Full moon in Scorpio: emotions!

Written by Susan

The moon in Scorpio pushes us to internalize our powerful emotions. This is a turbulent full moon that will please the more passionate among us, but not so much those who are more sober-minded.
Between power struggles, greed, investments, and emotional expense, this climate is subtly charged for many of us with this moon in Scorpio.


Under this full moon, you will need to feel everything more intensely. Your emotions are strong, you're working doggedly, and can be a bit obstinate. Needless to say, the day is not going to be restful at all due to your tendency to play it solo and break the rules, and you might wind up making a few mistakes.


This atmosphere will be a stormy one that will make you particularly sensitive and put you in a bad mood. Your extreme nervousness can make you act in a manner that will seem as unexplainable as it is unexpected to those around you. Your outbursts could be quite devastating. So, today is not a good day to start up any discussions or negotiations, as there remains a strong possibility that they could be shot down.


You'll start this day off in high gear before panicking and trying to retrace your step, though without knowing exactly why. You are under pressure, your nerves are on edge, and you could end up slamming the door shut if you don't get favorable responses to your requests. Exchanges with others will be intense and hardly harmonious, but don't worry - it won't last!


This full moon will give you the urge to move ahead, but to back down a little, too, and come out of your shell. Today, you won't need any coaxing to increase your ability to take action. Good news: you can rely on your intuition, your business savvy, and your skill to play your cards right. You will reach your goals if you are determined and focused.


This electrifying ambiance will make you particularly irritable. You feel like there's a weight on your shoulders, like nothing's going as you want it to, and that the only solution might be to just blow up! Needless to say, interaction with others will be tense, and, as for you, you will be unbearable.


You will be able to take action, to express yourself within an extremely joyful ambiance. This is a particularly positive day for exchanging with others in every way, to take initiative and share your goals. If your career brings you into contact with the public, your speaking skills will come in handy and bring you great satisfaction. This is as well a great day for planning a passionate night with your lover.


This full moon could turn your emotional life upside down. Emotionally, you are prone to worry, to be impulsive, and have deep, existential doubts. But, you do have a keen business sense and can count on your intuition and instinct when it comes time to start up negotiations. So, leave behind your negativity and focus on the positive side of life!


Under this full moon, your sex appeal will be at its height and you won't hesitate a second to charm, to express you desires. Emotionally, today looks to be rich and full of passionate exchanges. At work, your wonderful energy and self-confidence won't fail to impress. No matter what area of life, you won't go unnoticed!


This full moon will boost your charisma and earn you everyone's attention. But, if you don't want to cause a stir, be careful to nuance what you say and adapt yourself to who's around you while keeping their opinions in mind. If you can act in moderation, today will be a good day for negotiations or signing a new contract.


This full moon will bring you out of your shell, awaken your sensitivity, your originality, and make you very popular. At work, you will provide yourself with every means for standing out from the crowd, and you will succeed! Your powers of persuasion will have their desired effect, paving you a way for taking action. When it comes to matters of the heart, you will slip a little fantasy into your relationship and are sure to stun your partner.


Under this full moon, you will be particularly demanding and start acting like you run the place. You won't be in the mood to let yourself get walked all over or to let go. In love, things will be a little more complicated, what with you trying to gain a little more control over your partner. No matter where, everyone will have to kneel to your orders.


Thanks to this thrilling atmosphere, you will be able to enjoy everything that you do. At work, you can trust your intuition when it comes to making the right decisions, finding the right people or sealing new deals. Anything that has to do with relationships and creativity will be favored. In love, your heart will race, your interactions will be passionate.

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