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October 2022

Saturday, October 1.
Venus opposed to Jupiter amplifies emotions. You find it difficult to satisfy your desires, and you sometimes try to fill an emotional gap with harmful attitudes. You need to step back from frustrating situations by being more lucid and listening to the advice of loved ones, which can be helpful.

Sunday, October 2.
Mercury goes direct in Virgo again. After 3 weeks of Mercury in retrograde, blockages, awkwardness, breakdowns and misunderstandings, serenity and liveliness return to exchanges and all means of communication. This is an excellent time to express yourself.

Friday, October 7
Mercury trines Pluto and helps delve into essential matters, leaving nothing in the dark. It gives an excellent analytical mind that allows you to build on solid ground.

Sunday, October 9
Full Moon in Aries. Self or other, one must choose. The climate lends itself to association, but this day is one of rebellions and egocentricities...
Pluto returns directly into Capricorn. Luck comes to the surface. Les déboires commencent à prendre un sens constructif et bénéfique. This is the time to put a final end to what is now in the past.

Monday, October 10.
Mercury enters Libra, it's time to expand our horizons! Under this sky, all intellectual activities that require listening skills are favored. Negotiations resume, thanks to tact and diplomacy.
On the artistic side, Mercury in Libra highlights new trends and ideas.

Tuesday, October 11.
Sun trine Saturn induces a cautious, wise attitude. One is at ease with oneself, more confident, has a more mature understanding of abilities, makes decisions wisely, and is clear about means, limits, and goals. This transit has a tremendous influence on professional life. It is the moment to consolidate, to stabilize the situation.

Wednesday, October 12.
Mars square Neptune causes misjudgments, bursts of enthusiasm, and excesses of all kinds. You overestimate your possibilities. One must beware of misunderstandings and lies. You must not neglect the details.

Friday, October 14.
Venus trine Saturn calms things down and brings everyone to their senses. The heart is inclined to make more reasoned choices. This is a time of solid love, little externalization, and a range of sentimental status quo. The relationship between finances and home life is excellent. A good time to save, pay off debts, or invest capital with little chance of going wrong.

Monday, October 17.
Sun trine Mars reinforces a specific idea of justice, of defending our interests and values. Taking action is favored during this transit. Mars receives all the power of the Sun and thus invites us to take action. It is a compelling and dynamic aspect.

Tuesday, October 18.
Venus trine Mars induces exchanges that take an idealistic turn. Initiatives are inspired by affectivity. Desire is fueled by love, and anything undertaken is in that direction. We can also see actions that quickly bring in money.

Wednesday, October 19.
With the Sun square to Pluto, most people's expectations are likely to be disappointed. Frustration risks clashing with the powers that be or under hostile circumstances.

Thursday, October 20.
Venus is in a square with Pluto, the mood is likely to be a bit cloudy. You may be overwhelmed by constraints if you refuse to question certain aspects of your private life. Possibility of an encounter that forces to transform.

Saturday, October 22.
Sun conjoined to Venus favors a dialogue based on respect for each party involved. When the Sun and Venus are very close, the light is on the planet of values, money, and love. This beautiful tandem gives the will to live inspiring and clear stories.

Sunday, October 23.
Sun in Scorpio induces a climate of passions, ambitions, wise investments, exciting encounters, latent conflicts, dreams or lies, depth or withdrawal... depending on what each of us will do with these influences.
Venus in Scorpio. The values of Venus being feelings and material goods, you can expect some difficulties in this area. Some tenderness and material achievements will not survive it. In all these cases, you can console yourself with the fact that Scorpio destroys to rebuild later. What is going to shatter was promised to be destroyed because it was poorly fitted, obsolete, or harmful.
Saturn goes direct in Aquarius. Loving or geographical distances are no longer intractable problems. Toxic emotions disappear. Desires for independence take on a deeper, clearer meaning. Blame from the past is forgotten. This is the perfect time for a love life or relationship to get a fresh start.
Mercury in trine with Saturn, is a valuable asset that plays a significant role as a timer and a moderator. It leads us down the path of wisdom. One takes into account the opinions and needs of everyone while remaining aware of the limits not to exceed.

Tuesday, October 25.
New Moon in Scorpio. The climate is discreetly supercharged between power plays, greed, investments, or emotional spending.

Wednesday, October 26.
Mercury trine Mars: in the professional sphere, argumentation serves the activity. Mercury makes one convincing because one knows how to fight to make one's point. This is a perfect aspect, mainly if it occurs during commercial negotiations. In love, desire results from good communication.

Thursday, October 27.
Mercury square to Pluto. One fails to express oneself clearly and lacks tact in many situations. One is also slowed down, even blocked, in moving and interacting.

Thursday, October 28.
Jupiter enters Pisces. This benevolent planet takes on a higher dimension as it passes through Pisces. Its expansive temperament is tinged with spirituality: fashion trends are more turned towards collective interests and the gift of self for the common good. This atmosphere is confusing for some people and can lead them to harmful addictions or excessive sacrifices. It is up to each person to rise spiritually without losing their soul...

Saturday, October 29
Mercury in Scorpio induces excellent concentration. Exchanges become more discreet but deeper and, at times, much more sensual. The light mood and the fluidity turn into systematic deepening.

Monday, October 31.
Mars retrograde in Gemini. This is when plans backfire, go in the wrong direction or develop too slowly. It sometimes feels like moving backward. This is not the time to start new businesses or engage in activities that require a lot of physical energy.

September 2022

Thursday, September 1
Mars brings a lot of energy, and Jupiter opens doors favorable to initiatives. Mars sextile to Jupiter, this is a time of affirmation, of combative actions, a time of achievement, of construction. The will for justice grows, you take risks, and luck smiles in business ventures.

Saturday, September 3
Mercury, as opposed to Jupiter, is favorable for signing advantageous agreements, but discussions are a bit thorny. You have difficulty controlling your words, and reasoning doesn't always make sense. One is relatively lax and spends a lot of time on trips that are not necessarily useful.

Monday, September 5.
Venus in Virgo becomes more calculating. One pours less into great feelings or other emotional outbursts

Saturday, September 10
The full moon in Pisces makes emotional exchanges more complex. It disrupts emotions and scrambles the frequency. A complicated mix of conflicting emotions is likely to dampen the mood. Great philosophical ideas flourish but are not always in harmony with reality.

Sunday, September 11
Sun trines Uranus favors bold, novelty-bearing initiatives.
When Uranus transits the Sun in trine, changes naturally take place. This period transforms, finally liberates old habits born of conditioning, and creative opportunities are more easily seized. You express yourself better, and your behavior evolves. It is a transit that makes you attractive because your personality emerges and catches many glances. Initiatives are mostly successful. One makes a fresh start by taking an interest in new and unexplored areas. These discoveries spice up life and make it exciting. Dark thoughts are swept away, and every experience will be profitable.

Friday, September 16.
Venus square to Mars strains exchanges. Differences of opinion and tensions due to a climate of frustration could disrupt the frequency.
This is a difficult time that should be negotiated without forcing the issue. Indeed, at work, values are not necessarily in line with the activity. There may be fundamental disagreements that cause tension. Within couples, a disagreement can appear. The feeling of love does not find a way to act, or it is awkward. It is the moment to reflect a little on our values. Do not act at the risk of rushing our partner. It's a little bit of soul-searching that we are being asked to do.
Sun opposite Neptune induces smokescreens that veil our vision and lucidity. Let us be wary of fine words again. Neptune, opposite the Sun, challenges relationships with others. Encounters change in style, become more disconcerting, and sometimes destabilizing. Neptune invites you to observe in others the talents you have but do not necessarily see. Spiritual fulfillment is nourished by exchanging ideas and different but enriching points of view. It remains difficult to sort between concrete and fantasies, projects and utopias...

Sunday, September 18
Mercury, opposed to Jupiter, calls into question articles in specific contracts and
thwarts progress by pushing to quibble. One is not motivated to focus, and this may induce mistakes. One should avoid getting involved in negotiations, as one is not very good at defending one's interests. One must take the time to rest correctly to leave with more determination.

Monday, September 19.
Sun trines Pluto encourages constructive decisions designed to change institutions, prevailing codes. When Pluto transits the Sun trine, one lives more creatively. Pluto gives you the right to exist as you are and to love yourself. You are carried by great inner strength, and this energy ensures unforgettable moments. This is a time of renewal. That anxious feel confused or apprehensive, and others make excellent investments.

Tuesday, September 20.
Venus trine Uranus exalts creativity and the urge to display one's creative genius. New friendships or loves are made, you are open-minded, and thoughts have no limits. You have a lot of good ideas to share to improve everyday life. You have an original way of expressing your preferences, and this uniqueness is attractive. You get attached to certain people, but this does not prevent you from keeping the independence that remains necessary.

Friday, September 23
Sun conjoined to Mercury.
Although Mercury is never far from the Sun, sometimes it is in conjunction and sometimes very close. This is a time to take advantage of on an intellectual level and in how we communicate. Mercury, the messenger, is in the light of our will. This is an opportunity to convey a message, whether at work or in an emotional setting. It is also an excellent time for merchants to be in the spotlight. Transactions and travel are made more accessible, especially if Mercury is direct.
Sun in Libra invites reflection and peace talks.
Mercury in Virgo: debates are likely on the agenda.

Saturday, September 24.
Venus opposed to Neptune exposed to illusion, we must not fall into a trap, believing false promises. Let's stay on guard more than ever. This is a troubling period. Your love life is not particularly gratifying. You risk feeling frustrated and misunderstood, but you react childishly, making the situation worse. It is necessary to be more lucid to avoid idealizing the partner and not to be invasive. You should also watch your spending, as you tend to fill in the gaps with things you don't need, at the risk of losing what you have.

Sunday, September 25.
New Moon in Libra
The mood is a bit superficial, even snobbish. You must remain authentic in your exchanges to keep your friends while maintaining your autonomy.

Monday, September 26.
Venus trine Pluto reconnects with wisdom and helps reopen creative and positive dialogue, even declaring your flame. Passionate outbursts can be very enjoyable but don't necessarily lead to healthy, lasting relationships. You'll be realistic and reasonable, taking the time to weigh the pros and cons to ensure you're making the right choice in all circumstances.
Mercury conjunct Venus directs exchanges along the path of diplomacy, even peace. The conjunction of Mercury and Venus represents a beautiful combination of feelings and reflection. This is a time for romantic declarations. Professional relationships will also be under the effect of Venus, which, representing business, and money, will direct communication in this direction.
Sun opposite Jupiter induces power relationships that are difficult to curb. It is necessary to redouble efforts and diplomacy to agree on the essential. The opposition of Jupiter to the Sun is an opportunity to become aware of the mismatch that can exist between deep ambitions and the reality of life. However, to turn this transit to your advantage, you must remain in control of yourself. If the situation does not satisfy you, you tend to put yourself forward in an arrogant way, inflate yourself with importance, and make demands. This behavior will not please you, and you will not obtain anything. Looking at life in hindsight to identify what you really need is necessary. During this period, beware of excesses of any kind.

Tuesday, September 27
Mercury trine Pluto induces a constructive evolution of sensitive situations. The intellect is very active. Many ingenious ideas arise, you quickly understand all the complex systems around you, and you express yourself with great subtlety. All exchanges are favored, and movements are fluid.

Wednesday, September 28
Mars trine Saturn encourages reason and well-channeled action to secure the long term. This aspect calms things down a bit and brings everyone to their senses. You are active but discreet, do a lot of work in the shadows, and don't seek recognition. You want to acquire long-term security to face the future with serenity. You focus all your energy and attention on projects that seem to be influential with an even temperament. There will be little social interaction as you devote your time to realizing your undertakings.

Thursday, September 29
With the entry of Venus into Libra, new projects come to the fore. One becomes more easily aware of one's needs and has more understanding of the needs of those around one.

August 2022

Monday, August 1st, 2022
Mars raises the tone, and Uranus helps him set fire to the powder. The atmosphere is likely to be explosive.
Mars conjunct Uranus
You don't doubt anything, and you know what you want. You will overcome obstacles with enthusiasm. You will spend a lot of energy to achieve what is important to you and involve your loved ones. You seek to achieve exciting projects, but you must avoid insisting when you don't get what you want.

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022
Venus encourages creative movements, favors new encounters, love at first sight, and, why not, poker games.
Venus sextile Uranus
Beautiful surprises in your love life. You will meet many interesting people and exchange your feelings with great enthusiasm. You feel free and in full possession of your means. You have no difficulty reaching out to others to enjoy the present moment in good company. If you are careful, you will also find opportunities in finance.
Venus sextile Mars
This is a beautiful aspect of these two prevalent planets, the sextile. It allows a dialogue between feelings and desire. The context becomes serene and under control. Unlike the conjunction, you are in control. It is not an irrepressible climate but symbiotic energy. Since Venus also represents money, the professional context benefits significantly from this aspect. At home, as a couple, a peaceful environment should prevail.

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022
Venus warms emotions and feelings.

Thursday, August 4th, 2022

Mercury in Virgo
Mercury provides practical support to those who are eager to progress. Communication and exchanges take a more formal turn and result in contractual commitments. Mercury favors intellectual acuity, tactical sense, and precision of thought.

Sunday, August 7th, 2022
Mars induces warlike outbreaks, an economic blockade. It is a month of crisis. Even if Venus encourages rather romantic declarations and Neptune tries to elevate the debates, Saturn blocks the way to any agreement in a climate of generalized frustration.

Venus in trine with Neptune
You can calm down conflicts and soften the atmosphere with a simple presence. You can enjoy the pleasures of life in good company without questioning. You can live in the moment without worrying about the consequences. Intuitions are good, and you can use these good dispositions for the well-being of yourself and others. You can effortlessly understand what others are feeling.
Mars square Saturn
You are very reluctant to fulfill your daily obligations, and this attitude can be detrimental to your professional and private life. You will not be very careful in your actions, and it is to be hoped that this will not result in the destruction of specific projects. During this period, it is better to avoid undertaking and limit the unfortunate consequences of your behavior.

Tuesday, August 9th, 2022
Venus confronts our need for love, to be nurtured and protected, with the blind law of a collective that is not inclined to romance.
Venus opposite Pluto
It is difficult to express our feelings. Passions are intense, but inhibitions block exchanges and prevent developing your feelings. In a couple, communication is complex, and you react too strongly to mistakes or harmless actions of the partner. You are troubled by a flood of emotions that you have difficulty managing. You tend to refuse the transformations necessary to find harmony and believe that the relationship can evolve without undertaking anything.

Thursday, August 11th, 2022
The Sun reveals the brutal side of Uranus, the established order takes the lead and a climate of crisis destabilizes the powers in place. Venus promises to warm our hearts, and Mars provokes initiatives intended to raise the debates with the help of Neptune. In that case, there is little chance that his praiseworthy efforts will be enough to counter the warlike mood of the moment.
Venus in Leo
The planet of love in Leo's majestic and authoritative sign promises a powerful emotional atmosphere full of unreasonable expectations and sometimes crazy demands. This selective and arrogant but generous climate will appeal to different signs. It might be a good idea to discern what, in the other, can induce the admiration so dear to Leo. Or, on the contrary, provoke spontaneous rejection based on, sometimes, a single "inappropriate" word or gesture.

Sun square Uranus
The transit of Uranus in square to the Sun forces us to give up what is not in conformity with our real personality. It is time to leave our old patterns and to claim and assume a new autonomy, intoxicating freedom but full of traps. You are in rebellion against everything. You accumulate stress and nervous tension. You don't have time or don't want to relax, your working conditions may be difficult, or you may be experiencing dissension in your relationship. You may be systematically annoying or unpredictable.
Mars sextile Neptune
This is an ideal time to carry out projects close to your heart. There are excellent ideas and good energy that is easy to manage. Imagination can create enthusiasm, and you will receive support in various activities. Each person's skills can be evaluated to divide the tasks and thus optimize the undertakings to the maximum to make the situation rewarding for all those who invest themselves.

Friday, August 12th, 2022
Full Moon in Aquarius
The Full Moon in Aquarius emphasizes a social life. It makes the relations between parents and children a little tense, between the authority and the desire for autonomy of the other. But it is a very creative moon for all the artists who can stand out from the crowd by exposing their inventiveness.

Sunday, August 14th, 2022
The Sun places us in a form of impasse (political, social),with the feeling of hitting a wall. However, Mars tries to get us out of the stalemate and open perspectives. Unfortunately, with Saturn, no way out seems possible. Let's count on Pluto so that the need to transform rather than destroy prevails.

Sun opposite Saturn
When Saturn is in opposition to the Sun, it is as if you can clearly see your way. This authority figure makes specific integrations difficult if you maintain childhood fears and resist what projects what need to change internally. The challenge is to assume your responsibilities and develop your discipline towards a chosen rigor rather than an imposed one.
Mars trine Pluto
You set concrete goals and take up challenges with great determination that seem rewarding. You will embark on long-term projects with efficiency and rigor. An enterprising attitude brings many supporters. The benefits of actions promise to be very rewarding for everyone.

Tuesday, August 16th, 2022
Mercury intervenes in favor of novelty and proposes unexpected solutions to ongoing problems. But nothing should be signed without carefully reading the fine print at the bottom of contracts. Misunderstandings, misunderstandings, even fool's deals are possible because the atmosphere is unhealthy. With the help of Saturn, let's hope that the negotiators of goodwill will manage to make the warmongers see reason.
Mercury trine Uranus
This is an ideal time for public speaking. You have exciting new ideas, find the words quickly, and have unstoppable arguments. All exchanges of opinion are exciting, and you can criticize while bringing concrete solutions to the problems raised. You don't hesitate to oppose authority to make your voice heard.

Thursday, August 18th, 2022
Venus facilitates exchanges and peace talks, supported by Jupiter.
Venus trine Jupiter
This is an excellent transit for all artistic, creative, loving, and playful activities. You will enjoy the joys of life: loving and being loved in all simplicity. Singles can count on their lucky stars to meet their soul mate. This is also an ideal time to expand your circle of acquaintances, have fun and give free rein to your creativity. Luck is on your side in the financial sector, and you will share joyful moments with optimism and self-confidence.

Saturday, August 20th, 2022
Mars in Gemini
Mars leaves the sign of Taurus and enters the constellation of Gemini, a sign more mental than physical, where action requires speech, communication, and the exchange of ideas. Slowness is no longer the order of the day. Energy must circulate. You are in motion. At the extreme, this can lead to agitation and nervousness. Action is deployed in several directions depending on opportunities and interests that can be varied.

Sunday, August 21st, 2022
Mercury opposed Neptune
You risk making the wrong choices if you rely on reasoning that seems logical. You are not thinking clearly, and verbal clumsiness can lead to disagreements. It is better to choose silence when your interlocutors do not understand. Your mind is elsewhere, and you lose the ability to concentrate.

Monday, August 22nd, 2022
With Mercury, let's hope that negotiations will lead to constructive agreements that will positively reshuffle the cards with the help of Pluto.
Mercury trines Pluto
The intellect is very active, many ingenious ideas arise, you quickly understand all the complex systems around you, and you express yourself with great subtlety. People are convinced with striking arguments. It is an ideal time to share the most ambitious projects with those who could bring valuable help. All exchanges are favored, and movements are fluid.

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022
Sun in Virgo
The Sun enters Virgo and invites you to leave nothing to chance, analyze everything around you closely, and be organized and circumspect. With this transit, the practical problems of daily life will quickly find solutions. Meticulousness, common sense, and perfection are recommended in professional life. In the sentimental sphere, things get serious, and there is commitment in the air.

Thursday, August 25th, 2022
Uranus® in Taurus
The retrograde of Uranus reinforces obstinacy, common sense, and Cartesian spirit to carry out projects. However, under this transit, one lacks flexibility. This attitude may cause some relationship turmoil.

Friday, August 26th, 2022
Mercury in Libra
Mercury is at ease in the sign of Libra, which is inclined to exchange and social openness. Under this sky, intellectual activities that require listening skills and are part of an advisory relationship are favored. Negotiations at a standstill will be resumed thanks to your diplomatic skills. Mercury in Libra highlights new trends and ideas on the artistic and aesthetic levels.

Saturday, August 27th, 2022
In conflict with Mars, the Sun induces manipulation, censorship, and constraints to end a summer month more favorable to confrontation and conflict than to peace. Venus does not rekindle the fires of love, and Mars, unfortunately, finishes lighting the fuse. With Saturn, jealousies or uncontrollable emotions take over.

New Moon in Virgo
The Moon in Virgo organizes a bit of confusion. This New Moon encourages sorting, tidying up, and accounting. It enables you to maintain your health. It is an excellent day to make a good resolution in your routine and stick to it.

Venus square Uranus
Your love life is challenging to manage. You tend to mix love and friendship without knowing where you are going. You want to remain free, but you do not grant this freedom to those you love. It is difficult to put into words what you are feeling, and you may shock or disappoint others if you do not take the time to relax alone and in peace.

Sun square Mars
This is a difficult time that can bring frustration and anger. It is better not to undertake anything with such an aspect, especially if it requires action. This may take place against a background of nervousness. At work, some spats are possible. In love, spontaneous initiatives are not welcome. It is better to wait until the end of the square to hope for a possible blossoming. In any case, it is better to avoid conflictual situations.

Thursday, August 28th, 2022
Venus extinguishes a hoped-for concord because Saturn opposes any attempt to use diplomatic channels.

Venus opposite Saturn
You will not find a soothing presence, and you will react badly to your frustrations. You communicate little or awkwardly because your mind is confused, you cannot take responsibility, and this attitude leads to insecurity. On the financial side, you have a lot of difficulties being reasonable, and your inheritance could suffer the consequences.

July 2022

Friday, July 1st, 2022
Mars square Pluto
Energy is overflowing but what you do with it is not necessarily positive. You challenge everything that can be challenged, this leads to many tensions in your social life, and you destroy many things you had taken time to build. These behaviors are not easy to live with. Still, the situation allows you to change inappropriate and consider new projects with the acquired maturity.

Saturday, July 2nd, 2022
Mercury challenges us to stay grounded in reality, to make the choice of reason rather than letting our imagination wander and lead us astray. Mars distills an aggressiveness that can degenerate into open conflict or collective grumbling. However, Saturn invites us to reflect, but Neptune clouds our mind, and Pluto induces collective outbursts that trigger struggles under high cosmic tension.

Mercury trine Saturn
You have clear ideas, you are organized and persevering, it is the ideal period to structure your projects. You will find solutions to all your complications because you are committed without getting emotionally involved. You will get to the heart of the matter in social exchanges. You will win debates because your arguments will be unstoppable. You will envisage negotiations that will be decisive for the future. Realism helps you to make the right choices, whatever the field.

Mercury square Neptune
You are not thinking clearly, and you risk being misunderstood in many situations. Exchanges and travel are complicated, and steps are particularly inefficient. It is best to stick to a routine if possible, as innovations only confuse people's minds and actions. This is an excellent time to rest, avoiding self-pity.

Tuesday, July 5th, 2022
Mercury in Cancer, family spirit

Mars in Taurus, constructive actions in this generally peaceful sign that enlightens and calms the game. Arguments are convincing and convincing.
Mercury sextile Mars
This aspect gently brings initiative and thought into play without interdependent energies. The sextile makes you aware of your actions. It is an aspect of wisdom because it grants lucidity in acts and desires. This is seen at work because there is no spontaneous and thoughtless initiative. In love, it is in consciousness that we live our passions. We know why we act, why we are moved by this or that desire. We do not fall into the trap of unnecessary action or too much.

Saturday, July 9th, 2022
Mercury supports strong arguments and encourages you to speak out of turn, for Jupiter amplifies and distorts your words. You must think carefully before speaking and acting.

Mercury square Jupiter
This aspect induces distraction, blind optimism, lack of caution, and common sense. There is a risk of unnecessarily dispersing your intellectual potential, of making errors of judgment, and of taking decisions hastily. You mock everything and ask too many questions rather than getting to the point. It is best not to make important decisions about the long-term future, make new plans, or engage in financial negotiations.

Sunday, July 10th, 2022
The Sun favors innovation and invites you to step out of your comfort zone. Uranus liberates creativity and favors bold initiatives that happily break with the past.

Sun sextile Uranus
Something is changing, new perspectives are being considered and applied to daily life. Events will change your life smoothly, successfully, and without tears or regrets during this transit. It is vital to act without waiting for miracles to fall from the sky for this transit to be profitable. Circumstances are favorable, but it is essential to exploit them.

Wednesday, July 13th, 2022
Full Moon in Capricorn Contrasting states of mind.
Venus induces sensuality and desires curbed by Saturn's tutelage. It reminds you of moderation. Saturn channels emotions to favor controlled choices.

Venus trine Saturn
Better control of emotions and affections becomes more peaceful, stable, and profound. This is a time of solid love and little exteriorization, a time of sentimental status quo. The relationship between finances and domestic life is excellent. It is a perfect time to save, pay debts or invest capital with little chance of making mistakes. Artistic tastes will evolve towards more sobriety and authenticity. A return to the classical arts is temporarily possible.

Thursday, July 14th, 2022
Venus in Cancer favors nostalgic moods, but Mercury gives you an inventive, daring spirit. Venus flirts with a wild romanticism. You must keep your feet on the ground to avoid any illusory overflow. Uranus provokes lively but inventive debates and encourages risky but controlled decisions. Neptune confuses hearts and disturbs the dynamic field.

Mercury sextile Uranus
You are inspired by the outside world and want to share new ideas with enthusiastic people. You know what you want to realize your desires, but the company of others is excellent. You have the soul of an inventor, your mind imagines revolutionary concepts in many fields, and you share your discoveries with those interested.

Venus square Neptune
It is difficult to understand what you feel, and this situation may trigger tensions with those close to you. You give a lot hoping for a return that you do not necessarily receive. Disappointments plunge you into great disarray if you do not protect yourself better. Solitude is an excellent way to avoid too complicated stories, so take some time for yourself and think about what you really need.

Saturday, July 16th, 2022
Mercury induces a certain volubility. The Sun encourages reflection and facilitates exchanges.

Sun conjunct Mercury
Even if Mercury is never far from the Sun, it is in conjunction and sometimes even very close. This is a time to take advantage of the intellectual level and how we communicate. Mercury, the messenger, is in the light of our will. This is an opportunity to get a message across, whether at work or in an emotional setting. It is also an excellent time for merchants to be in the spotlight. Transactions and travel are made more accessible, especially if Mercury is direct.

Sunday, July 17th, 2022
The Sun amplifies imagination and a feel-good idealism. Mercury connects us to what is beyond us (intuition, subtle worlds),and Neptune inspires us, sharpens our intuition, and makes us dream.

Mercury trine Neptune
This is an excellent aspect for sharing your imagination with enterprising people. Fertile ideas are easier to practice if you have some freedom and leave others the tasks you are not gifted with. We communicate efficiently, quickly grasp what others are getting at, and understand ourselves without effort. You also can move around in different environments, and the information you discover is very enriching.

Sun trine Neptune
The transit of Neptune in trine to the Sun encourages you to let yourself be guided naturally by your aspirations and intuitions. It is as if life is showing you which way to go. You have the feeling of being supported, driven by an invisible or spiritual dimension. The imagination and artistic sensitivity are stimulated, and it becomes natural to express forms or emotions. Most of the time, you do not even try to boast about it but becomes aware of these tendencies.

Monday, July 18th, 2022
Mercury prevents us from moving away from a dominant thought that brings us back to order. Pluto suppresses any form of revolt or opposition.

Venus in Cancer
Tenderness and family

Mercury opposed Pluto
You are suspicious of everything, you ask yourself many questions to which you want to find answers, and some of your actions will seem inappropriate. There is a risk that you will put your torments aside so as not to deal with them, but if you transform reality too much, it will end up catching up with you. It is necessary to refocus and proceed step by step, starting with the oldest problems.

Tuesday, July 19th, 2022
Mercury in Leo tends to expose himself.

Wednesday, July 20th, 2022
The Sun induces a gap between lyrical flights of fancy, the desire for more security, and a collective shadow that remains present. Pluto opposes the voice against the voice of all, joint issues against more personal interventions.

Sun opposite Pluto
Pluto, opposed to the Sun, can provoke a vital encounter that suddenly opens your eyes to the truth of existence, an inescapable concept, different relationships, and a more open mind. The others are the catalysts of this force of transformation that Pluto represents. It is for them, through them, with them that you change your life, break up, or settle down. Your will dominates! However, it is necessary to impose it, want it, and defend it to free yourself from all hindrances and make yourself free to meet new people.

Friday, July 22nd, 2022
Sun in Leo Warmth and ambitions

Saturday, July 23rd, 2022
Jupiter channels our somewhat explosive words and emotions.

Mercury trine Jupiter
This aspect emphasizes eloquence, sociability, and academic success. This transit allows us to have an efficient analytical mind, make wise decisions, negotiate skillfully, and adapt with enthusiasm to any situation. Through curiosity and eloquence, you can better defend your ideas and image. These influences help move forward with projects that require mental agility and good organizational skills.

Monday, July 25th, 2022
Venus generates emotions that clash with the conjuncture that pushes you forward. It induces discordance between attachment to the past and a thirst for the enterprise. Jupiter nourishes beliefs, desires, passions and encourages excesses in love, business, or ideologies.

Venus square Jupiter
Jupiter in square to Venus will bring about emotional and intellectual tensions and emotional and financial excesses. Emotionality is at its peak, and if you are going through difficult times in your love life, you may make a difficult decision that you will later regret. It is best to take advice and keep a close eye on the financial sector by reducing spending and investments to avoid taking risks or losing money.

Tuesday, July 26th, 2022
Mercury may cause words to overtake thoughts and create conflictual situations. Mars turns debates or speaking out into confrontation.

Mercury square Mars
This aspect creates a critical atmosphere where the intellect scrutinizes everything in its path without asking too much about right and wrong. It is, therefore, the acerbic side of Mars that blurs reason a bit by making it an object of verbal aggression. It is better to postpone meetings that aim at finding a consensus. On the other hand, if you have something to say to someone, it will come out on its own... Obviously, the love sector cannot be spared. Sometimes, a detail can quickly turn sour.

Thursday, July 28th, 2022
New Moon in Leo Conquering creativity
Uranus enjoins us to stay within the law, not overstep the mark, and take everyone's opinion into account.

Mercury square Uranus
This is not a good time to express yourself at all. Your ideas are too unstable and sometimes nonsensical. You will not get your message across! You will be slowed down by constraints, unable to avoid delays and cancellations, even if you sincerely want to fulfill your obligations. You must adapt to this psychologically tiring transit. Long-term projects are to be put aside until you are more realistic.

Friday, July 29th, 2022
Jupiter ® in Aries Enthusiasm at half-mast

Sunday, July 31st, 2022
The Sun promises an expansion initiative. Mercury feeds the inner storms. It favors the expression of divisive words and exposes censorship. Jupiter brightens the outlook, enthusiasm, and faith in the future are reborn. Saturn makes exchanges difficult. Uranus sows discord and compromises progress. The tone rises if you break too violently with tradition.

Mercury is opposed to Saturn
You have little imagination and willpower. Tasks that require concentration are excruciating, and you have difficulty assuming your usual responsibilities. You do not want to communicate, and this attitude induces many constraints in daily life. There is only relaxation to get out of this dire situation. You should avoid debates and not start any negotiations.

Sun in trine with Jupiter
Opportunities for enrichment and fulfillment will present themselves. However, to benefit from them, you must be vigilant and available. You will be more imaginative and creative, quieter and happier than usual. Pleasant climates are more easily found or established, both with others and yourself. You can evolve from support, and unexpected help provided you do not want too much. However, this relaxed atmosphere and good mood could lead to bouts of gluttony. It is also an ideal time to take a vacation.

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