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Wood, Metal, Water, Earth or Fire? Identify your Chinese element

Written by Evie

Wood, Metal, Water, Earth or Fire? To find out your Chinese element, please enter your date of birth below:

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Your Chinese sign, based on your year of birth, is also associated with one of the 5 elements of Chinese astrology: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. These 5 elements are closely linked through certain interactions:

- Wood is nourished by water, it feeds fire, it is cut by metal, and it exhausts the Earth.
- Fire is nourished by wood, which nourishes the earth, it is extinguished by water, and it melts metal.
- Earth is fed by fire, it creates metal, it is exhausted by wood, and it absorbs water.
- Metal is created by Earth, it feeds water, it is destroyed by fire, and it cuts wood.
- Water is fed by metal, it feeds wood, it is controlled by Earth, and it extinguishes fire.

The Wood element is realistic and methodical. They are tenacious and sociable, expansive, and optimistic. In a relationship and with their family, Wood always finds compromises.

The Fire element is agitated, impulsive and ambitious. It focuses on the future, adventure, and new experiences. In a relationship and with their family, Fire is enthusiastic but remains independent.

The Earth element is Cartesian, practical, and reliable. They have a keen sense of realities and values. In a relationship, and as a family, Earth needs to build a strong and sustainable home.

The Metal element is reserved and very ambitious. They are independent and autonomous, and they do not support collective activities. In a relationship and as a family, Metal is protective but a bit domineering.

The Water element is sensitive and emotional. They feed on intuitions and feelings but they lack a little self-confidence. In a relationship and as a family, Water relies on their partner to build a safe and cozy home.

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