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Descendant in Cancer meanings in your Natal Chart

Written by Mary

The characteristics of the Cancer descendant:

Your descendant is Cancer

Having a Cancer Descendant (and therefore an Ascendant in Capricorn),you are rather paradoxical. On the one hand, you want to be reliable, competent and serious, even at the risk of sometimes passing for someone cold because the sector concerning the relationship is under the aegis of the severe Saturn. On the other hand, as far as your relationships are concerned, you are much softer: you are looking for a fusion, even if you are mistaken for a loner.

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Behavior of the Descendant Cancer

Oh my, relationships are never easy, with this position. The Cancer-Capricorn axis puts forward issues related to emotional withdrawal and independence. As an adult, you are eager to meet expectations. Responsibilities do not scare you, especially professional ones. Governed by Saturn, you are austere enough. On the other hand, your Descendant is under the control of the Moon. This planet symbolizes motherhood and emotions. With this combination, we can see it well, you often fear your partner, for various reasons. As the Moon is changing like the tides, your entry will be much more fluid than your personality. Often, we can also think that you are going towards the other backwards. You are also afraid of being rejected, which reminds you of that childhood moment, when your mother left you in the dark and you had to learn to overcome your weaknesses.

Moreover, you prefer to advance in known terrain. You have to learn to see the other person in a daily context in order to risk yourself. Often, you are also carried by your impressions, your unconscious and your feelings. You do not always want to see the whole situation, you can delude yourself in this way, which will surprise those who know you under your Capricornian appearance. It will be necessary that you release the pressure and especially, that you overcome your shyness. Do not be afraid of your weaknesses, go to the indulgent people.

The Love of the Descendant Cancer

Confidence is the keyword for this combination. Your anxious nature needs to find familiar landmarks, a sense of familiarity. Love, in your case, can easily be confused with affection or protection. You do not need demonstrations of strength but rather someone who will enter your bubble. You dream of an osmosis like the one you had known in the womb. Tenderness goes beyond passion: you like to engage to start a family or to share memories. Everything, in your case, pushes you towards a long-term relationship, which will grow over time.

Business for the Descendant Cancer

With Cancer as Descendant, you are traditional in business. The ideal for you would be to take over a business from your parents, to work with your family. As soon as there is affect, you feel reassured. So you hate to take risks and often this character trait does not favor contracts that are out of the box, which could be stimulating. You rely a lot on the reputation of your partners, going on instinct. If you do not like it, you will not sign, it's as simple as that. Sometimes your childish attitude will hurt you and you prefer to act alone, finding your reflex of Capricorn (at the Ascendant). But let yourself be surprised by the imagination of your business partners. Complementarity can be interesting.

Your Partner

With a Cancer Descendant, it is difficult to describe how a particular partner should please you and suit you. It's a set of favorable impressions that will put you at ease. You look, of course, for sweetness, and if it can have maternal accents, regardless of sex, it's even better. You meet the definition of a great professional or career woman who needs to be pampered by someone who minimizes the bitter side of existence. Physically, it is often an eternal child or loose clothing, with big eyes, a poet or a muse, that attracts you.

How to Bond with the Descendant Cancer ?

Because you need to be reassured, it is often thanks to your family, or as part of family activities that you could find a soul mate. Romantic, you open your eyes during weddings or baptisms. If well-intentioned people have the idea of sitting next to a candidate they think is right for you, let them. Then, when you are with someone, you prefer to cocoon more than go out.


In this axis, your lucidity can lead you to flee, unless the excessive plasticity of your partner actually reveals softness. As much as you are capable of having broad shoulders, so much must you have trust and esteem for the other. As soon as this other feels teased in their shell, they can close themselves off. One of the main risks of this position lies in a hostility that does not go to breaking point, because the other clings but gives nothing. And that can be even worse.

Celebrities who share the Descendant in Cancer :

Monica Bellucci, Taylor Swift, Sean Connery, Bono.

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