Cancer, your love horoscope for Winter 2024

Written by Daisy

You'll need to take care with your communication this winter if you really want to move the lines, assert and realize your ambitions. Whether sentimental, social or creative, your demands will be just as important as the challenges you'll have to face to achieve your goals. Daring projects could occupy your thoughts and your time. Rely on your sense of strategy to bring them to fruition without, however, taking too many roundabout routes that could arouse the distrust of those around you.

Cancer First decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2024

(21st June to 1st July)

Love: Don't go too far outside the box!

If in December (27th) you are happily exchanging ideas with those around you on a project you like, be prepared for some disappointment at the beginning of January (1ster ). Fortunately, this will be short-lived, since at the end of the month (28th, 29th),by listening to your partner\'s wishes as well as your own, you\'ll be able to agree on everything. Be careful, however, on the 27th and in February (on the 10th) not to jeopardize your cordial understanding by displaying ambitions that could exceed your means and worry the other person. Take the time you need to avoid any aggressive drift (on the 14th) and re-launch constructive debates (on February 28, March 10).

In Relationship

You may start the winter with a bang (December 27),but your enthusiasm could quickly fade in early January (January 1er ),when your aspirations may come up against an insurmountable wall. However, you\'ll manage to get around these obstacles. In particular, you will be able to establish some tender dialogue with your partner (28th, 29th),which should bear fruit and restore balance. If, however, you avoid (on the 27th) and in February (on the 10th) overstepping the mark (and especially your financial limits). Rather than reacting abruptly to these annoyances (on the 14th),prefer to renew the dialogue (on February 28, March 10).


Your prospects are enchanting at the end of December (27th),but could take a turn for the worse at the beginning of January (1ster )? You won\'t be so easily put off (12th) and should be able (28th, 29th) to establish fruitful exchanges with those around you, and why not with someone you like. However, this is no reason to get carried away and risk putting yourself in a difficult situation (on the 27th) and in February (on the 10th). Opt for an open attitude to dialogue (28th) and in March (10th) and avoid getting angry at all costs (February 14th).

Social Life: Persevere without exaggerating!

Although Jupiter will encourage you to conceive exciting projects until February 21, and you know what to say and what to do at the end of December (27th) to rally support for your tempting proposals, you risk falling on a bone at the beginning of January (1ster ). Are your efforts doomed to failure? There\'s no question of you disarming, but on the contrary, you\'ll be deploying hard-hitting arguments that should convince (on the 10th, 12th, 18th, 19th) and seduce (on the 28th, 29th),as well as in February (on the 5th, 17th). Be careful not to overdo it on January 27, February 10 and 13. If you keep a sense of proportion (28th),you\'ll end up scoring points in March (10th).

Well-being: Everything will come in its own time.

The trick this winter will be to preserve your balance, and that won\'t always be easy. You\'ll be hovering between a surge of enthusiasm, disillusionment, the rage to win and the awareness that, to win, you\'ll have to temper, nuance and listen to others. There\'s no question of rushing headlong into the fog, but rather of adapting and taking into account the opinions of those around you. This is the best approach to adopt if you hope to go the distance and end the winter as anything other than exhausted.

Cancer First decan: your advice for for Winter 2024

To increase your chances of being followed, appreciated and loved this winter, don\'t skip the dialogue. Avoid believing you\'re invincible, leave room for others, don\'t force anything. In the end, this is the best way to melt away any (probable) resistance.

Cancer Second decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2024

(2nd July to 12th July)

Love: Don't go overboard.

If you\'ve been thinking about the future in a different way for a while now, you can count on January to get you started. You should not fail to convince those you love to follow you thanks to the establishment of a creative dialogue (10th, 27th, 28th, 29th). The same applies in February (on the 7th),provided you avoid pressuring the other person into spending money that could drive them away (on the 8th, 17th, 27th). At the very end of the month (29th),you should be in a better position to manage any excesses (29th),as well as in March (1ster ),but you may still give in to eccentric impulses (3rd, 9th).

In Relationship

You want to open up the future in a more daring way, and should have no trouble persuading the person you love to go along with your plans if you remain attentive in January (10th, 27th, 28th, 29th). In February, your charm works (on the 7th),but refrain from imposing certain desires on your partner that he or she may not share (on the 8th, 17th, 27th). At the end of the month (29th) and at the beginning of March (1ster ),although you may prove more convincing, some of your excesses (spending) and abuses (of power) may nevertheless dampen the other person\'s enthusiasm (3rd, 9th).


You\'ll know what to say in January to inspire your nearest and dearest, friends and loyal followers to join you in developing projects that will change everything. In February, your attentiveness to the needs of those you love (or like) could end up persuading your troops to follow you. Unless you force them to give in to some of your desires and fantasies, which won\'t be unanimously supported (8th, 17th, 27th). At the end of the month (29th) and in March (1ster ),although some of your arguments may strike a chord, your tendency to ignore certain limits could blur the frequency (3rd, 9th).

Social Life: No eccentricities!

A vision of the future that\'s out of the ordinary, innovative projects and a great ability to unite people in January (10th, 27th, 28th, 29th) and February (7th)? Rely on creative and constructive exchanges to motivate your troops, but avoid doing too much and demanding too much from those who are likely to abandon you to your little deliriums (8th, 17th, 25th, 27th). Prefer to express your ambitions within the rules (February 29, March 1er ),rather than risk seeing your projects derailed if you try to manipulate everyone to achieve your ends (March 3, 9).

Well-being: Take control!

If you dare to be daring on all fronts (emotional, financial, professional and physical),you should be able to have fun this winter, breaking the rules and opening up the future as you please. On the other hand, if you don\'t set yourself any limits (especially in February and March),you run the risk of alienating the support of those you need to go the distance. It\'s up to you.

Cancer Second decan: your advice for for Winter 2024

A season that will gladly accompany you in your aspirations to change your life, to creatively break with an outdated vision of the future. On condition, however, that you channel your desires so that they don\'t lead you to try to go off-piste too systematically.

Cancer Third decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2024

(13th July to 22nd July)

Love: Be and remain sincere!

At the end of December (December 25, December 29),you\'ll be touching an ideal version of love with your fingertips and heart, but you\'ll have to be careful (December 28) and in January (January 9, January 19) not to confuse the frequency by, for example, overdoing things or acting in a vague, ambiguous way towards the other person. This could make them doubt you and your good intentions, and tempt them to distance themselves. Cultivate dialogue (16th) and in February (2nd, 8th, 13th). This is the best way to draw the other person into your world, to make them dream or

In Relationship

You\'ll be embarking for Cytherea at the end of December (25th, 29th)... Delightful prospects to be shared with a partner who\'s under your spell, but you mustn\'t blur the lines on the 28th and in January (9th, 19th). In particular, don\'t be overzealous. An eagerness that could seem suspicious and dampen the other person\'s ardor. In February (2nd, 8th, 13th),you\'ll be more likely to engage in complicit exchanges (16th). In March (8th, 17th),you\'ll be sure to make the other person want to believe you and follow you.


You\'ll be able to turn on the charm at the end of December (25th, 29th),and make the heart of whoever you please fall in love with you? Be careful, then, not to risk reversing this delicious trend by trying to attract the other person\'s favor by multiplying (a little too much) the small and large attentions that could make them doubt your sincerity (on the 28th) and in January. Instead, it\'s by opening up the dialogue in February, by expressing your emotional ambitions to the other person, that you\'ll be most successful in inspiring and convincing them to share your ideal vision of love in March (8th, 17th).

Social Life: Broader horizons!

Creative, inspired and inspiring at the end of December (December 25, December 29),avoid overplaying your role on the 28th and in January (January 9, January 19),overflowing with initiatives and good intentions that could arouse the distrust of your peers and colleagues. Do what it takes to motivate your teams, but refrain from overdoing it. On the other hand, if you are willing to share your vision, your ambitions and your dreams on the 16th and in February (2nd, 8th, 13th),you should have no trouble scoring points. The same goes for March, when you\'ll be able to draw anyone into your world.

Well-being: Risk of interference!

Be careful at the end of December (28th) and in February not to play against your own side by spending a lot (too much?) of energy trying to seduce (manipulate) those you\'d be better off convincing by explaining your aspirations clearly and without embellishment. You\'ll gain in credibility, and at the same time, you could avoid a few slowdowns due to a drop in the quality of exchanges between you and the other person.

Cancer Third decan: your advice for for Winter 2024

If you want to be sure that you\'ll be able to draw anyone into your ideal world, and make the other person want to believe in your aspirations, simply share your vision with them, and avoid trying to seduce them in any insidious way.

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