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Every day, we scan the sky to see what influences are at play during the day. You will find here all the conclusions of our astrologer: which planet changes sign, which relationships the planets have between them and what are the possible effects on the world, on societies and on each of us. A very practical calendar to understand astrology from day to day.

Astro Flash for May 2024

Wednesday the 29th of May 2024

Everything to know about the Chinese signs: In Chinese astrology, there are twelve signs. Find out the secrets of the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig!Chinese astrology

Tuesday the 28th of May 2024

Mercury sextile Saturn: This aspect gives us the opportunity to step back relying on a stable mind and a real desire to understand what is happening within us and around us, preparing us to navigate a turbulent period as serenely as possible.

Monday the 27th of May 2024

Tarot: the royal road card to wisdom: Empty your mind completely, carry out your draw and then refer to our advice, which will give you the key to move forward in serenity along the path of lifeEmpty your mind completely

Sunday the 26th of May 2024

The I Ching: art of Chinese divination: Do you know the I Ching? This wisdom oracle points out the path to follow in order to avoid any pitfalls, to make the most of it, and lastly, to stay upon the right path.Do you know the I Ching?

Saturday the 25th of May 2024

Venus trine Pluto: The atmosphere is less passionate, less exalted, but there is still the possibility of vibrating at a high frequency.

Friday the 24th of May 2024

Jupiter in Gemini: This configuration strengthens our curiosity, our desire to explore other paths, our desire to communicate, or even to seduce. Let\'s be clear in our intentions, as Jupiter in Gemini encourages the temptation to deceive others, to rely on exalted eloquence to cheat. Unless we ourselves are victims of deception.

Thursday the 23rd of May 2024

Transit of Venus passing in Gemini: This transit suddenly lightens everything that emotions and affections had been heavy, possessive, or stagnant. Affectionate exchanges become lighter, sometimes superficial, but vibrant and lively. It\'s an opportunity to meet the soulmate in a youthful and somewhat cerebral atmosphere. We talk more about ideas than sensuality, about understanding than sexuality, even though everything is connected. The head takes precedence over the heart and body, to the great joy of some, to the dismay of others. Venus in Gemini

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Depending on your astrological sign, discover how to best manage the influx of the Full Moon, which marks the start of a new lunar cycle. Full Moon in Sagittarius

Venus conjunct Jupiter: The atmosphere promises to be hot, kindness is in order, and feelings are exalted. It\'s a lucky day for those who are attentive and available enough.

Jupiter sextile Neptune: This aspect arouses an awakening to more spiritual, more supportive values, in a notion of brotherhood. A new path opens, and imagination is in power. It\'s a great opportunity to dream and touch the heart of an ideal. It\'s the possibility of taking a leap towards a less materialistic view of the world!

Wednesday the 22nd of May 2024

Sun trine Pluto: It\'s an opportunity to start working on evolving our values and, for some, rebuilding on a foundation more in line with the path traveled. It\'s time to transform ourselves, to rethink our lives thoroughly.

Tuesday the 21st of May 2024

Free tarot card reading: Which is your card?: Enter your date of birth and discover your major Arcanum! The major highlights of what awaits you in your love-life, at work and regarding your health and vitality will be revealed free of charge.Love, money, work: draw your Tarot card!

Monday the 20th of May 2024

Overpowering ambiance: The Sun is in Gemini: This aspect encourages communication, making new connections, and evolving in a dynamic atmosphere. Intellectual and relational exchanges, as well as travels, are numerous and lively. However, due to a lack of patience, a strong tendency to scatter, or excessive emotionality, some may struggle to follow through, commit, and bring constancy to their relationships or activities. Sun in Gemini

Sunday the 19th of May 2024

Sun sextile Neptune: This aspect boosts our imagination and exalts our desire to pursue and achieve an ideal that inspires us and fuels great humanitarian movements, exalting our thirst to serve the community, to move away from a period of self-centeredness.

Saturday the 18th of May 2024

Venus conjunct Uranus: A crush, love at first sight, a new encounter, or an unexpected breakup shakes up our world. So it\'s not the time to fall asleep but to stay attentive and available because emotional surprises are likely.

Sun conjunct Jupiter: This transit promotes personal growth and allows us to see better days, keeping our spirits high.

Friday the 17th of May 2024

Mercury square Pluto: The atmosphere is tense; beware of arguments or subtle conflicts that could arise if we do not keep an open mind. With this aspect, the mind becomes obsessive.

Thursday the 16th of May 2024

Astro Mindset : Your personal development!: We\'ll tell you how your astrological sign, and the other 11 signs too, can best give their aspirations a boost, use their energy, and live in harmony. Find out now!Your Personal Development

Wednesday the 15th of May 2024

Mercury in the sign of Taurus: Sensuality!: Mercury urges us to cling to beliefs or values that will soon be obsolete. A last look before moving on... Mercury in Taurus

Tuesday the 14th of May 2024

How numerology affects your love-life: Whether you are single, in a couple, in love or not, our daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual love horoscopes guide you through the intricacies of love, be it for a day or forever! Numerology and Your Loves!

Monday the 13th of May 2024

Sun conjunct Uranus: This transit favors a dynamic climate. We may be surprised by unexpected events or decisions that could impact us well beyond our personal sphere. Uranus excites us and could cause major upheavals, both individually and collectively.

Venus sextile Saturn: With this aspect, reason prevails over the emotional turmoil that destabilized us earlier in the month. Saturn calms the situation and cools our temperament.

Sunday the 12th of May 2024

All the mysteries of Chinese astrology: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig: 12 animals that have considerable influence on your destiny and character.Chinese Astrology

Saturday the 11th of May 2024

Parenting: How to be a positive parent: Listen to your child more, help them grow through kindness, maintain harmony at home. Let\'s examine certain methods that have proven their worth, so that we can help you make raising your kids.Listen to your child more

Friday the 10th of May 2024

Free Rune Readings: how to read the runes: Runes are small stones on which the letters of a very ancient Celtic alphabet, used by the druids of ancient Germanic-Scandinavian peoples, have been drawn. Rune casting allows you to grasp the short-term future. You will know which path you are on and the consequences of your past actions. For a clearer vision, trust the Runes!

Thursday the 9th of May 2024

Numerological Personality Well-being: Numerology allows you to better understand your personality, your well being and discover what are the flaws to correct to be in good shape.Your Numerology Fitness

Wednesday the 8th of May 2024

It\'s New Moon: It\'s a climate of encounters, happy coincidences, and opportunities. We are moving towards greater maturity and seeking to improve our living conditions in a lasting way. New Moon in Taurus

Tuesday the 7th of May 2024

Get your free lunar horoscope on the moon: Your lunar horoscope for the week is here. Browse for a moment through the lunar atmosphere you are traversing this week.Horoscope on the moon

Sun sextile Saturn: This aspect tempers our enthusiasm, reminds us of reason, and restores our sense of balance, regulating a potentially too close emotional climate.

Monday the 6th of May 2024

Calculate your Biorhythm: Thanks to biorhythms, we can know in advance the different fluctuations we will experience during the course of the year..Your Biorhythm

Sunday the 5th of May 2024

Calculate your Biorhythm: Biorhythms reflect your periodic functioning based on three cycles: the physical cycle of 23 days, the emotional cycle of 28 days, and the intellectual cycle of 33 days. Observing these cycles helps determine positive or challenging moments in each of these three domains. Your Biorhythms

Saturday the 4th of May 2024

Pluto sextile Pluto: This transit encourages us to take action, to mobilize ourselves to advance or materialize a project. A change of perspective, even life, is possible for some. This aspect favors any work aimed at rebuilding.

Friday the 3rd of May 2024

Pluto � in Aquarius: Under this invigorating influence, we could experience events that accelerate ongoing transformations. This dynamic energy invites us to undertake, dare, and believe in ourselves.

Thursday the 2nd of May 2024

Free tarot card reading: Which is your card?: Enter your date of birth and discover your major Arcanum! The major highlights of what awaits you in your love-life, at work and regarding your health and vitality will be revealed free of charge.Which is your card?

Wednesday the 1st of May 2024

Venus square Pluto: This transit may trigger passions and put our loves, attachments to the test, exacerbating tensions and passions by confronting us with our deepest, most buried emotions.

Astro Flash for April 2024

Tuesday the 30th of April 2024

Planet Mars passes in the sign of Aries: Mars enters the sign it governs, unleashing its powerful energy that should be maximized. Exchanges become more frank, more spontaneous. It\'s a time to make decisions, take initiatives, and embark on new conquests. Intuition and instinct guide our actions. Mars brings a lot of energy, vitality, dynamism, courage, audacity, and helps overcome all obstacles, but it can also encourage haste and impulsive reactions. Mars in Aries

Monday the 29th of April 2024

Mars conjunct Neptune: Mars stimulates the desire to defend a cause, an ideal, to fulfill a mission that matters to us. This transit brings fantasy and fertile imagination that we can express positively.

Transit of Venus in the sign of Taurus: Venus enters Taurus. She is \"at home,\" as the saying goes, and shows herself particularly active. Venus in Taurus induces very sensual exchanges, but somewhat exclusive, whether in love or finances. Well-integrated, this brings warmth, solid common sense in business, and even some luck in the financial domain. Mismanaged, we may fear excessive desires, excesses of all kinds, and a certain inertia in the love domain. Whether it\'s about loving, creating, inventing, or transcending mental limits, we can hope for good moments. Venus in Taurus

Sunday the 28th of April 2024

The five elements in Chinese astrology: In Chinese astrology, your astrological sign is associated with one of 5 elements: Wood, Metal, Water, Earth and Fire.In Chinese astrology

Saturday the 27th of April 2024

Discover: Horoscope for May 2024: December encourages you to express your desires and differences of opinion to those around you who are worried about your eccentric tendencies. Reassure them without giving up on your legitimate desires.Horoscope for May 2024

Friday the 26th of April 2024

Direct Mercury: After three weeks of Mercury retrograde, with blockages, awkwardness, breakdowns, and misunderstandings, serenity and liveliness return to communications and all means of communication. It\'s a good time to express yourself and act with knowledge, in the interest of the common good.

Thursday the 25th of April 2024

Discover Full Moon: With the full moon in Scorpio, it\'s about possessions and dispossession, gains and losses, matter and the invisible, labor and stock market investments. Taurus is a time of enjoying the nature around us and the goods we have harvested during the Aries season. Now, we sit at the table without rushing, in a rather epicurean way of living. Full Moon in Scorpio

Wednesday the 24th of April 2024

Free tarot card reading: Which is your card?: Enter your date of birth and discover your major Arcanum! The major highlights of what awaits you in your love-life, at work and regarding your health and vitality will be revealed free of charge.Discover your major Arcanum

Tuesday the 23rd of April 2024

Browse through your horoscope this week: Browse through this week\'s horoscope to find out all you need to know about your love-life, finances, health and work.This week\'s horoscope

Monday the 22nd of April 2024

Sun square Pluto: Anything can happen, but be prepared to deal with the unexpected. Whether triggered by external events or pressure that needs release, be ready for anything. Try not to go overboard in this electrified astral atmosphere; keep your cool and a sense of moderation.

Sunday the 21st of April 2024

Jupiter conjunct Uranus: Unexpected and surprising events push us out of our comfort zones. The goal is not to flee from novelty but to welcome it, accompany it, and use it in service of our individual and collective evolution. This transit spices up our loves.

Saturday the 20th of April 2024

Understanding the modes in astrology: In astrology, three vibrational modes are distinguished, linked to the rhythm of nature and seasons. With time and experience, different energies are noticed for people born at the beginning, middle, or end of a season. Vibrational modes

Friday the 19th of April 2024

Sun in Taurus: The sun in Taurus brings a gentle atmosphere of leisure, a love for good living, good food, and self-love. It also inspires long-term work and profitable investments. However, this transit will not slow down the pace of a month urging us to break free from habits and routines.

Mercury conjunct Venus: Fervent and heated discussions are to be expected, but there is a sense of fairness, great listening skills, and a lot of empathy. We take others\' opinions and suggestions into account, seeing value in all points of view. It always strives to be just and chooses words carefully to avoid hurting and prevent conflicts.

Mars sextile Jupiter: We can hope for a victory over adversity, a period of assertion, and combative actions. We can take risks, and luck smiles upon our endeavors. This transit could well cause upheavals that change the face of the world.

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