Your daily horoscope for Libra on the 10th of June 2023

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

You will be keen to make yourself useful and you'll have your chance. The favour will be returned. Meeting up with friends or family would help you to recharge your batteries psychologically and gently eliminate your stress.



You're going to change direction to establish a better balance in your life. Your vision is clearer.

Today: 4/5TodayTomorrow: 5/5TomorrowMonday: 5/5MondayTuesday: 3/5TuesdayWednesday: 5/5WednesdayThursday: 4/5ThursdayFriday: 5/5FridaySaturday: 5/5Saturday



Things are starting to become how you'd like them to be - you're right in thinking that your road's becoming smoother. Whether you're single or in a relationship, you're not going to have any trouble making your dreams a reality.

Today: 3/5TodayTomorrow: 3/5TomorrowMonday: 2/5MondayTuesday: 3/5TuesdayWednesday: 3/5WednesdayThursday: 4/5ThursdayFriday: 3/5FridaySaturday: 5/5Saturday



You'll have the energy needed to tackle an important task, and you'll see it through, too.

Today: 4/5TodayTomorrow: 4/5TomorrowMonday: 3/5MondayTuesday: 4/5TuesdayWednesday: 4/5WednesdayThursday: 3/5ThursdayFriday: 3/5FridaySaturday: 5/5Saturday



The ball is in your court and now's the time to say exactly what you think about the cases in progress.

Today: 4/5TodayTomorrow: 5/5TomorrowMonday: 5/5MondayTuesday: 4/5TuesdayWednesday: 5/5WednesdayThursday: 4/5ThursdayFriday: 5/5FridaySaturday: 5/5Saturday
This week


The moon is in Pisces, in position 14 degree(s),05 minute(s): Muddled atmosphere, disorganised, very emotional reactions, vulnerability, little common-sense.

First decan

23rd September to 3rd October

You are in an excellent position for getting your dream job. Just don't let doubt overwhelm you. Your talents will be highlighted. Test your luck without doubting your skills. Emotionally, you are on solid ground.

Second decan

4th October to 14th October

You don't like to see anyone close to you suffer, preferring to look after them and pamper them as soon as there is a problem. You could even forget your own needs. You are a real life-saver, except that you have to think of yourself at times, too.

Third decan

15th October to 23rd October

Your emotions are easily triggered, and you have trouble focusing on your desires. Make sure your expectations are realistic. If you are in a relationship, reprimands will come pouring out, and you won't be able to come up with any solution at first. If you are single, you will be passive.

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