Cancer, your love horoscope for Winter 2021

Daisy | 18/02/2011 - Last modified: 16/12/2020

Love: Turned Towards the Other!

At the beginning of the season, you want to serve stewardship and the community well. Starting January 8th, Venus invites you to listen to each other. In February, you are charming. Use your seduction to have a good time, not to influence to your advantage. As of February 25th, Venus inspires you, amigo Cancer, and makes you want to make your relationships evolve. Whether you're looking for that special someone or rekindling the flame, you aspire to gain height and give meaning to your love life.

1st decan (June 21st - July 1st): Lower Your Voice!

At the end of December, you are looking for an agreement to find and sign. If this commitment allows you to solve an acute problem, the context will be frustrating. There is little chance that you will find your account. In January, this will not be a reason to trigger and nurture open conflicts with an entourage that won't let you. In February, your projects could end up at an impasse if you do as you please. Broaden your views, raise the debate, it's time to change the discourse.

2nd decan (July 2nd - July 12th) : Takeoff Authorized!

You are disconnected from reality at the end of December, but you have the right to dream. Your aspirations seem legitimate to an entourage with only one desire: to believe you and follow you. In January, you have the art of convincing and giving your entourage a taste of ideals and adventure. If you do not exceed your means at the beginning of February, nothing prevents you from taking off. Everything is possible, within your reach and your heart. In March, a signed act makes you happy and opens the field of possibilities.

3rd decan (July 13th - July 22nd): The Relationship is in Full Bloom!

Your relationship has evolved in 2020 and has reached a new level. Whether it's marriage, divorce, or anything else, you have undergone a metamorphosis necessary for your evolution. If you avoid stirring up latent conflicts at the end of December, you will complete the January transformation. You should focus on negotiation in February and not be too demanding to achieve your goals and realize a project that is close to your heart. You have your head and heart in the stars in March, Jupiter unlocks the issues and gives you the means to achieve what you hope.

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A winter to listen, understand, move, and evolve. A whole program to be accomplished flexibly to reap the fruits rather than the criticisms.


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