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Introduction: Luxury, calm and pleasure...

Libra ascendant Pisces: Under your nonchalant airs and your gestures full of ease, you hide a sensitivity on the skin, attentive to all the currents. You lack a bit of aggressiveness in front of the roughness of life, you have to share your daily life with a strong and reassuring being. You console yourself from the brutality of the world in a colorful imagination, in a bubble of balance and beauty, in good company.

Strengths of the for Libra ascendant Pisces: Empathetic and balanced
Weaknesses of the for Libra ascendant Pisces: Fragile and indolent

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Personality: Too sensitive!

You have a very nuanced personality that ranges over a very wide range. You are gifted with a deep sensitivity that can sometimes lead you to mediumship gifts. You have a vision of life that is sometimes blurred, but you never forget others. Your collective sense and compassion drive you to help those in need. However, your sensitivity makes you constantly question the value of your actions, leaving the advantage to those who have more nerve than you.

Vitality / Temperament: Do not be a slave to others!

Others are very important to you, but you find it difficult to assert yourself and you risk letting yourself be influenced, dominated, and accepting any compromise in your desire to avoid any conflict and to preserve peace. Generous, tolerant, full of gentleness and charm, you are extremely kind, always ready to help others.

Love and emotional relationships: Fusional dependence!

In love, you are looking for the ideal person to stabilize you and to found a home. You aspire to tenderness, sincerity and sharing. You are very attracted to the fusional relationship with a solid partner who reassures and protects you. Your love life is the key to your balance and well-being. You need a strong and determined partner to feel secure in your love life. As a couple, you can be as critical as you are inventive, capable of formulating many ideas, but lacking the initiative to put them into practice.

In the family: Permanently connected!

From the start, you try to keep your home lively and easy to maintain. Your sustained and changing rhythm can destabilize more lymphatic temperaments, but you adapt quite easily to all characters and you calm down the possible conflicts by dialogue and humor. Hypersensitive, idealistic, dreamer, you are very receptive to external influences and you regularly take refuge in your haven of peace.

Relationship with money / material goods: Available and adaptable!

Very intuitive and inspired, it is very beneficial for you to express your vivid sensitivity through the arts. You look at things in an optimistic way, with charm and boldness. You aim higher than what would conventionally suit you, and this confidence often brings you luck. Your taste for change and movement leads you to multiple activities in the course of your life, either because you have the urge to move around, or you will have the opportunity to settle abroad for a while.

Socio-professional life: You always guess right!

Financially, you are fickle. You lack a taste for effort and responsibility unless you work in a creative field. Unexpected events and major changes in your situation occur regularly and you are not always well equipped to deal with them, but you have good intuition, particularly keen to evaluate potential partners and financial opportunities.

Sphere of friendship: Need caring friends!

Your emotional vulnerability may push you to seek security too much, to the detriment of a relational quality to which you aspire. It is a question of finding the good balance between these two tendencies and of daring to assert some of your desires, without waiting for them to be guessed. You are a fragile personality, full of kindness and understanding. You are not very active, nor very determined, but you are attentive to others and know when they need help. You really lack realism, but your imagination can be channeled into a creative project.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in a Water sign

Your energy can be used in areas related to investments and sexuality. You are fascinated by investigation which often turns into introspection, which is beneficial to you. However, beware of the obsessive side of your self-analysis.

Your sun and ascendant are in quincunx

You are fascinated by everything that concerns the essential questions of life and death and you spend your time sharpening your lucidity. Thus, you may be attracted to psychoanalysis, mystical, religious, occult or spiritual fields. You need to know yourself and the more you advance in the understanding of your motivations, the more your tendency to introspection diminishes.

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