Chinese Love Tarot reading

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STEP 1 / 7: Before even drawing the first cards of the Chinese Tarot, we need your date of birth and that of your partner:

First person:

Second person:

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Do you wonder if you are made for each other? What are the affinities between you and your other half? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your couple? What do you need to do to be in perfect love in the next few days? We have the answers to all these questions! The Chinese Love Tarot reveals indications and relevant advices to help you evolve in your relationship and be happy.

The draw takes place in 3 steps:

- 1: First, refer to the four cards that represent your Chinese animal and element for you and your other half. This draw will allow you to better know the functioning of your couple by your signs and Chinese elements, respective (your qualities, your defects, your vision of love and challenge of couple).

- 2: Then, knowing your respective Chinese animal and element, proceed to the drawing of the complementary cards, by drawing 3 cards at random, in a spontaneous and random way, in the 6 packs in front of you representing a color, a flavor, an organ, a season, an atmosphere or a behavior. This drawing of 3 cards will allow you to discover through these various symbols, the influences that you are undergoing or that you will undergo in the near future as a couple.

- 3: After the interpretation of each card, you will discover thanks to our analysis and our advice at the end of the drawing, the degree of compatibility of your couple and the keys to go further together these next days!

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