Saturn Transits

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Saturne takes thirty years to pass through the zodiac and so will stay for roughly two and a half years in each sign, which explains why people of the same age both often have Saturn in the same sign. It is the 2nd planet, after Jupiter, of a generational character. Under the right aspect, Saturn gives structure to the energy shared among us and give us control, discipline, and sturdiness in our plans. Under the wrong aspect, it leads to setbacks, frustration, constraints. The negative sides of Saturn often cause rebellion, even revolution...

Saturn Jupiter (expansion/control)

These aspects are reformed every 20 years

Conjunction (1981, 2000, 2020...)
When these planets are close to each other, expansion mingles with restriction. This combination can induce tension and contradictions but still represents a positive influence. The action of Jupiter allows thinking big, and that of Saturn will enable us to anticipate obstacles and maintain a certain realism.

Sextile (1997, 2017)
When these two planets are in sextile, the atmosphere is favorable for ambitious projects. Will and rigor make it possible to have bright ideas. Objectives are achieved with enthusiasm. The concept of justice is at the center of concerns, and this aspect can bring a lot of positive developments in different structures of society, such as justice or administration.

Trigone (1993, 2013, 2033)
There are positive things to take away from the trine formed by these two planets. Jupiter, which brings enthusiasm, ideals, and optimism, goes very well with Saturn, who brings out the ambitions with a rigorous and determined side. It's particularly useful to keep our objectives in sight. Some improvements could be made within the administration.

Square (1995, 2015)
The square between Jupiter and Saturn induces difficulties and frustrations. Big ambitions are strong, but they do not correspond to the current way of organizing. There is a disagreement between the use of great means to achieve the objectives and restrictive management. This configuration is tiring but allows you to surpass yourself.

Opposition (1991, 2011, 2031)
When there is an opposition between Jupiter and Saturn, disagreements arise between the need for expansion and the restrictions necessary to manage the situation properly. This aspect brings as many positive as negative events. But it is still a source of learning for those who need to learn to cope better afterwards.

Saturn Uranus (growth/change)

These aspects unite every 45 years.

Note: Uranus in the right aspect means open-mindedness, brotherhood, and ambitious goals. Under a difficult apsect, Uranus brings disagreements, fanatic individualism, excess, and, often times, violence, too.

Conjunction (1942, 1988, 2032)
When Saturn, the planet of restriction, enters into conjunction with Uranus, the planet of change, expect inevitable, and generally troublesome, transformation. Since the last time this conjunction formed, in 1988, unemployment has risen, companies have gone off-shore, and the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. This aspect brings about strictness, austerity, slowness, economic and political crisis, decline, and frustration. Still, Uranus influence is a positive one that allows, over time, opinions, concepts, and original ideas to form, which, once expressed, will lead to wonderfully beneficial metamorphosis.

The sextile between Saturn and Uranus unlocks a certain energy and puts in place new things. With this transit, the climate is not as austere. With a little more simplicity and patience, each of us will feel more optimistic and more willing to engage in long-term plans with the goal of building a better future. New ideas in science and in communications will lead to greater innovation. Open-mindedness will be favored. Ideas and concepts will be in harmony with the feeling of the age, allowing us to break with the past.

When a trigon forms between Saturn and Uranus, ideas, decisions, and goals will become more serious. This transit causes long-lasting changes and more realistic restructuring. Generally speaking, all of us will be more determined, more careful, better organized, and have more common sense. Leaders will be more reasonable and less arbitrary in the solutions they offer. Over time, they will have a better chance of creating change that will benefit generations to come. This period could see new leaders emerge, ones ready to take on the new and original challenges before them.

With the square between Saturn and Uranus, expect intergenerational conflict, economic crises, tension, and authoritarianism to occur. This aspect makes for a stressful, pessimistic, uncertain, or even explosive climate. This transit usually brings frustration and violence. The youth will feel a great need to express themselves freely and to break with the established order. As such, they will be led to rebel, to stand against the system imposed on them, and against the ideologies of the past. This will be a torturous time of revolution, whether collectively or within, during which we recommend keeping your impulsiveness at bay.

When Saturn enters into opposition with Uranus, the general climate will be punctuated with numerous contradictions. From a general standing, the past no longer works and a new future must be created. Political and monetary systems no longer hold any sway, and reforms must rapidly be put in place in order to avoid conflict and rebellion. A general mood of pessimism, as well as numerous setbacks, will prevent any new solutions from quickly emerging. New ideas and concepts are already there, we just have to be patient before they can be revealed and bring the desired change.

Saturn Neptune (control/spirituality)

These aspects unite every 36 years.
Note: This is the planet of the masses, of the collective, and also of religion and great philosophical movements.

Conjunction (1989, 2025)
In 1989, during the last transit of this conjunction, the world bore witness to the fall of the "Eastern Bloc" and the dissolution of the USSR. When Saturn, the planet of restriction, enters into conjunction with Neptune, the planet of spirituality, expect ideologies to be reorganized and necessary reforms to be adopted for the future of us all and the survival of our planet. Inspiration and ideals will be raised even higher. This influence is beneficial and energizing for anything scientific and creative. This is a favorable period for acting concretely and positively on the course of events.

The sextile between Saturn and Neptune allows new ideals to form and more realistic projects to be put in place. In fact, Saturn helps curb Neptune's utopian thinking, making it more pragmatic. Generally speaking, this transit pushes us to be more compassionate, to help out the underprivileged in real, tangible ways, to take part in a humanitarian cause, to develop our collective consciousness, and to open ourselves up to a world bigger than us. This wonderful influence opens up our consciousness and brings about positive and concrete solutions in the business, the environment, and in politics.

When a trigon forms between Saturn and Neptune, our awareness is heightened, and our ideas become more suitable for, and fitted to, the real ways of making them a reality. This transit allows us to learn from our past experiences and to come up with new ideas for the future. Under this aspect, each of us will be kinder, warmer, and more devoted towards others. This is a time of consciousness-raising that will increase the well-being of others and of the Planet. Each one of us will regain our common sense, our desire to move forward, to build a better future.

When a square forms between Saturn and Neptune, an idealistic and confused climate will set in. Indeed: this transit causes trouble and brings with it an inability to take action, a sense of insecurity, reckless and fantastical ideas, and a certain disappointment in our ideals. Generally speaking, many of us will feel frustrated and will lack any and all perspective for understanding what is holding us back. This uncomfortable period will create a lot of nervousness. All of us will have trouble asserting ourselves and figuring out which direction we should take our lives in. Control your emotions, be careful, and use your insight during this difficult phase.

When Saturn enters into opposition with Neptune, the general mood will shift between reason and intuition. This period creates a nebulous and uncertain period during which religious and ideological radicalization will tend to merge. Blind and irrational trust in the values of certain doctrines may be unwise and careless. This period will sow confusion and trouble in many minds. Many of our thoughts and ideas will be illusory and lack any and all common sense. The greatest care will thus be necessary to avoid falling under this influence and winding up in a perilous situation.

Saturn Pluto (control/metamorphosis)

These aspects unite every 33 years.
Note: Pluto influences destruction in preparation for renewal; death which brings rebirth. Pluto rules over Scorpio.

Conjunction (1946, 1981, 2019)
When Saturn, the planet of restriction, enters into conjunction with Pluto, the planet of spirituality, expect to go through a complex period punctuated by religious conflict, chaotic events, and profound transformation. This transit instills a rather severe atmosphere, but also encourages our collective consciousness to positively change the present. This period will challenge the system, as well as philosophical and religious ideas, for the sake of our greater evolution. With this aspect, each one of us will be individually forced to gain more perspective and turn within ourselves, to get rid of all that is not absolutely essential.

On the whole, then, the sextile between Saturn and Pluto represents challenging and questioning our systems of thought, our ways of living; raising our awareness and evolving in profound ways. This aspect brings about a somewhat frightening climate. Each of us will be led to change, to mature, and to start over anew. Old ways of thinking and bad habits will have no place here. Renewal is the order of the day and can, at first, totally throw us off balance. But, in the end, this period will afford us a new start and the chance to build a better life.

When Saturn enters into a trigon with Pluto, ideals will be brought into question, events will take a new turn, and our field of thought will expand. Generally speaking, all of us will be more capable of questioning ourselves and of starting the changes we need to build a better future. What is essential takes precedence over the superfluous. This aspect will have a regenerative effect on the world as a whole. Ideologies that are no longer relevant will be positively transformed. More rational decisions will be made, and research will be focused on what is absolutely essential for improving our well-being and bringing renewal.

When a square forms between Saturn and Pluto, the general mood is one of pessimism, anxiety, and gloom. With this aspect, events, situations, and hardship will be hard to handle. Goals will have trouble reaching completion, limits will be imposed, constraints will multiply, and difficulties will seem insurmountable. This rather demoralizing climate tends to lead to withdrawal, regression, and frustration. This period will sow worry and trouble in many minds. Under this aspect, many people will lose their bearings and become frightened.

When Saturn enters into opposition with Pluto, the general mood will be marked by darkness, psychological shutdown, setbacks, inhibitions, difficult times, and aggressive reactions. Autonomy will not be encouraged, and a lack of flexibility and communication problems will arise. This transit will deprive many of us of our open-mindedness and create a general feeling of fear. This will be a torturous time of turning inward, whether collectively or individually, during which we recommend keeping your keeping your emotions under control to avoid going to extremes.


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