Libra, your love horoscope for Spring 2021

Written by Daisy

Love: Turned Towards the Other!

Listening to others until mid-April, Venus invites you to show your loved ones that they matter to you. She exalts your desires and sensual cooperation between April 14th and May 9th. Then, you aspire to make the relationship evolve or meet people to project yourself into an inspiring story. At the end of the season, you use your charm to shine in society and gently convey your messages. A precious asset to end spring in style.

1st decan (September 23rd - October 3rd): You're Back to Success!

This winter, you have felt constrained by responsibilities that weigh down your love life and prevent you from enjoying the present moment. Having been rid of Saturn since mid-March, you are approaching spring lighter and more willing (between March 21st and 29th) to close ranks with your partner or forge a bond with someone you like. These desires delightfully assail you, and you wish to satisfy them between April 14th and 22nd and between May 9th and 17th. At the end of the season, you can exercise your charm in society and in private.

2nd decan (October 4th - October 14th): Duty of Lucidity!

Jupiter has favoured your emotional blossoming this winter, but Saturn has casts a shadow over your stories since mid-March. This austere planet forces you to analyze your bonds or review your approach to love. The atmosphere could cool your ardours. However, Venus invites you to stay tuned to your partner (between March 29th and April 6th) and exalts your desires between April 22nd and 30th. You elevate the debates and live a quality relationship between May 17th and 27th, but you are slowed down in June. Despite your charm and your willingness to please everyone, you risk running into a wall or obstacles that are impossible for the moment.

3rd decan (October 15th - October 23rd): There is Love in the Air!

Until mid-May, Jupiter plays in your camp. Count on this giant planet to boost your chances in love. Whatever your romantic situation, Jupiter is your ally. Take the opportunity to rekindle the flame or light it in the heart of someone you like. As of May 13th, Jupiter ceases to influence your decan but will return from the end of July to December 29th, 2021. You need to start a story that will evolve favourably between now and then, or a baby could be born at the end of the year. Venus invites you to take a step towards each other between April 6th and April 14th, express your overflowing sensuality between April 30th and May 9th, and make the relationship evolve between May 25th and June 2nd. At the end of the season, you transmit your zest for life and gain popularity.

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This spring warms the hearts of some, and others fall in love. Take advantage of a changing economy. Face the events and take up the challenges that arise.


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