Pluto Transits

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Pluto completes its revolution in 248 years, and so stays for around 20 years in each sign sector, effecting an entire era and generation. It symbolizes all that is hidden, buried, or instinctual. Discover all the links for finding out all about the transits of Pluto:

Pluto Jupiter (expansion/spirituality)

These aspects are reformed every 12-13 years

Conjunction (2007, 2020)
The conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto brings a momentum of determination to change what does not work in the economic and political fields. Despite the positive consequences of this aspect, complicated and violent passages are to be expected. Very ingrained habits will have to be abolished, and those who refuse to adapt to risk are sidelined.

Remarkable transformations can result from this sextile between Jupiter and Pluto. The collective unconscious is turned towards necessary improvements. It is an excellent thing, even if some passages can be brutal. Great reflections and good intuitions lead to successful and sensible conclusions. This is an excellent time to make critical decisions.

In this aspect, many things are questioned, what does not work must be changed, even if it involves going through the destruction of specific structures. We tend to reflect. It is an excellent opportunity to make choices with clarity and determination, then move towards more serenity.

This aspect risks creating significant blockages in everyone's subconscious. Important decisions should be avoided as much as possible during this period. Opinions lack common sense, and the atmosphere is full of anxiety. It is better to take a step back and not be led by instinct right now.

This opposition could cause incomprehensible and violent conflicts from a global point of view. Communication and exchanges go badly. People get heated without reason. Radical decisions are to be feared because they are irrevocable and can lead to the destruction of useful structures that have not been easy to create.

Pluto Saturn (control/spirituality)

These aspects are reformed every 33 years

Conjunction (1946, 1981, 2019)
This aspect induces modest but important changes in society. People need to create a new economic, philosophical, and environmental climate. Each action is carried out with rigor and without compromise. Certain conflicts are created between the social classes. Each person's convictions are confronted in debates, which take time.

This sextile between Saturn and Pluto induces questioning on many behaviors. People tend towards more self-discipline; they want to make concessions so that the day to day goes smoother. Efforts are numerous and challenging, but they allow you to gain confidence and bring real satisfaction.

Thanks to this aspect, everyone is ready to make efforts so that society evolves towards a way of life that better matches the resources available. The atmosphere is in question, and some transformations are likely to be a little painful to live. However, the population realizes that these changes are necessary.

A burdensome climate occurs during a square between Saturn and Pluto. No one can really see things in a positive light. Minds are locked into ways of thinking that make all efforts more painful and results less satisfactory. General anxiety induces petty behavior, intolerance, and a lack of communication.

In this aspect, there is no point in hoping to see positive changes in society. We tend to worry and become dependent. Minds are locked in dark ideas. Radical decisions are to be avoided. Pessimism is mixed with frustration, and specific behaviors can be petty and destructive.

Pluto Uranus (change/spirituality)

These aspects are reformed every 110-140 years

Conjunction (1848, 1965, 2100)
This aspect induces significant transformations. The future is envisaged with a real desire to make the situation more livable for all. Values are radically changing, and the means to act is innovative. All this allows society to evolve in a new direction, and this situation can be as stimulating as it is frightening for those who live it.

This aspect pushes consciences to rebel: what is not appropriate must be destroyed to make room for more humanism and common sense. Everyone is ready to step back to face their own shortcomings, and the decisions that are made are radical. There could also be advances in science.

This trine between Uranus and Pluto brings innovations in the fields of science and politics. Minds are turned towards a future where they hope for better and which could be improved by the development of new technologies or thanks to discoveries. Everything obsolete in society is bound to disappear.

The square formed by these two planets creates significant tensions within society; radical decisions are made in a tense atmosphere. Clans are formed and clash over issues of social status and fundamental freedoms. A large part of the population feels cheated and misunderstood. The need for change is irrepressible.

The last aspect of opposition between Uranus and Pluto took place around 1900 and therefore does not currently concern anyone.

Pluto Neptune (change/spirituality)

These aspects are reformed every 492 years

Conjunction (around 1400, 1900, 2400)
This aspect brings slow but profound changes in the areas of spirituality and psychology. Ideas spread, intuitions are strong, and the atmosphere is tolerable. The creative fields are highlighted. We try to make dreams more realistic, and this can give way to magnificent works of art.

Sextile (around 1940)
The sextile between Neptune and Pluto started in 1942 and will end in 2030. It encourages people to become more tolerant. Solidarity is combined with spirituality. General intuition is exacerbated. This is a positive aspect, but it goes through many misunderstandings to elucidate, it takes time for the ideas to make their way.

The Neptune-Pluto cycle is the most extended interplanetary cycle, nearly 500 years. This aspect does not currently concern anyone.

This aspect does not currently concern anyone. The last square between Neptune and Pluto took place around 1560, and the next will start in 2055.

This aspect does not currently concern anyone. The last opposition between Neptune and Pluto took place around 1637, and the next will start in 2131.

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