Pluto in retrograde!

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A planet is in "retrograde" when seen from Earth and it appears as if this planet is moving backwards in the Zodiac. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that there is a difference between the speed of movement of a planet and that of the earth, and the elliptical curve of the planets. These periods of retrograde emphasize the fact that following the House and the Zodiac sign concerned by this retrograde, at the individual level, there will be a need to go back to certain situations from the past and to review the decisions that have been made.

The planetary energies of the planets in retrograde find themselves prevented from expressing themselves freely, often announcing situations that force us to go back, to review certain judgments or ways of thinking. Pluto symbolizes all that is hidden, buried and instinctive. It influences the destruction that prepares for renewals, death and then rebirth. Pluto is the master of Scorpio, a destructive power that frees the personality of all that is no longer needed, at any given moment, on the path toward evolution.

Each year, Pluto is in retrograde for around 230 days when it is in the signs of spring and about 90 days when it is in the signs of autumn. In retrograde, Pluto interrupts the external development of the sector through which it passes. This planet gives us the opportunity to go back and discover hidden energy sources that will help us achieve our goals. But, for the majority of people, the passage of Pluto in retrograde is not even felt.

Pluto in retrograde, however, is an opportunity to understand the psychological causes of our problems and the problems of others with astonishing lucidity and a powerful concentration. It is an invitation to go deep within us to find an unalterable serenity in the face of memories or subconscious images. The discomfort, fear or anxiety sometimes felt is mainly related to the conscious emergence of unknown elements that should be integrated. Pluto in retrograde makes it possible to confront the power of transformation through disintegration. It also allows us to agree with what can not be destroyed. Pluto in retrograde, how does it impact your sign?


With Pluto in retrograde, the fiery temperament of Aries will express itself fully. After making sparks, they will act and react in an extreme way. They will not hesitate to put themselves forward and elbow their way in. This attitude will not be to everyone's liking and will cause some conflicts.


Taurus ruled by Pluto will have energy to spare for overcoming all obstacles, maintaining passionate exchanges and achieving their goals. They will be keen to defend their interests, follow their instincts and impose their great principles. However, in wanting to do too much, they are not immune to making a mistake and developing extreme nervousness.


With Pluto in retrograde, Gemini will live in an extreme way and will be excessively nervous. A multitude of questions, ideas and reflections will jostle their mind. Everything will go too fast. They will lack discipline and by dint of being too dispersed, they will eventually doubt being on the right track.


With the presence of Pluto, Cancer will struggle to keep control of their emotions. Their anxiety and impulsiveness will be exacerbated. They will be ready to explode at the slightest annoyance. However, they will show a tenacious desire to preserve their achievements and will be able to rely on their premonitions.


The Leo ruled by Pluto will be hungry for power. They will be ready for anything to satisfy their thirst for reign. Thus, there will no longer be any boundary between what is allowed and forbidden. Moreover, they will be particularly intolerant towards those who will not think like them. By imposing their will in this way, it is not certain that they will profit advantageously from this period.


The presence of Pluto will sharpen the protesting spirit of the Virgo. It will express itself virulently and develop a certain insensitivity towards others. Anchored in their habits and hermetic to any change, the Virgin will have a hard time controlling what is happening. This will have the gift of annoying them and will give them a good dose of stress.


With the presence of Pluto, the Libra will act as they please, even if they have to commit some excess. They will be demanding vis-à-vis their entourage and uncompromising in front of those who will try to reason with them. They will be tempted to opt for a new lifestyle but will be unable to take the plunge.


With Pluto in retrograde, Scorpio will not be spared taking risks and acting off the beaten track. Their extreme curiosity will make them cross boundaries and adopt unbridled behavior. The daily routine will surely not lack any spice but perilous initiatives are very likely to be scathing on the flip side.


Governed by Pluto, Sagittarius will make the most of the joys that life offers. They will show greater breadth of vision, freedom and determination to meet all challenges. They will spare no effort to venture on new grounds. However, behind this enthusiastic attitude, they will tend to ask too much and worry.


The presence of Pluto will tickle the fastidious and hermetic spirit of Capricorn. This will cause doubt, worry and a bad mood. In addition, the lack of adaptation will create communication problems, high tensions and divergent points of view. It will also be expected that Capricorn plunges into a certain melancholy.


Pluto in retrograde will awaken the conquering nature of Aquarius and give them a good dose of audacity to broaden their intellectual and social horizons. Very attentive to others and to what is happening around them, they will feel obliged to act. Therefore, they do not hesitate to claim their anti-conformist ideas in hopes of moving the lines.


With Pluto in retrograde, Pisces will have the sensation of swimming in troubled waters. The climate will not seem reassuring. They will master their emotions with difficulty and will prefer to flee from external influences rather than face them. However, this period will be ideal for expanding and satisfying one's spiritual knowledge.

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