What are the effects of the New Moon on May 19, 2023

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New Moon May 19, 2023, 2023

New Moon Ritual: At the time of the new moon, an energy of renewal takes place. Sit in a quiet place and be relaxed: choose a clear intention, start your request with thank you and write your wish as if it had already been fulfilled. Discover our article for Abundance Check.

This New Moon in Taurus invites you to expand your awareness and enjoy life's pleasures. You are keen to see the world and use your five senses as a barometer for what gives you pleasure. These energies will be perfect for the changes and other unforeseen events that will occur in the days leading up to and following this day. You have important choices to make, and certain situations will be in your way to make it happen, one way or another. Some of your strategies for delaying making decisions are no longer working. You have to position yourself differently. You must innovate and get out of your comfort zone to deal with what is no longer working. This perspective engages in some aspects, but you are reluctant to enter this new era of your existence.

It is a time to break out of your old habits and take the path that leads to the new. You must put an end to or transform a situation or an event to move forward more efficiently in your projects. It is only a matter of time to take this turn. It will be represented to you in one form or another until you find the courage to take this path following your wishes. And this, even if it doesn't seem to be your impression or only in part at the time.

At work, some of the data is a bit scary. You are concerned about your stability at work but fear that you will not be fully up to the job or project you have been given. You tend not to trust yourself completely, affecting the quality of your actions and your relationships with your colleagues. You need to take time to rebuild your confidence to contribute effectively to this great opportunity that is ideally in line with what you have in mind. Above all, don't take the path of comparison, as this will only drive you deeper into doubt and uncertainty. This is the perfect time to be inspired by your previous successes. Stop looking elsewhere for what you've already achieved or in your "inner toolbox."

You have the wind in your sails in your social and family sphere. Your entourage has a fundamental understanding of your needs and feelings concerning certain constraints you have been going through for some time. Your friends, whom you trust, are there to help you. They want to support you in finding simple ways to get you out of a certain lethargy, a kind of immobility that paralyzes you. The same goes for your family. Your family will provide you with the support and the listening you need to get through certain aspects that destabilize you regarding a new situation to be considered. Or about a situation related to a decision you have recently made and where certain parts are problematic.

It is suggested that you open your eyes and ears to the beautiful discoveries that those around you will make in your favor. Their help is valuable and beneficial to you. You have everything to gain by listening carefully to the important people around you to escape this little moment of blockage and instability. Don't worry too much. This is only a temporary phase that can allow you to settle things related to old fears deeply rooted in you that now require repair. It is a transformation on several levels of your life. It is for your greatest good to dive into it once and for all. Be careful, however, to trust only those people who are significant to you. Those who have a real and appreciated impact on your life. Those with whom you feel there is a mutual fluidity and respect or a form of understanding of things. Open your ears only to those who give you intelligent and loving information without trying to fool you or prevent your improvement, your evolution.

You are not in a position to foresee the benefits of what is happening right now. Therefore, it is important not to hesitate to complete your reflection to take action on what you are passionate about, what makes you vibrate, and what animates you. And this will have an impact that will influence the course taken by the following steps concerning you. And also, the new direction chosen will allow you to open up to the world. This openness is necessary for the cohesion of your ideas to anchor them in the reality, you wish to create. This reality that you hope for but which did not seem possible before. Anything is possible. These New Moon energies in Taurus allow you to take that "tipping point" and dive into that unique and unpredictable part that makes you "step out of the box" and take the initiative.

However, it is necessary not to get carried away by futile passions or impulses of desire without actual involvement. It doesn't matter if it is material, sexual or spiritual. This opportunity for expansion is linked to a deep desire, a visceral need for change and evolution. By being discerning and "taking some risks, " you will find what nourishes you while opening your perspectives. This will require time to adapt.
In summary, this is an important step that is beginning for you. You have a choice, a decision that will have a significant impact on your daily life. It's a shift that can be pretty quick while requiring time to prepare and implement. It takes you through a moment of uncertainty and a feeling of temporary stagnation. Take care of yourself and use this time to listen to and take good advice from your loved ones that resonates with you.

New Moon of April 20, 2023

April 20, 2023, the New Moon is in Aries and at the very last degree. The Sun and Moon will shine one last time on the sign of dynamism, assertiveness, and initiative. But this illumination may not be the long-awaited beacon of the lunation. Finally... what we call the luminaries in astrology, the Sun and the Moon, are mixed with potent energies from other planets utterly opposite in their direction, Jupiter and Pluto. Everything that touches Jupiter is a source of good fortune and expansion.

In contrast, everything that is handled by Pluto, especially in a dissonant way, is subject to transformation. Whether willingly or not! This is what this New Moon is all about: antagonistic forces working on enhancing Aries' vital energy and its necessary change. The question is how to get through this lunation and come out of it more robust. How can we accept this dynamism, this impetus of life, which is put to such a severe test? The Sun-Moon couple is then neutralized in its will. It is not entirely afflicted nor boosted. It must rely on other forces in presence that we will detail, and that will be the reflection of this lunation at the last degree of the sign of Aries.

To understand the energies of this New Moon, we must begin with the presence of Jupiter, the great benefic, not far from the Sun and the Moon. Jupiter invites us to give one last considerable effort concerning the energies of Aries. In short, Jupiter is pushing us to go for it without question. There is one more degree to go before you leave Aries, and you must go all out! This can be translated into many activities, physical ones in particular, and a powerful dynamism to convince and assert one's opinionsÂ…

On the other hand, the action of Pluto on the Sun and the Moon forces a change. A radical change. At the very beginning of the sign of Aquarius, Pluto wants to change our relationship with the collective. For example, we will not be surprised to see the birth of new methods to help people with difficulty using new and more innovative technologies. It is not a gentle change that is required. It is something radical as if time was running out and something had to be done before the sun entered the sign of Taurus.

Also, the emblematic Venus is in Gemini. It seems that there is as much fussing about matters of love as about money. This is something that is blocking. Venus is then held firmly and forced to get serious again. That is to say, the values of fidelity in love and seriousness at work will take hold of us because it is obviously time. This New Moon is not a time for fun and games. Serious efforts are required, and you will put all your energy into it with the help of the power of Jupiter and by starting the first work of transformation. The heavens are sending us the necessary stamina to work and achieve this better. What could seem like an almost insurmountable effort should be done without much difficulty. Our will is supported by getting down to work and being pragmatic. We can see the path to a future that makes sense. You will have no trouble following the roadmaps laid out. Whether at work or in your private life, this will be a necessary time to think about the right actions to take. If you employ people, you will know how to keep your business running smoothly because you will know what direction to take. On a higher level, at the corporate level, we will probably have injunctions that follow this same line of thinking. This is certainly necessary for the long-term vision, but obviously, this is not the most pleasant time to be in.

Ideas will flow during this new moon. Indeed, the intellect mixes with originality, singularity, and freedom. And it is this fusion that will fuel the actions that will be put in place for a better sense of protection, as we said above. This is an incredible opportunity because we will then find solutions when all seems lost. A form of genius lights up our mind, and then nothing resists it anymore. It can also be the activity that generates this state of genius. Let's expect miracle cures, unexpected things, which are obviously aimed at the meaning of this New Moon in Aries.

This is what awaits you from April 20 onwards. You should not let yourself be distracted too much. A serious attitude is expected from everyone to satisfy a need for transformation. The goal is to create a state of protection of self, home, parents, family... This requires seriousness at all levels: at work, in love, and in the administrations that govern us. However, there is a slight downside: Mercury will retrograde from May 10 to June 3 and will most likely also impact the next full moon. This means that our communication systems may be disrupted and our transportation networks. But this Mercury retrograde will also invite you to think and rethink things that may not be entirely done or thoughts that can't wait. Perhaps it will be time to write that letter that has been waiting for so long? Or the time to see a brother, a cousin, or a childhood friend from whom you have grown apart. You will need to be receptive to this Mercury retrograde.

New Moon of March 21, 2023

This New Moon is conducive to creative impulse and inspiration with a view to materialization. You have many ideas flowing and need to be expanded at this time. You are almost dizzy with the speed with which everything is happening in your daily life. You have the impression that a lack of time prevents you from putting all this inspiration on a concrete basis. Take notes. These ideas are essential. They could represent that new impetus you are looking for. It could also be a solution for a situation that is not currently in your thoughts. It's a key to uncovering what you are passionate about while offering a different avenue for certain elements. The current energies are very nourishing and life-giving. As a result, you have a lot of energy and sometimes even an "overflow" of energy to spend. Take the time to consider the importance of mobilizing your strengths in what matters to you. Because what is important to you right now deserves your full attention.

A simple solution is to get outside. Take a deep breath of air, and manage to moderate this energy concentration in contact with the elements. Nature is an effective and accessible way to realign and harmonize your energies. These can sometimes confuse you a little. They can make you feel a sense of urgency to act, an obligation to create something without waiting any longer. Take advantage of a walk in the woods or a day at the beach to clarify a little more the vision you have regarding your future prospects. All the while having the calming and refocusing effect you've been waiting for.

You have the impetus to confirm your professional position or apply for a job or activity change. You have exciting qualities and qualifications to offer. You can fully recognize your value. Be careful to respect your real value without wanting to put yourself down or outbid you by egocentricity. This would make the situation awkward at some point and would probably lead you to a dead end. Defining yourself in what you do and who you are is enough. You have to take the time to choose the right way to approach the situation at the right time. All the while using words ideally in tune with your interests. This New Moon gives you the impetus to choose, but be careful not to rush the move.

You need recognition and are not afraid to take what is rightfully yours. Yet you are inclined to not see the situation precisely from all angles. If not tempered, "all-out" energies can backfire on you or someone else. As a result, you tend to get carried away at this time because you don't understand precisely what is going on in your life regarding personal matters. You must listen carefully to the other person to get to the bottom of things and come to a discerning understanding.

You may have to "do your homework" to modulate your intentions. And it may also require you to qualify your words and actions. What may be considered a step backward is, in fact, a means to allow you more expertise and more mastery in the professional field. You have to collaborate effectively to achieve conciliation, if necessary. You may also tend to underestimate others and seek to correct yourself through "screen actions," such as encouraging words or attention. This is positive in itself but not authentic. If you haven't already, it would be worthwhile to begin to say things with respect for the other person instead of expressing yourself with explosive readiness or calculated detachment. Some aspects of this New Moon are causing you to rethink the way you interact in your relationships. Perhaps in connection with your direct and sometimes incisive manner. Otherwise, in your general attitude about your personal opinion versus the importance placed on the difference.

In summary, this New Moon in Aries will offer you a range of emotional states that can be perfectly harmonized and balanced. As soon as you become aware of what is going on, you have the choice to let yourself experience specific intense and sometimes disturbing emotions or not. You must take measures to channel these emotions according to your needs and the events in your life. You can effectively structure your schedule and make exciting and innovative plans by being precise. Your business can benefit from this boost if it does. You have abundant energy and are ready to excel in your personal and professional projects. In love, you must be attentive to what your significant other wants. You will tend to take things literally and get carried away. It's always a good idea to keep an open mind about what's important to you as a couple. This is not the time to make decisions that would turn your personal life upside down. It's best to wait until the stars allow you to "take a breather" and get your thoughts right for this kind of stand. Allow yourself to enjoy the sweet moments by being present and open to what comes up in the flow of the moment.

New Moon on February 20, 2023

This is an exceptional and interesting New Moon, as it is at the very beginning of the sign of Pisces. All the light, the solar will, and the lunar sensitivity are on the sign of spirituality, the inner journey, which allows us to access the highest places of our life on Earth. It is an inner journey that opens up horizons far removed from material considerations. The highest degree of human existence can only be reached if we accept the challenges inherent to the sign of Pisces. Otherwise, we can fall into the other side of the last sign of the zodiac, escape, addictions, etc.

This lunation will speak to us of love. Indeed, the two planets of love, Venus and Neptune, are also in the sign of Pisces. This is an invitation to share your love feelings with your partner, but not only. This New Moon also invites you to open up to an unconditional love that doesn't just look at what's in front of you or what belongs to you. We are asked to look further and become aware of the love we have to bring to the whole of humanity and beyond, to the living world. The mind also has its say. Mercury, the planet of communication, is very present in this lunation. We will see what it brings us in terms of benefits, but also, it's a more delicate aspect that we will have to negotiate. Overall, this is a wonderful New Moon, which tells us that we will learn from the past to build a beautiful future.

To live what this New Moon asks of you regarding your feelings, you will be able to tap into yourself and have that feeling of deep understanding of the need to love. A psychological sense is taking hold of our way of living as if our unconscious was leading the way. You will see that this is more of an innate sense than a call from the intellect, a mental reflection. Yet this New Moon is closely related to authority, rules, and all things imposed on us. The restrictions usually put a brake on all our impulses. In our case, it will be more accepting of the instructions coming from above, which seem simply benevolent. Finally, the values of freedom and rigor are not in dissonance. All the work of transformation of our society, what governs us, and our traditions is beginning to end.

We should find a more serene, gentler climate, and spirits will then calm down. On a more personal level, your authority, or that of your parents, your superiors, is highlighted. Learn during this lunation to integrate love, powerful energy that will impact the next 30 days. See in the authority you naturally have over your children or employees, such as how it is right for you and them. Empathize with them by seeing that they may have some difficulties, but nothing deserves cruel treatment. Simply love them, and you will be doing something extraordinary that you never knew you could do. A person who is understood and loved will naturally give that energy back to someone who needs it. And so love becomes contagious...

The field of ideas and reflection is also boosted by Jupiter, which amplifies everything it touches. Good ideas are going to fly and always for the good of all. Initiatives are taken under the guise of reflection and intelligence. Nothing is done that has not been thought out beforehand. A beautiful light, therefore, on the field of thought and action. Of course, this mental terrain must serve this New Moon in Pisces. That is, we are talking about love, and our thoughts and actions must be in line with this energy so that we can fully benefit from the light of this lunation. Note, however, that there may be some naysayers out there. There are still ideas for change for the benefit of our freedoms. The work of transformation is almost complete. It is, therefore, expected that we still have claims, and this is the meaning of our future. The media seem to be the first to be targeted, obviously. Some hot topics are still studied, debated, even disputed. This almost carries a sense of collective healing. How to heal society? "Let's discuss it" seems to say this new moon.

For some years now, a long transformation process has taken hold of our society in its deepest roots. Traditions have been shaken up: the relationship between men and women and the practice of religion are examples of this. A large part of the work is now done. There are still a few "details" to be settled, involving heated debates, but the bulk of the efforts have been made by the whole of society. There are undoubtedly other challenges ahead! But now is the time to appreciate the energies of this new moon in Pisces. It must be said that it fills us with love and takes us out of a sometimes selfish position. This lunation asks us to love our loved ones, of course, to cherish them, but not to lose sight of the fact that others are also important and that we must love them too. You will be able to show this love through simple gestures: by having empathy already, by smiling at the stranger, by extending your hand. But also by taking a step back: by knowing how to appreciate the happiness that you have to live, by meditating, by offering yourself moments where only the joy of living counts. We are ending the winter season wonderfully! We will close the door of this season with a heart full of love to enter the spring of 2023. In this new moon in Pisces, we find a certain serene balance between past and future. It is then full of serenity that we move forward while respecting the energies of the sun and moon and the work they ask us to do.

Definition of the New Moon:
The cycle of the Moon lasts about 29 days, starting with the New Moon. We see the Moon grow into the Full Moon. Then it shrinks until the next New Moon.During the New Moon, the star of the night is invisible, hidden in the Earth's shadow. It is not observable since it is totally dark.

The New Moon is a sign of a new beginning, a moment in life when we start something, such as a project, or even a child, often unconsciously. It is the time of the month when we are most likely to succeed in our goals.The New Moon is about relationships. It gives great vitality, impulsiveness, and sensitivity.People born during a New Moon have considerable energy, a bursting impulse, but this conjunction of lights causes confusion and subjectivity induced by an exacerbated sensitivity.
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