Tips for love for the Cancer and Sagittarius couple

Written by Alison

It is not always easy between romantic and anxious Cancer and adventurous Sagittarius, who is a little unruly. The hypersensitive Cancer and the self-willed Sagittarius must make compromises that will bring them closer and enrich them. One opens unsuspected horizons for the other, which takes them to uncharted and sensual affections. These differences are blurred in a trusting and supportive relationship.

Love compatibility between Cancer and Sagittarius

Things will start off with a great friendship. If you can make a few concessions, you can have a beautiful romance: air for one, dreams for the other... Sagittarius is constantly on the move, while Cancer plays the Penelope. But relax Cancer: your centaur will always end up coming home. Cancer needs to understand that their partner acts for everyone's benefit, while aloof Sagittarius will have to comfort their anxious Cancer.

Compatibility between a Cancer woman and a Sagittarius man

These two signs could have a wonderful romance. But, watch out, Sagittarius, for any expectations you might have. If you become too demanding or possessive, you could tire out and vex your Cancer partner. Cancer must respect Sagittarius' need for liberty, who can't stand to be closed in or live in too rigid of a family structure. Lady Cancer, devoted in body and in soul to this couple and her family, won't have to ask as much from her partner - or else she might lose him. He will be an excellent head of the family, as long as he's the one who makes the decisions on certain things.

Compatibility between a Cancer man and a Sagittarius woman

Lady Sagittarius will be the one to give the drive and the zest in this relationship! She will be the one to advance their common life plans with her unwavering dynamism. Cancer, more one to stay in the background, will let himself be guided and, in the end, will be thrilled to receive a push. He will discretely but surely plan ahead for their future. These two will have to learn how to bring their elements together (Water and Fire) to create real harmony and build confidence in their one another. He will be the more financially reasonable one, but she will always want to share this responsibility with him. She will gladly continue to offer up her optimism to help him grow and mature - and to get away from his mother - without getting frustrated.

Compatibility between a Cancer woman and a Sagittarius woman

Dear Sagittarius, pay attention to stay natural, kind, and honest with your crab, who so often escapes into her shell. She can be precious, elegant, and maybe a little too sensitive for you, but can prove to be a great help if you know how to listen to her and tame her. Be ever patient: your partner doesn't move along at the same pace that you do, but she gets to the bottom of things. Let her get organized in her own way in certain areas without butting in. Don't push her into playing sports with you - she'll only pout if you do. His goodness is not a weakness. It will be essential to remember this so that you don't slip into doubt, which could sabotage your relationship.

Compatibility between a Cancer man and a Sagittarius man

Cancer is the anxious romantic, and Sagittarius the detached or aloof adventurer. You are both uncompromising and passionate, but not in the same way. As usual, these differences could very well fade away in a trusting, generous, and tightly bonded relationship - as long as things don't get blown out of proportion: Cancer's moodiness and dramatic flair could wind up annoying Sagittarius, who hates complications and can be a little awkward. For things to work out, Sagittarius will need to have his liberty and Cancer needs to become more autonomous and independent. This is a task for grown-ups...

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