Saturn in retrograde

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The retrogradation of Saturn is a kind of inner, psychological movement that gives us the opportunity to change who we are. During a retrograde, we can develop a new way of protecting ourselves from the outside world, delineating our own place in the world. Saturn gives a new way to stand up for our personality and individuality. During the retrograde of Saturn we may want or need to give a new shape to everything that has a defined form. During this retrograde, one wonders about appropriateness, relevance and efficiency of the structures in which we live and work, or those which we built internally and externally. This can therefore directly affect our involvement in society, our social role or our profession.

This is not a good time to make important career changes, especially if it is in a new field. Better to stick to the responsibilities we have, even if they seem to exhaust us. On the positive side, it is a good time to take inventory of oneself and build solid internal bases. If Saturn in retrograde coincides with dissonant aspects, it may bring out some weak elements of our personality that need to be corrected. Saturn in retrograde, how does it affect your sign?


Aries is an impulsive and impatient person who does not appreciate the periods when Saturn is in retrograde because they experience a strong decrease in energy and many dissatisfactions with a lack of results. However, they will have to show great self-control and stay focused, in order to leave this phase a winner.


Taurus is not really destabilized by Saturn in retrograde. Endowed with prudence and patience, they have a habit of taking no risks and waiting for the right moment to make an important decision. The presence of Saturn will slow them down a little bit but they will not lose their calm and will continue at their own pace.


Gemini, ruled by Saturn will be more serious and deep. Their exchanges will be more harmonious and relevant. They will be in full possession of their means to adopt a less superficial behavior and bring a touch of ingenuity in everything they undertake.


With Saturn in retrograde, Cancer, particularly emotional, will struggle to control their sensitivity, melancholy and pessimism. They will tend to be discouraged by the delays and restraints of the moment. The advantage of this retrograde is that it will force them to see things in another way and ask the right questions.


Leo is not really disturbed by Saturn in retrograde. On the contrary, it will provide them with additional assurance and develop their organizational skills. It is with determination that they will get everything they want. However, they will tend to take themselves a little too seriously and have trouble releasing the pressure.


Virgo is relatively well adapted to delays but will tend to look for a fight if commitments are not respected. With Saturn in retrograde, their obsession with detail, their rigidity and their critical sense will be strengthened. If they do not manage to get an overview of what is happening and stand back, they will develop extreme nervousness.


Libra has the power to adapt easily to all situations. Their reasonable and patient attitude accommodates the presence of Saturn. However, if the retrograde of Saturn puts obstacles in their emotional life or disturbs their friendships, their emotional balance may be greatly turned upside down.


Scorpio loathes when nothing happens as they expected. Then, faced with delays and restraints caused by Saturn, they will tend to lack serenity and react impulsively. Nevertheless, if they do not want to take dangerous risks, they will have to demonstrate self-control and know how to deal with the atmosphere of the moment.


It is with a great will and courage that Sagittarius knows how to adapt to all situations. With the retrograde of Saturn, they will take the time to refine each detail of the current tasks and focus on new projects. Their good sense and enthusiasm, will allow them, at the same time, to conclude beautiful business.


Capricorn hates being disturbed in their habits and dislikes change. The retrograde of Saturn is likely to cause change on all fronts and make them lose their calm. Faced with obstacles, some major conflicts are to be feared, the mood will be dark and it will be difficult to question.


Aquarius adapts easily to the presence of Saturn because their acute sense of improvisation allows them to adapt to all situations. Moreover, the effects of this retrograde tend to favor their independence and to put forward their original spirit to find solutions and develop good ideas.


With Saturn in retrograde, Pisces has a hard time accepting anything that disturbs their daily routine. Faced with obstacles and turbulence, they run the risk of lacking courage and plunging into despair. But, if they take the necessary distance, they can evolve, peacefully, at their own pace, and move on the path to success.

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