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Sunday, August 1
The Sun in Leo stimulates communication, but Saturn, in opposition to Aquarius, prevents honest communication from flourishing. Monday, August 2
The Sun opposite Saturn darkens the mood and curbs our creativity. Saturn plummets exchanges and morale. Restrained in our impulses, a feeling of helplessness overcomes us.

Tuesday, August 3
Venus invites us to smooth out the edges and get our bold messages across as gently as possible but Uranus tenses up exchanges.

Wednesday, August 4
We are not inclined to listen to what we are told. The climate is overexcited and could provoke a clash, even a breakup that further increases the pressure. With Uranus, we must be patient.

Friday, August 6
The Sun pushes us to take reckless risks. Uranus sows unforeseen events in our path and exposes us to mishaps along the way

Sunday, August 8
The New Moon in Leo brings enthusiasm, good intuition, confidence, and creativity.

Tuesday, August 10
Venus exalts our desire to sublimate our love, even if it means breaking with reality. Neptune exacerbates our tendency to soar.

Wednesday, August 11
With Mercury in Virgo, we have trouble prioritizing our ideas and channelling our desires to make them real right away. Beware of excess that does not serve our interests. Venus exacerbates passions, rekindles the flame, or provokes intense meetings. Jupiter stirs up communication that leads to sterile exchanges. Pluto favours passionate impulses, encounters, and incandescent love.

Monday, August 16
Venus in Libra induces new projects. We become more easily aware of our needs and those of those around us.

Thursday, August 19
Mercury makes us eloquent, borderline offensive: we say out loud what's on our minds and carry our ambitions. Mars ignites the spirits and exalts our desire to transgress rules and laws we find oppressive. Let's rely on our determination to move forward and evolve.

Friday, August 20.
The Sun pushes us to overestimate our strengths and exaggerate; we must channel our energies. Mercury induces bold initiatives and proposals that make us score. Jupiter encourages excess while Saturn contains them. We find ourselves stuck in our aspirations by contrary currents. Uranus boosts our courage, but Neptune leads us astray from reality. A complicated sky!

Sunday, August 22
The Full Moon in Aquarius emphasizes friendships and the desire for autonomy. This is a very creative moon for all artists. A few hours later, the Sun enters Virgo, and we begin to find practical solutions to our problems. Mercury also helps us keep our feet on the ground.

Monday, August 23
Venus conjoins Saturn to calm things down and allows us to sort out our feelings to see if they hold up. We also have the opportunity to develop our listening skills and better channel our emotions.

Thursday, August 26
Mercury allows us to address all subjects in-depth and transform what needs to be changed. Pluto induces intense exchanges and debates in the depths of the soul and heart.

Monday, August 30
Mercury enters Libra, discussions that were getting bogged down resume thanks to diplomatic skills. In addition, new trends and ideas are brought to the fore.

July 2021

Thursday, July 1st
Saturn is in square with Mars. This configuration frustrates our desires, curbs our energies, and hinders our power to strike. Mars heats up tempers, and the tone rises.

Sunday, July 4th
In conflict with Mars and Saturn, Uranus urges us to demand more freedom; the beginning of the month promises to be lively, agitated, and argumentative.

Monday, July 5th
The Sun in Cancer, in sextile to Uranus, favours a certain originality of tone. We should change things without declaring war!

Tuesday, July 6th
Mercury in Gemini is in square to Neptune, which confuses the most intelligent thinkers. Not sure if we are communicating in an obvious way, misunderstandings could disrupt exchanges. We need to make an effort to be clear so as not to confuse people.

Wednesday, July 7th
Venus in Leo faces Saturn, which undermines and bridles our emotions while Venus warms our hearts. It's an alternation of tenderness and coldness.

Thursday, July 8th
Uranus is square with Venus and is likely to put a lot of tension in our emotional and financial life.

Saturday, July 10
The New Moon is in Cancer, so it's an excellent time to take care of emotional affairs and take care of women and elderly family members.

Sunday, July 11
Mercury in Cancer directs a more past-oriented expression, a bit nostalgic and attached to our family history and even the nation.

Monday, July 12
Mercury in Cancer is in trine to Jupiter, a creative transit that favours enthusiastic communication.

Thursday, July 15th
The Sun in Cancer is in trine to Neptune in Pisces. This position helps inspire us and elevate discussions to approach an ideal. As for Mars, it softens in contact with Venus.

Saturday, July 17
The Sun opposite Pluto flushes out our shadow and confronts us with what needs to be transformed in ourselves and society.

Tuesday, July 20th
Mercury in sextile to Uranus makes conversations more original. This aspect helps us make others aware of our ideas and consider innovative proposals.

Thursday, July 22nd
The Sun enters its domicile of Leo, and so it promotes an open heart. Venus in Virgo sets a benevolent, reassuring and measured mood. Jupiter exalts our need for recognition but let's not ask for too much.

Saturday, July 24
The Full Moon in Aquarius is very creative. Artists can stand out from the crowd by displaying their inventiveness. Mercury, in trine to Neptune, promises a sharp and inspired mind to elevate the proceedings.

Sunday, July 25
Mercury, opposite Pluto, induces ideas and somewhat obsessive aspirations that sweep us away, absorbing our longings for rebirth and light. We need to probe this shadow to move beyond it and integrate it into our personal and collective story in a creative way!

Wednesday, July 28th
Mercury in Leo brings practicality, vivacity, and dynamism. It gives us the ability to bring our initiatives to fruition. But it also implies nervousness and tension, especially since Jupiter is retrograde in Aquarius: social values, rules, morals, and ideals are re-evaluated by passing through our individual filter. We reject what is not in line with our nature and assimilate what is beneficial to us.

Thursday, July 29th
Mars and Jupiter ignite our summer, increasing our aggression and amplifying an already contentious spirit!

Astro Flash for the month of June 2021

Wednesday, June 2nd
Venus in Cancer exalts feelings, family life, and friendships. You give the best of yourself to those you love by bringing comfort to those around you. The atmosphere is one of gentleness and tenderness.

Thursday, June 3rd
In trine to Jupiter, Venus exalts sensuality and promises excellent moments of happiness: prosperity, creativity, and charm.
The Sun in Gemini until the 21st makes us move forward slowly, acting without haste to build on solid ground.
Saturn invites us to take our life seriously by securing our foundations.

Saturday, June 5th
Mercury in square to Neptune disturbs our bearings: we risk deceiving people or being deceived.
Mars, opposed to Pluto, generates latent and poorly channelled aggressiveness that can lead to rebellious outbursts. You must take a step back from events.

Thursday, June 10th
The New Moon in Gemini creates a lighter and more mobile atmosphere. Your legs are tingling, and you have ten ideas a second.

Friday, June 11th
Mercury, in conjunction with the Sun, helps us cope with the delays it causes.
Mars in Leo gives us great energy, a great entrepreneurial spirit and a lot of creativity.

Sunday, June 13th
The Sun square to Neptune distorts words that can also be misinterpreted.
In sextile to Uranus, Venus brings a surprise or good news (birth, marriage, a meeting).

Monday, June 14th
Saturn is in square with Uranus, the atmosphere is one of repression, but there is a lot of fighting. Saturn manages to contain Uranus' surges, but the electric planet has not said its last word.

Monday, June 21st
The Sun in Cancer exalts your imagination, your sensitivity and your need for security. You are more dreamy, more romantic, more inspired, and you focus your attention on home and family. Jupiter retrograde in Pisces: you will better understand your entourage’s social values, and you will be more receptive to your inner voice.
Venus arouses great romantic impulses. The atmosphere is one of trance, idealism, and exaltation.
Neptune exalts the aspirations for a better world. It is a beautiful day to love, to say it, and to hear it.

Tuesday, June 22nd
Mercury finally resumes its direct course and facilitates debates! Jupiter induces a sense of prosperity, a wave of warmth and oxygen that brings joy to the heart. Pluto nurtures muted energies that will manifest violently if no satisfactory response is forthcoming.

Wednesday, June 23rd
We take advantage of the solar radiation to transmit our emotions with warmth, and Mercury, direct in Gemini, re-establishes communication. We forget the criticism, and we forgive. You must banish lies, be clear in your thoughts, words and reasoning.
Venus: do not abuse your seduction to manipulate others at the risk of getting into trouble.

Thursday, June 24th
The Full Moon in Capricorn generates many internalized but powerful emotions. You consolidate your ambitions in a structured, realistic way. Others give in to pessimistic moods. It is necessary to put into perspective the feelings of this Full Moon, which is more social than emotional...

Saturday, June 26th
Neptune retrograde in Pisces allows you to revisit your limits. Particular illusory objectives, too far from reality, must be reconsidered to approach our aspirations with a more realistic attitude.

Sunday, June 27th
Venus in Leo promises a powerful emotional atmosphere. This climate is arrogant but generous.

Astro Flash for the month of May 2021

Sunday May 2:
Mercury joins Venus in Taurus: anchored in the concrete, certain ideas take shape. Venus connects us to a world or a project that awakens the romantic fiber in many people and Neptune exalts ideals. Finally, Pluto joins forces with Mercury to develop an innovative way of thinking.

Monday May 3:
The Sun in Taurus until the 20th will bring about certain obstacles, but Mercury will help us keep a sense of proportion. Jupiter will make us see everything in a big way and Saturn will confront us with our limits. What a mishmash!

Tuesday May 4:
Mercury enters Gemini and strengthens our intellectual powers. Wise communication lays the foundation for projects that will be realized in the long run.

Thursday May 6:
Venus encourages us to make our dreams come true and to improve our living conditions.

Saturday May 8:
Pluto builds a reforming vision taking into account the humanistic dimension of the world to come.

Sunday May 9:
Venus pushes us to gluttony, greed, or spending. Jupiter amplifies the need for strong emotions. Between these two, it is important to remain realistic and avoid excess.

Tuesday May 11:
Venus enters Gemini and brings a lot of fantasy in our emotional ties but also in our finances, which can become unstable.

Wednesday May 12:
The New Moon in Taurus ties up all the loose ends. But it also fixes certain temperaments in a stubbornness that is fortunately temporary.

Thursday May 13:
Jupiter in Pisces induces tendencies turned towards collective interests and the giving of oneself for the common good. The Sun revives our ideals and Neptune offers us exhilarating and inspiring moments.

Monday May 17:
The Sun transforms what is for the better and Pluto supports this program that is slowly but surely taking shape.

Thursday May 20:
The Sun in Gemini gives us the opportunity to communicate, Venus channels our emotions and creativity on a concrete level and Saturn gives us a deeper and more innovative vision of our program!

Friday May 21:
The Sun and Jupiter combine to take us outside of convention. We risk spreading ourselves too thin, for the best is the enemy of good.

Sunday May 23:
Saturn is in retrograde in Aquarius. Ambitions cannot be fully expressed because responsibilities restrict evolution. Mercury offers us a cautious approach so that our dreams do not crumble for lack of preparation.

Wednesday May 26:
The Full Moon in Sagittarius is marked by learning and encounters that bring valuable information and enriching experiences.

Thursday May 27:
Venus may lead us astray into dreams that take us away from reality with possible disappointments as a result. Neptune induces a guilty neglect of our means, let us remain prudent and measured.

Saturday May 29:
Mercury stands still, dialogue and negotiations begin to stagnate. Be patient. The exchanges will start again from June 22nd.

Sunday May 30:
Mercury in retrograde in Gemini marks a period when things get stuck in the administrative, commercial, or financial field. Communication between people becomes difficult.

Monday May 31:
Mars advocates spiritual values and Neptune encourages us to build the foundations of an ideal world.

Astro Flash for the month of April 2021

Friday April 2
Pluto unveils hidden truths; secrets are suddenly revealed.Sunday April 4
Mercury in Aries facilitates exchanges, and the sun invites us to act, to invest ourselves.

Tuesday April 6
Mars accelerates change without putting pressure, even with some diplomacy.

Friday April 9
Venus rounds off the angles, but Mars induces the temptation to force the passage, to impose our point of view on others, at the risk of generating regrettable misunderstandings. Neptune contributes to sow doubt and confusion in the spirits.

Saturday April 10
Mercury favors the integration of rules that engage our responsibility for future and foreseeable changes. Venus allows us to envision the future more colorfully and smoothly. Jupiter is the ferment of creativity that can help us innovate and progress, and Saturn calls us to reason.

Monday April 12
New moon in Aries: sensitivity is exacerbated and makes you impulsive, overly emotional, and dependent on others. Venus induces attempts at emotional manipulation, at the risk of causing misunderstandings and incomprehension that undermine trust. Pluto relies on our affective, emotional fragility to destabilize us.

Tuesday April 13
The sun invites us to communicate. Mars encourages initiative and risk-taking.

Wednesday April 14
Venus in Taurus evolves at ease in this sign of which it ensures the control.

Thursday April 15
The sun opens new doors, broadens our horizons and Jupiter returns to its long-awaited prosperity.

Friday April 16
The sun induces ambiguous or too clear-cut positions that are not unanimously accepted. Pluto sows lies that are difficult to flush out. Let us make sure we keep our free will and distinguish the true from the false!

Saturday April 17
Mercury accelerates the pace of innovation and quick decisions are proposed, beware of abuse of power. Mars gives the opportunity to make a mark. Jupiter helps us to revive our economy, which was in freefall.

Monday April 19
The sun in Taurus preserves the dialogue and Mercury in Taurus is a vector of great ideas.

Friday April 23
Mars in Cancer gives an overflowing imagination, the desire to lead one's family, the construction of the well-being of the home. It energizes authority within a group. Venus sharpens our creativity. Uranus awakens our neurons and exalts our desire to push the limits.

Saturday April 24
Mercury induces discoveries but also crazy proposals. Uranus encourages to transgress certain prohibitions.

Sunday April 25
Mercury blocks the impulses of those who aspire to take off without precautions.
Venus gives a grip to a sharp criticism and a repression generating great frustration. Saturn immediately punishes our straying. Uranus induces overflows, at the risk of making us slap our fingers.

Tuesday April 27
The full moon in Scorpio internalizes powerful emotions. It is a full moon between power games, greed, investments or excessive spending, the climate is discreetly overpowered.

Wednesday April 28
Pluto retrograde in Capricorn and represents an opportunity to understand the psychological causes of our problems with a surprising lucidity. It is an invitation to go deep within ourselves to find an unalterable serenity in the face of memories or unconscious images.

Friday April 30
The sun exalts the tendency of Uranus to play with our nerves, this meeting between the sun and the electric planet makes sparks, it is a thumb of nose to those who would like to put everyone back in line!


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