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What are your strong points in love?

Written by Mary

In love, we may tend to emphasize our weaknesses rather than our strengths while trying to overcome them, but it would be enough to rely on the strengths of our love life to start again while learning, of course, to manage our weak points in parallel. It is not a question of denial but of distinguishing our innate talents that can drive us in a relationship. So, let's study a strong point for each astrological sign in order to fully exploit them:


Kill Boredom
You immediately grab the spark in the air to make it into a firework. You electrify your partner as much as they magnetize you. Nothing goes or rather everything is fine because the moments follow each other and are not alike: an eternal love at first sight that does not finish thanks to your initiative, which knows how to launch stimulating projects and use your outspokenness to remove all ambiguity and clarify things.


Offer Security in Love
Better than anyone, you know how much your partner needs attention and sweetness. You offer them the exclusivity of your desires, the warmth of your feelings and the tenderness of your hugs. With you, your partner is spoiled because they are the cause of your joy and of your being, and they reassure you; you give them all sorts of things like gifts, kisses and sweet words. Filling them fills you up and it is in this respect that generosity is magical.


Stimulate Movement
Your glamorous side is also made up of intellectual resources that start an exciting conversation on very different topics. You enrich your partner and it makes you feel good because as soon as the spark of knowing is lit, you vibrate on the same wavelength. And when the subject changes, you balance things by bringing your partner on a famous trip to get some fresh air. Movement, both inside and out, is your business!


Being Romantic
You establish an indissoluble and invisible link with your partner that nobody can detect a priori. You know perfectly how to maintain this alchemy with your beloved thanks to your secret nature which nourishes the flame. You never fear to tell them that your most beautiful love story is with them. And in the order of things, your hugs are always very inspired and passionate.


Love with a Capital L
You are a great lover and no doubt that in your eyes, love is written with a capital L like Lit up. You appreciate your partner, you are full of exaltation to them, eternally blissful with admiration, ready to watch them wake up in the morning, dress or undress. You do everything to feed your unexpected duo and anchor it in the present moment to live deeply your sentimental relationship.


Instilling Rituals
You know how to keep your relationship on track with your sense of small habits. The routine fits you like a glove because it is by scrupulously respecting a few rules in your home that your relationship solidly holds the road. Celebrate your wedding anniversary, a hug every morning or evening, movie nights ... Your culture of the couple is well established!


Harmonize the Relationship
You have the heart to be on the same wavelength as your partner and to be in tune with them; indeed your relationship is an integral part of your oxygen if not even the reason for your life. Nothing more than the harmony of your duo to smooth things over if it is necessary, so that your beloved feels on top of the world. In addition, you get some compensation for this attitude because your love spell also makes your partner very attentive to your desires.


To be passionately in love
You personify love at the heart of your relationship in the most inflamed, enigmatic, romantic way. For the eyes of your beloved, you book a psychological striptease where you drop one by one the veils of your character to generously offer your feelings. In this respect, you know how to make yourself indispensable because your way of loving is fiery, exalted and unique.


Cultivate Independence
You have an unsurpassed talent for offering a space of freedom to your soulmate. You love them generously and that's why you know how to balance your attachment to them, as well as to your activities outside. And it works perfectly in your relationship because feelings of jealousy are not your forte; and in fact you also encourage your partner to arrange a life outside the relationship so that they can breathe and feel free.


Respect the Values
Your innate wisdom leads you to define your values and make them the cornerstone of your life as a couple. You know how to prioritize your relationship's priorities, as well as the desires or needs of your partner. If your partner wishes to schedule a holiday in a new environment, you know that it is essential because, in order to make your two personalities cohabitate in all conscience and loyalty, it is to write the story of your relationship with complicity and serenity.


Be a Loving Friend
You have a definite gift for cultivating friendship within your partner, and this is the secret of longevity of the bonds of love that have been woven over time between you and your partner. You favor complicity and sharing, communication and energy. Your partner is your best friend and your best lover. Friendship and love are the two poles of the same energy that harmonizes your relationship.


Stay Listening
You are listening to your partner and when the latter suffers a small decrease in morale you detect it immediately even if it is not obvious. You are motivated to make your relationship work, so if your beloved lacks a little energy, you redouble your efforts to compensate for this temporary decline and do everything possible to make them start again on better basis.

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