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Every day, we scan the sky to see what influences are at play during the day. You will find here all the conclusions of our astrologer: which planet changes sign, which relationships the planets have between them and what are the possible effects on the world, on societies and on each of us. A very practical calendar to understand astrology from day to day.

Astro Flash for January 2023

Friday the 27th of January 2023

Venus in Pisces: A bit of sweetness and poetry in this world of brutes can only do us good.

Thursday the 26th of January 2023

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Wednesday the 25th of January 2023

Discover: Horoscope for February: Despite your plans, you will look back on the past to learn valuable lessons on an emotional level. You launch a new emotional cycle with full knowledge of the facts, more lucid on what you expect or do not wish to experience in love. Jupiter in your sign invites you to take a new step.Horoscope of February to read

Tuesday the 24th of January 2023

Sun sextile Jupiter: This aspect favors widening our horizons and our feeling of fulfillment, the prospect of a better future. It amplifies our radiance, our aspiration to free ourselves from what could restrict our freedom. We enjoy the pleasures of life with pleasure and without remorse. Our benevolent spirit attracts us all sympathy.

Monday the 23rd of January 2023

Yearly Tarot Drawing 2023: Draw your 5 cards and discover answers to your questions about your love life but also about well being, social life, work and money with a personalized advice!Get Your Cards

Sunday the 22nd of January 2023

Uranus D in Taurus: Changes are less rejected, but this does not mean they are welcomed with unbridled enthusiasm. Stubbornness turns into determination. Anger subsides. A quiet strength slowly takes hold. This is the time to use our energy wisely. Let\'s not rush anything, show serene patience, and wear down the obstacle little by little. We\'ll get over it in a while.

Venus Conjunct With Saturn: If we want our relationship to last or if our partner wants to keep confidence in us, we must reassure them that our declarations are not ephemeral or superficial. We must reason out our love affairs, deepen our relationships or manage them serenely. This is also an opportunity to warm up the atmosphere, which is a little darkened by the demands of Saturn, which constantly reminds us of our duties and responsibilities.

Saturday the 21st of January 2023

New Moon in Aquarius: The climate is libertarian and does not suit conventional minds, but the Moon gives good ideas to computer scientists...

Friday the 20th of January 2023

Sun in Aquarius: It is the beginning of a renewal, spring is not so far away, and an excellent cleaning becomes necessary for each of us to approach the next weeks positively.

Thursday the 19th of January 2023

Get your free lunar horoscope on the moon: Your lunar horoscope for the week #display_date_ephemeride_week# is here. Browse for a moment through the lunar atmosphere you are traversing this week.Your lunar horoscope is here !

Wednesday the 18th of January 2023

Mercury D in Capricorn: After three weeks of Mercury in retrograde, which caused blockages, awkwardness, breakdowns, and misunderstandings, serenity and liveliness return to exchanges and all means of communication. This is an excellent time to express yourself.

Sun Conjunct With Pluto: This transit induces moments of maximum intensity where incredible transformations, evolutions, and even metamorphoses, can positively upset our world. We are secretive and do not express our doubts or resentments. Still, everyone can see that there is nothing superficial about the day.

Tuesday the 17th of January 2023

Seasonal horoscope for Winter 2023: A winter that looks like it will make a smooth transition from 2022 to 2023. Phew! No question of undergoing too many cosmic upheavals and shocks which have hardly spared us lately and have probably left us a bit drained. The weather looks calmer, more temperate, and even more favorable to our blossoming. Serious Assets this Winter

Monday the 16th of January 2023

Compatibility with your loved-one: Find out if you were made for each other and if you could make it to the end of the road together! Simply enter both your dates of birth: you will receive a score from 0 to 5, plus some genuine advice!You And Your Partner are Compatible?

Sunday the 15th of January 2023

What about your love life this year?: Venus is associated with feelings. Discover your Venus calendar, which will accompany you throughout these next 12 months.Love Horoscope 2023

Saturday the 14th of January 2023

Venus Square With Uranus: This is not the time to pressure those we love to respond unreservedly to our requests. We must not let our revolutionary impulses get the better, as they could lead to disorder, discord, and social fracture. Contacts are difficult, placed under the sign of individualism. This is not the time to make radical decisions: we are too impulsive.

Friday the 13th of January 2023

Sun in Sextile with Neptune: This aspect connects us to the highest part of ourselves. It is time to finally raise the debate. We could also find a lost object and discover the solution to an old problem. It is an inventive day, full of creativity for artists.

Thursday the 12th of January 2023

Mars D in Gemini: After three months of retrograde, Mars resumes its direct course, releases our energies, revives our desires, and strengthens our will. This is a perfect time to act effectively, boldly, and forcefully.

Wednesday the 11th of January 2023

Free Calculation Numerology 2023: 2023 is a year of questioning, awareness and reflection. Year 7 is an ideal time to take a break or a sabbatical. You need to put order in your daily life, make choices, and take time or distance from some unexpected events.Un aņo en 7

Tuesday the 10th of January 2023

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Monday the 9th of January 2023

Venus in Trine with Mars: This is the time to convince our partner to believe in us and to follow us. We can declare our love or light it up. We find a great vitality in carrying out the projects close to our hearts. This enthusiasm will inevitably pay off.

Sunday the 8th of January 2023

Mercury in trine With Uranus: This transit opens new perspectives. We can invent a new world and discover new technologies. Exchanges are energized, and we follow the rhythm without worrying. Everything interests us, especially the new things that give us ideas.

Saturday the 7th of January 2023

Full Moon in Cancer: This is a romantic and creative Full Moon. Still, it can put some under pressure, torn between their emotions and their usual realism...

Sun Conjunct With Mercury: We reach out to others more quickly and are more enterprising. This is an ideal time to have rewarding conversations, share our great ideas, and have a good time. We can express our negative or positive emotions and find the right words to convince others.

Friday the 6th of January 2023

12 tips for having a gentle winter: 12 tips for a gentle winter: we\'ll give you all the tips and tricks for each sign to have fun and hibernate right!How To Enjoy Winter

Thursday the 5th of January 2023

Sun in Trine With Uranus: This transit helps us get out of our comfort zone and makes us want to try something new, dare, push our limits, and reverse the established order. If we are looking for solutions, we can find them because our very ingenious mind is of great help.

Wednesday the 4th of January 2023

Venus in Sextile with Jupiter: We can enjoy with joy the healthiest and simplest pleasures in life. Gourmet meals, backlash in our relationships... Opportunities to enjoy the present moment to the fullest, to blossom freely through tender initiatives. This transit sets our hearts ablaze, exalts our thirst for pleasure and gratification, and it\'s all about not depriving ourselves of anything.

Tuesday the 3rd of January 2023

Venus in Aquarius: Some people will find it difficult to accept the libertarian spirit that this untamable sign will bring to their feelings... Those who are jealous and possessive will have a lot to learn! The others will experience fascinating relationships.

Monday the 2nd of January 2023

Mercury in Sextile with Neptune: This is an opening towards the interior to connect dreams and reality. This transit feeds our imagination and pushes us upwards. We are tactful, which earns us confidence. We can then console others with very accurate words...

Sunday the 1st of January 2023

Venus Conjunct ith Pluto: Our emotions and feelings generate a battle of wits. We evolve in an intense and passionate climate. This overexcited atmosphere can reserve us the best as well as the worst. Old problems will resurface. It is time to tackle them and sometimes make radical but necessary decisions.

Astro Flash for December 2022

Saturday the 31st of December 2022

Know more about the planets of the zodiac!: In Astrology, there are ten planets, of which three are invisible to the naked eye: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These planets each have an impact of their own on the 12 signs of the zodiac.Zodiac Planets, Explained

Friday the 30th of December 2022

Discover Astro portrait of your baby!: Little-ones are subject to the influence of the planets. Knowing them better will help you have a more fulfilling life with them!Free baby advices for all 12 signs of the zodiac

Thursday the 29th of December 2022

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn: Things are lost or misplaced, appointments are cancelled or forgotten. It is strongly recommended not to sign contracts or start new projects. If it is not possible to delay an important decision, you need to anticipate potential problems more than usual. Check everything and be prepared for surprises and delays.

Mercury conjunct Venus: We make pleasant encounters and the attitudes fit perfectly with the speeches, it\'s a very harmonious mix. Room for dreams, aspirations, debates rise up a notch and encourage us to expand our horizons.

Wednesday the 28th of December 2022

Venus sextile Neptune: Chance brings beautiful sentimental surprises, it is an ideal time for original and unexpected encounters. You can let go and become particularly creative. You find inspiration, because you can see beyond appearances. There is no shortage of opportunities to enjoy life and you can take advantage of them while keeping an eye on your limits.

Tuesday the 27th of December 2022

First names and their affinity in your love-life!: Find out whether your first names in your love-life have an affinity, by using our numerology module. A test which is 100% fun!First Names Compatibility

Monday the 26th of December 2022

Insight into the Gypsy or couple\'s tarot: The Gypsy tarot, or Couple\'s Tarot, goes back to the XIVth centurty and is linked to the beginning of the history of Romany people. The cards will indirectly give you advice by awakening your sixth sense.Gypsy fortune telling cards

Sunday the 25th of December 2022

Seasonal horoscope for Winter 2022/2023: winter that looks like it will make a smooth transition from 2022 to 2023. Phew! No question of undergoing too many cosmic upheavals and shocks which have hardly spared us lately and have probably left us a bit drained.Astrological Forecast Winter 2022-2023

Saturday the 24th of December 2022

Mercury sextile Neptune: You need to express yourself and you manage to convince the most skeptical with gentleness and subtlety, this is a very useful asset in many areas. One adapts to all environments and discovers new places, all exchanges are favorable. Development of intuition, ability to explain one\'s sensations, alliance of logic and intuition.

Friday the 23rd of December 2022

New Moon in Capricorn: This new moon raises questions: how do you integrate conflicting aspects in a harmonious way and demonstrate your ability to act? Overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life, this period is about easing the pressures and accepting the necessary transitions.

Thursday the 22nd of December 2022

Venus trine Uranus: You develop new friendships or new loves, you are open-minded and thoughts have no limits. You have good ideas to share to make everyday life better and you become attached to certain people while maintaining a necessary independence.

Wednesday the 21st of December 2022

Sun in Capricorn: The winter solstice highlights the qualities of endurance, seriousness, ambition and depth suggested by this sign. The heart of winter also marks a retreat, a return to authentic and proven values. Long-term undertakings, lasting achievements and measured, controlled exchanges are typical of this period.

Sun square Jupiter: Jupiter pushes one to excess and exaggeration. Optimism and enthusiasm can become detrimental, as one is impatient, neglects details and takes inordinate risks. Ambitions become unreasonable, you feel dissatisfied with what you have, and you may encounter many conflicts during this period. Beware also of overeating and unnecessary spending.

Tuesday the 20th of December 2022

Jupiter in Aries: This transit amplifies the thirst for recognition and exalts the needs of our ego. Personal initiatives are emphasized, but at the same time, egocentricities and intolerances are also encouraged. Everyone will have to make the best use of this powerful influence.

Monday the 19th of December 2022

Free Calculation Numerology 2023: 2023 is a year of questioning, awareness and reflection. Year 7 is an ideal time to take a break or a sabbatical. You need to put order in your daily life, make choices, and take time or distance from some unexpected events.Free Numerology Predictions 2023 by Date of Birth

Sunday the 18th of December 2022

Luckiest signs of the month: Each month, find the luckiest signs of the month and the areas in which they will encounter the most opportunities.These zodiac signs will be lucky !

Saturday the 17th of December 2022

Mercury trine Uranus: This is an ideal time for public speaking. One has very interesting innovative ideas, one finds one\'s words more easily and the arguments are unstoppable. All exchanges of opinion are exciting and you can bring concrete solutions to problems. You don\'t hesitate to oppose authority to make your voice heard.

Friday the 16th of December 2022

Know more about your zodiac sign!: All about the characteristics of the 12 signs of the zodiac: personality, strengths, weaknesses and romantic profile for a better compatibility.All About your Zodiac Signs

Thursday the 15th of December 2022

Free Tarot card 2023: Choose from 22 Tarot cards to find out your card of the day for free! Predictions about your love-life, social life, finances and work are on offer!Your Tarot card of the day!

Wednesday the 14th of December 2022

Sun square Neptune: There is an inner struggle between the fear of losing control of events and the attraction of certain addictive states that are slyly comfortable. One should not trust the first person who comes along and not rely on intuitions, ideas are not clear and a fog of confusion characterizes thoughts. In the same vein, there are dangers of addiction, allergy or dependency.

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