Libra, your love horoscope for Summer 2021

Written by Daisy

Love: you play to your strengths!

Starting June 27, you have a project around which you try to rally the votes of your loved ones, but take time to refine your plans between July 22 and August 16. Venus in your sign between August 16 and September 10 increases your power of seduction, your desire to please while at the end of the season, the delightful planet exalts your desires, amigo Libra, and the urge to get what you covet.

1st Decan (September 23-October 3): banter is not on the agenda!

At the beginning of the season, your priority is to shine in society, but opportunities to stand out from the crowd arise if you listen to your feelings. Don't short-circuit your chances by letting your sensibilities interfere with a dynamic life experience, stay focused and effective. Are there any projects that catch your attention at the end of July? Discuss them with those around you. From August 4 onwards, Saturn reinvades the field of your love affairs and helps you to see more clearly in your stories, to live the relationship more wisely. Venus exalts your seduction (between August 16 and 24) and you anchor your relationships on a solid foundation. At the end of the season, take heed of Saturn who asks you to conduct your love life with seriousness rather than satisfy your every desire.

2nd decan (October 4-October 14): summer more in the shade than the sun!

You ended the spring plagued by tensions with a partner or with your children, you approach the summer, frustrated in your relationships. Saturn summons you (at least until August 4) to dig into the love "file" without looking for a way out. You must fight to defend your convictions, your vision of the future. You do not agree on anything with the other person and the exchanges are explosive. You try to smooth things over (on the 13th),but you come up against the same problems at the beginning of August, your perspectives do not match those of others. Take a step back (Aug 3, Aug 20, Sept 7) to find common ground, making concessions on both sides.

3rd decan (October 15-October 23): don't abuse your undeniable assets!

Your charm makes a mark in late June and July, but stay clear in your intentions, your messages induce some confusion in your daily exchanges. Don't give the impression to yours that your work matters more than they do (the 17th, the 25th). From the 28th on, Jupiter is shining on your love life to rekindle the flame or to find that special someone. Don't take advantage of your charm to impose your vision of the world on others. Take the time in August (10th, 11th, 25th, 26th) to consult your loved ones about your project so that they will want to follow you. In September, you want to control everything (2nd, 14th). Instead, rely on your charm to shine in love (the 11th, the 20th).

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Summer throws you challenges, to take them up, throw yourself into them without rushing and dare without abuse.


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