Jupiter in retrograde

Written by Daisy

At times, a planet seen by a terrestrial observer seems to recede. It is an optical illusion, this retrogradation or "backward movement" is a purely terrestrial phenomenon. In view of the Sun, no planet goes against the current of the general movement. The retrograde is due to the position of the earth in the Solar System and the fact that not all planets are rotating at the same speed around the sun. In interpretation, a planet in retrograde is a planet whose energy is not turned towards the outside as it is the case when it is direct. This energy is turned towards oneself, a retrograde planet pushes us to introspection, so as to find the right way to use this energy in our personal life.

Jupiter is in retrograde for about four months, once a year. Jupiter symbolizes our social fulfillment within a framework defined by our culture, our environment, its retrograde would tend to further personalize these concepts. The expansion function related to Jupiter is turned towards oneself and takes its source in the unconscious, Jupiter in retrograde incites more to the inner realization than the external realization.

Throughout this period, we better understand the social values of those around us but we are more detached from the expectations concerning us at the social level, we prefer to be more receptive to our inner voice. During Jupiter in retrograde, social values, beliefs, rules, morals, laws, and ideals are re-evaluated through our individual filter. Thus, we reject what is not in our nature and we assimilate what is good for us.

Jupiter in retrograde allows us to question the meaning of life, our need for fulfillment and the honesty of our motivations. It is a period of inner evolution during which we can deepen our understanding of existence. We can reflect on old ideals and projects, which nourished our enthusiasm or look at our lives in a new light. We can take a lucid look at our projects and see what efforts should be made to achieve them. Jupiter in retrograde is more spiritual than material, it is better to initiate projects related to humanity rather than financial affairs during this period.

Jupiter in retrograde, how does your sign see it?


Independent, enterprising and enthusiastic by nature, Aries will be forced, by the presence of Jupiter, to deepen their projects, to take things in hand in a different way and to redefine their motives in a more temperate way. Their retrograde will also invite them to ask the right questions and see life with more philosophy.


Taurus is little disturbed by Jupiter in retrograde. They themselves have a sound judgment, solid and lucid, about what surrounds them and everything is good for their morale and sharing a good time with those around them. However, with their aspect, they will have to put aside their material ambitions and avoid engaging in transactions.


With Jupiter in retrograde, Gemini will experience an intellectual agitation that will lead them to ask important questions and to undertake changes. Nevertheless, they will be thirsty to discover new horizons and to flourish socially. They will be quite capable of forming friendships away from their usual patterns.


The generosity, kindness and understanding of the human nature of Cancer are in perfect accord with Jupiter's presence. They will easily express their opinions on matters of great importance. However, this retrograde will tend to exacerbate their ego. Thus, it will have many difficulties to support criticisms or contrary opinions.


With Jupiter in retrograde, the Leo will have every chance to see their initiatives crowned with success. In addition, they will do their utmost to stay focused on the essentials needed for this development. They will need to maintain strong and sincere links with their entourage. They will not hesitate to use their talents as a way to share warm moments.


The Virgo is meticulous and has strong ideas. With Jupiter in retrograde, they will be invited to be more open-minded. If they adopt a constructive attitude, they will be able to make the most of their transit. On the other hand, if they camp on their positions, they will have trouble keeping the course.


Libra cultivates benevolence and natural empathy. With this transit, they will blossom fully in their social and familial relationships. They will be ready to remake the world during big discussions. Their retrograde will push their sign to evolve favorably, to go to the end of their initiatives and help it develop a spirit of independence.


With Jupiter in retrograde, Scorpio will deploy all its energy and common sense to evolve and undertake changes favorable to their situation no matter what. They will show a wide breadth of view and depth to achieve their objectives. However, they must be careful to channel their ardor to avoid overwork.


Sagittarius governed by Jupiter will exploit all their assets to look to the future with optimism, be open-minded and have a good dose of enthusiasm. Their intellectual faculties will be greatly developed and they will flourish particularly in philosophical and spiritual exchanges. They will also be very kind and generous to those around them.


Capricorn is reluctant to change and has little ability to question themselves. With Jupiter in retrograde, they will face the challenges with a lot of logic, concentration and practical sense. However, they will be little open to observe their existence from a new angle and will reject all ideas and opinions that do not conform to their own.


With Jupiter in retrograde, Aquarius will feel totally in their element. Humanist, tolerant, generous and devoted, they will give much of themselves to others, without expecting anything in return. With a great openness and a very developed imagination, they will take immense pleasure in sharing their ideas and embarking on noble causes.


With Jupiter in retrogression, Pisces will have no trouble feeling comfortable and expressing their spiritual convictions. They will be thirsty for happiness, simple pleasures and master the art of passing their ideas smoothly and providing valuable advice. Their love for intellectual journeys will inspire them to explore new horizons.

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