Cancer, your love horoscope for Fall 2021

Written by Daisy

For some, the inevitable transformations have taken time to materialize, but positive changes have occurred more quickly for others. You have to deal with transformations in your relationships. An airlock between yesterday and tomorrow to be apprehended with patience for some and enthusiasm for others. But don't try to escape because it allows you to evolve positively.

1st decan (June 21st - July 1st): The Cloud Cover is Clearing!

Saturn urges you to let go of past habits and ties holding you back in your evolution. From December 13th, this austere planet decamps. From October 11th, you draw the lessons it has lavished on you; this is an opportunity to relaunch your love life on more solid foundations, in keeping with who you have become. Venus favors your initiatives to improve your daily exchanges between October 7th and 16th and the opening of a collaborative dialogue between November 5th and 16th.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

A little patience before your horizons clear. In the meantime, take advantage of Saturn to gain wisdom.

2nd decan (July 2nd - July 12th): It's a Little Sticky Around the Edges!

Your desire to bring your bold plans to fruition seems to be at a standstill or slowed down by a lack of resources or externally imposed brakes. You are frustrated and questioning your relationships. You must not break everything but transform yourself and radically change your approach and your relationship. Count on your charm at the end of September! You gather support and the will to please those around you between October 16th and 26th. You warm up the atmosphere. This delightful planet allows you to soften hearts between November 16th and 30th.

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2021 exposes you to obstacles that eventually tire you and put you in a state of frustration that is difficult to bear. To get through the fall safely, assume the present by projecting yourself into tomorrow.

3rd decan (July 13th-July 22nd): Calm Down a Bit!

Jupiter exalts your sensuality and your desire to enjoy the moment. Venus endows you with an irresistible charm between September 28th and October 7th and boosts your thirst to please everyone between October 26th and November 5th. The delightful planet favors closeness at the end of November. Your greediness could, however, come across as greed. The other person does not appreciate that you always ask for more.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

You are currently evolving under cosmic protection. You can change things to your advantage on a relational or financial level but avoid excess.


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