Understand the Pandemic with Astrology

Written by Alison

Could Astrology Predict a Pandemic? It is essential to remember beforehand that the astrologer does not make "predictions" but forecasts. Predictions assume almost magical knowledge, as if astrologers have a crystal ball. The astrologer observes planetary transits and draws on experience (their own and that of their predecessors) and symbolism. This is how they forecast (and not predict) climates, atmospheres, and contexts where each human being retains their free will and freedom of conscience and action.

That said, it is true that the sky of 2020 is particularly tormented by powerful, negative, rare, and long transits.Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are conjoined at the end of Capricorn.
Conjunction Jupiter - Saturn : Jupiter is the symbol of expansion and Saturn, of restriction. These two powerful and contradictory influences induce tensions and a climate of rebellion. The need for expansion comes up against structures, limits, constraints, and dissatisfaction explodes. This aspect considerably reinforces all ambitions but also combines them with realism and common sense.

Conjunction Jupiter - Pluto : Jupiter and Pluto are conjoined, which means the expansion of the unconscious. This transit implies profound changes, society is shaken, structures are falling apart, the world is changing, and the global economic landscape is completely destabilized. Violent crises are likely because entrenched habits must be abolished, and those who refuse to adapt will, in one way or another, be sidelined. Sacrifices must be made, renunciations are essential. Destruction must be accepted, and then we must rebuild based on healthy long-term decisions.

Conjunction Saturn - Pluto : Saturn is in conjunction with Pluto. This is a difficult period, punctuated by philosophical, environmental, spiritual, and religious conflicts. Opinions are confronted in long and exhausting polemics and chaotic events. Profound and unexpected changes occur. This transit calls on the collective consciousness to manifest itself and to act to transform the future. We have to question the system and philosophical trends. Everyone has to take a step back and draw a line on what is not essential.

The combined action of these three conjunctions implies a radical and painful destruction of our structures, to make room for a new paradigm: another conception of the world in which we live.

These three slow planets are about to go into retrograde: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. They will soon retrograde a few degrees from each other at the end of the sign of Capricorn. In astrology, it is said that a planet is in retrograde when it changes the direction of its trajectory and moves back. Moving backwards is an optical illusion (due to the difference between the speed of movement of a planet and that of the Earth). But the result, even subjective, is that this planet is visible much longer in the same place and, symbolically, this phenomenon is meaningful.

All planets go into retrograde at certain times, except the Sun and the Moon, which are called luminaries. During a retrograde, the functions of the planet concerned are slowed down, blocked, or reversed.

Jupiter in Retrograde : From next May, Jupiter is in retrograde in Capricorn. It visibly slows down fulfillment and progress. Ideals are stuck waiting for a review and a readjustment of morals, laws, and rules. It is time for everyone to give up what is toxic and turn to what is beneficial. Jupiter in retrograde is more spiritual than material. Under this influence, it is necessary to launch humanistic projects rather than material ones.

Jupiter stops his retrograde on September 15th, and gravity dissipates. A new balance is established between wisdom and pleasure in a constructive spirit.

Saturn in Retrograde: Saturn is in retrograde from May in its home of Capricorn and forces to review the structures. This "freeze-frame" induces delays, obstacles, the problems encountered are due to past negligence which must be dealt with now. The results will not be instantaneous: everything is idling, but this effort is essential and, in any case, imposed. Saturn in retrograde questions the merits and effectiveness of the structures that we live and the implication of each person in society. It is a favorable transit to make an inventory, in order to build healthier and more solid societal bases.

Saturn stops downshifting on September 30, anxieties subside, optimism is reborn and we can begin to draw conclusions.

Pluto in Retrograde: At the end of April, Pluto goes into retrograde in Capricorn. He causes a retreat and encourages you to seek hidden and buried energies so you can resume optimal development. The discomfort and anxiety felt are linked to the emergence of previously unknown elements that must be integrated. Transformation goes through disintegration. This transit filters meetings, unions, and relationships. They all need to be purified.

Pluto stops his retrograde in early October. Naturalness, resilience, and the ability to adapt to stressful situations will be reborn and support all the right initiatives.

It is, therefore, a crucial moment in the history of the Earth and of humanity. Everyone must find their place in a changing world. It is a painful, uncomfortable, scary, and demanding period. But we have no choice, and we must individually take stock and impose on ourselves an examination of conscience. We must rediscover a collective spirit intimately linked to our human nature in the hope of finally moving towards a more open and fulfilling world.

Stay at home; take care of yourself and your family. Good luck to all!


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