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Every day, we scan the sky to see what influences are at play during the day. You will find here all the conclusions of our astrologer: which planet changes sign, which relationships the planets have between them and what are the possible effects on the world, on societies and on each of us. A very practical calendar to understand astrology from day to day.

Astro Flash for December 2023

Monday the 4th of December 2023

Horoscope of Venus in Capricorn: nuance!: Venus leaves Libra and enters Scorpio, bringing challenges in relationships and material possessions. Scorpios destroy and rebuild. So, what kind of corruption do you need to repair? This might be difficult for some to accept, but a clearer picture will emerge when Venus enters Sagittarius.Venus in Scorpio

Sunday the 3rd of December 2023

Venus Square Pluto: Power struggles, jealousy, and manipulation can arise in romantic relationships and social interactions. Emotions run high, and desires are passionate. It\'s important to remain cautious and not give in to impulses. This transit encourages us to explore our attachments and hidden motivations and direct them in a positive direction.

Saturday the 2nd of December 2023

Mercury Sextile Saturn: This aspect favors concentration, precision, and deep reflection. Enhance your ability to plan and structure your ideas. It\'s time to make thoughtful decisions, implement long-term strategies, and adopt a methodical approach to succeed in the project.

Friday the 1st of December 2023

Mercury in Capricorn: Structure!: Wisdom, composure, and discipline also increase our personal ambitions. Under the influence of Mercury, our thoughts, reflections, and interactions gain more depth. These mature considerations will lead us to a fair conclusion and allow us to actively enjoy the creativity and renewal that Mercury in Aquarius brings.Mercury in Capricorn

Astro Flash for November 2023

Thursday the 30th of November 2023

Character traits with the expression number: Your expression number details your social behavior, the direction you give to your personal and professional life. This number symbolizes your character and the way you express yourself in life. Do you know your expression number?

Wednesday the 29th of November 2023

What is your Mongolian sign?: Calculate your Mongolian sign with your birth date and discover its main characteristics and its profile in love.Calculate your Mongolian sign

Tuesday the 28th of November 2023

Calculate your zodiac and chinese sign: This compatibility helps you to better understand your personal characteristics and those of your partner. The synthesis indicates to what extent you can live together, understand each other, evolve in the same direction and finally love each other! Are your Chinese signs compatible?

Monday the 27th of November 2023

Discover Full Moon: The \"Full Beaver Moon\" gives us the choice to go or not to go towards what is proposed. This is a time to focus on what makes us feel good in the moment, without projecting ourselves too far. Various events will help us to make the right choices, if we are attentive and available. Full Moon in Gemini

Mercury square Neptune: You will not have clear ideas and exchanges, travel will be complicated, and your efforts will be ineffective. It is better to stick to a routine if possible, because innovations will only confuse you. You should rest and spare those around you and avoid feeling sorry for yourself.

Sunday the 26th of November 2023

What is your Life Path Number ?: Life path: Find out your personal journey through life with the principles of numerology. 12 destinies to discover with your personal number.Find out your personal journey

Saturday the 25th of November 2023

Mars square Saturn: You will be reluctant to fulfill your daily obligations and this attitude can be detrimental in your professional and private life. During this period, it is better to avoid undertaking anything in order to limit the unfortunate consequences of certain behaviors.

Friday the 24th of November 2023

The planet Mars passes in Sagittarius: Mars is now pushing us to more ambitious or far-reaching achievements. You will seek to measure yourself against others and to surpass yourself in challenges. The positive influence of Mars allows you to tackle things in order to succeed, to conquer, to triumph. The negative influence induces hostile and intolerant behavior, a refusal of order and hierarchy. Mars in Sagittarius

Thursday the 23rd of November 2023

Sun square Saturn: You will have to sort out what is wrong with your life, whether it is your profession, your projects, your achievements, your relationships with others or certain aspects of your personality. This transit challenges you to make difficult decisions, but ones that are essential to your future well-being. Daily tasks seem more overwhelming than usual, one may feel temporarily unmotivated, melancholy, worried.

Wednesday the 22nd of November 2023

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius: Optimism!: The Sun in Sagittarius lightens the daily atmosphere. The climate is more open, optimistic and dynamic. Interests are more outward looking, even foreign, and expand. Reflection gives way to action. The field of possibilities is widening and initiatives are multiplying. Sun in Sagittarius

Tuesday the 21st of November 2023

Discover: what\'s your Celtic sign?: Celtic astrology goes back to the dawn of time, when the Druids named the astrological signs of their children when they were born according to the trees and seasons.What is your Celtic sign?

Monday the 20th of November 2023

Sun sextile Pluto: Concrete changes can take place in your daily life. This is an ideal time to get rid of anything that has become obsolete, useless, harmful or cumbersome, whether it be relationships, dependencies, emotional attachments, ideas or even objects or situations that you never want to see again.

Sunday the 19th of November 2023

Discover the position of the black moon: Calculate for free your black moon in your birth sign that unveils your unspoken desires and suggesting the kind of partner do you fantasize about.Calculate for free your black moon

Saturday the 18th of November 2023

Sun conjunct Mars: An overflowing energy and a powerful vitality open doors. You are quicker, more efficient and take initiative more easily. You will be able to take on new adventures with courage and stamina. You seek to surpass yourself and tend to push others to do the same.

Friday the 17th of November 2023

Mars trine Neptune: It becomes easier to be in the right place at the right time to invest in projects and find the necessary support to make things happen. This is also a good time to develop artistic talents, to channel your anxieties into rewarding creations.

Sun trine Neptune: You can let yourself be naturally guided by your aspirations and intuitions. It is as if life is showing you the way. One has the feeling of being supported, guided by an invisible or spiritual dimension. Creative imagination and artistic sensitivity are stimulated and it becomes natural to express forms or emotions.

Thursday the 16th of November 2023

Free love compatibility for all signs: The rate of compatibility between two people can be measured thanks to a method that we have developed on the basis of the results of numerous researchers specializing in human relations. Discover your love compatibility

Wednesday the 15th of November 2023

Mercury sextile Venus: You are conquered by a light and stimulating atmosphere. This is an opportunity to talk about anything you like, to be seduced by beautiful ideas and to share them.

Tuesday the 14th of November 2023

Free Tarot card of the day among 22 cards: Choose from 22 Tarot cards to find out your card of the day for free! Predictions about your love-life, social life, finances and work are on offer!Choose from 22 Tarot cards

Monday the 13th of November 2023

First names and their affinity in your love-life!: Find out whether your first names in your love-life have an affinity, by using our numerology module. A test which is 100% fun!Name compatibility calculator: love meter

Sun opposite Uranus: This is a time to free yourself from people who reflect a limited image of yourself and to better manage your life. But you must avoid systematically challenging people for the sake of it, on a whim or a whim of your heart. The result of this difficult passage really depends on our maturity.

Sunday the 12th of November 2023

Work brief: find out how to move forward: Creative, insightful, meticulous ... We\'ll find out, together and for each sign, what your strengths allow you to adapt, progress, and be even more appreciated at work!Are you Creative, insightful, meticulous ?

Saturday the 11th of November 2023

Control those energy flows with Feng-shui!: Discover Feng-Shui, the Asian art de vivre based on the circulation of vital energy, enabling you to live in harmony with yourselfDiscover Feng-Shui

Friday the 10th of November 2023

Mercury in Sagittarius: Everything that has to do with contacts, exchanges, travel, relationships, be they romantic, friendly or social, and finally finances, leaves Scorpio to enter the exuberant sign of Sagittarius. This induces an enhancement of the joy of living, of optimism, of the spirit of initiative. The thirst for learning, grandiose projects and high ideals color the mind and intellectual aspirations.

Mercury square Saturn: You are blocked at the level of communication and exchanges. You do not express yourself clearly and you do not defend your interests well. You are distracted and pessimistic, this lack of rigor leads to disappointments and you risk feeling a little lonely. To avoid the worst, it might be wise to take some time to reflect and consider a rethink of certain behaviors.

Thursday the 9th of November 2023

Mercury sextile Pluto: Changes will take place in the way you approach exchanges and communication. You will be interested in everything and will try to better understand the behavior of those around you. Certain occasions may allow us to enlarge our social circle. Enthusiasm is contagious and it becomes easier to find partners to launch projects.

Wednesday the 8th of November 2023

Venus in Libra: Long live the projects!: Venus leaves the constellation of Virgo and enters one of its homes, Libra. This is a good time to formalize a relationship, to launch an association, to make a final decision on a painful situation. New projects are on the horizon and you will become more aware of your needs and those of your entourage. Venus in Libra

Tuesday the 7th of November 2023

Mercury trine Neptune: This is a time to share your imagination with enterprising people. Fertile ideas will come to fruition if you have some freedom. You can communicate more easily and make yourself understood without effort. You will also find it easy to get to know different people and discover new things, which will be very enriching.

Monday the 6th of November 2023

Venus trine Pluto: This is the time to abandon behaviors that prevent us from being fulfilled. Passionate impulses are great, but they don\'t necessarily lead to healthy, lasting relationships. It\'s best to take the time to weigh the pros and cons to make the right choice in all circumstances.

Sunday the 5th of November 2023

It's time for a break!: Your free tarot reading sheds light on your situation, analyzing the context in which you operate, so you can anticipate the consequences of every decision you're likely to make.Select 4 cards for your free tarot draw

Saturday the 4th of November 2023

Saturn D in Pisces: Sorrows are comforted, doubts turn into certainties, illusions become a thing of the past. Mysteriously, the future of your love life is taking shape and its contours are clearer. This is the time to think about yourself and to make a list of what you no longer want, to be reread from time to time.

Mercury opposed Uranus: It is difficult to make oneself understood, one\'s words offend the interlocutors and one does not question one\'s attitude. You try to change mentalities with eccentric ideas and you have difficulty finding people to rally to a cause. You can improve the situation by channeling your creative spirit.

Friday the 3rd of November 2023

Sun opposite Jupiter: The opposition of Jupiter to the Sun is an opportunity to become aware of the mismatch between our deepest ambitions and the reality of our lives. Let\'s use this transit to take a step back and look at our lives and identify what we really need.

Venus opposite Neptune: This is a troubled time, your love life is not always rewarding, you may feel frustrated or misunderstood, but reacting in a childish way will only make the situation worse. You should avoid idealizing your partner and also be careful with your spending, as you tend to fill your lack of money with compulsive purchases.

Thursday the 2nd of November 2023

How numerology affects your love-life: With your date-of-birth, find out which number is going to tell you where love will take you over the course of your life!

Wednesday the 1st of November 2023

Monthly ephemeris for your astral chart: Are you interested in your monthly horoscope? This article is for you! Jocelyne guides you each month in the vast Cosmos to indicate the planetary movements she has developed in your monthly horoscope. News from the sky

Astro Flash for October 2023

Tuesday the 31st of October 2023

Venus trine Uranus: You develop new friendships or new loves, you are open-minded and your thoughts have no limits. You have good ideas to share in order to make your daily life better and you get attached to certain people while keeping a necessary independence.

Monday the 30th of October 2023

What if you roll your dice?: This Kybomancy reading is very useful if you have to make a decision or a choice. This divination technique can also provide useful global information in most areas of your life. So... it\'s up to you! What will be your destiny ?

Sunday the 29th of October 2023

Mercury conjunct Mars: You can complete the realization of projects and find all the support you need to achieve your goals.

Saturday the 28th of October 2023

Calendar of the Full Moon in 2023: The opposition of the Sun in Scorpio with the Moon in Taurus induces an explosion of sensual passions, discreet but powerful power plays. Passions are heightened and the climate can lead to excellent investments or a squandering of resources, depending on what you do with this energy. Full Moon in Taurus

Friday the 27th of October 2023

Know more about your zodiac sign!: All about the characteristics of the 12 signs of the zodiac: personality, strengths, weaknesses and romantic profile for a better compatibility.Discover the characteristics of the 12 signs

Thursday the 26th of October 2023

Astrology and Clairvoyance: difference: There are good astrologers and bad clairvoyants, there are also honest clairvoyants and charlatan astrologers, but in any case, it is not at all the same discipline. What is the difference between astrology and clairvoyance?

Wednesday the 25th of October 2023

Calculate your Biorhythm: Thanks to biorhythms, we can know in advance the different fluctuations we will experience during the course of the year..Biorhythms Calculator

Tuesday the 24th of October 2023

Sun trine Saturn: This transit strongly stimulates the will, the sense of duty and the taking of responsibilities. It is a constructive period, with a more realistic perspective of things, which facilitates the realization of projects. This transit has an excellent influence on the professional life to consolidate and stabilize one\'s situation. This period is favorable for administrative procedures and for gaining support.

Monday the 23rd of October 2023

Understand the impact of the sun in Scorpio: The Sun leaves Libra to enter Scorpio and tints the coming weeks with passions, ambitions, judicious investments, exciting encounters, latent conflicts, dreams or lies, depth or withdrawal... depending on what each of us will do with these influences. Sun in Scorpio

Sunday the 22nd of October 2023

Mercury in Scorpio: Mercury in Scorpio favors more discreet exchanges, but more profound and, sometimes, much more sensual. It also gives you the ability to concentrate, which is very useful for studying, for signing contracts, and it creates a better atmosphere for reflection and introspection.

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