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Daisy | 14/09/2020 - Last modified: 20/01/2021

Astro Flash for the month of February 2021

Monday February 1
Venus in Aquarius : Love takes height with Venus in Aquarius and life is easier. With Jupiter on the area, Venus moves the lines. It makes us move forward and take decision. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and you beleive something good can finally happen. Yes, but! Dissonances that emanate from Mars in Taurus raise doubts and fears that you must absolutely overcome!

With Venus in Aquarius, it is the moment to surpass oneself! The blessed time of meetings within the circle of friends is over. It is time to move on and be in the loop! How do you do that? By daring to download a dating app, go for it without asking yourself any questions. If you are in a relationship, break up the routine and inject a big breath of fresh air in your daily life.

Sunday February 7
Venus rounds off the angles and softens the rather tense communication, it calms a crisis situation which does not favor consensual exchanges, but Uranus electrifies the debates and shakes up preconceived ideas, it is necessary to awaken consciousness, even if it means raising barricades.

Monday February 8
The sun makes it difficult to bear the "doublespeak", we must open and maintain the debates. Mercury gives us the opportunity to say what we think.

Wednesday February 10
Mercury creates polemics and encourages to express its exasperation, supported by Mars which revives the polemical energy.

Thursday February 11
The new moon in Aquarius : It's time to erase the contradictions caused by the previous full moon and take inspiration from Aquarius to make things happen. How can we do this? By being open-minded and definitively letting go away outdated concepts and habits. It's time to make room for novelty and change.
So, if last month's full moon put you in trouble, forget it! Listen to your intuition, be the coolest person on earth and take life on the right side. Be spontaneous and dare to do something that breaks your habits. And above all, don't get carried away with opinions that aren't worthwhile.
It's time to
- make new resolutions.
- getting rid of old stuff that has been useless for a long time
- focus on novelty

Saturday February 13
Mercury carries an energy of enthusiasm and novelty. Venus offers the possibility to express emotions in a more harmonious climate. Jupiter induces happy news that lifts the spirits.

Sunday February 14
Mercure offers a more positive approach to situations and helps transform shadows into light, crisis into an opportunity for creative change. Mars gives a beautiful connection with intuition and encourages the realization of an ideal. Jupiter encourages more constructive communication in the sense of openness, novelty, and fulfillment. Neptune allows us to direct our initiatives and use our strength wisely for the benefit of all.

Wednesday February 17
Saturn reminds us of order and to reason, it subjects us to strict rules without us being able to become rebellious but, with Uranus, order could be challenged and authority undermined.

Thursday February 18
With the passage of the Sun in Pisces, Mars in Taurus get softer. Blockages calm down. People who feel comfortable in their comfort zone are more open-minded.
It's time to gather one's positive energies and take one's time to do things. How can you do this? By creating an imaginary bubble around you, so that you are not destabilized by external agitation.
The first concerned are the natives of Pisces, Capricorn, Cancer. Taurus will find a smile again ! Scorpions will be able to breath and give themselves a little break. On the other hand, natives of Virgo will have to qualify their legendary perfectionism. Sagittarius and Gemini will have to keep both feet on the ground. As for the other signs of Air and Fire, some will find it to their advantage and others will remain indifferent...

Friday February 19
Venus operates in an atmosphere of conflict and struggles to contain the anger that rumbles, and, with Mars, good intentions are short-circuited by a tendency to sabotage constructive initiatives.

Sunday February 21
After having caused various and varied blockages, Mercury is back on the move again this Sunday. As a result, what had been on hold for several days or weeks is now settling down! Emails don't end up in spam anymore. Messages finally go through! Everything starts again in the good direction!
You want to enjoy the benefits of Mercury in Aquarius? Do you want things or people to move a little more? Then be open-minded! If you have absolutely great ideas, just say so! Commit yourself to a cause and dare to say what you think. Be cash! Be yourself and too bad, if you talk without a filter. You may upset some people at the time, but you'll be happy with yourself and that's the main thing! And if you get the chance, take it without asking yourself too many questions.

Thursday February 25
This Thursday, Venus joined the Sun which felt a little lonely in Pisces. Relationships find their marks and habits. Feelings calm down and move towards a reassuring and promising future. By settling down in Pisces, Venus will answer the expectations of those who are in search of a loving, soft and reassuring relationship. Feelings are declared and blossom in a happy atmosphere.
Venus in Pisces makes you in love? Go for it! But beware! Don't overdo it! Why not? Because Venus in Pisces is the king of illusion when it comes to love. And then, your little heart will be in pieces. So don't overidealize your alter ego. Make sure you stay lucid. While you're at it, don't sacrifice everything to please your love. Keep what you have because it's precious!

Saturday February 27
The full moon in Virgo : The opposition between the moon in Virgo and the sun in Pisces triggers dissatisfaction, reproaches and unjustified criticisms. But all this is not inevitable and can be avoided. But how ? By listening to the message of this full moon.
If you're in a state of upheaval, it's a sign that you're doing too much for others and that you've forgotten yourself along the way. So it's time for you to start thinking about yourself right now. Decompress and take time for yourself. ..and stop focusing on everything you have to do. Put it off until later. Today, the most important person is you! And while you're at it, take the opportunity to delegate a little more than usual and trust others a little more. Don't worry! Everything is going to be fi

Astro Flash for the month of January 2021

Friday January 1
Mercury uses our intuitive resources and allows us to launch creative debates. Neptune inspires us and invites us to connect with the highest part of our being.

Tuesday January 5
Pluto is a particle activator; it induces indispensable and now inevitable transformations.

Wednesday January 6
Mars enters Taurus and brings determination and the ability to handle huge workloads. Initiatives are constructive, concrete achievements and material goals. On the other hand, the taste for the pleasures of life is intense but beware of being stubborn, jealous, angry, greedy, or unpredictable in spending.

Friday January 8
Mercury in Aquarius sets up an exuberant and communicative atmosphere, it opens up new concepts. It is a good way to progress. The sun sharpens intuitions, it is a perfect moment to carry an ideal or to subtly connect to the world. Venus in Capricorn nuances the emotional exchanges of a certain gravity. Those who do not love each other will say it and those who spun the perfect love will structure their relationship. Neptune illuminates our lantern.

Saturday January 9
Mercury is a source of controversy that is born of a desire to oppose any innovative approach. The battle is played out between Venus, which calms the game and curbs a tendency to raise the tone, and Mars, which ignites debates and feeds polemics. The right balance must be found.

Sunday January 10
Mercury installs blockages in communication (and transportation?). Saturn also slows down the pace and blocks exchanges a bit more.

Monday January 11
Mercury induces a burst of optimism, enthusiastic speeches, vibrant messages. Jupiter nurtures communication and generates brilliant ideas to open up to other political, social, economic, and ideological perspectives.

Tuesday January 12
Mercury multiplies the controversies; the atmosphere becomes electric and the tone could rise. Uranus overturns established codes, habits, societies.

Wednesday January 13
The new moon in Capricorn causes internalized but powerful emotions. It consolidates ambitions or structures. But there is a risk of surrendering to pessimistic moods. We must relativize this moon more socially than emotionally... Mars sharpens an aggressive tendency that can lead to deadlock. Saturn provokes conflicts of interest that do not help anyone's business.

Thursday January 14
The sun precipitates the necessary metamorphosis; Venus rounds off the angles and Pluto underlines the reflections to be carried out on the background.

Sunday January 17
Jupiter collides with Uranus and it is burning the house down; this tandem forces us to review our values and our way of apprehending the world.

Tuesday January 19
The sun enters in Aquarius, it is the beginning of a revival, spring is not far away, and a big cleaning is necessary to approach positively the next weeks.

Wednesday January 20
Mars provokes a stormy sky; Jupiter sows a wind of revolt and Uranus induces disputes. It is necessary to release an accumulated pressure that struggles to find a constructive escape route.

Saturday January 23
Venus, allied to Neptune, helps us to raise the debates. Mars provokes tense debates; the balance of power agitates the day. Neptune is a welcome help to ease the climate of tension that reigns in the minds.

Sunday January 24
The sun gives us the means to overcome certain obstacles, to illuminate what prevents us from progressing. Saturn slows down the pace and allows us to think about the consequences of our decisions.

Tuesday January 26
With the sun, any initiative designed to free us from frustrations must be accompanied by a willingness to stay within our comfort zone. We must manage conflicts between the desire to move forward and the desire to hold on to our positions. Uranus disrupts the energies of Taurus who no longer knows which values to hold on to.

Thursday January 28
The full moon in Leo gives enthusiasm, good intuition, confidence, and creativity. It allows you to surpass yourself and to prove your skills. The atmosphere is dynamic, the relational climate is tinged with generosity, and projects grow in size. Venus channels emotions to put them to good use. Pluto supports this process, which is now unavoidable.

Friday January 29
The sun gives a burst of enthusiasm, an opening that incites one to rejoice. We must transform this surge of fever into a burst of enthusiasm because Jupiter encourages the best and the worst!

Sunday January 31
Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, any discussion or negotiation launched in January will be trampled and will resume more freely from February 21st. This provisional standby can be used to sharpen our strategies and argumentation.

Astro Flash for the month of December 2020

Tuesday 1 december
Mercury enters Sagittarius and emphasizes the joy of life, optimism, and initiative. The thirst to learn manifests itself, grandiose projects develop, and high ideals and intellectual aspirations are born.

Sunday 6 december
Thanks to Venus, a certain lyricism pleads in favor of solidarity, of an ideal that surpasses personal interests, and Neptune invites us to connect with our soul exalted by this situation.

Wednesday 9 december
The sun in square with Neptune is likely to lead to idealistic drifts or utopian humanistic fantasies.

Thursday 10 december
Venus induces an opportunity to transform our societies, our politics, our approach, and Pluto generates an idealistic wave that accelerates the metamorphosis while respecting everyone's integrity.

Friday 11 december
The sun in trigon on Mars invites us to defend our interests and our right to speak out.
Sunday 13 december
Mercury in square with Neptune induces misunderstandings, an approximate, even misleading communication.

Monday 14 december
The new moon in Sagittarius stirs the spirits, it is necessary to discern the true from the false, the light from the darkness. Social questions are back, but Venus allows us to raise the debate in a spirit of sharing and concern for the common good. Jupiter exalts empathy and gives rise to exciting ideas and proposals.

Tuesday 15 december
Venus in Sagittarius creates a climate of openness, interest in philosophy or challenges. Feelings are simple but sometimes childish. Mercury encourages people to speak the truth and to act effectively, certain decisions are made in a hurry. Saturn favors the alliance of reason and good feelings.

Thursday 17 december
Saturn enters Aquarius and exalts our ideals, our desire to change our societies but if expectations are disappointed or subject to delays, the desire to revolt will be powerful.

Saturday 19 december
Jupiter also enters Aquarius and opens new horizons. We need to renew our conception of society and our involvement, even if it means breaking with the past and the conventional if the framework has become narrow or even outdated.

Sunday 20 december
Mercury arrives in Capricorn and invites us to delve into the burning issues, to step back from the events to make informed decisions. In conjunction with the sun, Mercury arouses dialogue, but Neptune decreases vigilance and lucidity.

Monday 21 december
The sun in Capricorn highlights the qualities of endurance, seriousness, and depth. It is a retreat, a return to authentic values. Jupiter, together with Saturn, combines hot and cold, enthusiasm and wisdom. Any attempt to legislate will have to be balanced between idealism and a sense of responsibility.

Wednesday 23 december
Mars induces a movement of collective revolt. Demands must be expressed with sufficient maturity to prevent violence from taking precedence over legitimate demands and thus opening the way to repression. Pluto stirs up anger and lights the fire.

Friday 25 december
Mercury gives the possibility to opt for innovative measures if they respect everyone's fundamental freedoms. Uranus stimulates the mind and opens it to novelty. This restless climate is conducive to discoveries and bold proposals that could upset the established rules.

Thursday 30 december
The full moon in Cancer is powerful and exacerbates all emotions, at the risk of dramatizing situations. It is a romantic and creative full moon but we are torn between emotions and realism. Venus can provoke lies, chimeras, misleading communication.


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