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Introduction: Sensitive and permeable!

Cancer ascendant Pisces: Your life is based on feelings, affections, attachments. You are capable of much more effort for others than for yourself. You are very sensitive to the atmosphere and hostility, even if it is diffuse, can make you lose all your means, or even make you literally sick. You are attracted by strong personalities. You accept the mishaps of life quite well if you are well accompanied, because you have confidence in life and in humanity.

Strengths of the for Cancer ascendant Pisces: Dedicated and tender
Weaknesses of the for Cancer ascendant Pisces: Nonchalant and utopian

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Personality: Intuitive and caring!

A little passive, you lack courage to carry out your projects or to face problems. Shy, reserved, you tend to stay in the background. You have a personality which has for absolute value the sensitivity, it serves you as radar in many situations. In fact, your psychological receptivity sheds light on the feelings of others, beyond their social appearances or surface speeches. There is in you an intense need of acceptance, of integration.

Vitality / Temperament: Too soft for a world that is too hard!

Emotional, intuitive, receptive, sensitive to the extreme, you constantly oscillate between dream and reality. All your senses are awake, you feel strongly the others and the atmospheres. A little disarmed in front of the hardness of the life, you escape and take refuge in your imagination. Artistic expression is for you an excellent means of releasing the richness of your inner world in order not to lose yourself in chimeras, fantasies.

Love and emotional relationships: In search of happiness!

In love, you are sentimental and romantic and you tend to idealize your partner. You find your happiness in a stable relationship, a family life, a discreet and secure home. You aspire to harmony and tranquility. You need to be loved, supported, encouraged to move forward. Affection and love are the basis of your life. Altruistic, devoted, empathetic, you are capable of much more effort for others than for yourself.

In the family: Very good with children!

You appreciate gentleness, tranquility and you abhor violence in all its forms. You make many sacrifices for those you love and you invest yourself mainly in projects that are good for your family and therefore for your morale. Your words are not very clear and you have a little trouble keeping it real, but your intuition probably leads you to ignore what might offend you. You feel at ease with small children because you don't need to explain yourself; children understand the unspoken things very well and return your tenderness a hundredfold. You are a particularly devoted parent, but not always firm enough.

Relationship with money / material goods: As a dilettante or as a pro, depending on the mood!

Professionally, you evolve according to the circumstances and your meetings. The quality of your activity depends a lot on your environment and the motivation that you can be given. You are gifted for artistic or creative work, you can also take care of children very effectively, with gentleness and self-sacrifice. You don't really have a career plan: your work depends mostly on the relationships you have in your social environment.

Socio-professional life: Everything for your loved ones!

You manage your assets according to the needs of your loved ones and you bet a lot on your ideals which are high. You have a tendency to help materially those who are left behind, the homeless, the people who have suffered from a difficult life. You must keep a sense of reality and make the effort to put some money aside. If you have the means, a real estate investment is the best solution, to stabilize your assets and secure them for your old age or for your descendants.

Sphere of friendship: Friends are the engines of your energy!

You are more at ease to make efforts, to fight and to externalize your capacities if you act inside a group. Your individualism is not dominant and mixing with others allows you to keep your feet on the ground, not to lose yourself in unattainable utopias or carrying insurmountable complications. You will evolve in the course of your life towards spiritual values, towards a sense of the social and its cohesion always more vast.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in a water sign

Developing your intellectual faculties, broadening your horizons are the means by which the energy of Water manifests itself in you. You cannot live without an ideal and do not like limits and constraints, for you always need to see further, to know more. You never stop trying to expand your consciousness, to radiate and to involve those around you.

Your sun and ascendant are in trine

You have an innate need to understand the how and why of things, to go further in the understanding of our existence, to find a meaning to life and you naturally turn to philosophy, religion, morality, law, spirituality.

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