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5 sentences not to say to signs

Written by Mary

The words sound different depending on whether we are Aries, Libra or Pisces. We must take care what we tell our neighbor at the risk of irritating or even angry! We propose five sentences not to say to each astrological sign. This will avoid many inconveniences and facilitate a better astral and human understanding. Let's review each zodiac sign!


- You will not succeed because you are not up to it.
- Let's go back to the same vacation next year and other years.
- Can you delegate me your leadership to give you a break? You need it.
- You should be patient for an indefinite moment.
- It's me who orders!


- You better not invest your money and spend it without counting.
- Forget a fixed and stable job and be content with a fixed-term contract.
- Act immediately, improvise!
- Have you thought of making a soy-based diet?
- Wake up, you have to face this unforeseen circumstance!


- I do not want to move this weekend. Let's stay at home.
- I have a long and tedious job to entrust to you, can you handle it?
- Could you stop moving all the time?
- I would like you to be on time for our appointments.
- I do not understand why you change your opinion so often.


- Could you get out of your world and connect with others?
- Get ready, your friends want to see you.
- Your children will not be able to see you this weekend.
- You should replace your bed cover with a more elegant drape.
- Did you still comate in front of the TV for how long?


- Your creativity is poor, repeat everything from the beginning.
- I forgot the date of your birthday because of an imponderable.
- I think this person puts you in the shade.
- Could you improve your way of working?
- Stop acting as the leader, there are also others!


- How'd you like to spend a holiday in Ushuaia style during 1 month?
- Your work really lacks precision.
- This house does not live; everything is too tidy in its place.
- You do not need to eat organic to feel good.
- You block too much on the hygiene conditions; could you support life as it comes?


- Have you ever thought of living alone?
- It is useless to have ethics in our society.
- Ugliness is superior to beauty, but yes, it lasts longer.
- I like to complain, it says who I am; not you?
- If happiness existed, we would know.


- Life is assuredly a long calm river.
- What's the use of fighting, existence is made to breathe a "peace and love" atmosphere.
- Conspiracies are only fiction in movies or in books.
- Could you open up more to show who you really are?
- You do not look good ... Are you worried?


- The holidays only exist for superficial people.
- To aim for an ideal, to learn philosophy, that isn't really going anywhere!
- Could you mind your own business, respect my privacy?
- We must be wary of really happy people, it hides something.
- Your flight is canceled.


- I will explain to you how to do it and you will only have to follow my principles.
- And if we went back home to find this damn thing?
- You are simply asked to work with this person for some time, even if they are incompetent.
- The leader wants to tag you to observe your way of proceeding.
- Taxes will increase significantly for you.


- You should be less rough in your way of expressing yourself.
- Politics does not strictly do anything, forget it, it makes your life easier.
- Your independence is selfishness, neither more nor less.
- Stop playing the tyrant, everyone has the right not to agree with you.
- You should do like everyone else!


- Could you be a little clearer and be a little more responsible?
- Why do you need to feel guilty for the fate of all the unfortunate?
- In life, every man for himself!
- You need to set up a career plan for the next five years.
- You are a little too sentimental and hypersensitive; you should work on it otherwise it will lose you.

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