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Qualities of Pisces

Written by Mary

The Pisces sign is a sensible, enigmatic and attaching character who dexterously drifts between devotion and compassion. These people prefer a simple life at the others' service to a luxurious and egoistic existence. Endowed with impeccable fidelity, they are far from being social climbers and don't risk taking the front of the stage.

What are their best qualities? Pisceans are loved for their softness, idealism, sensibility and imagination.

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Love Qualities of Pisces

The Pisces sign is delicate, subtle, adaptable, devoted and docile
Spiritual and museful, they possess great virtues of soul. Tender and peaceful, they've got a constant thirst for proofs of affection. Their overflowing intuition and imagination develop in them immense artistic capacities to be put forth.

Single: These are poetic lovers ready for any sacrifice to conquer their heart's chosen person, their seduction lies in their dreamy gaze and pacific appearance.

In couple: These are fusional partners who only dream of making a whole one with the other person. Even if their affective objectives are chimerical, they introduce a lot of poetry in their couple's life, in a slightly bohemian style...

Friendship Qualities of Pisces

Pisceans are serviceable, compassionate, imaginative and sociable
Their marvelous imagination allied with their intuition grants them immense creativity and adorns them with fascinating charm. Their unselfishness and compassion to the weakest ones render them to be charitable and philanthropic.

Long-standing friendship: Pisceans have changeable relationships, they adapt depending on people and desires but always avoid conflicts which could turn to their disgrace. They let their intuition and reasoning guide them in their friendships network.

Party: Pisceans adapt to everything, that's why you can find them at any type of party, they are always well at ease. People appreciate conversation with them as they listen out and display interest in all kinds of topics. They are the first on the dance floor when the music is really enthralling, even if they are the only ones...

Family Qualities of Pisces

The Pisces sign is adaptable, preventive and intuitional
Pisceans are good at listening to their close ones and lending them a shoulder - without judging them! They often enchant their children by their softness and abnegation. Everything is played on the unspoken words and on this sign's exceptional intuition.

As parents, Pisceans pledge to place their feet firm on the ground, to be pragmatically concerned about their younger generation. They are very sensible to mood changes and reveal the slightest problem, even a meticulously hidden one.

Children Pisceans are radar kids equipped with antennas for intercepting their environment and adapting to it. They are hypersensible, easy to influence and very imaginative, to the point of sugaring up the reality. Their imagination should be channeled towards creative or artistic activity.

Financial Qualities of Pisces

The Pisces sign is inspired, humanistic and intuitional
Pisceans would rather consider money to be a tool than an objective. They are very talented in investing since they possess an excellent flair behind a perfectly inoffensive appearance.

How they manage money: Their management is very erratic and depends greatly on their acquaintances, on the sphere in which they evolve and where mimicry plays an important part.

How they spend money: These people are really into charity and can spend money in the others' favor, following their heart and instinct with a desire to acquire works of art.

Vacation Qualities of Pisces

The Pisces sign is eccentric, curious, tolerant and forthcoming
For Pisceans a vacation is a fountain of youth. They can finally fantasize to their heart's content and stay at the waterside which most of the Pisceans enormously appreciate. A lovely lifestyle requires a minimum self-discipline and that will be easier if they team up with someone determined to spend a healthy and active vacation.

In summer: They are as well at ease on a boat, a surf board and a canoe. Summer is the perfect period for getting profit from the sea and taking an energetic swim.

In winter: In winter Pisceans would very much enjoy staying at the fireplace, when it's not deep in bed, however the snow and ice magic tug them at heartstrings and they don't resist a peaceful stroll in an enchanting atmosphere.
Come with them, you've never had such a poetic vacation before!

Memo of the Pisces' qualities: sweet, intuitional, idealistic, attentive

Life often scares Pisceans who are therefore willing to hide in their own world, on their sky or, even worse, in their bed... They aren't big lovers of changes as they quickly feel overwhelmed by the events and lack initiative when they had better react in a concrete way.
A little + : This is a sensible and compassionate sign who enjoys taking others into confidence while having a feeling of being heard and understood.

Home Qualities of Pisces

Pisceans are peaceful, subtle, charitable and unselfish
A Piscean's home is sometimes in a huge mess but always very hospitable and comfortable. This sign needs to feel in close harmony with their environment and these people's home interior is a perfect reflection of their mentality and tastes.

In duet: Pisceans dream of perfect harmony and colour their daily life with a thousand fancies in order to retain their second half's interest and affection.

In family: They strive to make their family feel at ease, everyone respecting each other, and generously devote themselves to meticulous cooking of delicious meals or to keeping what should be kept in order, even if great cleaning sessions are not regular.

When they get up: Pisceans stay in bed as long as possible, often getting up at the last moment; they immediately adapt to the order of the day.

In the evening: The dreamy Pisceans generally have no pain to reach the slumberland and adore telling their night dreams which they memorize in perfect detail.

Work Qualities of Pisces

The Pisces sign is artistic, serviceable, fusional and devoted
Pisceans are really gifted for seizing the ambience and adapting to the other person's moods. They don't possess a highly competitive spirit and prefer mutual or creative plans to great and strictly financial or ambitious projects.

The Pisces sign:
As colleagues they are very creative, respectful and discreet but they need being encouraged through solid human resource management in order not to spread themselves too thin in their activities.
As bosses they mostly endeavor to install and maintain peaceful relations with everyone, even if they have to be deprived of ambition, to make the ambience creative and protective.
If independent, they have nothing to do with big bosses, their structure being rather of the family size and ambience, and if they have employees those often are friends. In general they are not quite familiar with accounting and seek for some administrative help.

Fitness Qualities of Pisces

The Pisces sign is dependent, calm, museful and sensitive
Pisceans are not truly into sports but their metabolism accommodates rather well to a mostly sedentary lifestyle. However they need physical exercise to eliminate nervous tension.

In sport: Not quite keen on physical activity and rather attracted by meditation, if Pisceans are constrained to choose a sport they will find happiness in water disciplines. They can also love domains that require legerity and vivacity like roller-blading, dancing or gymnastics.

Nutrition: An emotional alimentary behavior is natural for Pisceans. They have always developed an affective relationship with food. They eat too much or not enough. In so doing they tend to drown into sweets at the slightest pain or concern that disturbs their universe.


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