become boring, distant, and completely disinterested in them. This will have the effect of upsetting and hurting them, but once their anger has passed, they'll easily let you out the door, never to return.


With a Taurus, breaking up is far from easy. Indeed, since they hate everything that disrupts their habits and are convinced that you belong to them, Taurus will have trouble admitting that your romance is ending and they will do everything to stay together. Because of this, you will have to be diplomatic and psychological, while staying firm and determined. Instead of launching into a harsh discussion, be self-confident, while staying friendly and avoid heaping blame on them.


Leaving a partner is never a pleasurable experience, but Gemini won't have much trouble resigning themselves to the idea of a break-up. In fact, naturally unstable, Gemini rarely ever knows themselves whether they ought to stay or go. And so, there's no point in dilly-dallying or launching into complex explanations. Be honest and express yourself clearly. Once you've shared your decision with them, they won't try to change your mind. Fear of getting bogged down in routine will quickly make them forget and move on. Still, they will most likely suggest remaining good friends.


Breaking up with a Cancer is no easy feat. Hypersensitive and convinced that a relations means forever, it is extremely difficult for a Cancer to imagine, let alone go through, a break-up. To avoid catastrophe and to spare them the worst, you will have to double down on patience and tact. Avoid criticizing or blaming them, and don't launch into an endless discussion. Comfort them, be understanding, and urge them to look to the future. Still, remember that even if you're kind and understanding, Cancer will find it hard to forgive you.


Breaking up with a Leo is not an easy task. If their ego is bruised, Leo is likely to react strongly and jump up on their high horse. To avoid injuring their ego, leave them their dignity, don't belittle them, and don't blame everything little thing on them. Nevertheless, they will tempted to go to extravagant lengths to cover up their feelings of guilt and to convince you that the relationship wasn't a complete bust. Be firm and don't give in to their attempts at making up. Not one who easily puts up with failure, don't be surprised if they wish to stay friends!


Anxious by nature, and very attached to security, splitting up for this sign can be seen as real betrayal. Virgo, when hurt, tends to hide their emotions and can even come across as cold. Despite this, be rational, frank, and direct, while knowing that you will have to explain the why and how in great detail. Be patient and don't waste your time putting it off. Try not to humiliate them, and if you have to bring up the financial side, expect them to carefully comb through every account so that goods are equally shared. After digesting the situation, you can still always count on them and stay friends.


Don't bring up the topic suddenly. Don't make waves - on the contrary, go about it kindly and without upsetting them. Libra holds grudges and there's a good chance they'll ask "How can you treat me like this after all I've done for you?". This aside, this sign does hate conflict, which will spare you the trouble of having to go on and on for hours. Indecisive by nature, Libra often hesitates between leaving and staying, so making the choice for them won't really bother them all that much, as long as everything stays friendly and respectful.


Very emotive and possessive, Scorpio has a lot of trouble handling break-ups. Scorpio hates to admit that they could ever do wrong and are particularly good at holding grudges. If they feel betrayed, their thirst for vengeance could make things that much more complicated and explosive. They can be particularly aggressive and scary, so, to avoid power struggles and confrontation, you will have to be diplomatic. Don't disrespect or blame them, but do stay firm so you don't end up being manipulated. Don't play their game and cut things short as soon as they have you on the ropes.


There's no point beating around the bush when explaining your decision: be frank and direct. So that Sagittarius can regain their freedom as quick as possible, the break-up must be done immediately. No point in dilly-dallying. Get down to brass tacks, while avoiding blame and staying kind. They'll appreciate your honesty and will feel better by telling themselves that at least they won't get stuck in routine. With Sagittarius, there won't be any fighting - the separation will happen gently, for the most part, and they will want to stay on good terms.


Breaking up often comes across as abandonment to a Capricorn. You'll have a tough road ahead of you making them understand that you want to move on. Emotive and resentful, Capricorn won't do anything to make it any easier and can even be a bit aggressive. Uncompromising, not open to dialog, and very attached to their security, this sign is likely to retreat into silence and feel totally betrayed and depressed. So, it would be wiser to be flexible and loyal. Take it easy on them, don't provoke them, and don't blame them for anything.


Even if they are by nature very independent, once they get into a long-term relationship, the thought of breaking up is very unpleasant. They tend not to express their feelings, and, faced with a break-up, are likely to get angry easily, to be biting, or even totally go off on you. Despite all this, don't waste your time hesitating - be straightforward and direct. If they totally lose it, try slipping in some humor to cut the tension. If Aquarius still isn't getting it, become annoying and a real pain in the neck, and they'll be the one who'll end up walking out.


Emotive and vulnerable, Pisces feels the deep need to be one with their partner. Pisces dreams of a relationship lasting forever, which means that, for them, a break-up is felt to be complete abandonment. They will often refuse to face up to and deal with a situation. To avoid the possibility of knocking them off balance, you will have to double down on patience and tact. Don't try to hurt by heaping blame on them. On the contrary, comfort them and call upon their friends to help them get through this difficult period so they don't sink into a deep depression.


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