What are the effects of the New Moon on January 13, 2021 ?

Evie | 11/06/2020 - Last modified: 08/01/2021

New moon of January 13, 2021

The first impulse triggered by the new moon in January is slowed down this month by the planetary cluster in the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. It will be particularly complicated to benefit from the momentum usually associated with the first few days of the year. In other words, the good resolutions written in our little manuals of "intentions at the beginning of the year" will have difficulty in becoming reality. If the cardinal nature of the sign of Capricorn pushes rather forward, the strong presence of the planets distributed between the two signs of Saturn and reinforced by the latter induces celestial brakes. You will have to push a little to lift them up. To put it another way: the sky is a bit heavy and, even if it does not fall on your head, you might feel hindered in your movements. The accentuation of the "obstacles in the way" or of the "come through without a scratch" will depend, of course, on each person's natal theme.

In any case, the cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer) and the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) are under the gaze of the stars.

The sign of Capricorn concentrates the energy of the new moon. Indeed, the luminaries meet there, and this presence is consolidated by Pluto in the last degrees of the sign. The planet Venus is not to be outdone: it plays the surprise and playful without being impressed. Pluto takes on any challenge, the natives of Capricorn understand that they have a window of opportunity that will not come up again: when the dice are rolled, they roll a "double-six", exciting jealousies or bad players. In reaction to the sun/moon conjunction, the Cancers step up to the plate and hit the bull's eye. They are not used to imposing themselves harshly, so they cushion any annoyances flexibly and even win over uncooperative people to their cause. It is like a sleight of hand: the natives do the crab walk and turn the situation around, the others see only fire. A crowning achievement for this water sign.

The oversized action capacities of the natives of Aries are somewhat dulled under this new moon but are reinforced by an interesting spirit of inventiveness. Thus, the development of their ultra-sensory perception is reflected in their external or social activity, which increases tenfold and is consolidated. In short, Aries sums up the opposites and still manages to find its way around: it was not that obvious! The inner motivation of Libra is underpinned by the effort that this period of adaptation requires of them. Largely overwhelmed by their own creativity, the natives are asked to explain the why and how of each of their decisions. We should not count on that in this period: Libra or not, they die in a form of mutism, while continuing to express themselves... In silence. If their entourage follows the story so much the better, if not so much the worse!

The business is not so bad for the natives of Taurus. Indeed, even under Uranian influence, they manage to reconcile body and soul. Feeling fiery, sometimes a little detonated or obliged to organize small disorders, they understand that one has nothing for nothing. New activities or new projects, even if they sometimes struggle to find their cruising speed, are being recognized. The natives of Leo see, with a little height, that there is justice in this world, and they rejoice that it is to their advantage. They have the delicacy of not over-emphasizing this to less fortunate people, thus avoiding being put in their place. Note the presence of the Share of Fortune in Sagittarius, which gives Leos an appreciable margin of maneuver.

The Scorpios throw themselves headlong into the action and take up the thread, somewhat interrupted, of the activities for which they have been mobilized in recent months. Nothing stands in their way anymore. For these natives, the contrasting effects are the result of a sensitivity to one or the other of the aspects involved. As a whole, we find: uncompromising activity and/or sometimes changing relationships established in old relationships. In any case, the movement of their energies, both physical and mental, pushes them forward, they no longer accept any compromise and trace their future. Somewhat challenged by the constraints of Saturn, the natives of Aquarius accept to evolve by referring to a system of values that they had not necessarily validated or integrated. It is all the strength of this new moon to give the opportunity to change, without really losing it. Certainly, obliterated but in accordance with their wishes, it is for the Aquarians to seize the novelty in their hair. It may be a tug of war, but the questioning will certainly not be in vain.

The mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius) let themselves be lulled by this new moon, without really taking the dimension nor the retroactive effects. There is always, with the presence of Neptune in the sign of Pisces, a setting at a distance of the events which authorizes the natives to bet on the chance. Strongly anticipatory or mediumistic, they understand half-words and see the invisible. Why not take advantage of it until the end? For their part, Geminis are solidly based on their power of persuasion and a share of pure luck. Certain prerogatives are obvious, and the natives intend to keep at it. However, it is by discovering that they have the talent to mix reality and fiction that they will accomplish feats: but we already knew that!

The natives of Virgo persist and sign in convictions that have nothing fanciful. Their different style and way of doing things leads them to the end of their decisions. This is how they envision existence. The phase of self-expression they go through is therefore non-negotiable. As for the Sagittarians, they put their environment at the center of their preoccupations, the functions of exteriorization, the relation to the world are as many fields as possible in which the conquering qualities of the sign are expressed. The natives show what they are capable of, it is now a question of expressing and manifesting themselves objectively.

The new moon prevails and raises questions: how to integrate all the contradictory aspects in a harmonious way and demonstrate one's ability to act? Overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life, it may be a matter of relieving the pressures and accepting the transition in a meaningful way.

New moon of December 14, 2020

In December, both actress and director, the New Moon, quickly begins its "one-man show" and displays, without restraint, its sharp mind and its lively repartee. Mercury's lightning team officiated in Sagittarius, facing Gemini, clearly makes the show. They then have complete freedom to write the play while conscientiously holding the role they have been assigned. Sensitive but naughty, the New Moon will deliver its masterpiece without really caring about the consequences. This agitator arrives very close to the festive season at the uncertain moment when the light declines. It will be a question of discerning the true from the false and the clarity from the darkness. Social issues that were somewhat forgotten in the context of the last few months will probably be back in the spotlight. Under the New Moon's direct influence, some officials will be juggling words in an attempt to calm the situation. Indeed, the industrial and military sectors could be concerned and the impulsiveness of unstable or unpredictable conditions. Sometimes it will be necessary to be wary of "smoke screens" or thwart obscure speeches that conceal disturbing intentions.

The natives of Sagittarius or ascendant in this sign and the natives of Aries are particularly concerned by the aspects. Vigorously energetic, they will have a non-negligible margin of action. Projects that have been germinating for a few months will see the light of day in a practical way, provided that they avoid the traps. Those who leave any doubt will have to take their turn. Otherwise, they risk losing the confidence of those around them, faced with their lack of commitment. On the other hand, things slowly mature and tend to become more concrete.

Leos also benefit from the passage of the New Moon. The little "slack" or lack of motivation felt by the natives during the spring/summer period tends to fade away. The planets set the stakes high, which sets the record straight and puts Leos "back in the saddle." Indeed, the sign draws energy from its friend Sagittarius. Moreover, the latter does not fail to cut short their prevarication by pushing themselves forward. Thrown in the pool and a little bit driven by ego, Leo regains their health.

Geminis recover star crumbs and make fair use of them. Indeed, although the economic situation does not directly target them, a few collateral advantages allow them to take the right direction. Moreover, the natives of Libra are experiencing a real questioning of their basic principles. The presence of Uranus, in transit in Taurus, strongly supports the decisive positions taken. Bad omens or ambiguous situations, which seemed to flourish at every corner, are evacuated for good. Libra refuses to be bothered or deal with living conditions or people that no longer suit them. From novelty to new developments, from focus to reframing, the natives set their rhythm and make a fresh start.

The water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) go beyond everyday life's material plane to venture far beyond appearances, in particular Pisces. They continue to vibrate in the mode of their planet Neptune. The natives working in the medical or social field will have the latitude to show their devotion and compassion. With the service of their fellow-men, they will deploy their potential of listening and empathy. Those who work in commerce or finance are sometimes confronted with drastic choices: they can then find opportunities to change their lives while imposing themselves radically.

Those born in Cancer have a specific liability. The transits in Capricorn, which had been leading the dance for several years, are fading away. An imperious need to resume their life, in the very place where they had perhaps stopped it altogether: love, a real estate project, or a family question resurfaces. Cancer finds the courage to take the risks that seemed excessive at one time. All this boosts them, and their entourage measures how fast and notable the evolution is.

The Scorpios continue the momentum of the last six months. They increase their chances through hard work and harmonious relationships. The decisions made at the end of August/beginning of September, and the elements put in place to achieve their objectives, are bearing fruit. They take hold of the offered proposals and make fair use of them: consolidating relationships, favourable exams, job or internship opportunities, and success. All of this is within reach and opens up perspectives. The natives of Scorpio find their place and defend it.

Aquarians radiate fully through commitment. Indeed, if they avoid confrontation, these natives should take advantage of the "cleansing" influx of the New Moon. Inventive, respectful of everyone's rights, Aquarius natives opt for a positive attitude and put themselves under observation. Their curiosity and inventiveness are marvellous when faced with new situations, even if they do not understand all the ins and outs. They will have to wait a few more weeks to see more clearly, in a redistributed game.

Taurus and Virgo find new challenges and "take up the gauntlet." Some with their "down-to-earth" approach, others with legitimate questions. The natives of Taurus who express themselves artistically or in public relations will opt for innovation. The imagination with which they face allows them all hopes. As for Virgo natives, they deploy treasures of flexibility to settle complex situations: they regain the upper hand and control. Their ideas, as dazzling as they are original, are unanimously acclaimed. The aspects and the influxes allow all hope for Capricorn. Indeed, they will recover from a slightly compromised situation or see a Gordian knot untangle. If they had missed an opportunity or made a misstep, at one time or another, the natives will send the ball back and win the point.

From the stage on which it is active, the New Moon faces us and observes us. Talented actress, she sends us back to our pretences. Successful author, we will have to learn from the dialogues she serves us. From her or from us, who will throw the best line? Let's listen to the echo of the New Moon in Sagittarius. Thus, stripped of all disguise and our tragi-comedies, we will evolve towards a better world.

New moon of November 15, 2020

It is in a Plutonian atmosphere that the New Moon of this month of November is inscribed, the strength of the sun/moon conjunction in Scorpio is doubly inscribed as a sign, by the luminaries and by the ascendant. The imprint of Pluto is all the more powerful as the planet, still associated with its two companions Saturn and Jupiter, works to open worlds that remained closed until now. How are we going to receive the celestial boomerang that activates above our heads? What will be the effects induced, or produced directly, on human destinies, which remain quite insignificant compared to the great merry-go-round of gigantic planetary bodies?

The sign of the depths that is Scorpio, takes on a completely different dimension under the influence of the new moon: we will then have to rely on the lunar sensitivity, sharpened by this position, to thwart and above all to calm, a burning and nocturnal sun. We will see Life, as well as socially conveyed issues, through the filter of our awareness of the beginning and end of things. Refocused on our past, will we have enough finesse to condition our future by taking the measure of the experience and accepting that everything is conditioned by the Cycle of Life? It is possible. It will be enough to perceive the promise of the buried germs that will give the future harvest, but also and above all, to observe that everything comes to an end for a new beginning.

Therefore, the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) will have validation and safe conduct to activate levers and thwart traps, provided that you listen carefully to objections before acting. Scorpio, under this new moon, will have the gift of suspending time, and this is not the least of the magics! Planet Uranus, with the opposition of the luminaries and Mercury in transit, promises consultation and timely decision making in the framework of exchanges. This is why the native of Scorpio will have plenty of time to anticipate, reflect, assert himself and specially to prepare or "prepare" himself. Students in exams, executives playing an important card or all those who will have to foresee new challenges, in a professional or private context, will be wizards of their success by mastering time.

The natives of Leo and Aquarius will sometimes be crossed by dazzling ideas, sometimes in an irrational way. All the work put in place over the last few months, all the projects that have required a particular investment, will benefit from a new twist, or will find a favorable outcome. In addition, Aquarius lovers could find themselves overwhelmed by an unexpected encounter or proposal, they will see life in a new light with the power of their emotions. As for the natives of Taurus, they will play the card of strange or secret relationships. Unaccustomed to torturing themselves over nothing, they will discover that disturbing games can take them very far. Most of them will let themselves be taken in, without reluctance.

The cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) preserve their integrity at all costs. Under this new moon, the natives of Aries have all the assets in hand to change the relationship with their entourage. Cultivating openness to Others on the advice of a Libra or Taurus friend, they find a way to integrate the warlike values that underlie their personality. Restrained in their impulse by Venus in Libra but intellectually supported by the sun/moon conjunction in their cousin Scorpio, Aries soften for a relational ecology. Libra and Capricorn take a step back: in delicate and cautious mode for some, in mysterious mode but a bit cynical for others. The natives of Libra realize that they have little time for themselves or even really for anyone; yet they give fully the change by offering discreet support to those who ask for it. To tell the truth, an idea has been on their mind for a few months, and they end up talking about it openly as soon as they feel confident. As for the Capricorns, it is no great surprise that their intellect remains in the driver's seat. However, they come down from their ivory tower and confront mere mortals by bringing binders to differing opinions. But they do not take sides.

The natives of Cancer no longer know very well who or what to trust, but they advocate, loud and clear, reason and clairvoyance. The new moon, which is rather conciliatory towards them, enhances the positive cosmic energies which they receive. Their almost mediumistic intuition is then colored by the voodoo incarnations of Scorpio, dreams and premonitions are no longer to be demonstrated but to be experienced.

There are still the mutables (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) who "pass the hand" under this new moon: they will have to answer for certain obligations, which they will assume most often by obligation, or inability to say no. The Pisces natives avoid the storm thanks to an improvement in their love life or their professional occupations: they have the "good deals", the "scoops" from all horizons and the ability to be resilient in a crucial moment. In short, they sense where the wind is coming from and take advantage of it to move things forward. Sagittarians and Geminis guarantee themselves an assurance for the future, thanks to new, even sudden but welcome, sympathies or friendships. They keep their distance, because of the atmosphere, but they have never been so close to reaching a goal. These natives are popular, and their popularity is on the rise.

The natives of Virgo maintain a whole panoply of good recipes in order to spend this period in warmth and shelter. A little annoyed by the atmosphere, they still have the choice between asserting their difference or going back in line. They rely on the thousand networks at their disposal to maintain ambivalence and perpetuate their social life. The new moon of November is flying the privateer flag and is heading towards us. To its red and black flag, we will oppose the white flag of lucidity, the one that will allow us to delay, to avoid the boarding and to serenely take back the sea. All this while refusing to be impressed by an ambivalent decor.


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