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Saturday, October the 24th
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Monthly Horoscope
The Sign of Scorpio
The Sign of Scorpio
Every age has their quirks
Every age has their quirks
Breaking news astro
Breaking news astro

Breaking News Astro

  Written by Daisy

Astro Flash for the month of November 2020

Sunday, November 1
Mercury stubbornly camps on positions, at the risk of pushing the exchanges towards an impasse and Saturn accentuates a stiffness of spirit and a difficulty to widen our horizons, to leave old concepts which have made their time.

Tuesday, November 3
Mercury resumes its direct race in Libra, an opportunity to revive more openly the debates that began last September.

Monday,November 9
Venus is in Libra and advocates diplomacy and consensus, but it is difficult to curb the aggressive energies of Mars which, in opposition in Aries, favors passages in force and is opposed to any diplomatic approach to current issues.

Tuesday, November 10
Mercury in Scorpio and in trigon with Neptune: by exploiting our intuition sharpened by the events, we could raise debates and finally place them on a plan more spiritual than material for the good of humanity!

Thursday, November 12
The sun evolves in Scorpio and invites us to develop our intuition, our creativity and to use these instruments of introspection and self-knowledge to evolve on a personal level. Jupiter could help to accelerate the process of transformation and Pluto accelerates all the processes underway.

Saturday, November 14
Mars finally resumes its direct course in Aries: energies are expressed more freely but there remains the need to look into the legitimacy of the actions undertaken. Moreover, the sun makes things move on the private, social and professional levels and supports and amplifies the metamorphoses induced by Pluto.

Sunday, November 15
It is difficult for Venus to convince the community to choose the path of peace and to curb a power that gives priority to outbursts rather than amicable arrangements. Jupiter induces a mutation supported by the sun.

Monday, November 16
With the sun, success and communicative enthusiasm promote our fulfillment in all areas of our lives, but let's not let Jupiter exaggeratedly amplify certain negative emotions and hinder the free expression of our luminous part.

Tuesday, November 17
Mercury agrees to reopen the debates, supported by Uranus which generates exchanges and discussions to be maintained.

Thursday November 19
With the sun, we can break down the obstacles that prevent us from progressing, but Venus is likely to encounter strong resistance, reason of State will surely prevail over any form of compromise.

Saturday, November 21
The sun in Sagittarius encourages competition and makes one want to take up challenges and Venus in Scorpio further increases the determination to win: a lot of intensity in all exchanges.

Tuesday, November 24
Mercury finally allows us to express arguments that can move things forward, and Neptune, the higher octave of our intellect, joins forces with it to clear the path that should lead us from the mind to the spirit and from a reduced vision of things to a more sacred apprehension of the human dimension.

Saturday, November 27
Mercury arouses an open-mindedness likely to give everyone the desire to believe and follow the leaders, but Venus in Scorpio has to deal with Uranus, which shakes up codes, deprives us of security and, through dialogue, gives us the best approach to get out of our comfort zone without losing all our bearings. Pluto could contribute to the birth of new ideas, new initiatives and perhaps a new world...

Sunday, November 29
Neptune takes again its direct course in Pisces and supported by Mercury and Jupiter, restores a fluidity which will make it possible the communication to advance in the good direction.

Monday, November 30
The full moon in Gemini opens up new horizons and prevents us from overtaking or worse, reversing!

Astro Flash for the month of October 2020

Thursday, October 1st
With the full moon in Aries, October is off to a flying start: beware of bloodshed and blows to the face, but welcome to help, love and good luck!

Friday, October 2
Venus in Virgo fosters concern for the good of the community and encourages us to give priority to the spirit of service. It only remains for each one to respond to this happy influence...

Monday, October 5
Pluto resumes its direct course in Capricorn and invites us to apply the transformations sown and which now complete their gestation. Let us be ready to enter a new world.

Wednesday, October 7
Mercury enters Scorpio and conflicts of interest arise between the desire to innovate and an obsessive tendency to question everything in an unconstructive way. In any case, Uranus pushes us out of our comfort zone.

Friday, October 9
Mars exposes us to movements of revolt against power and squared with Pluto, beware of sudden discharges of energy, impatience, frustration can induce violent collective reactions.

Saturday, October 10
Venus encourages us to move forward, to make things happen with the desire to improve our living conditions and those of others, but do not impose, under the influence of Jupiter, our aspirations on everyone. Uranus advises us to opt for a united vision of change.

Sunday, October 11
The sun opposes Mars, which is retrogressing and many situations are blocked, laws are not unanimous and those who disagree express it with little diplomacy.

Monday, October 12
Mercury, in sextile with Venus, boosts the sense of the collective, of help, of awareness, the path to take is that of service to the common cause and, thanks to Venus, the exchanges could be fruitful. In addition, the sextile between Neptune and Jupiter reinforces humanism considerably.

Tuesday, October 13
It is always the conflict between Mars and the sun: tension sets in, grumbling is collective and those in power may have to bend a little to avoid confrontation.

Wednesday, October 14
Mercury begins to downgrade to Scorpio; time gets bogged down in a somewhat viscous daily life where nothing progresses. For three weeks, let's prepare ourselves philosophically for delays, breakdowns, forgetfulness, misunderstandings...

Thursday, October 15
Nothing goes between the sun and Pluto anymore, despite a willingness to reach agreements, good resolutions come up against a movement of collective revolt or controversial political decisions.

Sunday, October 18
The conflict between the sun and Saturn sends the dialogues back to the wall. Venus, however, helps us to keep a sense of reality and, if not resolving the conflicts, it can help to soften them. Let us be wary however of the utopian influence of Neptune in its home of Pisces.

Monday, October 19
With Venus in Virgo, on the medical, service, or social level, progress is possible and Jupiter favors consultation, exchanges, dialogue, even if Mars blows on the embers and generates some overly authoritarian attitudes.

Tuesday, October 20
Mercury helps us to hold our ground, but we must not be too rigid in our opinions and keep an open mind. Uranus obliges us anyway to review our fundamentals.

Wednesday, October 21
Venus inspires the community to take useful and humane action, and Pluto relies on diplomacy and a broader view of the debates, we are more likely to succeed together, inspiring rather than forcing the other's hand.

Thursday, October 22
The sun in Scorpio is in good aspect of Pluto and Saturn, it strongly encourages constructive debates, in the idea of preparing a new world because an inevitable metamorphosis is underway.

Saturday October 24
Venus noticeably warms the atmosphere and helps us to overcome obstacles, allied to Saturn, it helps us to pass our messages smoothly and rely on diplomacy to make ourselves heard.

Sunday, October 25
The sun and Mercury unite at the beginning of Scorpio and the debates can become heated, especially if they concern the emotional or financial life.

Wednesday, October 28
Mercury retrograde temporarily returns to Libra and helps us considerably to elevate the debates to end them soon in a really productive way. This transit is still supported by the benevolence of Venus entering Libra.

Saturday, October 31
The full moon in Taurus joins Uranus and favors a climate of destabilization, there is a lot of agitation, an atmosphere of rebellion, everyone tries to take advantage of the situation for himself and tensions build up.

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