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Thursday, January the 17th
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Libra, your love horoscope for Winter 2019

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Moving on to Serious Things!
This autumn, Venus has allowed you to identify your desires but also to develop all your potential (emotional, creative) and do everything possible to express them? Starting January 7th, count on the influence of this delicious planet to promote your communication with those around you and help you get your messages through smoothly. Between February 3rd and March 1st, you will give all your attention to your family and will not stop harmonizing your relationships within the clan, improve your living conditions, and those of your loved ones! You will finally finish the season well decided to get down to business! In fact, love takes over your life, friend Libra and you will feel like you are growing wings. A rising libido, a crazy charm, and the opportunity then to finish the winter and approach the spring in love or in the process of falling in love ... Note that Jupiter, since November 8th, opens your mind and increases your need to get out of your bubble and establish connections with the world that surrounds you. A priori, for the best!

1st decan (September 23rd - October 3rd) : Focus on Your Private Life This Winter!
Jupiter was able to promote useful and enjoyable meetings in November and December and boost your morale? In January (between the 7th and 16th), Venus confirms this trend and allows you to strengthen recent bonds but also to get closer to those you love. The good mood reigns and you will fully invest in making the party last! Be careful, however, of some risks due to verbal slip ups around January 8th, where your partner will not necessarily be taken lightly and will not be very open to your proposals! In February, you will have the art and the way of rallying the votes in family and getting everyone to agree. In March (between the 1st and the 10th) you will be in a loving mood and willing to have a good time! Whether it is to give color to your impulses with your partner or to get out of your solitary condition, let us bet that Venus will know how to inspire you with the right words and delicious attentions that will allow you to end the winter in beauty and approach the spring rather pleased with yourself! Note that from March 6th, Uranus (as he did between mid-May and early November) will somehow push you out of your entrenchments and transform what needs to be (in love and elsewhere) so that your personal desires, options, and priorities do not fall (anymore) into the trap!

In a Relationship the current goes well between you and your partner? Jupiter has allowed you to open creative debates with them and perhaps expand your circle of friends and relationships. Venus will enhance your charm between January 7th and 16th. Let's hope that it will help you smooth things over around the 8th when a dispute may arise (be resurrected) between you and your lover. In February, nothing should really stop you from giving and receiving love in family and in March, a blazing Venus invites you to openly express your feelings and rekindle the flame. You will certainly not be begged to do so and should then finish the winter boiling ... rather than an icicle!

Single Jupiter has recently placed people who could hold your attention on your path. If one of them has found their place in your heart then bet on Venus, in January, to maintain a tender dialogue despite tensions that are undoubtedly palpable and could disrupt this charming frequency around January 8th. In February, you may be tempted to enter into a relationship, improve your living environment, or your relationships with loved ones. In March, you return to your priorities and rely on your stunning aura to fly, hit the mark, or continue a recent idyll!

2nd decan (October 4th - October 14th): Important Issues!
Saturn, since the end of December, exposes you to take on more responsibilities in family. But you can count on Jupiter, since Christmas, to boost your morale, provide you with great ideas to get out of dead ends, and connect you favorably to the world around you. Except that in January, you will have to take care to keep your feet on the ground and not try to escape (if not at your own risk) the burdens incumbent on you. Otherwise, you could lose your bearings and overestimate your power to transform your everyday life (for the better). So, beware of overestimations that are a little too fanciful (the 13th and 21st) because they could lead to false ends. Instead, try to stick to reality and do the best you can to find valid and lasting solutions to the issues and questions that arise at home! The best way to land on your feet and clear a path in a truly constructive way! In February, the current passes well (better) between you, your partner, and the others (the 3th, 8th, 17th, and 19th). You tackle everything with a seriousness and a sense of commitment that will contribute to your popularity and strengthen your bonds! In March, inspired and empathic, you will have an unsurpassed talent to improve your daily life and act in the interest of everyone! Between the 10th and 18th, count on Venus to sublimate your aura and increase your power of seduction!

In a Relationship certainly, Saturn tends to darken the picture a little within family, where problems or responsibilities are heavier. However, this winter you have the support needed to face and meet your life challenges. If you remain well aware of your limits and do not try (in vain) to escape from your duties or to hide in hollow dreams, you will be able (in late January) to master the events and act constructively to maintain balance and harmony within the family. In February, you will have favorable conditions to get closer to your partner and/or your children and establish a rich and positive dialogue with them. This is then the opportunity to tighten the ranks. In March, you will invest your body, heart and soul in transforming what needs to be so that your daily life closely matches what you expect and determined. Inventive, you should also succeed in business (the 7th, 9th, 10th, 14th, and 20th)!

Single since December 20th you are stuck with Saturn who tends to weigh on the atmosphere in family and even cut your wings a little. Fortunately, you will have the means and the maturity to solve the difficulties that arise, maintain a relative harmony between you and your loved ones, and smooth things over daily. At the same time, make sure you do not get lost in a cross roads around January 13th when your optimistic forecasts will not really take into account reality and could cause you to make mistakes! In February, you will have the opportunity to reconnect with cosmic conditions more favorable to your emotional development (the 3rd, 8th, and 17th) and enjoy an irresistible magnetism to try your luck (successfully) in love! In March, connected to an intuition that is a good counselor, you will find ways to streamline your exchanges within your family and move the lines in the right direction and for the interest of everyone!

3rd decan (October 15th - October 23rd): Predictable Static on the Line!
Until January 7th, Venus sharpens your desires and makes you want everything? Bet on an exalted creativity and an assumed gluttony to improve (transform?) your private life in late December (the 28th) and early January when the current should pass between you, your partner, and others (the 4th)! Pluto pushes you into your entrenchments and forces you to closely probe your family relationships so you can one way or another find your true place in the clan (the 11th and 18th) but you will likely be exposed to turmoil on the relationship front around the 19th and 23rd! Then bet on Venus (between January 26th and February 3rd) to smooth things over, harmonize the frequency, and avoid (the 2nd) having the debates degenerate into a pitched battle! You will resume the dialogue on the 8th, 9th, and 18th, and you will not have to avoid any angry questions. This way you can comprehend more lucidly and in a more constructive way around February 23rd. As of March 6th, Uranus, who kept your emotional bonds under pressure and made you wonder about their merits, is now leaving, but you will probably have to wait until the end of the winter (March 18th and 20th) and the beginning of spring to hope to advance, and especially, evolve the debates!

In a Relationship Uranus warns you, by March 6th, to close an important chapter in your private life. Count on the electrical energy of this planet to accentuate the tensions between you and your partner. Undoubtedly enough for you to determine if your relationship can continue to hold the road ... or not! No need to try to skew or avoid confronting reality! Instead, accept the differences between you and the differences that separate you from each other. From mid-February, Jupiter will boost your exchanges but will not let you off the hook when it comes to doing everything you can to clearly see your relationship and make the necessary decisions!

Single Uranus lets you know what you expect from a relationship and how far you are able to go so that it holds the road. No (no longer) question of sacrificing to ease or to make concessions that would lead you sooner or later into a wall. By the beginning of March, you will complete a cycle of questioning your relationships and your bonds with others. It should leave you more mature, and above all, more aware of your limits in terms of commitment!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

A winter where you will have it at heart to warm the atmosphere or tighten the ranks again in family and in love. You will have, a priori, the means! So please do not impose anything on others and definitely opt for diplomacy (your major weapon) to iron out any disputes and seduce whoever you want!

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