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Every day, we scan the sky to see what influences are at play during the day. You will find here all the conclusions of our astrologer: which planet changes sign, which relationships the planets have between them and what are the possible effects on the world, on societies and on each of us. A very practical calendar to understand astrology from day to day.

Astro Flash for June 2023

Saturday the 10th of June 2023

First names and their affinity in your love-life!: Find out whether your first names in your love-life have an affinity, by using our numerology module. A test which is 100% fun!

Friday the 9th of June 2023

Mercury sextile Neptune: We need to express ourselves and we manage to convince the most skeptical with gentleness and subtlety, which is a very useful asset in many fields. We adapt to all environments and exchanges are beneficial. It is the ability to explain one\'s sensations, the alliance of logic and intuition.

Thursday the 8th of June 2023

Free tarot card reading: Which is your card?: Enter your date of birth and discover your major Arcanum! The major highlights of what awaits you in your love-life, at work and regarding your health and vitality will be revealed free of charge.Which is your card?

Wednesday the 7th of June 2023

Personalized forecast and transits for a day: We present a new free tool that allows you to visualize a key period, to perceive its context, to insert it in the life cycle you are going through. Be aware that this application is intended to give you the planetary climate, the atmosphere of the moment and not to answer with precision to a personal question. Personalized astro forecasts for the period of your choice

Tuesday the 6th of June 2023

Control those energy flows with Feng-shui!: Feng Shui is an art of living that has existed for centuries in China. It is a Taoist discipline, like Chinese medicine or acupuncture, on a common base of knowledge. For centuries, the Chinese have used it to design their cities, build their houses and even bury their dead. Feng shui, a therapeutic art!

Monday the 5th of June 2023

Astrological transit of Venus in Leo: Venus leaves Cancer to enter Leo for a few weeks The planet of love in the imposing and authoritative sign of Leo induces a powerful emotional climate, full of high expectations. This selective but generous climate encourages you to discern what in the other person induces recognition or, even better, admiration. Venus in Leo

Venus opposite Pluto: We have difficulty expressing our feelings. Passions are intense, but inhibitions can block us. As a couple, communication is difficult, because we are troubled by a flood of emotions that we have difficulty managing. It is necessary to accept the necessary transformations to find harmony.

Sunday the 4th of June 2023

Discover Full Moon on February 5th, 2023 ?: It is a climate of learning, interesting encounters and enriching experiences. The shy, the anxious are under a bit of pressure, as they are faced with challenges. Full Moon in Sagittarius

Mercury conjunct Uranus: This is the time to claim ideas that are close to your heart. The climate is humanistic and we are brimming with ideas to make the world a better place with caring people, but we need to make the effort to listen to everyone\'s point of view before we act to make sure we are making the right decisions.

Saturday the 3rd of June 2023

What do you expect from love?: Love compatibility is an excellent way to take your love destiny in hand rather than having it happen to you. A very useful application to develop a beautiful complicity in a stable and durable relationship, offer yourself a love compatibility!

Friday the 2nd of June 2023

Venus trine Saturn: Emotions are better controlled, feelings become more stable and deeper. The relationship between finances and domestic life is better, it is a good time to save, to pay debts or to invest capital with little chance of being wrong. Artistic tastes evolve towards more sobriety and authenticity.

Thursday the 1st of June 2023

Where is your journey going to take you?: Life path: Find out your personal journey through life with the principles of numerology. 12 destinies to discover with your personal number.Find out your personal journey

Astro Flash for May 2023

Wednesday the 31st of May 2023

The June horoscope has arrived!: You have romantic aspirations, professional and social ambitions, and opportunities for change. You have active support to change the game and push your limits.Discover your June horoscope

Tuesday the 30th of May 2023

Calculate your zodiac and chinese sign: Discover the portrait of your astrological duo and the compatibility of your elements, which will most certainly reveal some surprising truths...Calculation of your love compatibility between Chinese signs

Monday the 29th of May 2023

Astro Mindset : Your personal development!: We\'ll tell you how your astrological sign, and the other 11 signs too, can best give their aspirations a boost, use their energy, and live in harmony. Find out now!Your personal development

Sunday the 28th of May 2023

Sun square to Saturn: Sun square to Saturn, the results are not necessarily up to our expectations. Saturn generates frustrations. Daily tasks seem more overwhelming than usual, you feel unmotivated or worried. Be patient.

Saturday the 27th of May 2023

Influence of the Moon in Astrology: The Moon plays a very important role in astrology. It is the Moon that influences our emotions and personality.All about the moon !

Friday the 26th of May 2023

Venus sextile to Uranus: Venus sextile to Uranus exalts our creativity and our little grain of madness to be deployed in love (new experiences, exciting encounters) and in business (ideas and proposals that go off the beaten track). This aspect arouses in us some delicious emotions.

Thursday the 25th of May 2023

Free Rune Readings: how to read the runes: Did you know that rune means \'secret , secret writing or whisper.\' The best idea is to draw a rune each day and then try to interpret its meaning! Runes are small pebbles on which were drawn the letters of a very old alphabet of Celtic origin, used by the druids of the ancient Germanic-Scandinavian peoples. identify the future in the short term

Wednesday the 24th of May 2023

Numerological Personality Well-being: Being fit is the key to most successes. Your life path informs you about your tendencies by highlighting your weaknesses in order to guard against problems characteristic of your number. If you don\'t know your personal number, find out with our free application. Well being in numerology

Tuesday the 23rd of May 2023

Mars square to Jupiter: Mars square to Jupiter may aggravate an already tense situation. We are not safe from major clashes if we do not organize ourselves to channel our energy and make our actions more satisfying.

Monday the 22nd of May 2023

Sun sextile to Mars:: We are determined to act, to advance, to assert ourselves. It is better to confront each other through debate. You have the opportunity to undertake intense activities with those around you

Sunday the 21st of May 2023

Overpowering ambiance: The Sun is in Gemini: Sun in Gemini and trine to Pluto favors any form of reconstruction, transformation, metamorphosis. It encourages us to dig into sensitive subjects, to confront our shadow to try to see more clearly.Sun in Gemini

Saturday the 20th of May 2023

Mars arrives in Leo for the 12 signs: Mars in Leo has a need to conquer, he is a fighter and he excels in action. More governed by the senses than by feelings, he can become aggressive and violent. The positive influence of Mars allows you to surpass yourself by tackling things in order to succeed. The negative influence induces hostile and violent behavior, a refusal of order and hierarchy. Mars opposite Pluto induces the temptation to provoke the other (especially in possible conflicts already in progress). You must allow yourself moments of calm and solitude to channel the tensions. Mars in Leo has a need to conquer

Friday the 19th of May 2023

Effects of the New Moon: The New Moon in Taurus invites us to think carefully before speaking and acting. Mercury sextile to Saturn, real progress will lead to constructive outcomes. You will get to the heart of the matter in social exchanges, and you will have every chance of winning debates, because your arguments will be unstoppable. The New Moon in Taurus

Thursday the 18th of May 2023

Sun sextile to Neptune: Sun sextile to Neptune exalts our imagination, our quest for an ideal. Circumstances are favorable to spiritual evolution, we can make important encounters, full of meaning.

Wednesday the 17th of May 2023

Jupiter square to Pluto: Jupiter square to Pluto accentuates conflicts. Opinions lack common sense and the atmosphere is full of anxiety; it is better to take a step back and not let yourself be led by instinct.

Tuesday the 16th of May 2023

The arrival of Jupiter in Taurus: Jupiter in Taurus will exalt earthly pleasures, encourage well-being and material comfort. Discover how to make this energy very positive!Jupiter in Taurus

Monday the 15th of May 2023

Mars trine Neptune: Mars trine Neptune relays our ideals and encourages us to defend them. Artistic talents help us to channel our anxieties into gratifying creations.

Sunday the 14th of May 2023

Mercury Direct in Taurus: Mercury Direct in Taurus is favorable to review certain convictions that have been vexing, and calm is restored. This serenity allows you to reconsider your opinions and to accept what you have been rejecting lately.

Saturday the 13th of May 2023

Venus trine to Saturn: Venus trine to Saturn raises the debates, smoothes out the edges and warms up the atmosphere. This aspect channels our emotions so that they serve constructive advances.

Friday the 12th of May 2023

Mercury sextile to Saturn: Mercury sextile to Saturn plays the role of moderator. You think before you act. It is good to be cautious, it reinforces the duration of relationships, but it decreases their frequency. Mercury sextile to Venus, the exchanges are sustained and the arguments are excellent. The atmosphere is light and stimulating, it is an opportunity to discuss a wide range of subjects and to be seduced by beautiful ideas.

Thursday the 11th of May 2023

Astro Mindset : Your personal development!: We\'ll tell you how your astrological sign, and the other 11 signs too, can best give their aspirations a boost, use their energy, and live in harmony. Find out now!Your personal development!

Wednesday the 10th of May 2023

Calculate your Biorhythm: Biorhythms are a reflection of your periodic functioning, based on three cycles: - the 23-day physical cycle, the 28-day emotional cycle and the 33-day intellectual cycle. It is by observing these cycles that we can determine the positive or difficult moments in each of these three areas. Your biorhythms

Tuesday the 9th of May 2023

Sun in conjunction: Sun in conjunction with Uranus favors awareness and other unexpected revelations. Uranus plays the role of a consciousness agitator, waking us up, even if it means shaking us up a bit.

Monday the 8th of May 2023

Kybomancie: The future in a roll of the dice: Discover the throwing of dice, an ancient divination art also called Kybomancie, to know your destiny, interpret your future, find answers to your questions and opt for good decisions.Kybomancy is the learned name of dice throwing.

Sunday the 7th of May 2023

Transit of Venus in the sign of Cancer: Venus in Cancer encourages you to give great importance to feelings, to family life and to your circle of friends. This transit allows you to give the best of yourself to those you cherish, to play your role within the clan, to bring listening and comfort to those around you. With this transit, the atmosphere is punctuated by gentleness, tenderness, and is favorable for sharing precious moments with loved ones.Venus in Cancer

Saturday the 6th of May 2023

Tarot: the royal road card to wisdom: The word \"wisdom\" applies to the 22 major arcanas of the divinatory tarot which since the dawn of time, transmits from generation to generation, precepts and precious advices which correspond to the stages of the existence. Discover without further delay the symbolic meaning of each of the major arcana of the Tarot de Marseille! Tarot de Marseille!

Friday the 5th of May 2023

Discover Full Moon of Scorpio: The Full Moon in Scorpio positively inspires our initiatives. Happy perspectives are emerging or openings (social, sentimental, intellectual) are being made. Jupiter revives our creativity and gives a bit of superb to our impulses and fervor to our exchanges. The Full Moon in Scorpio

Thursday the 4th of May 2023

Venus square to Neptune: Venus square to Neptune feeds all sorts of fantasies and illusions, idealistic or romantic. You mix up your desires with reality, which can lead to disappointments.

Wednesday the 3rd of May 2023

The I Ching: art of Chinese divination: Developed in China over 3000 years ago, its principles have not aged a bit! Its purpose is not to predict the future, but to help you make decisions. It is a precious guide that suggests concrete solutions to all your questions. If you hesitate on the way to follow, if you do not know which attitude to take, if you have a dilemma to solve, the I Ching answers all your questions! Let us guide you on the paths of the divinatory arts of ancient China!The I Ching is the oldest known divinatory art!

Tuesday the 2nd of May 2023

Pluto о in Aquarius: Pluto о in Aquarius, everything that has emerged since March 23 will mature.

Monday the 1st of May 2023

Sun in conjunction with Mercury: Sun in conjunction with Mercury reopens debates that have been going in circles since last month. This is a time to take advantage of on an intellectual level and in our way of communicating.

Astro Flash for April 2023

Sunday the 30th of April 2023

Breaking news astro: Every day, we scan the sky to see what influences are at play during the day. You will find here all the conclusions of our astrologer: which planet changes sign, which relationships the planets have between them and what are the possible effects on the world, on societies and on each of us. A very practical calendar to understand astrology from day to day. Astro Flash: all the news

Saturday the 29th of April 2023

Browse your day colour to make decision: As everyone knows, colors have a great influence on our health. If popular tradition insists that red is festive, gray is sad and white is a sign of purity, the reality is much more complex and each color has its own purpose. Your color of the day

Friday the 28th of April 2023

The five elements in Chinese astrology: In Chinese astrology, one associates his Chinese sign (which depends on your year of birth) with several data including the 5 elements which are Wood, Metal, Water, Earth and Fire powers. What is your element? The 5 Chinese elements

Thursday the 27th of April 2023

Let\'s discover the 4 elements of the zodiac: In Western astrology, the 12 signs of the zodiac are classified into 4 elements. Each element encompasses 3 signs: one cardinal, one fixed and one mutable. These four elements govern the 12 signs of the zodiac: Fire for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, Earth for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, Air for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and Water for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Understanding the 4 elements of the zodiac

Wednesday the 26th of April 2023

Calculate your Biorhythm: Thanks to biorhythms, we can know in advance the different fluctuations we will experience during the course of the year..Discover your Biorhythm

Tuesday the 25th of April 2023

Sun sextile Saturn: This transit strongly stimulates willpower, seriousness, a sense of duty and responsibility. It is a very constructive period where we have a more realistic perspective of things. You can tackle a difficult task, you have the necessary rigor, patience and perseverance. This period is favourable for administrative procedures and for building support.

Monday the 24th of April 2023

Get your free lunar horoscope on the moon: Browse for a moment through the lunar atmosphere you are traversing this week.Your lunar horoscope for the week

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