What are the effects of the New Moon of December 12, 2023

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New Moon of December 12, 2023

New Moon Ritual: At the time of the new moon, an energy of renewal takes place. Sit in a quiet place and be relaxed: choose a clear intention, start your request with thank you and write your wish as if it had already been fulfilled. Discover our article for Abundance Check.

A new moon in a fire sign awaits us this December 12, 2023.

A fiery New Moon for two reasons:

First, the sun and moon are at 20°39 in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which is retrograde in Taurus. In Sagittarius we hold our ideals high and this is often akin to beliefs. This is why the sign of Sagittarius is associated with religion and philosophy. It is the desire to take a high view and to give meaning to the whole system that surrounds us, as opposed to the sign of Gemini, which is interested in what is there, in front of its eyes. But sometimes, in Sagittarius, we can lose our footing, we can distance ourselves from reality with very theoretical and too idealistic concepts. We can recognize the ruler of this lunation, Jupiter, who never stops wanting to grow and go further, always looking for new discoveries. Sagittarius is also associated with travel. This New Moon of December 12 projects us into the need to discover and find meaning in the world we live in. This will be an opportunity to revisit your ideals. Reach for the sky like the Centaur! We will learn to think bigger, to not be afraid of ambitions, even if they seem out of proportion.

The second reason this New Moon is under the energies of Fire is its conjunction with Mars. Mars the adventurer, the courageous, but also the warlike... A certain impulsiveness may take hold of our minds. For the more feisty among us, this may reveal an angry or reckless temperament. In any case, a crazy desire to move forward awaits us. Aries masters don't ask questions and go for it, whatever it takes.

If it burns under our feet, if impulsiveness is there to guide our steps, we should not rejoice for all that. Indeed, Mercury begins its retrograde on December 12 and will start its direct course on January 2, 2024. In Capricorn, Mercury is naturally suspicious and makes sure that no detail escapes him. Once retrograde, its slowness is accentuated for even more analysis. We then do re-reading after re-reading, which counters the ardor of this New Moon.

On the one hand, we always want more discoveries, on the other hand we need to calm down to see clearly and think calmly. What to choose?

It is by looking at Neptune that we can make our choice. Indeed, the square of Neptune to the Sun and the Moon tells us that we risk getting lost in wanting more and more. We risk going forward in a fog. Jupiter retrograde, in sesqui-square to the luminaries, also warns us that the party could be expensive... On the other hand, the trine to Mercury invites us to follow the famous messenger, because the path is then less risky.

As for Venus, which often has a bad reputation in Scorpio, it benefits from a nice trine to Saturn which allows you to keep control. It is a bit like the valve of this New Moon in Sagittarius. Venus allows us to live our sometimes secret passions. If Mercury is very serious, it allows us, with its sextile to Venus, to do some crazy things.

This is a new moon that pushes us to act, to review our ideals, but also to be sensible. We will live the energies of Sagittarius but we must keep a certain control, otherwise the Centaur will burn its wings.

New Moon of November 13, 2023

New Moon Ritual: At the time of the new moon, an energy of renewal takes place. Sit in a quiet place and be relaxed: choose a clear intention, start your request with thank you and write your wish as if it had already been fulfilled. Discover our article for Abundance Check.

The New Moon in Scorpio on November 13, 2023 sees the conjunction of the Sun-Moon pair with Mars. Mars is the co-master of Scorpio. He was in control before Pluto was discovered in 1930. The nature of Mars, God of war, makes sense in Aries, but in Scorpio Mars is frighteningly efficient! He is more instinctive and perhaps even more aggressive. Competitive in Aries, explosive in Scorpio. This triple conjunction marks a "very" Scorpio New Moon.

In the midst of autumn, the fixed sign of Scorpio plunges us into the collective unconscious, into archaic things, where death is found, but also rebirth. Soils littered with dead leaves hide a life waiting to resurface. The maceration of humus which seems to mean death is in reality a fabulous invisible spectacle, a factory of life. This is why Scorpio is also associated with esoteric disciplines. As soon as one works with the invisible, one is in the Scorpio energies. Astrology is part of it, but also psychology, to name but a few.

With Mars so strong, this New Moon promises tensions, fights. It asks us to go and find this primitive energy deeply rooted in each of us. And the place of manifestation of this state of tension is to be found in the opposite, in Taurus. For the lunation is opposed to Uranus in Taurus. Since Uranus represents sudden events, one may fear that one must fight tooth and nail with what comes from outside and without warning. Also, the Saturn-Mercury square asks us to be extremely wise and to systematically find a solution to each problem. The atmosphere is not really relaxed. So what can you count on to make the best of this New Moon? Neptune! The planet of unconditional love is in trine to the Sun, the Moon and Mars, inviting you to take things in stride. Neptune softens the situation considerably with its spiritual dimension. It allows you to realize that you are not fighting anyone but yourself.

Let's not forget that the three slowest planets, the ones that shape generations, are in harmonic aspects: Pluto, Neptune and Uranus link together to conceive more peaceful generations. Today's fights with this Full Moon should not make us forget the need for appeasement that our society needs. Another planet comes to soften the climate: it is Venus. The beautiful planet of love, at home in Libra, seeks peace in the household, peace with partners. This is a position of Venus that favors the "beautiful", the Art, the union. In sextile to Mercury, there is emulation between love and intellect. If responsibilities are heavy to bear with Saturn on one side, a certain lightness comes to console the mind which then finds there a soothing resource. Venus in trine to Pluto is in charge of the instinct and the clairvoyance of the ruler of this lunation.

Finally, even if this New Moon in Scorpio can be frightening at first sight, remember that you have a lot of support from the planets of love. It's no coincidence that love still offers a solution to anger. This is a great lunation for learning. Learn to fight, but also learn to let go. Never lose faith says Neptune. To love sincerely says Venus. Only Jupiter is alone, isolated in Taurus and without aspect to any other planet. So perhaps we should not rely on luck alone. Acting with faith is all that matters, as long as the cause is just.

New Moon in Leo on October 14, 2023

It's eclipse season, and for this New Moon in Libra on October 14, the Moon passing over its South Node causes a solar eclipse. The sky will take on a very special color that should be admired if you have the opportunity. The south node represents the passage of the Moon across the ecliptic in its waning phase, and as the Moon blocks the Sun's rays, we are invited to look back at the past. This lunation is conjunct Mercury which accentuates the diplomatic virtues of Libra. It is a period that favors listening, compromise, and taking into consideration others and their positions. In Libra, the sky also invites us to appreciate the "beautiful", the harmony, the balance. The sign that marks the autumnal equinox seeks general harmony after we have found our best in Virgo. This October 14 also marks a New Moon in dissonant aspect to Pluto. A square!

Still in Capricorn, Pluto, ruler of the sign of Scorpio, is not going in the direction of diplomacy. It darkens the sky and can bring unresolved events from the past to the surface. Libra's energies of justice and balance must therefore deal with this need to get old files out of the closet. So it's never easy to get back into these kinds of affairs, but obviously Pluto is not asking us to do so for nothing. However, Pluto went back into direct course on October 11. This is still a transit to be considered, as we know it is heading for the sign of Aquarius. Pluto is in fact full of hope, but on the long term... The transformation requested is really going in the right direction even if it is a bit painful.

Mars being in Scorpio since October 13, it also teaches us that diplomacy and consensus building have their limits. We are therefore entering a rather harsh period where we will have to apprehend the tense climate willed by Pluto. Since he is in Capricorn, this may have to do with institutions, public authority, hierarchy, etc. If nothing seems to be able to help us to escape the efforts required, we must nevertheless note the harmonic aspects of this New Moon: the sextile of Venus to Mars clearly softens the sky with a touch of love. Venus in Virgo knows how to find reassurance. Caring and seeking calm, she can help us stay serene without getting lost in the overflowing energy of Mars in Scorpio. Also, Mars' trine to Saturn assures us of channeled, concrete actions and stability. All is not so dark after all, as long as you know not to get carried away.

The balance remains to be found, perhaps by showing a certain combativeness, but always in a Libra spirit of love and balance. The 3 slowest planets being in harmonic aspects, this forces us to lift our noses a bit by getting out of our ego and trusting the future. Everything is not played out in one lunation. We are currently setting intentions that are the building blocks of our new, more just home. In one year, Pluto will have completed its work in Capricorn and a new generation will be born, built on a new foundation. Now we must work to clean up our old messes, not turn a blind eye, not try to cover them up. If necessary, you will raise your voice, but always in a benevolent spirit, because you know that you are working for something much bigger than your daily life.

New Moon in Leo on September 15, 2023

New Moon Ritual: At the time of the new moon, an energy of renewal takes place. Sit in a quiet place and be relaxed: choose a clear intention, start your request with thank you and write your wish as if it had already been fulfilled. Discover our article for Abundance Check.

The September 15 New Moon occurs in the sign of Virgo at 2:14 am. A lot of energy, work, practice, the need to improve and a sense of detail. Mercury, the ruler of this new Moon, is also in Virgo and still in retrograde, but the ephemeris tells us that he goes back into direct course the day after this lunation. We are obliged to take into account this imminent direct course of Mercury. When Mercury retrogrades in Virgo, the atmosphere can be heavy, as it is a sign of work and analysis. This direct course will do us a world of good, as it will free us up a bit. We are still in Virgo, but our intellect will be lighter and we will feel as if we are moving faster.

Opposite the Sun and the Moon, we find Neptune in Pisces. Here Neptune works powerfully to open up in the broadest sense. It's time to love one another, some would say. The last sign of the zodiac concludes a complete cycle, that of life's trials, and invites us to let go, to feel unconditional love, to be compassionate. This is a beautiful opposition between two energies: that of Virgo very concentrated on concrete things, reason, rationalization, especially in the presence of Mercury, and the energy of Pisces, completely irrational, going beyond the framework of concrete life to open us to the field of spirituality.

But this New Moon has some wonderful things that need to be detailed: first of all, it is served by a beautiful trine of Jupiter and Uranus: opportunities, generosity, desire for change, sudden and positive events, etc. Mercury is also supported by Jupiter which brings a note of optimism to the intellectual field. All this tells us that there is something very positive about playing the energies of Virgo: work, analysis, self-criticism.

Pluto is also part of the party, as it is in trine to the Sun and the Moon. The deep intuition interferes to bring what is needed of instinct to pure reason. Moreover, a magnificent grand trine in Earth signs forms in the sky, a superb reassuring energy, bringing stability.

The gifts of this New Moon in Virgo don't stop there, however: Mars and Venus are in sextile to create a beautiful emulation between the world of desires and that of feelings. Things are going smoothly, with Mars in Libra, very consensual, and Venus in Leo, very beautiful and in direct course. Be careful, however, not to overdo it, as the square of Jupiter to Venus may tempt you to want more and more!

A little effort is still required and it is represented by Mercury's opposition to Saturn: do not let Mercury get carried away in its return to the direct course. A bit overexcited, Mercury needs to stabilize in this new momentum, and it's everything that is intellectual that needs to be methodically organized. Saturn wants you to be meticulous in doing one thing after another.

So this is a beautiful New Moon in Virgo, rather "easy", because the energetic impulses are natural and emulate each other. You can go about your work with a sense of detail, but always with an eye on Neptune, which gives meaning to this meticulous work. Finally, you think you are working for yourself, on yourself, but in reality you are working for the world, for the universe, so that each day may be more beautiful, so that we may see our souls reunite in love.

Definition of the New Moon:
The cycle of the Moon lasts about 29 days, starting with the New Moon. We see the Moon grow into the Full Moon. Then it shrinks until the next New Moon.During the New Moon, the star of the night is invisible, hidden in the Earth's shadow. It is not observable since it is totally dark.

The New Moon is a sign of a new beginning, a moment in life when we start something, such as a project, or even a child, often unconsciously. It is the time of the month when we are most likely to succeed in our goals.The New Moon is about relationships. It gives great vitality, impulsiveness, and sensitivity.People born during a New Moon have considerable energy, a bursting impulse, but this conjunction of lights causes confusion and subjectivity induced by an exacerbated sensitivity.
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