Cancer, your love horoscope for Winter 2023

Written by Daisy

You aspire to evolve your exchanges with the world around you and with your partners (private or social). You will invest this winter in moving the lines to establish harmonious links with them. Whatever your priorities are (gaining prestige, changing your life, changing your way of working with others),you should benefit from a dynamic cosmic state of affairs. It will likely help you achieve your goals if you consciously exploit it!

Cancer First decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2023

(21st June to 1st July)

Love: In Search Of Recognition!

You will not hesitate to use your increasing magnetism (January 4, 9) to seduce those you need to succeed and feel recognized, appreciated, and loved (January 25, February 18). A quest for social prestige could direct your efforts, make you want to shine, and bewitch your interlocutors and decision-makers. Venus will further sharpen your ambitions in this sense between January 27 and February 4. There is no question of you settling for anything less (in love or elsewhere)! From March 7, Saturn will reinforce this tendency but force you to make choices in conscience, not only for fun or to flatter your ego.

In Relationship

Your main objective this winter will probably be consolidating your situation. You will fully mobilize to skillfully push your pawns on the social chessboard in this direction. You will not tolerate mediocrity on any level. You will work not only to gain prestige but also to give more meaning to your relationships. From March 7 onwards, Saturn will intervene in your universe to reinforce this quest but will set conditions for you. It is no longer a question of enticing but instead of defining solid (spiritual?) principles that will favor this evolution!


If you are aiming for a promotion, a recognition of your merits, you will benefit this winter from great cosmic support to get it. Your magnetism is at its best (between January 3 and 11),and your desire to broaden your horizons, to make quality encounters that will elevate you (between January 27 and February 4)? From March 7, Saturn will push you to dig deeper into these values. You will no longer want to fly over your relationships but rather ask essential questions about their value and legitimacy in your life.

Social Life: End Of The Season Is More Demanding!

Be careful not to impose anything on anyone at the beginning of the season when it will be in your best interest to take it easy (December 22). You will know how to do it better (December 4, 9, 25). A more strategic and intuitive approach and your magnetism should ensure that you convince or even seduce people in high places. The same goes for February (18th),when you will draw the correct arguments to hit the bull\'s eye. From March 7, Saturn will require you to work hard to reach a higher level. It will be a matter of not making any mistakes, of following a straight line without any detours or concessions to deserve the recognition you have acquired or covet.

Well-being: Don't Go Overboard

Mars seems to encourage your covert actions. It assures you of sufficient fuel to carry out your initiatives and deploy the strategies to ensure your success. But be careful not to abuse your resources. Lurking in the shadows of your sign, the warrior planet is not necessarily at ease in this sector, which is more favorable to reflection than action. Avoid giving in to your impulses and prefer to adapt (at least a little) to situations!

Cancer First decan: your advice for for Winter 2023

A season that favors your professional evolution and valuable exchanges with those around you. A situation to be exploited without reserve to elevate yourself in all areas. Just to be ready to submit to the law of Saturn, which will only accentuate your responsibilities and duties in this matter.

Cancer Second decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2023

(2nd July to 12th July)

Love: Control Yourself!

A daring project that you will enjoy sharing with the others in January (5th, 8th, 30th)? However, if you do not try to force anyone\'s hand (15th) and do not make plans that are too costly and that could frighten those around you. The same goes for February (4th, 5th, 21st),when you may be too inclined to try to force your way through. Prefer to present your aspirations in a more inspiring light (on the 8th) and convince people using more subtle strategies (on the 22nd)! You will shine and seduce everyone in March (2nd, 6th).

In Relationship

If you have a project in your sights, you will find the right words and arguments to make your partner want to believe you and follow you (January 5, 8, 30)! On the other hand, avoid imposing your perspectives (15th),in which case they could be tempted to criticize your methods and excessive spending (4th, 5th, 31st February). It is in your interest to play it more finely (8th, 22nd),where your broad view will inspire your partner more than your attempts at a putsch. In March, you\'ll rally all the votes!


You dream of opening the future to your liking and more in connection with your desire for something else, elsewhere or otherwise, and will probably have the opportunity in January. However, avoid at all costs forcing fate at the risk of losing feathers and your credibility (on the 15th)! In February, a tendency to believe that you are spared by the laws of earthly gravity and therefore all-powerful could drive away from you those you wish to seduce. On the other hand, if you decide to act consciously (on the 8th and 22nd),you will have a better chance of hitting the bull\'s eye. In March, you will be unanimously accepted by all.

Social Life: Don't Go Too Far Outside The Box!

At the end of December (22nd) and in January (5th, 8th, 30th),you should have no trouble rallying the support of your partners, peers, and bosses around an audacious project likely to benefit the company. However, be careful not to add too much to the bill if you don\'t want your collaborators to run away or, worse, \"cut you a jacket\" (15th)! Remain cautious in your initiatives and expenses in February (the 4th, 5th, and 21st). Prefer to raise your interlocutors from the ground by skillfully selling them the merits and advantages of your proposals (the 8th, the 22nd)! The result of your efforts? Good prospects of success are in sight for the beginning of March (the 2nd, the 6th).

Well-being: Potentially Dangerous Haste!

You are driven by the desire to realize a project that pleases you. It offers you the prospect of fulfillment that breaks with the past and routine. This will push you to take off without delay. Why not, as long as you agree to buckle up and follow specific guidelines? In particular, those that urge you to act while keeping control of your emotions and desires. If you don\'t? You may well exhaust yourself before your time and lose some feathers.

Cancer Second decan: your advice for for Winter 2023

This winter could favor your projects if you carefully avoid asking too much of others. Try to deal with certain impassable limits. This is the best way to achieve your goals without feeling too frustrated!

Cancer Third decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2023

(13th July to 22nd July)

Love: Close To Perfection?

A complicit dialogue at the beginning of the season. You can indeed find yourself on the same wavelength as the other on December 25, 28, 29, January 2, and 13 and enjoy moments of intense communion and fusional exchanges on January 1 and 18. Your goal? Let the metamorphosis you\'ve accomplished on the relationship front help you evolve the bond or your emotional ambitions (the 22nd). Ditto in February (6th, 10th, 15th, 19th) when you may feel you are approaching nirvana. If you want the party to last in March, ensure you do not let a repressed aggressiveness (15th, 16th, 17th) short-circuit such beautiful impulses.

In Relationship

A winter that could allow you to intensely close ranks around fluid and passionate communication. Exchanges that will have throughout the season will exalt your thirst to make the relationship evolve, to give it (back) meaning and altitude. Nothing will prevent you from reaching this goal and flirting with the seventh heaven and the prospect of a dream union. Except perhaps a tendency to let yourself be invaded and overwhelmed in March by emotions that are not necessarily good advisors. Buried anger will rise to the surface. You need to channel them urgently, so they don\'t spoil the party!


If you aspire to live a story that lifts you up, inspires you, and connects you to the highest version of love, it is perhaps this winter that you could realize this dream. You will most certainly have the opportunity to engage in solid and exhilarating exchanges with someone who will take you off the beaten path and away from the mundane! The result of a profound transformation accomplished over time and not without pain? Take advantage of this exceptional situation to make connections that count and will count. On the other hand, control your tendencies to self-sabotage in March (the 15th, 16th, and 17th)!

Social Life: A mission to fulfill

An ideal you dream of achieving, a mission to fulfill that is beyond you but inspires you. Count on active and promising collaborations and associations to help you accomplish what you hold dear this winter! You will be mainly supported by the situation at the end of December (25th, 28th, 29th),in January (1st, 2nd, 13th, 18th),in February (6th, 10th, 15th, 19th),and in March (11th). Are you on the verge of taking off or even soaring to the top? Be careful not to awaken an ambush of adversity at the end of the season (March 15, 16, 17) by ignoring reality or possible rivalries.

Well-being: End Of The Season To Watch Closely!

This winter, you should evolve in a rather inspiring and galvanizing atmosphere. You will sometimes have the impression of being free from the laws of earthly gravity and able to reach for the moon. Take advantage of this favorable climate for your personal, relational, professional, and spiritual development to fill up with serenity, pleasure, and love. However, be careful at the end of the season not to let polluting and aggressive energies take control and suddenly cause your energy level to drop.

Cancer Third decan: your advice for for Winter 2023

A winter where you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to see far and high. A promise of happiness to try to perpetuate by fighting against your little demons or enemies. In the shadows, they dream of seeing you stumble.


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