Libra, your love horoscope for Spring 2023

Written by Daisy

A tendency to use (abuse) your powers to impose your desires on others? Fortunately, at the end of the season you will come to your senses and agree to change your situation, taking into account the demands of everyday life. You will aspire to move the lines (in love, socially, relationally and professionally) and will not hesitate to mobilize your vital forces to achieve this during a spring that could then effectively see the situation change.

Libra First decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(23rd September to 3rd October)

Love: Clarify.

Pluto from March 23 will influence your emotional life. You can expect some turmoil and questions about the meaning of your past or present choices and the way you operate in love. Be careful not to get carried away by your passions or desires that could blur the frequency between you and the other person in May (18th). Try to analyze as consciously as possible the origin of your present state. You will undoubtedly be able to do this more easily in June when Saturn will bring you back to the essentials and above all to a sense of moderation and limits that should not be exceeded (the 19th).

In Relationship

Pluto expressly invites you to explore your emotional behaviors. Especially from the end of March. There is no question of skipping certain possible grey areas that are recurrently troubling the relationship. However, be careful in May (18th) not to stir up possible tensions by playing with fire. Instead, you should examine closely what has been a problem (certainly for a long time) without risking to jeopardize your relationship. Focus on a controlled approach to the relationship in June in order to proceed with a careful, but certainly more fruitful, autopsy (the 19th).


If you tend to repeat the same behaviors over and over again, which are not necessarily very constructive in love, Pluto (from March 23) will certainly push you to examine (in order to understand) what is wrong, the elements of the past (education, emotional experience) which may have affected your vision and apprehension of the relationship. Be careful not to get out of hand around May 18 when, if you have just met or coveted someone, you could manifest your attraction in a rather disturbing way. Instead, wait until June when you will be more aware of your possible shortcomings to make a connection that will hold up (the 19th).

Social Life: Will to power?

From May 16 onwards, Jupiter could precipitate events that could move the lines and change your status. However, be careful (on the 18th) not to put pressure on anyone (especially financially) if you don\'t want anyone to put obstacles in your way. Instead, rely on prudence and conscientious daily work to make slow but sure progress towards your goals and to reassure your colleagues. Mars (the planet) will sharpen your thirst for conquest, for domination, for assertion between March 25 and April 14 and will reinforce your ability to defend your projects and a vision of the future that you will not hesitate to defend tooth and nail (between May 20 and June 6).

Well-being: Keep your balance.

You should not lack determination or punch this spring, when Mars could play the agitator and push you forward without too much nuance. However, be careful not to overdo it or ask for too much if you don\'t want to face too much criticism that could irritate you and destabilize you. Especially around May 18 when your sense of proportion will be more than relative (the 18th).

Libra First decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

A season that could ruffle your feathers a bit and disturb your peace of mind. This is especially true for love and your deepest desires and feelings. Don\'t skip a review of your (excessive?) behaviors that will allow you to see things more clearly (especially within yourself).

Libra Second decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(4th October to 14th October)

Love: Finally less pressure.

Uranus will gradually stop constantly shaking your life through unexpected events (not always very comfortable or joyful). From May 28 onwards, the agitator will move away. This spring, you can count on continuing to surf on certain associations, links and recent commitments that may have favored your blossoming (since February 20?). Venus will exalt your sensual appetites between March 25 and April 2, will reinforce your ambitions in love between April 19 and 28 and will endow you between May 16 and 26 with a charm that should enable you to boost your rating in private and in society. Tender plans in mind and in your heart (between June 16 and 29)?

In Relationship

Certain bonds have recently been strengthened. Some commitments have given new meaning to your union? This spring you should finally be sailing in calmer waters and taking advantage of this to fully enjoy the present moment. Venus could provoke delicious flashbacks between March 25 and April 2, exalt your desire to make the relationship evolve between April 19 and 28, and promote your visibility in society (between May 16 and 26). You will not hesitate to make tender plans at the end of the season (between June 16 and 29).


Whatever your situation, you will appreciate that Uranus will finally stop putting obstacles in your way and will keep you on your toes from morning to night. Enjoy this return to calm and why not the presence of Venus who will delightfully titillate your senses and boost your magnetism between March 25 and April 2, and who will boost your thirst for meaningful and out of the ordinary stories (between April 19 and 28). You will probably shine in society between May 16 and 26 and will be able to count on your friends and relatives to project you together into a future that inspires you (between June 16 and 29).

Social Life: The way is clear.

If Uranus (at least since 2020) has been able to throw you into unexpected pitfalls, you should feel some relief this spring to see it gradually moving away from your perimeter. You will be able to move freely again and will no longer be constantly harassed by incidents along the way. You will take advantage of this to take up the fight and defend your interests (between April 14 and May 2). Nothing (or no one) should stop you from carrying out certain projects that are important to you between June 6 and 23, when you will be able to mobilize your troops to move forward and make your plans a reality.

Well-being: Power up.

This spring you should be able to recuperate the energy you have been devoting for a long time to managing unforeseen events that have been disturbing and destabilizing you and often weighing you down. Take advantage of a sky that is gradually clearing to take action, to move forward and to reconnect with positive flows that will not only allow you to score points, but also to regain strength and morale.

Libra Second decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

If the winter has favored certain agreements that have satisfied you, count on the spring to get back on track and believe again in yourself and in your ability to meet life\'s challenges.

Libra Third decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(15th October to 23rd October)

Love: Commitments, re-commitments?

Whether you aspire to unite with the one you love or to renew your vows, you will have all the latitude to take this step under the tutelage of a sky that is supportive of your love affairs around April 11 and May 5. Venus will plot your fulfillment between April 2 and 11 when she will boost your magnetism and your desires, but also between April 28 and May 7 when you will dream of embarking for Cytherea with the one you love. The delightful planet will endow you with a stunning charisma between May 26 and June 5. You will be able to shine in society and seduce anyone you want.

In Relationship

Jupiter will allow you to strengthen your relationship with your partner between April 4 and May 16 around a reborn complicity or one that is reinforced by events. You can also count on Venus to awaken a sensuality that has been more or less dormant between April 2 and 11, to boost your thirst to develop the relationship (between April 28 and May 7) and to shine in society (between May 26 and June 5). Spring should therefore contribute to your happiness.


From April 4 onwards, Jupiter could well provoke pleasant encounters and push you to take the plunge, to commit yourself to the other person from now until May 16! Venus will confirm the trend from April 2 (until the 11th) when it will boost your desires of all kinds, between April 28 and May 7 when the delicious planet will exalt your aspiration to live a story that will uplift you, inspire you. At the end of the season (between May 26 and June 5),you will be able to count on your undeniable radiance to leave a mark on people\'s minds and hearts.

Social Life: Sign.

Whether you are already in a position or looking for a job, count on Jupiter this spring (between April 4 and May 16) to favor the validation and signing of all kinds of contracts, alliances, associations, and commitments that are a priori advantageous. If at the very beginning of the season (until March 25) you will not let go of anything, you will also defend your positions and your rights to recognition with an unshakeable determination between May 2 and 20 when you should have no difficulty in scoring points! Let\'s bet that you will be able to convince the higher-ups of the usefulness of counting you in the team. Especially around mid-May when you will know how to make yourself indispensable.

Well-being: On the rise.

Jupiter is expressly inviting you to come out of the shadows, out of your den, and take a step toward the other this spring. So don\'t hesitate to connect, to link up. Whether it is on a professional level, in business or in love, you will evolve this spring in a climate rather favorable to your blooming. The opportunity to have a good time in excellent company, to spread your wings and to take flight? What more could you want?

Libra Third decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

A season that a priori is good for you and invites you to unite, to get closer to the other (others),to take a step towards a more intense social and couple life. So don\'t be afraid to take advantage of it.


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