Cancer, your love horoscope for Summer 2021

Written by Daisy

Love: dialogue advised!

Venus strengthens your aura until June 27, then count on the delightful planet to increase your desires and fulfill all your expectations. Between July 22 and August 16, make way for tender exchanges with a circle of friends and family who appreciate your gentle messages. Venus favors complicit communication that will allow you to close ranks, warm the atmosphere or simply go on a family vacation in good conditions between August 16 and September 10. The return to school looks radiant, amigo Cancer , you have no trouble seducing, reigniting the flame.

1st decan (June 21-July 1): focus on the essentials!

In full possession of your means and sure of yourself, you obtain frank successes at the beginning of the season. Between July 22 and 30, you soften hearts, but do not embellish reality, do not overestimate your powers of persuasion. Eager for pleasures, you will not lack arguments at the beginning of August to be answered. From August 4 onwards, Saturn will once again shower your decan. No more frustration, but rather the opportunity to base your family life on solid ground, to change things in the right direction (August 23, September 5). The end of summer offers you the possibility to shine (between September 10 and 19). Don't take advantage of this to demand that the other person fulfills all your desires. Around the 17th, you feel that your impulses are held back by unpleasant circumstances (financial for example).

2nd decan (July 2-July 12): the future in focus!

Has the end of spring frustrated your expectations? You approach summer determined to force your way through. This miscalculation exposes you to disappointments likely to spoil the first half of July. Try to smooth out the rough edges and ask for help from those who are helping you in the right way. You will have more chances to make them aware of your expectations (5th, 20th). In August, if you distil your messages with diplomacy, you will have difficulty in silencing a frustration that pushes you to do what you like while ignoring the limits. At the end of the month, you will be granted what you covet as you use all your persuasive power to achieve your ends. The end of the summer makes it easier for you to take the initiative and encourages more open exchanges with those around you. The opportunity to realize a project, to open the future to your liking, but you will have little free time left to abandon yourself to the dizziness of love.

3rd decan (July 13-22): keep your feet on the ground!

Your dreams come true in early summer, your charm works. Be careful, at the beginning of July, not to jam such a beautiful frequency by sending incomprehensible messages that alter your complicity. At the end of the month, moderate your appetites so that they are fulfilled rather than curbed. The current is flowing between you (August 11, 26),but if you aspire to make people dream, do not add to it to remain credible. You have the opportunity to transform what needs to be transformed in your family, in your private life and end the summer on a high note (September 6, 20).

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