What are the effects of the New Moon on April 12, 2021?

Written by Evie

New moon April 12, 2021

The energy of the new moon in April 2021 prefigures spring without too much care. The sign of Aries stands at the helm and leaves no real choice; it carries with it the whole line of planets that have given themselves an appointment there unless it is the other way around!

Anyway, the mutable mode is largely solicited, Uranus in Taurus leads the dance, accompanied by the black moon, before the conjunction Mercury/sun/moon/Venus/in Aries, concocting a remarkable astral cocktail that will have to be observed before adopting it!

Decisions taken in haste or on a whim, attempts to force their way through, can run up against the wall of rejection or dismissal on the ropes. It is a whole philosophy of life that will then have to be adopted in order to dodge the volleys! Thus, it appears that this new moon leads to full awareness of the possibilities and capacities available in our environment, on which we can rely to move forward and evolve.

The sign of Aries gives its natives a special power that makes them capable of driving initiatives and bringing people together around the same goal. This is the whole point of the period: to trace a new path to be cleared and followed. However, before we get there, we will have to resolve the external contradictions that foster the development of a certain number of frustrations. The new moon on the Aries/Libra axis can, indeed, make indecision pay a high price. It will then be necessary to get out of the confusion by developing one's own resources. It can also be the vector of eternal arbitration between two or more opposing ideas or people, one can witness "arm wrestling", conflicts as sudden as they are unexpected, "spark things off".

In short, one will try in vain to harmonize the eternal opposites. Thus, by oscillating from one side to the other without taking a position, the energies that the new moon in April will be the revelation, or the witness, of desperate avoidance behaviors: above all, do not take a stand for one side or the other. Fortunately, Venus, mistress of Libra, plays the allies by siding with the new moon and offering the diplomatic card. The close conjunction of the moon with Venus opens up communication, which greatly helps to crystallize positive thoughts. Acquiring self-awareness and awareness of things is then part of the challenges to be taken up, which amounts to fueling social exchanges or interpersonal relationships. One can then imagine that goodwill and benevolence will be there, or at least that some will try to do so. It is then the effort made to be open to others that will bring peace and serenity.

Without necessarily forcing us to sacrifice our own individuality, the new moon invites us to overcome excessive sensitivity, to stop struggling to maintain a precarious balance, by valuing collective interests to develop individual identity we will act effectively. In short, listening to what everyone wants to say is like finding the path to mediation. However, under the influence of this new spring moon, it will probably be extremely difficult to make concrete decisions. The surrounding freedom of thought will not have free elbows to free itself from preconceived ideas. We will then see postulates that seemed to have been laid down for several months, collapsing under the pressure of new constraints, or new discoveries. In any case, the aim is to secure and regulate.

Thus, the natives of the zodiacal axis concerned (Aries/Libra) may feel annoyed: there is the unpleasant impression of not receiving a reward commensurate with their efforts, or of not feeling recognized for having made one or more sacrifices. But this situation is of short duration, the aspect of the sun/moon conjunction is sensitive, and this annoyance remains fleeting. Aquarius and Gemini enter into the thoughtful and successful action. The constraint of rules and time management forces them to prioritize. It is the best way to move forward and to give oneself perspectives, moreover the social game is their ally.

The natives of Sagittarius and those of Leo feel the counterweight of the stars and can rejoice in the massive fallout: the grain has been sown; it is now a matter of preparing for the future harvest by communicating widely on what has been implemented. Taurus accentuates its need for evolution and change, or simply lives it. Internship, new job, moving environment, something is pushing it towards the future, because it puts a foot in its future: in the short or medium term. The natives of Capricorn continue the momentum of this beginning of the year and will see the culmination of their efforts at the next Full Moon.

Virgo feels vaguely on neutral ground and takes advantage of its free will to renew vows or promises. The natives of Pisces question their becoming, the answers often arrive to them by a little strange ways or they face coincidences which are not really. The strange feeling that everything was written accompanies them throughout this period. Cancer and Scorpio are spoilt for choice: Cancer because they feel largely galvanized by the moon in Aries, Scorpio because the options validated since September 2020 are really, really the right ones!

February's new moon focused on the United States (Trigon at the North Node in Gemini),while April's new moon looks towards the European Union. It is through initiatives, through the obligation to reflect on existing structures, but also through the analysis of situations, that we will have to find the means to move smoothly towards imaginative solutions. It is the art of benefiting from the light of the stars shining in the sky: knowing how to take advantage of their benefits and retain their proposals. We will then come out of it very enlightened!

New moon of March 13, 2021

The mysterious new moon of March 2021 opens unknown worlds. Its mystical, distant, and nocturnal resonances give to the days it impregnates a blue indigo color. Vibrant as much as sensitive, it obeys the planet Neptune, assimilated to the god of the same name who reigns over the seas and oceans.

The period is thus subjected to the upheavals and the depths under the effect of the instabilities of which Neptune is accustomed; on the other hand, associated with Venus, the planet seems to preach universality, the refusal of aggressive behaviors. Neptune proposes rather the recourse to peace in front of provocative events, calmness, and balance in front of natural or societal overflows.

How does this shimmering kaleidoscope come together and move? This very surprising Mars sky may cause some lines to move that seemed immutable. Indeed, in connection with the unreachable horizon, the unfathomable and troubled depths, the reduction to silence, Neptune, in its home in Pisces, has all freedom to express its various facets. Listening to the seabed there will be strange discoveries: wrecks or treasures, dissimulations, or revelations.

But the illusions dazzling the surface will sometimes prevent access to buried truths. Seen from the earth, the sun seems to be taken hostage between the moon and Neptune, both being very powerful in the sign of Pisces. Mindfulness is therefore somewhat overwhelmed by enveloping energies that take social issues very far and can divert the interests of one to the benefit of the other. Thus, the political question is at the heart of the subject, the sign of Pisces and Neptune being in conjunction with public policies but also the financial world, health, and ethical, even religious questions. Lastly, this new moon in Pisces also signs water in movement.

What should be provided for the natives of the sign concerned? Impregnated by the different echoes that maritime waves carry, they have to choose between the many possibilities that the new moon offers them, which can be complicated. Especially for those who celebrate their birthdays under this influence and experience a year full of twists and turns. Creative people have tenfold gifts, some will even be able to produce their life's work. Something emanating from a collective memory crosses them and becomes a message to be transmitted. We will therefore have to stay tuned.

In the square of the planets in Pisces, Mars in Gemini insists on the educational environment but also on trade, this period will raise all the questions that have not been settled beforehand. On the other hand, Gemini natives will be able to tackle ambitious projects, some of which are well supported by their hierarchy or professional environment, while others can count on a blaze of glory, depending on their activities: job search, studies, change of life. In any case, everyone is entering a new stage.

The restructuring which announces itself in the social framework impacts all sectors, there is a lot of legislation, the planets in transit in Aquarius multiply the announcements and social expectations tenfold. The natives of this sign, as for them, benefit from a capital sympathy from high-ranking people but this is not always enough to achieve their goals. Fortunately, some attractive proposals may present themselves: the right one will have to be recognized. The natives of Aquarius ascendant find their chance, it is deserved, it is the result of an important and long term investment.

ad_all_right#The domains related to this Leo - Aquarius axis are sensitive to the new moon of Mars, but also remain subject to the Saturn thrust. It is the associative milieus that are targeted, but also the culture and art sector, for which a consensus could emerge. The Leo have some difficulties with their master, the sun, lost in Pisces. They will have to listen to their intuition more than their usual logic. Capricorn and Taurus resist strongly. Some thanks to their unusual reactivity in decision making, others because the metamorphosis is coming to an end and their brand new wings allow them to take off beautifully. The new moon of March also signs the awakening of nature by the approach of spring; but by the action of Uranus in Taurus everything concerning agriculture, ecology, is once again in the forefront: obligatory decisions, tensions sometimes.

The natives of Virgo and Sagittarius react differently to the same effects, yet the new moon applies its placebo without too much remorse. Especially for the natives of Virgo who almost forget their usual annoyances, a question of law can even turn to their advantage. It is the power of persuasion, but also the ability to impose oneself in the face of an authority that makes Sagittarius win points. The result is there, it is then a question of assuming success.

On the sly, the soft glow of Venus illuminated by the new moon carries the natives of Libra into the distance. They live their eternal loves, or their loves of passage, without worrying about tomorrow. Dreams of travel and exoticism change their daily lives into fully accessible virtual worlds. You just have to want it. Finally, on the Wheel of Fortune of the new moon, Cancer and Scorpio are the great beneficiaries. First of all, their projects are favored, but it is above all in feeling and mental strength that they are unbeatable. Nothing can make Scorpio give up anymore, everything it touches turns into gold or positive energies. As for Cancer, at ease in this aquatic environment, it dives into the depths of being: itself or others. Natives in connection with children, humanities, real estate, or creativity are strongly supported by the aspects. The secret is trust.

The siren song that accompanies the new moon of Mars will not be fatal to us. On its strange ocean, it transships our great dilemmas and our heavy ships full of illusions. Becoming aware of the service rendered means allowing oneself to be overwhelmed in order to find one's limits: those of our omnipotence, whether real or fantasized.

New moon of February 11, 2021

In the sign of Aquarius, the New Moon on February 11, 2021, is fully realized. In this period, the planets are meeting in force, so it will be necessary to consider that this grouping of energies accompanies the events and especially the behaviours in the direction of Aquarius's sign. Here the Aquarius type is pure, and any birth that takes place in these days of the New Moon will strongly mark the newborn child with its natal sign. The native of Aquarius is often visionary. They apprehend life primarily by their social role and its impact on its environment, by which they feel strongly concerned. They are faithful and loyal friends. They know how to be appreciated due to their disinterested action. They are always motivated by their interest in people and humanity in general.

Moreover, we often find them involved in the associative world. Serious and reserved, they go very far and sometimes reach very high. However, here all aspects of the personality are concerned: from intellect to feelings, from integration into the world to mental structuring, everything passes through the filter of the sign of Aquarius. Therefore, the period is subject to an intense concentration of values and overcoming the ego, universality, reflection, and interaction between human beings. Would the Aquarian Era be announced under the auspices of this New Moon? What guide could we have at this particular time? The slow planets have almost all left Capricorn's sign.

Their essential mission was to restructure and redistribute the cards: finances, economy, immune defences, intellectual approach, all the Capricorn "spheres" now arrive in Aquarius where their role is to innovate. Through the concrete actions that may be proposed, the notable orientations that will bring about change are outlined. Aquarius is convinced that only the collective work would save humanity, bringing all the strength of its belief and weapons within this New Moon framework. For Aquarius' weapons are not those of war: they defend ideas and, more often than not, ideals. It will be interesting to observe how these give an original and surprising twist to any decision taken at a very high level. Leo, who is the opposite of Aquarius in the zodiac, brings its personal touch.

It will be challenging to avoid power games under this New Moon and a particular staging of the various biases. All the natives of the signs of Fire (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) will directly hold on to elements that are part of a general context or even a global project. These natives can undoubtedly rely on concrete proposals and convincing and convinced partnerships; the beams of agreement that they were the only ones to see for the last few months jump out at everyone. They will then have to protect their interests against unscrupulous people.

The signs of Air (Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra),of course, evolve in the Aquarian atmosphere and confirm their conformity to the different expectations. Indeed, this aerial period leaves them all latitudes to prove themselves, in all fields. The power of Uranian energies traverses them: anticipation, opportunity, reactivity, and above all, this little extra soul that gives them the ability to integrate, digest information, and use it wisely. Not quite a superhero, but almost! The signs of air play and win.

The native of the Libra, in particular, (paradoxically) keeps this small all-too-human part of themselves by doing justice to the whole Earth and remaining empathetic with everyone. It is the part that attracts Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo) that are entirely redrawn during the New Moon. How do the light and mobile force of the air element support the qualities of Earth? By allowing its natives to take a new breath and develop an ability to prepare the future in anticipation of a future harvest. Capricorn, in particular, feels the lightness of air on their shoulders.

This year business is picking up (or being confirmed),and what has been hard-won is generously returning to them in the different sectors of life, depending on their personal theme. Virgo and Taurus keep their distance, and it's mainly the native of Taurus who, under the pressure of Aquarian energies, has obligations to start questioning. It will be wise to direct the reflection in a collegial framework: with your family, in the private domain, and by taking further advice in the professional or social sphere. Taurus, who is not used to sharing their opinions, will benefit from this.

As for Virgo's natives, their imagination's power is a little blocked by the need to limit their daily life. They happily rely on the reactivity of Mercury in Aquarius. This allows them to put meaning back where they could no longer find it. The natives of the signs of Water (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio) are programmed to resume the thread of their story. Under the force of a "Uranized" and somewhat utopian Moon, the native of Cancer doubles their ability to mix the past and the future. It allows them to make the most of their past experiences.

They filter and recondition their emotions, which serve as a sufficient basis for a new life. The multiplication of the sensations that the native of Pisces is subject to soothes the conflicts they could be victims of. In reality, they keep their hand, and nobody manages to destabilize them. Moreover, the New Moon offers them the gift of expanding their skills to decipher riddles, detect the invisible, and read thoughts.

Let's be confident. The Aquarian New Moon is indeed waiting for us to slip up, but it is for the right cause: that of becoming of the fundamental values of a universal radiance and new birth. Although Aquarius is an air sign, it offers us the waters of life. Let us learn to drink them in, but above all, preserve them in their richness and entirety.

New moon of January 13, 2021

The first impulse triggered by the new moon in January is slowed down this month by the planetary cluster in the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. It will be particularly complicated to benefit from the momentum usually associated with the first few days of the year. In other words, the good resolutions written in our little manuals of "intentions at the beginning of the year" will have difficulty in becoming reality. If the cardinal nature of the sign of Capricorn pushes rather forward, the strong presence of the planets distributed between the two signs of Saturn and reinforced by the latter induces celestial brakes. You will have to push a little to lift them up. To put it another way: the sky is a bit heavy and, even if it does not fall on your head, you might feel hindered in your movements. The accentuation of the "obstacles in the way" or of the "come through without a scratch" will depend, of course, on each person's natal theme.In any case, the cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer) and the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) are under the gaze of the stars.

The sign of Capricorn concentrates the energy of the new moon. Indeed, the luminaries meet there, and this presence is consolidated by Pluto in the last degrees of the sign. The planet Venus is not to be outdone: it plays the surprise and playful without being impressed. Pluto takes on any challenge, the natives of Capricorn understand that they have a window of opportunity that will not come up again: when the dice are rolled, they roll a "double-six", exciting jealousies or bad players. In reaction to the sun/moon conjunction, the Cancers step up to the plate and hit the bull's eye. They are not used to imposing themselves harshly, so they cushion any annoyances flexibly and even win over uncooperative people to their cause. It is like a sleight of hand: the natives do the crab walk and turn the situation around, the others see only fire. A crowning achievement for this water sign.

The oversized action capacities of the natives of Aries are somewhat dulled under this new moon but are reinforced by an interesting spirit of inventiveness. Thus, the development of their ultra-sensory perception is reflected in their external or social activity, which increases tenfold and is consolidated. In short, Aries sums up the opposites and still manages to find its way around: it was not that obvious! The inner motivation of Libra is underpinned by the effort that this period of adaptation requires of them. Largely overwhelmed by their own creativity, the natives are asked to explain the why and how of each of their decisions. We should not count on that in this period: Libra or not, they die in a form of mutism, while continuing to express themselves... In silence. If their entourage follows the story so much the better, if not so much the worse!

The business is not so bad for the natives of Taurus. Indeed, even under Uranian influence, they manage to reconcile body and soul. Feeling fiery, sometimes a little detonated or obliged to organize small disorders, they understand that one has nothing for nothing. New activities or new projects, even if they sometimes struggle to find their cruising speed, are being recognized. The natives of Leo see, with a little height, that there is justice in this world, and they rejoice that it is to their advantage. They have the delicacy of not over-emphasizing this to less fortunate people, thus avoiding being put in their place. Note the presence of the Share of Fortune in Sagittarius, which gives Leos an appreciable margin of maneuver.

The Scorpios throw themselves headlong into the action and take up the thread, somewhat interrupted, of the activities for which they have been mobilized in recent months. Nothing stands in their way anymore. For these natives, the contrasting effects are the result of a sensitivity to one or the other of the aspects involved. As a whole, we find: uncompromising activity and/or sometimes changing relationships established in old relationships. In any case, the movement of their energies, both physical and mental, pushes them forward, they no longer accept any compromise and trace their future. Somewhat challenged by the constraints of Saturn, the natives of Aquarius accept to evolve by referring to a system of values that they had not necessarily validated or integrated. It is all the strength of this new moon to give the opportunity to change, without really losing it. Certainly, obliterated but in accordance with their wishes, it is for the Aquarians to seize the novelty in their hair. It may be a tug of war, but the questioning will certainly not be in vain.

The mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius) let themselves be lulled by this new moon, without really taking the dimension nor the retroactive effects. There is always, with the presence of Neptune in the sign of Pisces, a setting at a distance of the events which authorizes the natives to bet on the chance. Strongly anticipatory or mediumistic, they understand half-words and see the invisible. Why not take advantage of it until the end? For their part, Geminis are solidly based on their power of persuasion and a share of pure luck. Certain prerogatives are obvious, and the natives intend to keep at it. However, it is by discovering that they have the talent to mix reality and fiction that they will accomplish feats: but we already knew that!

The natives of Virgo persist and sign in convictions that have nothing fanciful. Their different style and way of doing things leads them to the end of their decisions. This is how they envision existence. The phase of self-expression they go through is therefore non-negotiable. As for the Sagittarians, they put their environment at the center of their preoccupations, the functions of exteriorization, the relation to the world are as many fields as possible in which the conquering qualities of the sign are expressed. The natives show what they are capable of, it is now a question of expressing and manifesting themselves objectively.

The new moon prevails and raises questions: how to integrate all the contradictory aspects in a harmonious way and demonstrate one's ability to act? Overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life, it may be a matter of relieving the pressures and accepting the transition in a meaningful way.


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