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First date: what to say and do to make a man want to see you again. There you go, you've done it - you have a date with him! The excitement is over, and now stress has set in, because, after the first meet, you can't just wing it again. To avoid making a fashion faux pas or a committing a dating blunder, try to fulfill the expectations that the man you like might have. Depending on his astrological sign, we'll tell you how to dress your best, what topics to bring up, and even how to strike up a conversation.

In order for this first date to lead to a second, and for this to lead to a wonderful romance, here are all the tips for every sign to make this moment one that your loved one will remember for a long time to come...


How do you dress? Match a slip that reveals your sublilme legs with a plaid shirt: a little masculine, but a lot comfortable. As active as he is, Aries will have to understand real quick that nothing can encroach on your freedom. Do you run around all night with him? Of course - you're ready!

What do you talk to him about? Igore him to intrigue him, then pal around with his friends to really get under his skin. When you feel he's ready, challenge with a steady stare directly into his eyes. Once you've made contact, be direct, flashy, and funny. If you make him laugh, you've got him.

What next? Between pilate sessions and business lunches, you don't have a single minute to yourself. And so, once you manage to devote some of your time to him, he'll be flattered. And comforted. The freer he feels you to be, the more he'll run after you.


How do you dress? A fluttery skirt down to your ankles, silk shirt, kashmir sweater - be feminine down to your size 12 high-heels. Taurus man, being outstandingly sensual, prefers soft, voluptuous, gossimer materials that make him want to curl up next to you. Top it all off with a dreamy smile and aloof posturing. He's already melting...

What do you talk to him about? Start off by talking to him about good wine and fine foods - then give him a knowing look so that he understands that your appetite is for more than just the pleasures of the table.

What next? Take him back to your place to a subdued and gentle atmosphere and savor him like a favorite dish. Arouse his sight, sound, smell, and desire to touch. If his sense are aflame, you can be sure he'll come back for dessert.


How do you dress? Combine a Jacquard sweater with some thigh-highs. Try a pea coat over a velvet dress. Match a striped sweater with some high-waisted pants. The goal is to show that you know how to mix and match trends, that fashion is what you create - with a boldness and sense of humor that excite your Gemini's curiosity.

What do you talk to him about? Start with the latest films before moving on to politics, economics, the latest gossip, and then Kantian philosophy. This intellectual channel-hopping will reveal that you have a quick mind, which the Gemini is particularly sensitive to. Let him know that, with you, he'll never get bored.

What next? Be unpredictable. Forget that date that he asked you out on. You are so overbooked that it just slipped your mind. If he reacts in kind, take it with a sense of humor. Play with him like he plays with you, and, hating to lose as he does, who will make it out on top?


How do you dress? The ideal outfit would be of clothes that you made yourself. Imagining you sow like his mom and grandma did will plunge your Cancer into blissful nostalgia. If you don't know how to sow, aim for a low cut instead. Some cleavage will always have an effect on this grown-up child.

What do you talk to him about? Take an interest in what he does. Have him talk about his problems, and, above all, listen to what he says. Have compassion and be attentive and you're all set!

What next? Prove to him that you'll never abandon him. To do so, organize his whole life around you. Be in turn his coach, boss, confidant, sister, lover, mother, and point of reference. Take care of some of his responsibilities: nothing to think about, nothing to decide on - pure happiness!


How do you dress? A sequined, lamé dress with a low V back and seamed stockings. Be femme, be fatale. Leo likes flash, so clink your bracelets, roar with laughter, be your own sound and light show all on your own. Standing ovation!

What do you talk to him about? Let out a few well-chosen critiques about other people, but find everything he says to be wonderful - yet without coming off as a total suck-up. Between your professional goals and thrilling small talk, hint to him that you lead a wild life. Leo being an exceptional person, he can't just settle for a maid.

What next? Be completely sublime first thing. Compliment his radiant look, big car, and his perfect swing. Arous his jealousy, too, if he gets the idea in his head to look elsewhere. Having a woman like you is a privilege that your Leo will never forget.


How do you dress? Go light on the make-up or else it'll just look like camouflage. Choose a light perfume, otherwise you'll come across as desperate and cheap. It's more about suggesting than showing, being fashionable rather than shocking. A simple black sweater with a pair of well-fitting, tasteful jeans with a good cut and no mistakes will do.

What do you talk to him about? Brainy as Virgo is, say little, but say it well, and back up your words. Don't put anything out there that you can't prove. And, most important of all, don't use useless gestures or shocking words. Mind your manners all on your own.

What next? Confess your feelings for him as if it were the most sensible thing in the world. If he raises objections, respond with statistics on the benefits of couple's life. Then, unbutton his shirt without warning - he won't be as uptight as one might think. After letting your body go wild, straighten up your skirt and get back down to work.


How do you dress? Originality, not extravagance, is what is important. Everything about your look has to make Libra believe you've been simply soaked in elegance since birth. Timeless articles, harmony in your colors and fabrics, an attention to detail - what style!

What do you talk to him about? Operas, ballets, painting - show your enthusiasm for the artform in a melodic voice. Charm this esthete with your sophisticated conversation. It is unseemly to speak ill of others (too crude...),but, on the other hand, speak highly of him. You will reassure him that others still find him attractive.

What next? No noise or conflict. If you have a remark to make, be tactful, and never upset the harmony that Libra years for. As he considers you to be quintessential example of what chic is, he'd be shocked to see you act like a shrew.


How do you dress? Skin, silk, and kashmir... The materials you wear must evoke caresses, the excitement of being touched and arouse his desire to discover what's underneath. Let your push-up bra, garter, and lace be the final barrier before getting down to business. That's what it's all about with Scorpio: taking on your sensuality, pleasures, and fantasies.

What do you talk to him about? Show that you think for yourself. Avoid being politically correct, and have a new and unheard-of view on things or people. Sprinkle it all with ambiguous remarks and long silences. Mystery is your best friend.

What next? Even on the first date, just follow what your body tells you. You're not stupid and neither is he. You want it, so does he. What you express through your sighs and desires will be even more telling than a long talk anyway.


How do you dress? Mix stylish and relaxed. A good choice would be relaxed fit pants that fall just right or a kimono over rinse-washed jeans. Look like you just got off a plane before taking off for far-away lands. You'll be everything this traveler's been waiting dreaming of.

What do you talk to him about? Get rid of small talk - the goal is to make him lose it with your laughter, quick wit, and lust for life. Then, bring up your latest trip through Morocco and your weekly jogs to show him you're an in-shape, sporty girl - and resist him, too! Since he sees himself as a hero, give him the chance to lift you up on his white steed.

What next? Be enthusiastic about his goals, believe in him, and leave him alone. He needs a self-sufficient woman who lives her own life, not a bimbo who's afraid of her own shadow.


How do you dress? Don't be tacky, silly, or kitsch... Good manners, a nice haircut, clean, simple lines - aim for true chic: unexpected clashing and the subtle twisting of dresscodes. Fishnet stockings wrapped around a thin waist, men's pants with low-cut shirt - as suggestive for cold Capricorn in public as it is hot in private.

What do you talk to him about? Show him you have something to offer: goals, power, ambition - and that together you will be able to make great things happen. Viewing a relationship like a business deal, he's already drawing up the contract.

What next? Don't say anything lightly. Don't do anything that you haven't mulled over. He needs a responsible partner, not a featherbrain who doesn't know what she wants. Most of all, make him laugh. He is so serious that he counts on you to decompress.


How do you dress? Slip into a tight-fitting latex dress. Try out technical fabrics, orignal cuts, and surrealistic creations. Let your Aquarius see immediately that you're not a mindless consumer, but a revolutionary, visionary even, in fashion.

What do you talk to him about? Get ready for some verbal back-and-forth. Let the ideas fly, quickly and in every direction. If the subject doesn't do it for you, tell him frankly rather than revisit old ground. A woman who has the guts to be who she is will be what wins him over.

What next? Invite him out for a night-out where everyone is on a first name basis. Make his head spin with your learning and the people you know - then lead your own life. Your independence will ensure that you won't always be in his way. Yikes!


How do you dress? Take up wearing half-slips, romantic blouses, long necklaces, turbans - mix and match styles and fabrics, the expensive and the cheap. Pisces has many facets - show them just as many.

What do you talk to him about? Reveal your sensitivity and show your emotions. Strong on empathy, Pisces will instinctually tune into what makes you special. Next, bring up a tough time you've gone through, and he'll offer you a shoulder to lean on without having to be asked.

What next? Cultivate secrecy about your activities so that he will dream about you constantly. Don't ever really actually be there. Leave his questions unanswered. Look like you've just woken up when he asks you to explain yourself. The crazier he's driven, the quicker you will weedle your way into his heart.

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