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Introduction: Charming, but utopian!

Aquarius ascendant Pisces: You give the impression of going through life as if in a dream, you evolve in a chimerical universe, far removed from material contingencies. Any routine suits you, as long as the atmosphere is serene. You hate noise, fury, passion and violence, you are in perpetual search of total harmony. Your tendency to utopia and your attraction to the spiritual can make you nonchalant, even lazy, as soon as it is necessary to take action.

Strengths of the for Aquarius ascendant Pisces: Sensitive and imaginative
Weaknesses of the for Aquarius ascendant Pisces: Indolent and dreamy

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Personality: More intuitive than cerebral!

You have a temperament that probes the depths of knowledge without barriers. With a deep sensitivity, you are naturally drawn to explore your inner life. You need to understand the unfathomable, both within yourself and without. You are not content with surface knowledge. This sense of universality combined with your sensitivity pushes you to a great humanism. However, this one incites you to constantly question the value of your acts.

Vitality / Temperament: A little indolent!

You always seem to be elsewhere. Dreamer and humanist, you have great ideals often utopian. Giving a lot of importance to your inner world, you are not much concerned with daily life and material matters, you do not often have your feet on the ground and you lack pragmatism. You tend to let yourself be carried along by events, chance and luck. On the other hand, you can count on your intuition.

Love and emotional relationships: Fragile partner!

You need to feel loved and appreciated to move forward. You are very self-critical towards yourself, you oscillate permanently between the desire to flee and that to bind yourself. In love, you need a lucid and warm person to remind you of the importance of responsibilities. You aspire to a stable and harmonious union, but your lack of realism often pushes you into complex stories. You need a reliable and understanding partner. It is essential for you to learn to manage your hypersensitivity.

In the family: Home sweet home!

You are not lacking in imagination or inspiration and you most certainly have artistic gifts. Sensitive, emotional and concerned about your loved ones, you are tolerant, selfless, dedicated and compassionate. Your family has a special place in your life. With them, you recharge your batteries. You have a great need to evolve in a serene atmosphere and you flee from conflicts, agitation and noise.

Relationship with money / material goods: Teaching, caring, comforting!

You adapt very well to everything, but you don't always feel like it. You have dreams that you have difficulty in realizing because you are often utopian. You are calm, dedicated, but not insistent. You must feel good to reveal your best talents, alliances with realistic people will be beneficial to you. You excel in artistic professions where you can give free rein to your creativity and your genius ideas. Altruistic and gifted to transmit your knowledge, you can bloom in teaching, humanitarian or medical field.

Socio-professional life: Not very materialistic!

You're not particularly good at managing assets, but your intuition, if you trust it, can lead you to great deals. However, you need advice on how to make important investments. You must also be careful not to let yourself be robbed out of kindness or weakness; you must learn to protect your assets.

Sphere of friendship: Don't be a sucker!

Your emotional state may push you towards fragile people who are only looking for your protection, without giving anything in return. You must find the right balance between your need to be with people who are free of conformity and your legitimate needs. There is an aura of mystery around you that allows you to welcome only those who can go beyond appearances. A word of advice: don't let necessity catch up with you.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in a Water sign

You are sentimental and romantic, inclined to worry about everything and inclined to mysticism. You avoid fighting until you have no choice and then you become aggressive.

Your sun and ascendant are in semi-sextile

You are distinguished by your sensitivity, a certain conformism, your intuition and your sincere desire to help others. You are sentimental, dreamy, often idealistic and your receptivity is willing to listen and understand everyone around you.

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