What are the effects of the new moon of January 21, 2023

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New Moon of January 21, 2023

New Moon Ritual: At the time of the new moon, an energy of renewal takes place. Sit in a quiet place and be relaxed: choose a clear intention, start your request with thank you and write your wish as if it had already been fulfilled. Discover our article for Abundance Check.

This New Moon allows you to experience moments of doubt and disillusionment. In some aspects, you have begun transforming your thoughts to create a reality more aligned with what you want. On the other hand, you may have also taken things "literally" and wanted to control all the parameters. This is simply not possible; any new achievement, relationship, or project is always an element of mystery. You want to do things right. However, try to maintain a sense of fun despite the outcome not being what you expected.

At this time, you tend to see life as "all roses." Some aspects of this vision prevent you from getting to the bottom of things. On the contrary, you may be trying to sweep under the carpet what is not working without trying to resolve disagreements or verbalize what is not working. It is good to trust life and believe that everything will work out. However, taking responsibility and clarifying and aligning your life is also essential, knowing that perfection is not in this world.

The motto of this New Moon in Aquarius is "take off your blinders and be real." Look at your life unfiltered and with honesty. It may be difficult, but you must enter into discernment and intelligence while not neglecting the voice of your heart. And this, in all circumstances.

You will meet a nice person at work who will allow you to further define a project you had doubts about realizing. This is the time to "lay the first stones" that will allow you to make it more concrete later. Be realistic while allowing yourself to open the door to more unexpected surprises in your professional sphere. It will do you good to "step outside the box" and improvise in certain situations. Be careful not to let yourself be manipulated by perception or judgment towards another person or an idea. You may also be the "victim" of a misperception about yourself by someone else at this time. This can put a damper on your initial momentum and your motivation in general. And vice versa.

In the family and personal sphere, you may have difficulty identifying and expressing your emotions clearly and precisely. This requires a certain amount of effort, and you may be tempted to say nothing, to simply let it pass. Nevertheless, it would be wise to express yourself to establish, concerning others, what is important to you and what you no longer want to experience. This self-affirmation can destabilize you as much as those around you. But if you feel the need to do so, it is time to put your cards on the table and let yourself verbalize certain important things calmly and composedly. You can also write down your thoughts to better structure them and reduce the pressure. This is an interesting first step and allows you to express your feelings without the direct relationship with the other person and his or her own perception filters.

The energies of this New Moon could cause "reverse effects" of what you want or hope for. Despite all your goodwill, your actions or words may have the opposite result to what you had hoped for. You may even feel misunderstood or wrong, even though this is not the case. It is, therefore, crucial to define yourself and your words. By doing so, you will be able to withstand the reactions and the look of others concerning you at all times. This will lead you not to let yourself be dragged into doubts and uncertainties. In any case, doubts would have repercussions, consciously or not, in a climate of tension and discomfort.

In short, this period invites you to align yourself to "anchor in the matter" certain concepts or goals. This can shake you up but can also destabilize those around you or make a project take a different path. It is vital to position yourself "outside the box" by letting your creativity flow while showing discernment and pragmatism. To avoid getting caught up in an illusion that would only put you in an uncomfortable position. It is not a question here of intransigence and austere rigor. Instead, it is a question of adaptability in your ability to look outside what is already there. In this second case, you can expand, go towards the unknown and new, and take exciting initiatives. This requires patience and willpower, but it is possible to make your own path, the one that corresponds to your reality, to who you really are. Of course, this can lead to clashes and the end of specific situations that were important to you. For example, the end of a contract, a breakup of a relationship, or the end of a friendship. However, nothing happens overnight. You already know deep down what is ripe for transformation.

Take advantage of this New Moon to "recreate and realign" what is no longer working in your unique way. You will be able to harmonize your life while finding a welcome and rejuvenating momentum boost. This momentum will provide you with the fire needed to develop and implement what you are passionate about and interested in.

New Moon on December 23, 2022

The passage of this New Moon is a special moment to consider in all its complexity and grandeur. It sets the stage for the new year that is just around the corner. It is undoubtedly a key element in giving you a little taste of the passage created between now and your 2023 journey.

There are planetary alignments that will bring you back to basics. They will get you back to what is essential to you. This is a time for a review! Look at your entire year to complete what is lacking to be fully fulfilled for the next. Of course, this means getting your priorities in order and realigning your projects, wishes, and actions. This does not prevent you from enjoying all those beautiful finds that will put a smile on your face and allow you a well-deserved moment of relaxation. This is the perfect time to question yourself and decide whether or not to continue in this direction. You don't have to sacrifice your happiness or your well-being. You will choose which things you wish to keep or continue and which you will put aside or leave. This follows a process that you will have been going through for some time now. The year 2022 is a time of questioning, choosing, and observing what is and is not in alignment with your overall life picture. You have been through intense emotional moments and sometimes a laborious daily life. It is in full awareness that today you can make this update, this annual assessment.

It is a day full of feelings. A day where grace and nostalgia can mix and mingle. Even if you feel the emotional surges running through you, it is suggested that you do not rely on them when it comes to your choices. Ceasing to identify with these states of being when making decisions will allow you more clarity. This ability to discern emotion from emotionality will lead you in the direction you want to go.
However, throughout the week surrounding this New Moon, you will experience various moments of instability and questioning. This phase is necessary and requires your attention. Especially if these questions are redundant and invite you to go deeper. This will be a sign to simply dive in and deal with them. We agree that what is necessary is often complex and not very interesting at the time. But this last "mop-up" before the end of the year will allow you more levity and alignment. Regarding your family life, family members are eager to please others. This is an overwhelming and loving time for you. This mainly involves someone who was once close to you and is now making a gentle comeback. The importance you attach to this will be commensurate with what is offered. This novelty is interesting to encourage you to see the past and the present more straightforwardly. Make room for benevolence.

As far as your professional life is concerned, this situation worrying you and disturbing you for some time is being resolved. You have set your limits, and this is how everything will take shape differently. You will satisfy the demands made of you in return. However, this will require more rigor and a good dose of self-confidence. It's a turnaround that can be fair if you're willing to accept the extra burden brought on by this professional challenge. Simplify your life by being collaborative rather than competitive with others. Whether at work or in your relationships, you are being asked to reconsider how you operate. This will make your future easier, regardless of what others think, for now. This way of always being in open or passive confrontation implies that everything is a "battle to win." It would be interesting to change your angle of view and consider that these are events and challenges to go through to learn the appropriate lessons. This way, you will move forward more efficiently towards your goals by not going around in circles and reliving certain situations in a loop.

In short, several disturbing and destabilizing elements are once again surfacing. This can lead to impatience or weariness. This is another attempt to get you to take the full measure of what is going on. It takes courage and perseverance, but you can achieve that release that will allow you to move forward with more balance and harmony. It is a step that makes you aware of times when you thought you were aligned but were going in circles. Do not be frustrated by this unveiling of your evolution. Instead, take it as a "wake-up call" to see your signs of surrender or flight reflexes in the future. This will help you to achieve healthy management of your personal life as well as with others.

This part of the journey will bring you moments of joy and pride. The goal is not to look back and feel sorry for yourself but to allow you to see more clearly what you have achieved. This includes everything you have put in the time and effort to complete in your own way. You look at what you have left to do today and what you want to do in the future. In short, go ahead and jump into your worries and dissatisfactions by integrating humility and forgiveness. All this to end the year with ease and take advantage of those bursts of love within your reach!

New Moon of November 23, 2022

It is in the sign of Sagittarius that the luminaries meet this month. Mainly linked to change and the instinct for renewal, the sign of Sagittarius pushes toward questioning and challenging. Very flexible and mobile, it aspires to truth and guides towards all forms of ideals.

In this sense, this Moon opens the mind. Still, it also opens doors because, in opposition, it is the sign of Gemini, which emphasizes communication and immediate decision-making. Therefore, the Gemini/Sagittarius axis is favorable to go on an adventure, on a journey, physically or spiritually. It is in this axis, and in the sector of life that it controls in the natal chart, that one can read the dreams and expectations of the individual. Strongly supported by the planet Jupiter which governs the sign, the New Moon is under the influence of the law, of justice, of the men who make or break it and apply it. All the authorities that are linked to it will certainly be highlighted. This period evokes decision-making, turning points, and obligatory adaptations to reach a link and find common grounds.

The conjunction of Jupiter to Neptune, whose exaltation is in this same sign of Sagittarius, presages the importance of negotiations and of considering elusive and unmanageable elements, or those strongly linked to the foreigner. Thus, legal and social issues will emerge, reflecting diplomatic and domestic political realities. The New Moon contains the seeds of changes in direction that will sometimes have to be quickly decided and implemented. Mars' direct access to the Neptune/Jupiter duo shakes up consensus and, if it doesn't set the world on fire, will have the effect of boosting people and decisions.

On the other hand, the New Moon, very reactive and subjective, is frustrated by the planet Saturn which, from Aquarius, forbids it to take height. Big and beautiful ideas will not help. You must be content with down-to-earth solutions and force minimalism to hope to see things succeed. The strong presence of the 4th house of the zodiac draws attention to the homeland, the beginning, or the end. This is where events are taking place in this period, with any interference or crisis in the country's affairs not to be ruled out.

How does this New Moon influence individual themes? The mutable signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces) are in an evolutionary phase that can take on different colors depending on whether they embrace or reject change. Sagittarius is at a crossroads, and getting around the obstacle is not always easy. While they have the information they need, they are not immune to a turn of events. It is time for Gemini to play it safe. The aspects are sensitive and leave little room for maneuver.

A decision by a Sagittarius person could have repercussions, or if the native is marked by Sagittarius (ascendant, Moon),this New Moon could trigger unprecedented circumstances. The part of fortune, in the first degree of the sign of Virgo, authorizes the hope of saving a situation or adopting the correct posture. The native lets himself be carried along by events and makes the right choice. For the sign of Pisces, the New Moon dispenses its benefits, the strong conjunction of Neptune to Jupiter opens the floodgates of all promises, and it keeps them.

The cardinal signs (Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra) are subject to professional or private exchanges of rather average quality, which will have repercussions at the next Full Moon. Capricorn is evaluating, on its value grid, a story of the heart and measuring the interest of giving it, or not, a chance to grow. Someone shows up or makes an unexpected return in the life of the Cancer native. This translates into a message or a surprise meeting. Aries, this New Moon period is certainly sensitive but quite effective in reinvigorating your relational progress. The Sun and the Moon lack a little objectivity but have a tonic effect. The native of Libra has no time to lose and lets the right person know. No sooner said than done, we didn't know this short side!

The fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio) are either renewing old acquaintances or going backward, resulting in trouble knowing what they really want. Aquarius is the one who feels the most nostalgic: some extraordinary memories suddenly surface: emotions shook by the traces of the past, a look that one crosses. It is karmic. Important decisions are needed for the native of Taurus. They are in a position of strength, but they must manage with calmness and prudence, which, under Uranus's influence, is not the easiest thing to do. However, the future depends on it. Leo plays the second round: bet on these last months without hesitating, and looking back in the mirror is primordial.

The fruits of the work accomplished are at hand. Victory is for the beginning of 2023. Jupiter's last light in Pisces is flooding Scorpio with all its benefits: promotion, soul mate, success, or money. That's the program for a few more weeks. The New Moon reinforces its confidence in the future.
The November New Moon carries a message of good practice and appropriate conduct. Overwhelmed or blinded by false hopes or false prophets, we lose the ability to hear the healing wishes of the Moon in Sagittarius. Chiron, the centaur physician who is the emblem of the sign, works fervently for the good of humanity. He lavishes his care, soothes its pains, and imparts his eternal wisdom. It is necessary to know how to receive his benefits and his gifts.

New Moon in Scorpio on October 25, 2022

It's a perfect time to begin a new phase on this October day. You have a creative drive and spontaneity that puts a spark of lightness and love back into you. In some ways, this New Moon is gentle and has a "coating and sensual" effect. It is like a summer breeze enveloping you with its warmth and sensuality. Carnal energies flow and allow you more openness on the physical plane and all the mystical aspects. It is, therefore, a time for getting closer to others and meeting new lovers under the sign of passion.

However, be careful with passionate impulses that sometimes become complex and turbulent. This New Moon in Scorpio brings you back to a possibility where your greatest desires and most excellent shadows are in the same room! Imagine all of these beautiful people at your table at the same time. It is pretty standard that you are emotionally at the limit of what you can bear. You are "overexcited" by all these sensations and perceptions that titillate you and make you feel "on edge."

However, you should know that you are not "condemned" to live these impulses in a thoughtless and dizzy way. This is an excellent time to detach yourself slightly from this aspect and use it as fuel to feed what is already present in you. This dose of "spice" can spice up your life. In the personal, family, and/or professional dimensions. For example, it could lead you to change your diet by adding a new dish or simply choosing your food. Or, it could take the form of an awareness that leads you to take better care of your appearance. This last example may seem superficial to you. However, it is in feeling more comfortable, well in your skin, and bringing you to "feel" yourself in your sensuality and uniqueness.

This will be a time when you will be pushed into your entrenchments to free yourself from specific patterns disturbing your life. We are talking more about the memories you have within you, consciously or not, that participate in your evolution or your "feeling of going in circles" of not moving forward. These obstacles are genuine, and what you are experiencing or will experience shortly will lead you to reconsider some of your actions and thoughts. For yourself as well as for others. You are amid an awakening of your senses. It shows you how to find a direction for what is happening in the different parts of your existence. This may seem confusing and challenging at times. But if you feel doubt, focus your energies on what feels like you and allows you to flourish. Don't sink deeper into the wheel of karma via hesitation about what is coming or perhaps resentment about the past.

It would do you no good to continue to "bog down" in this pool that weighs down your physical body and your emotional well-being. What can help you greatly is to become aware of your "reducing" patterns and see what is ready to transform or evolve further. Change the course, change the path of your thoughts and follow these changes in concrete actions, through forgiveness, to move forward in this path that makes you vibrate.

All the transformations related to your well-being can enhance your relationships and self-confidence. This is a time to take care of yourself, mainly concerning your physical body. This includes taking time for yourself. Give yourself the gift of being more present and try to do it with full awareness to reap the benefits. You will find inspiration and creativity to initiate or complete your projects.
Some illusions will be revealed to you shortly. Planetary aspects are triggering a process that differs from what you have previously experienced. But do not stop at what has been. What will be is being delicately defined and will offer you incredible opportunities. Most of these illusions were hindrances to your evolution. So, it is suggested that you optimistically look at this reality. You will receive the information peacefully and proactively. This will make it easier to "reframe" your thoughts and clarify your bearings. To benefit from this momentum, simplify your life, stop turning everything upside down and listen to your body and intuition.

It is also welcome to put forward some of your ideas to put your personal touch to a project. Whether it is to give your office a makeover or change your lifestyle and share it. Helping and caring will bring you a more profound sense of cohesion while making you feel more secure in what you are doing. By acting in a consistent and aligned way with your well-being, you allow others to touch more of their reality and inspire them to create change for themselves. It is a wheel effect that is interesting and beneficial to all. There may be outpourings of mixed feelings following your revelations, your new way of being. But what matters is to remain confident and centered in your realization and expansion. Finally, embody your new inner reality and simply radiate it around you. Those who are not ready to receive this image of themselves will merely continue in another way. Others will remain and will also ride the wave of change according to their needs.

Definition of the New Moon:
The cycle of the Moon lasts about 29 days, starting with the New Moon. We see the Moon grow into the Full Moon. Then it shrinks until the next New Moon.During the New Moon, the star of the night is invisible, hidden in the Earth's shadow. It is not observable since it is totally dark.

The New Moon is a sign of a new beginning, a moment in life when we start something, such as a project, or even a child, often unconsciously. It is the time of the month when we are most likely to succeed in our goals.The New Moon is about relationships. It gives great vitality, impulsiveness, and sensitivity.People born during a New Moon have considerable energy, a bursting impulse, but this conjunction of lights causes confusion and subjectivity induced by an exacerbated sensitivity.
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