Cancer, your love horoscope for Spring 2023

Written by Daisy

A spring that could expose some to undergo (or initiate) power struggles, conflicts that could compromise certain perspectives and leave traces in their path. Fortunately, this tendency will be quickly tempered by a return to more controlled ambitions in June (19th). If not? You will undoubtedly work to improve your status (professional and social) or (and) try to take their place. Preferably in the front line or in the spotlight.

Cancer First decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(21st June to 1st July)

Love: Stay in control.

If you have some tender project in mind at the very beginning of the season, be careful that it does not shake too much a life structure that could suffer from an overestimation of your possibilities or from a determination to transform your existence, to open the future in another way. This is especially true around May 18 when you may lose your sense of proportion. Fortunately, you will succeed in tempering your ambitions in June (19th). There is no question then of shaking things up, but rather of proceeding in an orderly fashion and above all without haste. Count on Venus (between May 7 and 16) to boost your personal radiance which you can use (without abusing it) to make others want to follow you.

In Relationship

Changes are in the offing that could somewhat destabilize your life and the relationships you have with those around you around May 18. You are not going to beat about the bush to try to change your daily life. Unless external events push you to do so and end up electrifying the atmosphere. Try not to make any decisions at this time. You will probably be better inspired in June (19th) when you will be able to evaluate what is possible and what is not, and to widen your horizons consciously and no longer in a hurry.


You aspire to change your environment, to widen your circle of followers, to move for a change of scenery. However, try not to rush into anything in May where an excess of enthusiasm or haste, or emotional shocks could encourage you to accelerate the movement. You risk throwing the baby out with the bath water. Perhaps wait until June when Saturn channels your desires to decide what can (and should) be transformed or not and above all to act less under the pressure of a destiny that indeed urges you to move the lines, but more gently and surely than without judgment.

Social Life: Ambitions to master.

Determined to go for it, to make your way, to make yourself heard. Mars exalts your thirst for power, for conquest, but will certainly not exempt you from dealing with energies that could become disruptive in May (around the 18th, the 23rd, the 28th) when you may have too much of a tendency to let yourself be overwhelmed by unconscious impulses or external pressures that could lead you astray, push you to make mistakes and above all burn (dangerously) the steps. You will then have every interest in putting the brakes on. In June (around the 19th) you will be able to launch your projects, to build them on solid ground and after careful consideration.

Well-being: Energies to be channeled.

You will not lack energy or enthusiasm this spring when Jupiter (from May 16) gives you wings and the desire to open the future to your liking. However, the game seems to have a few obstacles to overcome. Be careful not to let your instincts, desires and fantasies get the better of you and push you to excess in May (around the 18th). Fortunately, you will quickly come to your senses in June (19th).

Cancer First decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

If you start the season with a bang, convinced that you have all the necessary assets to carry out a project that is close to your heart, keep your eyes wide open. Just in case some events disrupt your initiatives and upset your plans in May!

Cancer Second decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(2nd July to 12th July)

Love: Carrier flows.

If, until May 28, Uranus continues to shake up your bearings, to favor encounters (especially social and friendly ones) and to contribute to modify your vision and conception of the future (March 30, May 9),you should nevertheless benefit this spring from an astral climate that is rather supportive of your personal fulfillment. You can count on Venus (between March 25 and April 2) to help you make tender plans. If you are more inclined between April 19 and 28 to look back on the past and draw valuable lessons from it than to give in to the dizziness of love, you will make up for it later. Between May 16 and 26, Venus will take charge of sublimating your aura and making you irresistible.

In Relationship

Whether your daily life has deeply evolved since 2020 or is still in the process of change, you can hope that it will be for the better this spring. You will be able to count on a benevolent entourage that could surprise you or that you yourself will surprise (March 30, May 9). Venus will assure you of the support of those you love in the realization of your cherished projects (between March 25 and April 2) and will endow you with a magnetism that your partner will find difficult to resist (between May 16 and 26).


Spring should serve your sentimental interests, provoke unexpected but pleasant encounters around March 30 and May 9. If you wish to widen your circle of followers, to make a splash, to make a splash, this is the time. Venus will boost your chances to evolve in a pleasant environment between March 25 and April 2 and will exalt your power of seduction between May 16 and 26. This will allow you to get the season on the right track and to finish it well surrounded.

Social Life: Get out of the ordinary.

You will be particularly determined to move the lines between April 14 and May 2 when a dynamic, enterprising and efficient Mars should help you to innovate, to change your record and to try something else, elsewhere or otherwise (April 29). Revolutionary projects, ideas that fly and seem to be able to rally the votes. This spring, you will rely on your originality, your thirst for novelty and your audacity to shake up habits and codes. Some will act within the company to which they belong while others will prefer to break the moorings. However, you should be supported by the situation, your relatives, friends and collaborators who are sensitive to your arguments and charm (May 26)!

Well-being: Unbreakable.

With Mars (the planet) in your engine (between April 14 and May 2),you should have enough fuel to go ahead, to dare and to convince those around you (social, professional, sentimental, family) to believe in you and follow you. Enough in any case to move forward, to dare and to convince those around you (social, professional, sentimental, family) to believe in you and to follow you. A rather bubbling energy that should allow you to accomplish a lot. At the very end of the season (between May 31 and June 11),you may want to think about taking a break. Just time for reflection...and to recharge your batteries.

Cancer Second decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

A spring that seems to be smiling on you? Take advantage of a cosmic backdrop that is rather supportive of your projects and hopes to initiate (or finalize) the changes you were dreaming of or perhaps simply needed to feel alive and evolving.

Cancer Third decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(13th July to 22nd July)

Love: Intense social life.

Until May 16, Jupiter invites you to shine in society. Perhaps more so than worrying about the ones you love? Not so sure. Venus will favor your tender projects and will invite you to frequent your friends and relatives with whom you will have a good time in a cordial atmosphere. Especially around April 7, when you will probably share the same ideals. The same applies between May 26 and June 5 when your charm will leave no one indifferent (June 2). This is an opportunity to change the current relationship or to raise your selection criteria. At the end of the season, be sure to filter out some of your messages that could confuse the frequency (the 19th).

In Relationship

You should get through the season in osmosis with the one you love, but also with your friends, your relatives and a very present social circle (at least until mid-May). You will certainly aspire to raise your level of communication with those you love. Just to look together in the same direction while waiting for Uranus to change the trajectory from May 28 until April 2026. Changes that should (whether initiated by you or not) change the course of your destiny in a more or less consequential way.


Jupiter favors your social development until May 16. You are assiduously attending the world around you. The opportunity to meet interesting people? If between April 2 and 11, Venus tends to boost your popularity and love rating (on the 7th),you can also count on Uranus (from May 28) to blow a fresh and invigorating wind on your relational universe. Venus will also endow you with a charm to fall for between May 26 and June 5. Take advantage of your magnetic aura to turn heads and perhaps achieve certain ambitions on the sentimental level.

Social Life: In motion.

If at the very beginning of the season (until March 25) you\'d better hold back a little, you\'ll be able to count on a rising energy and an unwavering determination (between May 2 and 20) to go ahead, set the course, impose your codes and methods. Jupiter (between now and May 16 and since April 4) has probably contributed to boosting your social ascension. However, there is no question of resting on your laurels. From May 28, Uranus will shake your feathers, push you to renew yourself, to innovate from now on (and until April 2026, the free electron of the zodiac will push you to get off the beaten track (and sometimes out of your depth).

Well-being: Pumped up?

Rather boosted by your recent or (and present) successes until May 16, Jupiter connects you favorably to the world around you. If you gain prestige, this recognition could well contribute to boosting your physical energies as well as your morale, while change-bringing flows are interested in your future. You will not be bored this spring as new things are on the agenda for a long time to come.

Cancer Third decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

To optimize a spring that already promises, open yourself to any new opportunity that will present itself to you to direct your destiny differently. Just so you don\'t get tired of changing air and records.


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