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Introduction: Chameleon-like behavior!

Gemini ascendant Pisces: You are very adaptable, sometimes to the point of losing your real identity. You melt into your universe with sensitivity. You have difficulty to conceive the present moment, the hard realities of the life... You need a solid and affectionate entourage. Beware of the trust that you give too quickly to the first person you meet. An artistic activity will be what will suit you best...

Strengths of the for Gemini ascendant Pisces: Idealist and peaceful
Weaknesses of the for Gemini ascendant Pisces: Addicted and confused

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Personality: More artist than businessman!

You aspire to a carefree life and you are reluctant to take on responsibilities and commitments. You tend to dodge, to leave problems and things that frighten you to others. Distracted, dreamy, idealistic, you lack realism and determination in your actions, but you have a highly developed creative inspiration that can result in both pipe dreams and artistic achievement. You are very introspective.

Vitality / Temperament: It all depends on the environment!

Very sensitive and adaptable, you depend a lot on the influences of the environment in which you evolve to the point that your behavior is fluctuating. You are elusive. You probably lack self-confidence and your overflowing imagination often leads you to anxiety. You need to be reassured, encouraged by those around you. Mysterious, seductive, full of tact and finesse, you inspire sympathy, affection and love. Receptive, tolerant, you are a friend and an attentive and devoted confidant.

Love and emotional relationships: Immense but unstable loves...

In love, your lack of constancy can prevent you from stabilizing. You tend to accumulate adventures until you meet an ideal. You have a great need for tenderness and you must make an effort to remain autonomous, because your taste for osmosis, fusional loves, can lead you to great emotional disillusionment, due to unattainable objectives... Your personality is attached to the simple pleasures of life, which makes you a very sensual partner.

In the family: Parent hen!

Very protective, once you have your own home, you invest most of your energy in your private life, your home. You plan for the long term, working hard to build a solid foundation for yourself and the people you love. You feel secure in your familiar surroundings and may find it difficult to move away from them, preferring to work from home.

Relationship with money / material goods: The stock market guru!

You often have confusing financial ideas. You are endowed with a subtle sensitivity and you are receptive to everything that happens in your environment. This receptivity predisposes you to unusual reactions and surprising decisions, but the ability to develop financial strategies based on a different logic is your strength, especially when your results come to light.

Socio-professional life: A good samaritan!

Finding unity, your inner balance, is part of your life path. You need to regularly escape from practical reality to recharge your batteries. Humanitarian professions are particularly beneficial as well as professions related to service, social or health. You find it difficult to bring concrete projects to fruition, as your desires are often unattainable. You lack organizational skills.

Sphere of friendship: Choose your friends carefully!

You adapt very well to your environment and you are very appreciated in society despite your tendency to criticize or ridicule. Your mood depends on the people around you most of the time, so you need to be around positive people to feel good.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in a Water sign

Your exacerbated sensitivity will coexist with difficulty with your critical or fickle attitudes. You will discover unsuspected riches by opening new horizons, by relativizing your doubts and your anxieties, by intellectualizing your psychological problems.

Your sun and ascendant are in square

You have a lot of difficulty controlling and expressing your emotionality and sensitivity. Very sensitive to external influences, you react strongly to any emotional solicitation, your mood is unstable and unpredictable.

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