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Cancer, your love horoscope for Winter 2019

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Major Assets!
Love could occupy your mind and your time this fall. It could give you a bit of trouble but also offer some beautiful flights? Venus, until early January promotes impulses of the heart (love at first sight), as well as meetings or a return of old flames and other tender approximations! From the 7th, it will be more a question of putting yourself at the service of your partner (and others) than to abandon yourself to the vertigo of love, even if one does not prevent the other! In February (between the 3rd and March 1st), there is room for dialogue. You will listen to each other and do anything to narrow the ranks or anchor a recent or older bond. You will end the season carried (raised) by a boundless sensuality and a desire to please and express your feelings that should leave no one indifferent. This winter, take advantage of a Venus who is complicit (not without nuance for some) in your loves to warm up the atmosphere and have a good time, friend Cancer, and develop, as much as possible, an authentic and sensitive relationship with your lover!

1st decan (June 21st - July 1st): Venus Keeps the Controls!
Autumn has certainly left you with some strong emotions? Count on the winter to consolidate your progress and escape the greyness. In January (between the 7th and the 16th), Venus invites you to deploy great means to enchant your daily life and to reign a good mood and harmony around you! Please, do not let certain tensions (professional) disrupt your private life (the 8th)! From February 3rd (until the 13th), there is room for tender exchanges. You will then pay close attention to your partner who will be, a priori, sensitive to your listening and your marks of affection. In March (between the 1st and 10th), the temperature rises a notch. Venus titillates your senses and sharpens your appetites of all kinds. This will be the moment to rekindle the flame and to show the other how winning you are! Note that from March 6th, Uranus takes charge once again (as he did between mid-May and last early November) and pushes you to embark on projects that could well revolutionize your daily life and your entire life! Follow up... this spring!

In a Relationship you will have it at heart, this winter, to maintain an intense relationship with your partner. No question, then, of being satisfied with little, but of making every effort to remain alert and to give your lover all the attention they deserve. You will be overzealous, in January, to maintain an optimal complicity between you and your partner, to meet the least of their desires in February and to take off together for nirvana, in March. Charming perspectives that should, this winter, undoubtedly forbid you to hibernate and bury yourself indoors!

Single Venus certainly shook you feathers (and claws) this fall? This winter, it will be a question of cultivating your recent successes and surfing on your overflowing sensuality and your indisputable magnetism to perpetuate a recent romance or captivate whoever pleases you. You will know what to do and what to say, in January, to seduce your crush by multiplying small gestures that will touch ... their heart! In February, rely on an attentive listening (exclusive) to prove to them that one can count on you and to reinforce a nascent complicity or to hit the bull's eye! In March, Venus gives you an irresistible magnetism. This will be the moment to radiate all over the place. Enough to see and certify that your aura has an effect!

2nd decan (July 2nd - July 12th): In Search of Depth?
Since December 20th, Saturn invites you to take a close look at the bonds you share with the other! No more question of cheating, or just flying over the exchanges but of mobilizing yourself to determine whether or not you live an authentic relationship that meets your desires. Between the 16th and 26th of January, Venus urges you to work with zeal and to display a goodwill in order to dispense your love on a daily basis and to reign peace (and love) around you. However, stay realistic because if you expect to perform miracles, you will be a little disappointed (the 13th and 21st)! On the other hand if your expectations are reasonable, you could well see that your loves hold the road (the 31st)! In February, rely on dialogue and attention to your partner (between the 13th and 21st) to narrow the ranks and deepen your ties (whether recent or older) on the 17th, 18th, and 20th! In March, (between the 10th and 18th) projects you are excited about and you want to share with your partner and/or embark with the person you like in your dreams (the 10th and 14th). Enough, without a doubt, to open lasting and promising prospects together!

In a Relationship if Saturn tends to cool the mood a little and pushes you to autopsy your relationship and the nature and quality of your exchanges, then you will probably seek more to test the bond rather than criticize it. Count on Venus to warm the atmosphere often but not without agreeing to stay clear and do everything possible to improve what can be. Result? The opportunity to see that your union holds and it may be time to build castles in the sky together to strengthen your complicity and move forward towards tomorrow together. The only reservation to take into account? That of avoiding dreaming too much and fantasizing the relationship at the risk of being disappointed and then missing the point!

Single Saturn forces you to keep your feet on the ground and focus on a search for stability, depth, and authenticity, even if you have to reduce the wind in your sail a little and give up some romantic fantasies. This austere planet could then allow you to contact someone who might be more suitable for you rather than ideal. Not fun? If, like a good cancer, you are in search of security, you will only be able to thank Saturn who, will make you take off this winter (for who knows where) and could well make you land on safe ground and propose to you a perennial relationship!

3rd decan (July 13th - July 22nd): Your Mind and Heart are Sometimes Elsewhere?
A very early winter under the sign of intensity? A meeting or a reconciliation on the program at the end of December (the 28th?)! Venus blazes and warms your love until January 7th. Between January 26th and February 3rd, this delicious planet will invite you to distill attention and love every day. The best way (February 2nd?) to ease some (social) tensions by focusing on a willingness to distract and amuse your partner rather than constrain them! Between February 21st and March 1st, you will have passionate exchanges and your relationships will shake up your heart and soul. Any encounters that you make will not leave you indifferent (on the 23rd?)! Try to master (at least a little) your emotions if you want to surprise and captivate without frightening (March 1st)! You will end the season eager to appease your appetites both sensual, carnal, and material. Venus raises the temperature (between the 18th and 26th of March) and then invites you to end the winter in a trance (on the 18th and 20th) and to start the spring at full tilt!

In a Relationship you will not be insensitive to the charms of your partner this winter, even if your business probably holds your attention first. A last phase of transformation and change to operate mobilizes you? Be sure to protect the relationship and not to let your professional concerns interfere with your private life. You will, however, be willing to make concessions between late February and early March (and you will have an interest to do so). You are inclined to dialogue so you can cultivate a beautiful complicity with your lover between February 21st and March 1st. At the very end of winter, you already smell the spring coming and will, a priori, be ready on the 18th and 20th of March!

Single a revolution to complete on the professional front? A change of life to be confirmed, completed, or undertaken by early March. You will not neglect, however, to exercise your charms, enough to connect the pleasant with the useful this winter! Bet on the end of December to succumb to passion, in late January and early February to deal with some (social) upheavals without losing your good mood and your availability. At the end of February confirm a nascent romance or hit the bull's eye and at the end of winter you will believe you're already in spring and will vibrate with all your senses!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

You're evolving, this winter, under the tutelage of a Venus who invites you to love, share and to enjoy life and the present moment fully. So do not be begged to get out of your shell and try to anchor and/or enrich a relationship that contributes to your fulfillment.

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