What are the effects of the New Moon August 8, 2021

Written by Evie

New Moon August 8 2021

Born under Leo's sign, the New Moon on August 8th has a strongly timed aspect due to the fixed nature of the sign. Welcome it because successive events upset the order of things. Surprises, unexpected appointments, and mixed news are the results of the economic situation. A sign of power and might, Leo is symbolic of solar divinity. It gives its natives qualities of generosity and greatness of spirit. Still, it also makes them proud of their behaviour because nothing they do or think should demean or lower them.

Idealist, sometimes naive, they can be fooled by evil people who want to obtain their favours. Because they function quite freely "at the drop of a hat," they sometimes fall into sinister traps. Moreover, their taste for partying, pleasure, and love creates an environment that is sometimes uncertain or fluctuating, which they like to center around themselves. Often confident, they express their opinion with strength and conviction. Finally, Leo is an artist. They possess multiple gifts and can attract friendships or enemies, as powerful as they are varied!

The New Moon in August is thus coloured by this teeming but somewhat shimmering backdrop. Education, culture, and comedy are among the attributes of this sign, and all the spheres concerned must be observed. In particular, those of the world of entertainment, leisure, and children. The choices may turn out to be drastic in the fields concerned, or arguments may arise and be expressed rather harshly: without concession and with passion. Leo carries their battles loud and clear. When they launch, nothing really stops them, except the recognition of an opinion more intelligent or more relevant than their own. Then they accept bowing before reason, without surrendering their weapons. In this New Moon period, the stars take turns, and luck is given to those who rely on concrete and constructive speeches. In other words, it is better to give up bluffing and forget about getting around the difficulties: the return would be explosive.

Frankness and transparency are essential, without half-measures. Leo's sign invites us to get in touch with reality and society at its most basic and vital. Leo is the very essence of life: the one that manifests itself externally, which gives itself every chance to enjoy the happiness of existing and sublimate our reality. The Moon's knots expressed on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis underline the strong contradiction of social behaviour with their restrictions. Indeed, the two signs' values concentrate on the habits that push us to keep autonomy and freedom at any price. This axis causes a reserve of energy that incites people to do too many things at once. Therefore, during this time, it's difficult to calm down the social game and wait for the world or things to evolve at their own pace. We can see incredible maneuvers to evade the many demands. Alas, any poorly directed action creates its opposite, and too great an obsession to free oneself provokes confinement. It will then be necessary to carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages of accepting or refusing proposals, opting for cooperation or advocating individual freedom.

What to expect for the different signs? Gemini and Sagittarius want to find a connection. They deploy all their qualities of communication and diplomacy to put them at the service of everyone. The natives of Cancer and Capricorn improve their income and decant on their intellectual and even spiritual reflections. Attempts at evolution implemented for a little more than a year are continually progressing.

The natives of Leo and Aquarius are feeling rushed in their habits. Still, they manage to put in place responses adapted to new situations. It's easier for Leo than Aquarius. The latter are sometimes forced to give up the goals they have been working towards for a few months. If they remain lucid, the result is negotiated without too much collateral damage; they gain confidence that allows them to assert themselves.

Leos, for their part, engage in a reflection that underpins a short- or medium-term life project; the need to plan and/or change something resonates with new energies. Virgo and Pisces idealize a love for better or worse. Some may even feel trapped in a dynamic environment that is not conducive to their development.
Virgo natives, in particular, lack appropriateness or hesitate to defend themselves. However, the rays of Neptune coming from Pisces serve their interests but disturb them in their decisions. Pisces let things be done or undone. Libra and Aries think and decide. Aries, well supported by the New Moon in Leo, follow their intuitions to the letter. They can stand up to someone who is strongly opposed to their desires or stands in their way.

The natives of Libra give themselves time to learn or patiently evolve towards their goals. Finally, Scorpio and Taurus fully identify with their future plans. The Scorpios now see very clearly and move forward with confidence on their final stretch. Nothing can disturb their achievements or what they want to do with them; the Fortune Share in their sign reinforces their efforts of these last months by serving them a fair chance and lighting their way. Taurus enjoys a motivating relationship.
In August, the New Moon is also the Golden New Moon if we accept its light and its incandescent glow. Nothing will be in vain. We will then take all the right things out of it: generosity, altruism, enlightened intelligence, strength, and also the refusal to let darkness descend upon our world.

New Moon July 10, 2021

Double conjunction sets the scene for the New Moon this July 2021. On the one hand, the Sun and the Moon in the sign of Cancer. On the other hand, Mars and Venus in Leo. These two duos each face a severe problem: Saturn for one, Pluto for the other. Thus politics or high administration face youth, culture, free time, and social life. The various stakeholders have difficulty finding compromises and cohabitation. Suppose some people are planning to wipe out everything that has been said or done so far. In that case, others insist on the obligation of restrictions in the face of ever-present problems.

The beginning of summer can be subject to agitation and impatience from the crowd. Even if Jupiter in Pisces brings some flexibility in the rules and the high scientific spheres propose solutions, the fact remains that common ground is slippery ground. Finally, the stars offer us a way out and the golden means to congratulate ourselves on what is allowed. We can enjoy the small things life offers.

The focus is thus put on domestic policy legislation and the main lines of communication, but also foreign trade, diplomatic relationships, and the image of our country. Students in higher education are also highlighted: the aim is to find suitable and acceptable proposals for the next academic year in the face of issues going around in circles for several months now. Fortunately, goodwill and constructive proposals for the future are favoured. On the other hand, we may have to expect back-pedalling from academic institutions. Reversals of situations or "overhauls," controversial recommendations concern specific fields: health, finance, and society. But perhaps also ministries? The presence of Pluto, who "illuminates" the New Moon with his purple rays, seems to make us feel it; populations are directly at the heart of the matter. However, the planetary aspects are not devoid of positive energy, on the contrary.

The environment of the Moon in Cancer brings well-being, the sweetness of life, and serenity. However, other planets cause blockages that do not leave complete freedom of expression for our desires and needs that are sometimes repressed. Generally speaking, it will be necessary to ride the wave of innovation without forgetting the past lessons; the adaptability of this New Moon offers a climate that may prove to be unwelcome if opportunities to communicate before implementation are not seized on the fly.

Most natives will be immersed in the general atmosphere of hope, lightness and novelty, but will not achieve complete satisfaction. Feeling stuck in their expectations forces Leos to procrastinate on the emotional level. Still, they have absolute ease in reaching their goals on the material level: success, professional achievement, and real estate could be realized. The end of a situation or a form of rebellion leads the natives of Cancer to redirect their forces. This transformation takes place somewhat under the seal of secrecy, sometimes of an invisible action that then causes renewal¬óCapricorns demand something concrete. Nothing destabilizes them: not even fear! But it will be necessary to bring a lot of proof so that they can trust again.

The obligation to face reality will be a factor of evolution for Aquarius. A reorganization or a change of direction will allow them to start off on the right foot. The natives of Pisces know how to get back a stake that pays big! The natives of Aries focus on their love life and want to remain in control of the situation. Less motivated but not discouraged, Taurus accepts events as they come and finds ways to get ahead. An unexpected proposal can make them think. The arrival or return of a child or a love or a forgotten relationship that resurfaces energizes Gemini. In any case, it is a moment of perfect happiness or pure energy that does them a lot of good.

The presence of Mercury in Gemini serves the interests of the natives of Virgo. They forget their fixed ideas and let themselves be carried away by the only pleasure of encounters and the little things in life. "Luxury, calm and voluptuousness" is their motto. Nothing forces the Libra to go overboard on issues that no longer interest them. Summer offers itself to them. They intend to take advantage of it without asking themselves metaphysical questions. The force of Pluto in Capricorn begins to fade but remains influential. The natives of Scorpio persist. They continue to do what they know best: transforming lead into gold. Sagittarius blossoms under the lunar rays and aspects coming from Leo's sign: family life, love, children, here they are fulfilled thanks to novelty.

As good mutable signs, they adapt to any speed.
Let's open the door to this New Moon! It is at the threshold of our life and only asks to enlighten us with its enveloping and magical force. The sign of Cancer touches the intimate spheres: home, family, protective refuge. It will be useful to rediscover roots and reconnect with essential values like our history or "clan." The need to reassure oneself in the face of external prerogatives, which are not always very conciliatory. The sign of Cancer is also that of the epidermal reaction, of forced limitation. It is a question of integrating, accepting, and finding the right balance. This is the uncompromising but evolving program of the contemplative New Moon in July.

New Moon June 10, 2021

Saturn's trine at the triple conjunction Sun/Moon/Mercury sets the tone for the New Moon this month. Strongly structuring, the aspect that connects the planets in the signs of Air. Gemini and Aquarius give the orientation of the celestial reading. Both signs engage human values and communication. So social organization questions about cells, clans, and "tribes" (in the sense of being tribal) are at the center of our concerns. It will be a question of getting in touch, considering things as a whole and assessing needs to make everything that needs to move forward evolve. In this way, families will be at the forefront: chosen or blood families. It will be a question of seeing how people, as a whole, will seek to secure and support one another.

The Gemini/Sagittarius axis involves the circulation, that of information, but also geographical displacements. The New Moon, which remains active in the home and social life areas, underscores the expectations concerning these different themes. The need for freedom, regaining contact, and restoring meaning to our ties and relationships, is insistently emphasized. It will then be a question of overcoming or even sublimating all the delays, absences, and missed appointments for which fate alone is responsible. An approach guided by the philosophy inherent in the sign of Sagittarius can encourage resilience. But even if the need for movement and independence remains very strong, the memory of chains and rules is a little difficult to erase. This New Moon is presented as a collective therapy. It will undoubtedly abound in the sense of humans suffering from a lack of Air. It will probably blow a little cooler and lighter wind without unlocking all the doors!

Who will take the most giant breath of oxygen? All the natives in reality! Even if the limits are set, there will be some latitudes to explore. The signs of Air (Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra) are not rid of the rules, but they are accommodating. They are perhaps the ones who can deal with the constraints the best. Indeed, if they have missed something in recent months, they know the causes and have perfectly integrated their mistakes. They know how to recreate their free spaces anywhere. The natives of Aquarius have the means to revise their objectives or set new ones. Some of them completely change their project, their angle of approach, or their perspectives under the thrust of Uranus, who -from Taurus- incites them to become themselves and to affirm their choices. Your home and children are at the center of your preoccupations if you are a Libra. Your family can grow, or evolution is in progress. Guidance, counselling, or encouragement may be needed. The natives of Gemini totally get rid of the last prejudices or scruples that could still restrain them. It is by taking things very seriously but keeping their originality that they manage to overcome obstacles.

The presence of Uranus in Taurus shakes up preconceived ideas. The Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) find new expectations or happy rebounds. It is in the organization of their daily life or their ambitions that their objectives will be placed. Taurus, in particular, will learn to temporize at the right time. They can thus get around a refusal and reverse a somewhat delicate situation. The natives of Virgo receive providential help or information, which allows them to put concerns on hold or even solve a problem that has been recurring throughout the last few months. The Capricorn's observation capacity pulls them out of a tight spot. By pertinently pointing out their assets, they refute contrary arguments and can impose their point of view. A good dose of luck helps them achieve their goal or move a project forward.

If they are well inspired, Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) dominate a debate or a quarrel that seems useless. When faced with a sterile discussion, Pisces choose to isolate themselves in their bubble or be temporarily absent. The increased wisdom that they show then allows them to propose solutions aiming at equity. From a global perspective, their increased charm and generosity are the weapons of choice for the natives of Cancer. They move forward with serenity in the face of adversity and do not let any attack impress them. We must face the obvious: they succeed where others before them have failed miserably. They even score points. Refusing to enter an endless tunnel, the Scorpios let go rather than burn their energy unnecessarily. In this, they are entirely right; indeed, this New Moon period allows them to act according to their most profound will or to fulfill a wish. They do not let it pass.

The signs of Fire (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) play the watch. The natives of Leo, in particular, who are always confronted with the presence of Saturn in Aquarius, feel time as an additional constraint. Nothing seems to go fast enough in their eyes. Still, the Sun/Moon conjunction in Gemini, which could push them to precipitation, is thus controlled to their benefit. Future results will be up to their expectations. Aries gets a little carried away about a question or a meeting in love. They will gain by keeping a cool head and fully measuring the consequences of their commitment or a decision. Without giving up their pleasure completely, they can defer an impulsive choice.

The New Moon in June is soft and warm during these early summer days. It seems to promise us "mountains and wonders." Rediscover the taste for play and good times and the joy of communicating and living together fully while enjoying life. The stars' presence on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis evokes youth, travel, celebration, and carefree living.
Let us hope that our dreams become a reality.

New Moon May 11th, 2021

The Saturn/Uranus square that accompanies the New Moon in May 2021 strongly resists the long and complicated situations experienced and reiterated during these last months. Evolution finally seems to unfold in the right direction. Jupiter consolidates the planets into Gemini and opens up the dialogue, and reawakens trade and communication. It puts a whole system back in place. Fresh air blows on the social environment and makes it possible to see more clearly and, above all, much further. This configuration is confirmed by aspects that alleviate doubts, spread or maintained.

More than waiting and observing, it is a matter of taking action, which will lead to new organizations or new proposals. Taurus and Gemini signs, which concentrate the planets, are associated with the beautiful season, beginnings, and germination. This New Moon unveils the end of a cycle, the feeling of having completed something to start afresh. The process of transformation of the sign of Scorpio facing Taurus initiates a form of regeneration that can be read in the conjunction Sun/Moon/Uranus, reinforced by the Black Moon's presence.

In other words, this encounter of planets reflects values that will be outdated and mostly reused to initiate a new process. Suppose the Taurus/Scorpion axis refers us to the unconscious and the collective unconscious. How are the profound inner upheavals that are the consequence of the events and changes we have undergone experienced? The crises that can create conflicting disorders, the struggle for survival, all this is Scorpio territory. Here, it finds an outcome with the New Moon in the sign of Taurus, a symbol of regained stability but also of stubbornness in immutable behaviours that must be reviewed and corrected. Thus, the time of conviviality, shared moments, and friendly relationships are part of the Taurus sphere. The New Moon will push to resume the thread of unfinished stories but with caution.

Likewise, the wounds or frustrations that have impacted the bonds between people, everything that may have been felt as disturbing or restrictive, has, under the New Moon in Taurus, a chance to transform itself and start again on other bases. It may be an opportunity to be rid of a burdensome or divisive past. The intensity of emotions, the force of events, all tornadoes can give way to moderation and a regained balance. In Taurus, the New Moon invites us not to waste or lose energy. Pluto in the Trinity of the Sun/Moon conjunction proposes to burn the bridges that link us to the past. We must accept taking advantage of all the lessons that may have been received in recent months. In short, we are asked to transmute karma.

The natives of the axis, directly concerned by the New Moon, will undoubtedly see their friends or their close entourage turn to them for an opinion or judgment on essential projects or necessary advances. By the attention they pay to these requests, they integrate that helping others is a personal development and evolution source. Geminis and Sagittarians are tapped when it comes to relationships. The former live from love rediscovered or resurrected from a past they thought was definitely closed. This form of "return to the future" leads them to make decisions that are sometimes quite complex but overall structuring and legitimate. This can go as far as marriage. The latter wonder about the choices that have conditioned the period they are currently living through or are confronted with new responsibilities that could end in the summer.

The planet Mars, which is active on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, dispenses its sometimes hazardous energy in the area of life concerned. Luckily, the Sun/Moon conjunction in Taurus is stabilizing for both signs. Like Capricorn, Cancer can count on the providential help of their family or professional entourage or on luck that turns to their advantage. The natives of Leo and Aquarius are in the home stretch. For some, a real estate or family project that expires in July/August. For others, a professional setting: internship, studies, or the end of a contract, which gives rise to renewal on the proposal of extension or a rupture with the obligation to start again elsewhere. The current situation has repercussions at the start of the September school year.

Virgo and Pisces, under the Mercurian and Neptunian influence, dream of better days. They program a life that conforms more with their wishes, particularly the natives of the Virgo who hope a lot in this period: a reunion, a new departure, or a new page to write. As for the natives of Pisces, it is in a more collective dimension that they envisage evolution. Invested in a social role or ready to take an essential step for their future. They let themselves be guided by the planetary assets that are entirely favourable to them. The coming days' importance must be stressed: information and proposals are the breeding ground for renewal. The Aries/Balance axis remains subject to the New Moon by positioning Venus close to the Black Moon and the planet Mars conditioned to Neptune. The natives of the signs will have to revise their copy: the first by clearly and definitively identifying their real motivations. What part is their will, and what part is that of social or family pressure? The second by asserting themselves within the framework of relationships, which can weigh or become constraining.

The New Moon in Taurus brings us face to face with the remnants of the battles that have been fought. Will we finally enjoy some freedom? In any case, the aspects tell us how to eliminate the slag, on what ground we should play, where and how the experiment of trust and security can finally eradicate doubts, fears, and feelings of loneliness. Why not become aware of the resources and abundance inscribed in the Universe and make fair use of them?

Definition of the New Moon:

The cycle of the Moon lasts about 29 days, starting with the New Moon. We see the Moon grow into the Full Moon. Then it shrinks until the next New Moon.

During the New Moon, the star of the night is invisible, hidden in the Earth's shadow. It is not observable since it is totally dark.
The New Moon is a sign of a new beginning, a moment in life when we start something, such as a project, or even a child, often unconsciously. It is the time of the month when we are most likely to succeed in our goals.

The New Moon is about relationships. It gives great vitality, impulsiveness, and sensitivity.

People born during a New Moon have considerable energy, a bursting impulse, but this conjunction of lights causes confusion and subjectivity induced by an exacerbated sensitivity.


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